The World gone Crazy

The world has always been a little crazy; but the last few years it seems to have gotten worse. Our Democracy is at stake. America is at stake. Our freedom is at stake. Our values and everything we stand for is at stake.

Since Trump is the front runner for the 2024 election, those on the Left is so afraid that they had him arrested on a trump up charges, for a crime that will and cannot stick. All it did was created more supporters for Trump, boosting his chances in 2024. It made me proud to be a MAGA Republican. Those on the Left is using our so-called justice system for political purpose to stop anyone they hate or stood in their way and agenda. They should let Democracy do it’s work; but they are so damn afraid of the American people, that they will stop at nothing to get what they want and hold onto their power. This is not about Trump though.

The same week that Trump was arrested, there was another school shooting. This one was at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennesse. I’m not going after transgender; but to say that the shooter was a transgender. Fox news was the only news source who identified the shooter. The mainstream news media refused to delve into the fact that the shooter was a transgender. They didn’t even want to say that the shooter suffer from mental illness. All those on the Left wanted to do was pushed for gun controls.

They just want to take our guns away from the good citizens and put it in the hands of criminals and mentally unstable. If they defund the police and take away our guns so that we cannot defend ourselves, it will be like the wild wild west, where every man was for themselves.

There have been more shootings and killings the last few years than previous years. Our Leftist DA is slapping these criminals hands and setting them free to commit more crimes against the good citizens of this country. When anyone would stand up to defend themselves; the Leftist DA want to prosecute them rather than prosecute the actual criminals. We don’t have the rights to defend ourselves anymore. Like my step-dad would say, “let them in the house where there is no witness and make sure they can’t testify against you.”

Crimes is at all-time high right now. America is becoming like a third world nation right now. You don’t even want to be living in the city anymore. If you are anything like me, I just hate to be around people. I prefer the country over living in the city; but I have to work to make a living. I’m just glad that my parents are not alive to see all the craziness in the world right now.

This past week, Biden announced to seek a second term. He said that he isn’t through yet. What, he’s not through destroying America? I don’t know if we can last another 4 more years of Biden’s destruction. How worse can it get before the American people actually wake up. He says that the MAGA Republicans is destroying Democracy and our freedom. When in fact, it’s him and the Democrats Leftist policy that is actually destroying our Democracy and America.

You don’t even care to know your neighbors anymore. You can’t look a certain way without someone saying don’t look at me, and even threatening you. It’s almost as bad as being in prison-prison without bars. A person can get killed just for looking, minding your own business.

People are easily offended for every little things a person says or do.

Back in February, there was a revival in Wilmore, Kentucky at Asbury Wesleyan University. It started February 8 and lasted several days. Believe me, we need this revival! We need to get back to God.

There’s so much I can talk about in this blog about all the craziness going on in the world. I could almost write a book instead of a blog.

Hello God, this is your servant, Dale Heger. How much longer before Jesus will return for us. I don’t know how much I can take. The people had just gone crazy the last few years. They lost their morals. There is no respect of others anymore.

Whenever I get a chance to leave Fargo for smalltown life; I’m happy just to get the hell out of town. When I don’t come back, don’t come a looking. I want to be around normal people instead of the crazy people in the city.

I used to think that it was working at Kmart for 12 years that made me the way I am today; but I see that people are just crazy. I prefer being around my pets rather than people.

Dear Lord, please hurry back to save us all from all the craziness or stop this world because I want to get off!