Have you ever run into someone who thinks they are better than you, someone who is snobbish to you when you meet?

You can expect a celebrity to act so haughty but don’t have to accept it.

Years ago, when Mel Gibson and Reese Witherspoon was pulled over for drunk driving, they both said to the police, “You know who I am?” Like they were expecting special treatment because they were big stars!

There is a local celebrity that also made that same comment. The person, I am talking about is Mikey Hoeven. I heard from a reliable source that when Mikey was at Apple Creek Country Club in Bismarck, ND; she commented to the staff, “You know who I am?” It was like she was expecting special treatment because her husband was either the governor or the Senator at the time. She thinks that she deserve it; much like Reese Witherspoon and Mel Gibson.

I’m here to tell her, John Hoeven isn’t anything special. As governor and even as Senator, he hadn’t done anything worthwhile.

As my mother would say about people like that, “They thinks their shit doesn’t stink but their farts give them away.” Believe me, my mother knew few people like that, even in Rollag, MN.

They put their pants on like anybody else, one leg at a time.

Yet it seems, some people with power will act snooty and better than you just because they in the authority and have the rights to do so. I mean, some managers can be that way to the help. When confronted, they get angry and defensive with you. They demands respect for who they are.

When you run into people like that, do you ever feel like Octavia Spencer’s character in the greatest movie recently, “The Help; when she baked a pie for her snobbish employer and later, told her to “Eat my shit!” I have to admit I loved that line along with that movie; because it spoke to us today as well as back in the 60’s.

Then there’s some self-righteous preachers who are quick to condemned you; instead preaching God’s love and forgiveness. They are like the Pharisees back in Jesus’ days, hypocrites! To them, I say, “All have sinned and fall short of the grace of God.” They are no better than anyone of us just because they are preachers. They should pick the thorn out of their own eyes before judging us.

Back to Mikey Hoeven, she is in her Ivory tower looking down at us, much like Nancy Pelosi who lives in a gated mansion in California while the people she represented are struggling financially. She doesn’t seem to care though. She is on a power trip, much like Mikey, Reese and Mel. Even some managers and self-righteous preachers are also on this power trip. Because they are on this power trip, they come across as high and mighty and treat us as low life.

Yet at the same time, it’s not always people of high position that’s on their high horse. Some people just have that kind of personality too.

I don’t know about you, I’m uncomfortable around people like that.

To Mikey Hoeven, we know who you are that doesn’t impress me at all. Matter of fact, after I heard that from her, I lost respect for her husband, John. I’m a Republican and I still have a hard time in voting for him. There were times that I wrote my own name on the ballot instead voting for him or his opponent. At times, when a person vote for him, you just feel dirty afterwards and needs a shower.

So first of all to Reese Witherspoon and Mel Gibson, we know who you are; and we just don’t don’t care. When you drive drunk, you deserve to be pulled over.

To these self-righteous preachers, we all have sinned and fall short of the grace of God.

Believe me, someday I wish I had the courage that Octavia Spencer’s character had and tell them to eat my shit or take this job and shove it! Yet sometimes you just need to hold your tongue to keep your job.

Do you know who I am, Mikey Hoeven? I know who you are and you are nobody special and either is your husband. I’m the blogger that will write about people like you. I’m a voter, who may or may not vote for your husband.

To anyone who thinks that they are better, you put your pants on just like anybody else, one leg at a time. Your shit stinks as well as your farts. So get off your damn high horse! No one deserve special treatment because who they are or think they are. You will get no respect from me when you are acting so high and mighty. I don’t care who you are, if your rich or poor, educated or not, a blue-collared or white-collared workers.

In my lifetime there had been 3 worst Presidents, and I will be talking about them in this blog. Even though, there have been other Presidents throughout our history.

I’m first going to begin with Jimmy Carter. Not only was he a weak President, he was also the worst President in my lifetime and even top the list as the worst President in history.

After the death of the first George Bush, Jimmy Carter became the oldest living former Presidents at the age of 96. He was a peanut farmer from Georgia and their former Governor as well before becoming President of the United States in 1976. He was a relative unknown at the time.

He was elected President because Ford never stood a chance. The American people were upset with the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal involving former President Richard Nixon. 2 things that hurt Ford; he should had never pardoned Nixon, then maybe he would had a chance. I’m not saying that Ford would had been good though.

Carter may had done some good things but he was one of the worse President in history. The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel may had been a good thing under his watch. You decide though! The things that I’m talking mainly about was Habitat for Humanity. It’s a work project to build houses for low-income peoples.

That is one main good things Carter had done for the American people. It help to get some of the homeless off the street by building a house for them with the help of volunteers. It just didn’t give the homeless a handout; it help them to get back on their feet, so they can get back to work and become a prominent part of society.

That’s all the homeless want, a chance to make it. They don’t want to constantly be getting handouts from the government. Even though those on the Left thinks they do. Carter knew that despite being a Democrat.

Let us go into the part of him being one of the worst President in history. First of all, he had a brother named Billy Carter; also famous known as Billy Beer. I’m not going after his brother, I’m just getting this out in the open.

When Carter was President, Inflation was at an all-time high. There was long lines at the gas pumps due the oil crisis under his watch. There was also high unemployment. He gave back the Panama Canal to it’s original owner, another big mistake.

Before I get the big things that hurt Carter, he was known as the “smiling” President. Every time you would see him was always smiling even when he shouldn’t had been. You probably didn’t know this about me, I could easily imitate Carter.

Carter was a born again Christian and a Baptist. Him and his wife, Rosalynn had 4 kids. We all know about their daughter, Amy; who grew up in the White House so to speak. He had 3 others kids as well. The only other ones known was their son, Jack Carter.

Another horrible crisis that happened during Carter’s Presidency that showed him as being a weak President was the Iranian took our Americans hostages. He had done nothing to negotiated or to get them back home where they belong. They were held in Iran for over a year until Reagan became President. Then they released the hostages because they feared Reagan and what he would do if they didn’t.

The next worst President in my lifetime goes to George W. Bush. As I had told you in a previous blog, I never wanted him in the first place; even though the Established Republicans did. There was only one good things he did even though it wasn’t handled very well came after 9/11. If Al Gore was President, he probably had done nothing, like Carter.

During George W. Bush’s terms, when I prayed, I prayed that he would be impeach. He was just a puppet for the Rhino’s Republicans. Matter of fact, in 2004, I almost didn’t vote at all because I didn’t want Bush or Kerry. So I understood when there were people last election who didn’t want Trump or Biden.

Once again in 2016, the Rhinos Republicans wanted Jeb Bush but the American people had enough with the Bushes at that time. George W. Bush was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Now, can I get a drumroll please? The President who fast taking the title of the worst President of the United States goes to Joe Biden. Otherwise known as Dementia Dog and his Bitch.

Right away when Biden took office he not only stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline, he also stopped the building of the Wall. He created an open-door policy, allowing illegal immigrants to come into this country even during this Pandemic. Once again, inflation is at an all-time high like it was when Carter was President. We have an energy crisis and unemployment crisis as well under Biden as well.

The other countries are laughing at America right now because of Biden. They see Biden as being weak and he’s losing his mind. Just like George W. Bush, he is also a puppet; but this time to the Progressive Left. The other countries are testing him to see how weak he really is. He’s weak on crime and weak on terrorist.

Since he had taken office, there had been 3 cyber attack that hit our country to hurt us financially and thus. He’s giving in to blackmail. One thing you never do as President. He’s not even acknowledging the crisis at the Southern Border or the crisis in Cuba and Haiti. He’s too busy allowing Socialism into our country instead.

To those who hated Trump and said that he sent too many mean tweet, Biden is more of bully and a racist than Trump ever was. Let us take a look at some of his comments. Biden had threatened to take a reporter out back to whip his ass. He made threats against those who refused to get the vaccine by telling them, “You’re all gonna pay!” That’s no way to encourage people.

I do want to say this though, there was a former manager from Kmart who reminds me of Joe Biden in looks and attitude. I won’t say his name though. I just feel sorry for him that he have to resemble Biden, that’s all!

I could go on going after Biden, but I have to leave some during his 4 years in office; and I hope and pray that it only be 4 years. Otherwise, America is screwed! We need Biden out before he destroy America.

My message to Jimmy Carter is this, “If you are waiting to die until someone take the title as worst President from you. You can do so now; because Biden is fast taking that title away from you.” I don’t mean any ill will to come on Jimmy Carter when I say this either.

There you have it folks, my pick for the 3 worst Presidents in my lifetime. There have been others throughout this country history. Some of them I will probably talk about later more. Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, Nixon, Hoover, to just name just a few.

What is your reason for not using your seatbelt in the car? Do you feel confined and uncomfortable?

If you feel confined wearing a seatbelt; it’s similar to wearing the mask during the pandemic at first.

Do you feel that you might be trapped in the car if somehow it goes into the water or about to burn?

I’m here to tell you, seatbelts are made much better now than years ago. In some of these newer cars, the moment you shut your door and turned on the engine, your seatbelt will buckle you in; so you don’t have to bother.

In the past seatbelts wasn’t much pushed; until the government made it mandatory to wear your seatbelt or be fined.

Matter of fact, if your mother was anything like my mother, she was the seatbelt. Whenever my mother would come to a quick stop; she would used her arm to blocked you from going forward into the windshield. Even after seatbelts were required, she would still felt necessary to put her arm in front of you.

When in school and going through driver’s training, they would show horror films of car accidents and what would happened if you weren’t wearing your seatbelt. You would either be thrown from the vehicle through the windshield or fall out the door and maybe even get rolled over.

Not once did they showed footage of a person being trapped inside the car before it exploded or goes under water. Even though, that was in the back of many minds at the time to prevent people from wearing their seatbelts.

I have to admit, I felt that way myself. It’s depend who I was with, how quick I put my seatbelt on. But things later change for me on the ideas of putting on my seatbelt.

One of the things that I have in common with Hank Williams Jr., we came close to being killed in a mountain accident.

It was the summer of the year my mother had passed away. I was on vacation out to Washington State. That was the year I had flown for my second time in an airplane. I was out visiting relatives that summer. I was with one of my cousin, as she took me and two of her granddaughters up Mount Rainier to see the sight. We took the road as high that it went before coming back down. As we were going back down, we came upon the same slow car going up. Anyway, that car was stopped in the middle of our lane. We weren’t going very fast; but when a person is going downhill, you cannot stop on a dime. There was really no warning when we hit that car.

I don’t know if you believe in angels watching over a person; but I believed that my mother was watching over me on my vacation when I was in a car accident on Mount Rainier.

I heard people say that I was very lucky to be alive today. The way we hit the other car, I could had been hurt much worse than what I was.

I believed it was a combination of my mother’s spirit watching over me to keep me safe, the seatbelt I was wearing, and the airbags that deployed as we hit the other car. If it wasn’t for the seatbelt and my mother’s spirit; I could had went smack into the airbag. I could had broken my glasses and maybe even my neck or back upon collision.

As they were prying my cousin out of her seat, someone else was checking on me to make sure that I had no concussion or badly injured. They even had me sit still outside on the side of the road until everything was ok with me to move.

So you see, the mountain tried to kill not only Hank Williams Jr., but also me. I still loved the mountains though. They are so beautiful and peaceful.

So ever since that accident, I have gained the ultimate respect for wearing my seatbelt. I don’t even hesitate in putting my seatbelt on, no matter who I am with. I’m forever grateful that I’m alive today because of wearing my seatbelt, and for the airbag that deployed when it did. I’m even grateful that my mother was watching over me from up in heaven. You could say, she put her arms in front of me as the car came to a sudden stop to prevent me from going head first into the airbag and causing more damage to me.

After a year of being lockdown because of his Pandemic that we were in, people are itching to get out and travel. They are tired of being cooped up. In the words of May West, “Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!” Seatbelts does save lives despite being uncomfortable. I’m living proof of it!

Here’s a question to all those who just seems to hate America and want to destroy our country. If America is so bad, why are they coming in groves to America?

Think about that as you are hating America and is out to destroy our country!

Those who are coming to this country illegally are just trying to get away from their corrupt Socialist Government in their home country. They want the freedom we have here and a better chance at life. One they cannot get in their own country.

Little do they know, Today’s Socialist Democrats are being just as corrupt as their government.

When Biden took office, not only did he stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline, he also stopped the construction of the wall on the border. He created an open-door policy, allowing illegal immigrants to come right in.

At the same time, we were going through a pandemic and everything was shut down for health reasons. What was he thinking? The problem was, he wasn’t thinking. His cognitive thinking is out-of-whack because of him suffering with dementia.

Before I go after Biden/Harris, let me take you to the beginning of the problem. The person who should take part of the responsibility for this is former President George W. Bush. When George W. Bush was President and after 9/11, he created a policy to keep terrorist out of the country to protect America. He made it tougher to go and leave Canada then what it was.

When I was a kid, a person can go to Canada to fish or whatever with no questions ask. The only question asked was, “What’s your reason for coming to Canada?”

Now, you need a passport to go to Canada!

But yet, the illegal immigrants don’t need a passport to come to America through our Southern Border. Why is that, George W. Bush?

Another thing, as Biden created an open-door policy on our Southern Border with Mexico during the Pandemic, the border with Canada remained closed during it.

Under Obama, cages were built to caged up the children of these illegal immigrants. The mainstream news media made a big stink of it when Trump was President; when it was Obama who was responsible for it.

These cages were/are unsantized.

The cartels loved it when Biden shut down the building of the wall and created an open-door at the Southern Border. The reasons they loved it was they were using these children of illegal immigrants to smuggle drugs and deadly weapons into our country. They were also using these children as child sex slaves.

The Democrats seems to love it to see illegal immigrants come to America. They will give them anything they want with no question asked.

The hard-working Americans have a tougher time in getting any help from the Government from the DMV to Social Security to welfare assistance. They don’t have to cut through all the red tapes as we do. We worked hard for our money. Getting things we need shouldn’t be that hard, there shouldn’t be so much hoops to jump through.

When Trump was President, he had things under control at the Southern Border. He was building a wall. I’m not saying that the wall was perfect; but it was more than George W. Bush, Obama, and now Biden is doing to stop the mad rush of illegal immigrants coming to America.

The only thing that Kamala Harris is doing is giving these countries money to keep their people there. How stupid is that?

These immigrants are leaving their country because of their corrupt Socialist Government. They are just going to pocket the money themselves and not help their people.

Like I mentioned in previous blog, when you give money to another country to help with such things as hunger and thirst, you must watch who is getting the money. Is it the government? Will the money be put to good use? To make sure that the money will be put to good use, the best way is through your church missionary.

By giving the government the money, they will just pocket it and continue looking for more.

Usually when a crisis hit, the President and Vice-President goes to where the crisis is to see what they can do to help. Since the crisis at the border happened, both Biden and Harris had not visited the Southern Border. The reason why, Biden had created the crisis.

None of the Democrats had gone to the Southern Border during the crisis. Yet, they went when Trump was President and used the mainstream news media to spread lies against Trump.

George W. Bush hadn’t even went to the Southern Border either. He too should go to the border as well.

When Ted Cruz went to the border and was taking pictures at what was going on, The staff there was blocking his view to keep the American people from knowing the truth on what was going on there.

I’m glad that Governor Greg Abbot from Texas decided to continue the work on building of the Wall and is doing what he can to stop the influx of illegal immigrants entering the United States through Texas. He’s doing the job that Biden should be doing. He cares for the American people’s safety.

He’s not alone either. Other states with Republicans governors are sending help down to Texas, and the Southern border.

If Biden doesn’t want to do his job to protect America, it’s time that each states stand up to Biden and do what he’s not doing.

It’s time to take back America from Biden and those who is out to destroy our country! We have 2-4 years to build up ourselves an army to take back America. In 2 years we can take back the House and in 4 years, take back the White House; and throw those bums out. I just hope that it won’t be too late for America.

Now let us get to why I love America. Because of my love for America, I will stand up and defend this country against anyone who is out to destroy it. Those on the Left, the Progressive Democrats and Big Tech is out to destroy America. They want to rewrite history and the Constitution. It’s make me mad as hell to see and hear what they are trying to do to America.

This is a picture of my grandfather, Frank Heger. He was a child when his family came over from Germany, legally. Then during World War 1, he served in the military; which took him back to his family’s home country. I’m proud to have his last name. He would roll over in his grave if he knew how certain group of people are out to destroy America more and more lately.

If you noticed on my blog front page, I have a picture of the American flag. I will gladly wave it and stand up for it. We have that freedom in this country. And we have our veterans to thanks for the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

There are people who gets upset with their neighbors because they have the American flags waving in their yard. Some people would even burn the flag because they do not like what it represents.

When I was in school, we stood up to say the Pledge of Allegiance and salute the flag. We didn’t judge when the Jehovah’s Witnesses was against saying the Pledge of Allegiance; because we knew that we have the freedom of Religion as well in this country. That doesn’t make me mad! This is what makes me very upset!

When Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel instead of standing up during the singing of the National Anthem, it angered a lot of Americans to protest him and the NFL.

How about Gwen Berry, who turned away from the American flag as the National Anthem played? She represent team USA in the Olympics; so she should shows some courtesy to out National Anthem and the American flag. If she doesn’t want to do that she should be kick off the team.

If they hate America so much, why don’t they just get the hell out of our country! There are people who are dying to come to America for the freedom we have. They are leaving their country runs by Socialist Government for our freedom.

I will talk more about that in next week blog, part 2. Meanwhile, let me tell you more what pissed me off about those who are out to destroy America.

The Progressive Left wants to rewrite history and the Constitution because they don’t like it. It’s the history of our country. They want to pack the court. They want to turn the United States into a Socialist country.

They want to cancel our culture and anyone who disagree with them. If my blog was bigger, they would probably try to cancel me.

Those on the Left wants to teach the critical race theory to our young people. By teaching that, they are teaching that all whites are racist; and if you’re black you don’t stand a chance in this country. Believe me, there are some blacks who is upset about that as well. Those who are teaching Critical race Theory is the one being racist.

If you know your history, it was Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves during the Civil War. It was the Democrats who didn’t want the blacks to be freed. They were considered to be property. It was through the Democrats that the KKK was founded.

This Critical Race Theory is similar to the Communist countries that many are fleeing from.

My message to all those who hate America, just get the hell out of this country!!

America may not be perfect; but it’s home. I will gladly stand up against anyone who is out to destroy America. They are walking on the fighting side of me.

They should had learned something from the Capital Riot. According to Biden anyone who disagree with him and the Progressive Left are terrorist.

What about the groups ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, who was terrorizing our American cities all last year? They are the terrorist. But Biden and his fellow Democrats don’t see it that way.

Biden put a stop to the celebration of the 4th of July at mount Rushmore this year. The excuse he used, “You’re going to cause a fire.” They had held the celebration for many years. They know what they are doing to prevent any fires. I think the Governor of South Dakota should still go and do it anyway. Biden is not the boss of that state.

All that the Progressive Left is doing, our forefathers wouldn’t be very happy about it. Our freedom was fought in the Revolution War against England. We have that freedom and we should honor and celebrate it.

If they’re not careful, there will be another Revolutionary War against them. The American people will get so upset with them and the Government and overthrow them, like these Socialist countries.

If you are like me are not very happy with what they are doing to America, let us stand up and fight against them. We have 2-4 years to build up ourselves an army to take back America and our freedom. Hopefully in 2 years the Republicans can take back the House and fire Nancy Pelosi and lock her up. We have 4 years to take back the White House and throw the bums out before it’s too late for America.

I love America and will gladly stand up against anyone who wants to destroy this country. I will write about it every chance I get. If you are with me, let us take back America!

Gwen Berry you represent the USA in the Olympics, you should stand during the National Anthem or be kick off the team. If you hate America, why don’t you just get the HELL out!

I love America, flaws and all! God Bless America!! God Bless the USA!! When you see a veterans, thank them for their service to our great country and the sacrifice they made for our freedom. When you see a police officer, instead of spitting insults at them; why don’t you just thank them for their service to protect us. When you see the American flag, salute it and be proud of it. When the National Anthem is being played, stand up proudly during it. You don’t have to sing; but you do have to stand. We need to bring back the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools. Respect those who does stand for the pledge.

Stay tune for the continuing saga in next week in part 2.

Back in the ’90’s the Democrats had the Clintons as being a powerhouse couple; and the Republicans had Bob and Elizabeth Dole. There is big differences between these 2 power political couples. The main ones: was integrity. Bob and Elizabeth Dole had more integrity than the Clintons.

You all know all about all the crimes committed by the Clintons, from Whitewater-Pres. Clinton committing perjury when he denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky-the scandal in Benghazi-Hillary’s email’s scandals-Jeffrey Epstein.

You can’t say there was any scandals involving Bob and Elizabeth Dole.

At the age of 97, Bob Dole was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He was a native of Russell, Kansas for almost 36 years before resigning from the Senate in 1996 to challenge Bill Clinton. He was also Gerald Ford running mate back in 1976 when he ran against Jimmy Carter.

When Bob Dole ran for President against Bill Clinton in 1996, I was able to see him while he was in Moorhead, Minnesota. I supported him as he ran for president back then.

Not only did I meet Bob Dole, I met Mitch McConnell when he also joined Bob Dole in Moorhead. Back then Mitch McConnell wasn’t the Rhino Republican he is today. They were both very nice people at the time; and I knew without a doubt that Bob Dole had more integrity than Bill Clinton ever thought of having. Plus, he was from the Midwest; which America truly needed to have instead of someone from either the East Coast, West Coast, or Texas. I was also an young Republican too.

Then 4 years later, I voted for his lovely wife, Elizabeth Dole in her run for President. The Established Republicans such as McConnell didn’t want her as President, for some reasons. They had their minds set on George W. Bush.

Elizabeth Dole held a cabinet under Reagan and the first George Bush. She also served under Richard Nixon. She was Secretary of Transportation under Reagan and Secretary of Labor under the first George Bush. She was also a Senator from North Carolina from 2003-2009. She also served as member of the Federal Trade Commission and the Red Cross.

It was after she step down from the Red Cross that they had their problems. She was the second woman next to Clara Barton to serve as President of the Red Cross.

She was inducted into Indiana Wesleyan University Society of World Changers. Here’s a quote from her, “I believe in the innate goodness of the American people. I believe in the values that made this country what it is; courage, perseverance, generosity, faith, and a commitment to service.

Back in 2000, when she ran for President, I supported her and voted for her for President. Whereas, the old Dogs of Washington didn’t want her. They were scared of her for some reasons. They wanted George W. Bush much like they wanted Jeb Bush in 2016. I wrote in her name in that election because I didn’t want another Bush. That was the start of me not being happy with the Established Republicans; and was so glad to have Trump come along when he did.

Elizabeth Dole was a Feminist and a powerful woman but she didn’t flaunt or abuse her power like Hillary Clinton. You could trust her; whereas as you couldn’t trust Hillary Clinton.

Bob Dole could possibly had beaten Bill Clinton for President, if he focused on his wife, Elizabeth. That way it would had put the two powerful women up against each other. Then the American people could see who had more integrity and who could be trusted more.

So you see, it wasn’t a woman President I was scared of, it was Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Dole would had been a better President than George W. Bush; because of her leadership ability.

The scary part now, Kamala Harris is even more scarier than Hillary Clinton; because she is just an idiot with idiotic ideas that will destroy America.

So you see, I had voted for both Bob and Elizabeth Dole in their run for President in 1996 and 2000. With Bob Dole, I was still young and naive; but with Elizabeth Dole, I felt that she was the better person for the job.

At the 2016 Republican’s convention, Bob Dole was honored for his service to this country not only as a veteran but also as a Senator. Even Trump himself honored him.

Now it’s my turn to honor both Bob and Elizabeth Dole in this blog. Thank you both for your service to this great country of ours. I just wish that we could had at least one of you as President. It would had been much better to had Elizabeth Dole as President over George W. Bush; who should never had been President.

Is there a song, that when you hear it, it speaks directly to you as being your personal song?

When Brad Paisley first came out with one of his first hit song, He didn’t had to be; I swear that song was about my step-dad and I. This is one of the picture of him and I in our house in North Fargo.

Before I get into my tribute to fathers and step-dad in this blog, here is a little sidebar. I was able to see Brad Paisley in concert when he opened up for Alan Jackson. It was Brad Paisley’s birthday also. I wasn’t working at the Fargo Dome at that time; so I bought the concert ticket. My seat was on the floor, just few rolls from the stage. To me, Brad Paisley gave a better performance than Alan Jackson.

Anyway, my step-dad been more of a dad to me than my real father ever was. He raised me from the time I was 5 years old when he married my mother.

Before he married my mother, he asked me if I wanted him for a dad. He may not had been the best dad; but he sure beats my real father, who left me when I was 2 years old. I had mixed feelings as any child would. Part of me was excited and part of me didn’t knew what to expect. So I went over to a neighbor on the corner until my mother noticed how quiet it was in the house and found that I wasn’t in my bed.

Shortly after my folks were married, they came to pick me up at the babysitter I was at. I ran outside to the car and trip. When I got inside the car, was the first time I called him daddy, when I asked him to kiss my owie.

He done more for me than my real father ever done. He taught me how to tie my shoes, zip my jacket, fish, etc. Even though I didn’t have his last name, I was still considered to be his son. I received an inheritance from him that I never gotten from my real father.

When he died, it was an honor to had been a pallbearer at his funeral; because he carried me from the time I was 5 years old. It was an honor to carried him to his grave along with my brothers and nephews.

There was time when the family took a trip out West, Washington State. We were over at my Aunt Rosella watching old family movies of the Heger’s family; when I happened to have gotten sick. So after I had thrown up, I went to lay down on a davenport. A little later, he picked me up and carried me upstairs to my cousin, Nels’s bedroom. I was 9 years old, not quite 10 at the time.

So you see, it was truly an honor to be a pallbearer for his funeral. I may not had been his biological son; but I was still his son. He was there for me the best he could. He was never close emotionally to any of us kids; but he was there physically for us. My real father was never there at all for me.

Being raised in a product like that can be damaging to kids if they don’t have role model to look after them and help them to grow to become the man we are. There are children from a single mother who may not had been as lucky as I was. It doesn’t matter if they are black or white either.

He may not had been the best dad but he raised me and I loved and missed him.

When I first heard Brad Paisley singing, “He didn’t have to be,” it was like the song was about me. One year, I even put that in writing for his Father’s Day card.

My folks made 40 years together. This year, if they were still alive, it would had been their 50th anniversary on July 3rd.

Before he died, I took it upon myself to make my mother’s famous baked beans for him when we came home for Christmas. Because I knew that he loved bake beans. My mother never wrote the recipe down; but I somehow was able to still make it for him.

As my mother would say, “Anyone can father a child, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Anyone can be a father; but a dad is someone very special. A dad is there for their kids as least physically.

So if you are not willing to man up and be a dad to your kids that you fathered; you might as well know there may be someone who will man up and be a dad to your flesh and blood, the fruit of your loin.

To anyone who is step-dad, if you are a dad and is there for them; you are more of a father to them. Especially if their real father isn’t around. Step-dads are to be honored on this day as well as fathers if not more in some cases.

It truly was an honor to call him dad and carried him to his grave beside my mother. He was more a dad to me than my real father. I may had forgiven my real father for not being there for me; but I will never forget what my step-dad did for me. To me, he was more of a dad than my real father.

Here’s to you dad! I love and thank you for all you had done for me, and all you had gave.

Happy Father’s Day not only to fathers out there, but also step-dad as well. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and manning up!

Everybody wants to be rich. It’s the American dream to be rich; even though not everyone is able to achieve it.

To be honest, I would like to be rich myself. When I was in high school, my dream was to be a rich singer/actor living in California. That was before California became home of the fruits and nuts, the crazy Leftist Liberals. I still love to be rich enough to retire. I would love to see my blog goes viral; so that I can live off my blog, and make money off it.

If those who thinks that a person can get rich off Socialism, I got news for you; that’s not going to happen. The only one that get rich off Socialism is the Government. Not only do they get rich financially, they get rich with power; and they just abuse it to take advantage anyone they can.

Under Socialism, these casino wouldn’t exist, because the government would put their foot down to control them.

How many actually goes to these casino or buy Powerball tickets when the jackpot is up real high? You don’t have to be poor to do it either. Even those who are somewhat rich are doing it. Our appetites urges us for more; more sweets, more money, more fun, more friends, etc.

How much money do a person actually need to live comfortably?

The more we have, the more we want! We are not easily satisfied. It’s nothing to do with cost of living; that’s a whole different blog.

Let us take a look at the statistic of those who gambles. There is approximately 85% of Americans who have gambled at least once in their lives; 60% percent have gambled in the previous year. In 2010, approximately 25% of Americans over the age of 21 had gambled in casinos in the past 12 months.

Approximately 1% of the adult population in the United States has a severe gambling problem. The most recent estimates that 6-9% of young people and young adults experience problems related to gambling-a higher rate than among adults.

You may think, that’s not high; but actually it is

Those who had won huge amounts in the lottery, had ended up losing a lot of it because of foolishness. They spent it foolishly instead of investing it. When a person comes into money, a person should find ways to make the money works for them, by seeking a good long term investments.

Yet, we all strive to keep up with the Jones; and then wonder why don’t have enough. How much is enough?

The gambling industry is a big industry right now. Everyone is looking for a quick get rich scheme. When I heard that a person can get rich by writing blogs, I thought, I can do it. It’s not an easy fix! It’s takes lots of work. If you’re not up to the challenge why bother with it, you will just fizzle right out. Like anything, you got to work hard for it.

We’re become a nation of lazy people, who wants money handed to them. They want the Government to take care of them; that way they don’t have to do any hard work.

Any money you may get through gambling, the government will just take it away and pocket it for themselves.

I have bought Powerball tickets, went to casinos, and even played BINGOs and the lottery scratch off; hoping to get rich. I’m just glad that I don’t have the addiction to gambling like so many people do.

Gambling addiction can ruin many lives and family. The kids are affected the worse because of it. Believe me, I have the tendency to be addicted. Addictions runs in my family. It doesn’t matter what kinds of addiction.

I’m not saying to give up on your dreams of becoming rich. Just watch that you don’t get hook on the gambling addiction. You must be willing to work hard and make good sound investments when you do comes into extra money.

This is one reason why some are easy prey to scammers who will offer you ways to get rich quick scheme. Don’t fall for their schemes! You work hard for your money to blow it foolishly.

Do you remember the old Wendy’s commercial, in which 3 elderly ladies, and Clara Peller shouted, “Where’s the Beef?”

Well how about where’s the bones in boneless pork chops, ribs, and chicken wings?

Have you ever eaten boneless pork chops?

I don’t know about you; but there’s no flavor. When you cook it, you have to do all you can to spice it up to make it more edible.

I can understand wanting to eat healthy. I’m trying to do that myself. You just can’t skimp on flavor in the process. Most of the flavors for the pork chops is near the bone. That’s one of the reasons dogs love chewing on bones. They know where the flavor is at! They can chew on that bone until it’s almost gone or some may even buried it for a later day.

Because people are so health conscious, it’s harder to find pork chops with the bones. I ate but it was very dry and unflavored. I had to look for ways spiced them up; so that I could eat them. That was before I started focusing on eating healthier.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to skimp on flavor! You looks for recipes to cook with herbs and seasonings, other than salt.

Just like boneless chicken wings! Who bright ideas is that? Chicken have wings. They can’t fly but they have wings.

When it comes to chicken, I love eating the legs and the wings. You can keep the breast. It’s too dry for me.

When you order wild wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, you want want the bones not boneless.

Just like when you order Bar-b-cue ribs, you want the bones as well. That way you can just suck on the bones to get all the flavors off you pork chops, ribs, and chicken wings.

McDonalds have their famous McRibs sandwich that they bring back every so often. Some people seems to like them too. Now with me, I don’t see what’s so good about them. They are fattening and have no flavor whatsoever. It reminds me of the old school lunch ribs sandwich. Dry!! Like eating sawdust! The bar-b-cue sauce isn’t very tasty either. You get more bun than you do meat. No wonder Clara Peller shouted, “Where’s the beef!”

McDonalds may have good fries and good malts; but not good McRibs.

When I was a kid, my folks would buy pork chops with the bones in them. Once we were done, we gave what was left to the dog. I remembered my mother making ribs with sauerkraut either in her croc pot or the oven. So good!!

Bar-B-Cue ribs is finger-licking good! It’s very messy to eat and they’re suppose to be. You’re suppose to get it all over when you eat it. You need extra napkins and wipes just to eat those ribs. If they’re boneless, what’s the point?

I’m sorry if I’m making you hungry here. Go ahead and find yourself a good ribs place, chicken wings place or even good boned pork chops and enjoy it the way God intended us to. Those who lives in Fargo, ND or surrounding area, come check out Ribfest at the the Fargo Dome this week. Bring enough money with you; because they are not cheap. You can eat ribs and other fair foods. You can listen and watch concerts in the evening while eating your ribs outside. You can get good entertainment with music, food and for guys, beautiful women.

Before Famous Dave got their restaurant in Fargo, they were at Ribfest; to me they weren’t as good. I’ve had better. Years ago, there was a rib place in St. Paul, Minnesota that had the best bar-b-cue ribs. No Bulls, downtown Fargo, has some good ribs; I’m sure that you can get better ribs in Kansas City or Memphis.

You want to eat healthy; but you cannot skimp on flavor to do so. So when you buy pork chops or ribs, make sure that they are not boneless. The same with chicken wings!

If dogs know where the flavor is, shouldn’t we pay attention to them?

There’s no bone about it!

This past year, the word fight has been misconstrued: wrongly misinterpreted. And President Trump was even accused of stating an inciting in our nation capital.

First, let me define the word fight.

FIGHT: to contend in battle or physical combat especially: to strive to overcome a person by blows or weapons; to engage in boxing; to put forth a determined effort. It’s also to take a stand for what you believe in and stand up and fight for it.

Since President Trump had used fight for this country in his speeches, the faked mainstream news media, Big Tech, and the those on the Left made false accusation against him, because of their downright hatred for him. Whereas, the Democrats had used the word, fight themselves in many incidents and was not reprimanded for it. Why is that?

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton had said, “Believe in our country, fight for our values.”

When Trump said something like this before the riot at the Capital, he was accused in starting an incite against the federal government.

After Brett Kavanaugh, was appointed to the Supreme Court, Chuck Schumer made a threatening statement. “You will pay the price!” Yet, Schumer was never impeached from role in the Senate. Why was that?

Most recently, Maxine Water was in Minneapolis before the verdict was handed down in the George Floyd murder case. She said, “The riot should continue if the verdict was not guilty.” She was promoting for more riots in the city. She even threatened the jurors and anyone else involved with the case. Yet she was never fired from Congress or even charge with tampering with the jury in the case. She should had been and should had been lock up along with Chuck Schumer. Why wasn’t she charge and lock up?

Last but not least Joe Biden himself made a threatening statement to a reporter who questioned him about his son, Hunter. During the campaign, Joe Biden pick a fight with someone who asked him about Hunter’s involvement in the Ukraine, and even threatened to take them out back and beat them up. Why wasn’t he criticized for it? If it was Trump, the media would had a field day with it.

Most recently Biden made another threatening statement to all those who didn’t get the vaccine. “Anyone who are not vaccinated will pay the price.” What do you think he meant by that? That’s no way to encourage people! It’s a downright threat. This is still a free country. Biden should be impeach for making that statement, that threat. He should be lock up for those threats. He’s unfit to be President.

Biden and his followers even called those who choose not to get vaccinated as terrorist.

A quote from John Paul Jones, “I have not yet begun to fight.”

As John Paul Jones had said, I too have not yet begun to fight.

Or even Sir Winston Churchill said, “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

I’m telling those on the Left, Big Tech and the Democrats, I shall never surrender my freedom. I shall continue fighting for the freedom we have. I will fight against anyone who will try to take it away from us.

On this Memorial Day, we remembered those who fought and died for our freedom throughout the history of this country. It was because of their sacrifice we have a freedom. Anyone who tries to take it away will have a fight on their hands.

I can understand for those who stood up for what they believed in. I can even understand some of the reasons for the riots in major cities. They are only standing up for their rights. That is our god given freedom to do so.

Just don’t trample on my freedom; otherwise you will have a fight on your hands.

I’m not promoting violence like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA been doing.

WE have 2-4 years to build up ourselves an army to fight against those who threatened to take away our freedom. In 2 years, the Republicans can regain control of the House and maybe the Senate. In 4 years, regain control of the White House.

If you are in an agreement with me and wants to join me in this fight for our freedom; I appreciate that you let me know at the end of this blog. If you feel that I should run for political office to take the fight to Washington, let me know through endorsements.

I’m warning you anyone who will take a stand against those on the Left and Big Tech may face being cancelled. They don’t want us to fight for our freedom. They want us to be good boys and girls, to be robots; that way they can easily control us. This pandemic was just the beginning of what they have in store for us freedom loving American.

Our forefathers, like George Washington, was afraid that the government would get too big and powerful. They warned us about it!

Once again, I have not yet begun to fight for our freedom. Are you with me? Are we going to take back America, like Trump was trying to do as President.

That was another reason the Tea Party movement was formed! I could go on; but I will save some for future blogs.

Let the fight begin for our freedom in this country!!!