Have you forgotten the sacrifices those in healthcare made all last year during the Pandemic? How about those in the front line?

They worked long hours unprotected and without the vaccine in sight. Their lives were at risk everyday.

Last year, people were praising our healthcare workers and front line workers as they went out everyday, taking a risk for us all.

During the beginning of the Pandemic, we had to work unprotected without a mask. Our lives were at risk everyday when we went to work. We never lost our jobs because we were considered essential workers. We had to work long hard hours and many overtime because no one else wanted to work.

They wanted to stay home collecting the free money they were getting from the government. Also, they were so afraid of catching the virus.

I’m not talking about people who still had their job; they just were able to work from home, lucky dogs!

I’m talking about those loafers living off our hard earn dollars risking our lives for they can stay home collecting free money from the government.

We deserve a purple heart for our service during the Pandemic.

Instead, we get this demands, “Get the vaccine or be fired!”

See how quickly things had changed because of those who feared the unvaccinated.

What do they have to be afraid of, if they had gotten the vaccine?

Just because those in medical field doesn’t trust the vaccine, it goes to show that they know something that the CDC and Dr. Nazi Fauci not telling us and never will.

Just like after 9/11 back in 2001, some people want to forget about that unfaithful day. We should never forget that day; like we should never forget our healthcare and frontline workers working diligently, risking our lives for everyone else lively hood.

Believe me, if I didn’t need my job, I wouldn’t get the vaccine.

Chris Berg from the local CBS news station in Fargo, ND was fired because he refused to get the vaccine. He already had another job line up anyway, so he didn’t care. I say good for him for standing his ground.

Doesn’t Biden realized he created another crisis with this stupid vaccine mandate? The crisis of high unemployment, of less people working and more people sitting home. Who is going to pay your high taxes for your high inflation that he is creating with all this wasteful spending that the Democrats want to do?

Who are you going to call when you can’t get someone dependable enough to come to work and work like a dog these long hard hours risking their lives?

Even the airlines will struggle if they can’t get anyone to fly their planes or be of service to the people flying. It’s starting to happen already.

The hospital is full with patient; but not fully staff to take care of them all. They were struggling during the Pandemic because people were living in fear. Just imagine what it would be like once they get rid of all those who refuse the vaccine!

It will be a shamble! Much like in Canada and Socialist Medicine. People will be dying before they actually get any help; because no help will be available.

Yet Biden doesn’t care about the American people!

One thing, Biden is getting his unity out of it; but not the kind he may like. The American people across the country, at concerts, ballgames, race tracks, or wherever Biden may be; they are chanting, “FU Biden!” Even though the NBC news says it, “Way to go Brandon!” The American people all knows what is really being said.

So instead of condemning the healthcare workers who doesn’t want the vaccine, why not thanks them for their sacrifices they made for us all. They know something about it that CDC and Dr. Nazi Fauci doesn’t want us to know. If we knew the truth, the government couldn’t control us like they want to do. It’s all about control to Biden and his cronies.

It’s my body, my choice! I know what is best for my body, not the government. So FU Biden and it’s time you must get impeach for forcing vaccine on us all with this mandate. It’s unconstitutional.

Thanks to all the healthcare workers who risk their lives and made sacrifices for us all. They deserve a purple heart; not to be fired for refusing the vaccine.

These vaccine mandates is unconstitutional. Biden is an Unconstitutional President. A President is to upholds and protect the constitution; but all Biden had done since he took office was created his own rules that goes against the Constitution.

When Biden didn’t get his way with a full immunity of 100% vaccinated people in this country, he made this threat, “You all are gonna pay!”

They call Trump a bully when he stands up against his critics. How come they don’t call Biden a bully for that comment?

Now I’m against the vaccine and against the mandate. The government doesn’t have the right to tell us what to do with our body. In the words of the pro-choice people involving abortion, “It’s my body, my choice!” The government doesn’t have the right to control our body. Our employer doesn’t have the right to control our body.

When we used the quote, “My body, my choice,” the pro-choice people sure doesn’t like it when the shoes are on the other foot.

They call us terrorist because we refused the vaccine. Some even say, “Just die then!”

Now Howard Stern, who was against vaccinating your children from childhood diseases, is so quick to condemn the unvaccinated people. He wished for all of us to just die.

I wonder what Jenny McCarthy has to say about the vaccine? I mean, she too was against vaccinating kids from childhood illnesses. She is very quiet right now. Is she afraid that Hollywood would turn on her as well?

Nicki Minaj came out recently against the vaccine stating that she wouldn’t take it until she knows all the facts about it. When she did that, Hollywood jumped and attacked her. I have to say that I am damn proud of her.

We don’t know all the facts about the vaccine and never will. Dr. (Nazi) Fauci keeps lying to us. They keep moving the 8-ball. How can we know the truth when they keep doing that?

What is Dr. Fauci hiding from the people? He’s a big liar like the Clintons. He should lose his license and be sent to prison for treason and for murders of all who loss their lives because of the Coronavirus.

About 26 states are suing the Biden Administration for vaccine mandate, stating that it’s unconstitutional. It’s seems that it’s the Republican states that is against the vaccine mandate. They believe that the people has the freedom to either get the vaccine or not.

Whereas, the states run by the Democrats wants to control the people. They want to take away our freedom from us. The vaccine mandate is only the beginning of them controlling us and taking away our God-given freedom. They thinks that we are a bunch of rednecks who cannot think for ourselves. Just because we voted and supported Trump.

Not everyone who aren’t vaccinated voted for Trump. They just didn’t vote for Biden either.

In New York and California, they have the strictest law against the unvaccinated. If you are unvaccinated and don’t have the vaccination card, you cannot shop in their stores or eat in their restaurants. They don’t want you to fly either. That’s discrimination at it’s worst. That’s as bad as negroes have to sit in the back of the bus in the late 50’s and 60’s before the Civil Rights movement took place. So, who’s racist now?

The state of Montana joined other states such as Texas, Florida, and South Dakota not too make it mandatory for employer to force the employees to get the vaccine. I say good for them.

My Aunt was bullied to get the vaccine. She’s 82 years old and was against it; but she was bullied. How can they sleep at night knowing that they bullied an elderly person into getting the vaccine? She never hurt anyone and I doubt she ever will. If she was younger and stronger to stand up against the bullying, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t had gotten the vaccine.

If it wasn’t for my job, I wouldn’t even had gotten the vaccine. I don’t trust it. I don’t want to be anyone guinea pig; and that’s what we are when it comes to the vaccine. We don’t know the long term affects behind the vaccine.

I wasn’t always against the vaccines and flu shots; but once I turned 50, I made a goal to lose weight the healthy way. I even chose to cleanse myself from any poisons; such as the vaccines. Luckily, I learned what to take to dilute the poison from the vaccine.

There are people who has a natural antibody against the Coronavirus; but they don’t even care. There are doctors and nurses who don’t trust the vaccine. What does that tell you?

A doctor told one of my cousin who just fought a long battle against cancer not to get the vaccine. Do you think those on the Left cares, hell no?

Before I was force to get the vaccine or lose my job, I was somewhat healthy. Shortly after getting the vaccine, I had a health scare recently. I had a dizzy spell, I was overheated, and nausea. I even had a headache. The next day, I was checked out, and my heart and blood pressure was good. I have a follow-up coming up this week.

Do you think that they will blame the vaccine? Hell no they won’t! They will just say that I don’t know what I’m talking about. They don’t want to admit that vaccine isn’t perfect.

If the vaccine is so good, why do people have to get a booster shot? And keeps getting a booster for the rest of their lives?

Why are they so afraid of the unvaccinated people? If they got the vaccine, they shouldn’t worry about the unvaccinated.

Why do we still have to wear a mask if you’re vaccinated?

These are good questions that they don’t want to answer and never will.

Biden mandated all employer of 100 or more employees to force the employees to get the vaccine. But what about the illegal immigrants coming across our Southern borders? They are not being made to get the vaccine. Biden couldn’t care less about the American people and upholding the Constitution. It’s grounds for an impeachment.

Since people are so against Biden mandating the vaccine, there are more and more rally of people shouting, “F.U. Biden!” across the country. People are even doing it at concerts and football games, of such places.

Stay tuned for next week part 2 blog as I will come in defense of our healthcare workers who are being fired for not getting the vaccine.

Do you ever wonder why some employers have a revolving door problem?

I mean, there are some jobs that seems to always be hiring, looking for help. Does it make you wonder why?

I’m sure you may know some of those employers; so I don’t have to name them for you. I may name a few to get the point across; but mainly I will give reasons for the revolving doors problems.

Before I do that, I just want to say this right off the top,

President Biden made a comment to the high unemployment because of the pandemic. He said, “The reason for high unemployment is because of all of the unvaccinated people out there still.”

Once again, Mr. Joe Biden, you are wrong. It’s not the unvaccinated who is to blame but you and the government. I mean, why work when you can sit home and get all this free money from the government. Businesses can’t compete with that. Government doesn’t create jobs! They just make it rough for anyone who own a business by putting too much regulation on them, creating more problems.

I do agree that employers should pay their workers better and give them decent benefits. When the government force it, businesses suffer, especially small ma and pa businesses. Or the bigger businesses take their business out of the country.

Something good is coming out of this though. Businesses are offering incentives and bonuses when they hired someone. The bad things about it though is after staying with the company long enough to get the bonus, they move on to the next job prospect with even a better bonus or incentive. The younger generation doesn’t stick with a job as long as the older generation. (I won’t go into detail on why because that’s a whole different blog.)

I will say this though. As you get older, you are more likely to think about retirement; so you don’t want to be job hunting. Whereas, when you are young, you don’t think about retirement. You just want to have fun, make as much money as you can and live for today. They believed that a person only live once; so you might as well live it up.

A better paying job with benefits is very important to keep the employees happy. There is another things that is also very vital and that is how you are being treated on the job by the manager. Is the manager a good one or a jerk?

I remembered when we were asked at Kmart to do a survey, rating our manager 2 years in a row. Both years, the manager at the time had gotten a bad review and couldn’t understand why. He called a meeting and chewed us all out because of his bad review.

So you see, Kmart was one of the businesses who had a revolving door problem; but they weren’t alone. I mean look at Walmart, Cash Wise, and Don’s Car wash, just to name a few.

Some managers probably shouldn’t be a manager. They don’t have the proper people skills, or cannot handle the stress, and so they take it out on the employees instead.

Back to that manager at Kmart before going into this book; after he retired, he was so much calmer. It was like either he couldn’t handle the stress of running the store or he was in the wrong job; and he hated his job.

I think to be a manager, a person must have good people skills. They should also go to manager’s training course, such as the Dale Carnegie’s training course.

A manager should act like a manager but not a dictator.

It seems that some people when they become a manager, the power goes to their head and they forget where they were before they became a manager. They rather sit in their office bossing people around instead of actually getting their hands dirty.

It’s important that your employees think you are smart. In other words, have a little common sense.

A manager shouldn’t abuse their their power they have over their employees. In other words, don’t be a jerk to them. Treat them with respect and you shall get the same respect back from them. If you abuse your authority, you will have no respect from your employees.

When morale is low, productivity will also be down.

Trust is also very important for a manager. If the employees can trust you enough to come to you; you’re doing your job as a manager. But if you make them uncomfortable when you are around. They just seethes every time you are in the office, you have a problem.

To improve employees satisfaction you must increase salaries, improve the working environment, respect them, appreciate them, don’t take advantage of your employees; otherwise, they may get burnt out. In other words, a manager must be willing to do the job so that the employees can have time off; especially on weekends(Sunday).

Keep your employees happy. A happy employees is productive employees.

When you show appreciation of your employees do it more than just a piece of paper. I’ll never forget back at Kmart when a different manager gave the employees a piece of paper saying, “we appreciate you.” We all look at him and just shook our head.

Like I said before, money is the best motivator to the employees. I remembered when they used to have drawing at the Fargo Dome at our annual meeting to win prizes, good prizes too.

I could go on and on but I think you can get the message.

Amazon has this policy that they would rather you not be a lifer working for them. You work so many years and then move on to something else; that way they don’t have to give you an increase in your salary, worry about your retirement, etc.

My question is: wouldn’t it be better to pay and treat your employees better so that they will want to stay? Isn’t it more expensive and time consuming to retrained a new person every so often? I don’t know about you but I would rather have a good employees to stick with the job than to be constantly looking for new help. It’s frustrating to be constantly looking for help. It’s hard on the employees you do have; who have to work like a dog because you’re short handed and can’t seem to get and keep the help.

Would you trust any human beings to decide what is right or wrong for you?

If you trust the government and science with the vaccine, why? It was science that got us in this mess.

I put my trust in God over the government and science.

My faith may not be as strong as some; but I trust the Lord to see me me through. As my grandmother told my mother, “The Lord will never gives you more than you can handle.”

How can you give a faithful account today of the Lord’s great love and patience for all who do not yet believe and know His full forgiveness?

All you have to do is ask God for wisdom and thank Him for His grace.

You just count your blessing for all that the Lord had done for you. He had seen me through some tough times in my life. I don’t know if I can count it all because it’s numerous than the stars in the heaven.

After the flood in Genesis, God put a rainbow in the sky as a covenant between Him and us to remind us of His great love. Believe me, there is no greater promise like God’s promises.

In Psalm 25:10, “All the ways of the Lord is loving and faithful.”

When Peter walked out on the water everything was fine until he looked down. That was when he started to sink. As Jesus reach His hand out to Peter, He said, “Ye of little faith!”

Is that what Jesus is saying to us when we put our trust in man, the government and/or science? I would say He does.

We cannot trust man or the government. They will fail us every time. Not my Lord and Savior though. He promised to never leave nor forsake us. We can trust that promise for God.

Even though Jesus was crucified on the cross and died; He rose again and is seated at the right hand of God our Father. What other religion can say that? There is none!

Even though Jesus may not be here on earth physically, He is still watching over us. Even when He is gone, He will never leave us.

Chapter 11 of Hebrews is known as the faith chapter. In verse 1, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

In Hebrews 11:6, “Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”

Grace makes us acceptable to God before we even begin our spiritual journey.

It’s through the work of the Holy Spirit that lives in the believers that gives us strength day by day. It’s not the church that saves us anymore than man, the government, or science. Even the church can fail us!

Is this what we’re doing everyday in our neighborhoods, on the job, or even in churches? Are we talking to people, sharing our faith with others? Are we spending our relational bandwidth with our Christian friends and unconsciously excluding those who don’t know Him? Are you unconsciously exclusive to people outside the faith?

It’s not the church building itself that leading people to God. It’s the people who is not afraid to share their faith with others. We all have a story to tell.

So who do you trust as the final authority for truth? Do you trust God or man?

As for me, I will serve and trust the Lord. My trust is in God, Our Father and Jesus our Lord and Savior. I will not put my trust in the government and science; or even man. I will not trust the vaccine no matter what they say.

To those who trust the vaccine, I say to you as Jesus said to Peter, “Ye of little faith!”

They cannot take my faith away. I will trust and obey for there is no better way to be happy in Jesus. The Lord had always come through for me and He never had failed me yet and never will.

We all have a story to tell. What is your story of faith? Are you willing to share that story with others who do not believe?

You would hear Biden and Fauci both tell you to follow the science. Well how about we follow the history instead.

I’m going to take you back to the Spanish Flu pandemic and up to the Great Depression to hopefully show you the similarity and maybe teach you a little; so that we don’t repeat that part of history.

The Spanish Flu hit the year, 1918. The difference between the Coronavirus was manmade from the lab in Wuhan, China; whereas the Spanish Flu was natural made. When the troops came home after World War 1, some ended up with the Spanish Flu. We didn’t have the media we have now scaring us and playing on our fears. Our immune system was better than what it is today to help people fight it off. As a rule people were healthier because they didn’t have all the poisons in their body. Of course, there is way more people today than what it was back then though.

After a over a year of being lock up, forced to stay lock down, stay home and isolate ourselves from others; We just grew tired of being coop up. So as soon as things started opening back up and everything started going again, we couldn’t wait to get out and have some fun; and see loved ones once again.

The same things happened after the Spanish Flu, during the Roaring 20’s. The book, “The Great Gatsby was about the Roaring 20’s. Also during the roaring 20’s was the prohibition of alcohol and bootlegging. The league of Christian women and the Government got together to created the 18th amendment to prohibit the sales of alcohol. They felt it was immoral.

It goes to show that when the government prohibit something, the people will want it even more. Thus bootlegging of the sales of alcohol became prominent during the 20’s. People like Baby Face Nelson and Al Capone ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list because of it.

Then October 24, 1929, the stock market crash. What caused the crash were low wages, the proliferation of debt, a struggling agricultural sector and an excess of large bank loans that could not be liquidated.

The bad things, this could happen again the way the Democrats are raising the inflation and giving everybody free money just to keep them from working.

When Herbert Hoover became President in 1929, the stock market was climbing to unprecedented levels. Some say that Hoover was to blame for the stock market crash and the Great Depression. The History book was very cruel to him. In reality, Woodrow Wilson is actually to blame in a way; but so was the circumstances up to that point.

Then came the dustbowl of the dirty 30’s. That came about because of being so dry. People behind Global warning will probably refute this whole thing, knowing them.

This past summer had been a dry summer. Even last winter was mild. The way it sounds, we could have another mild winter this year. As bad as I hate winter because of the ice and cold; the farmers need the moister if they are to plant in the Spring. If we don’t get enough moister in the ground, and it’s continue for a few years much like it did during the dustbowl of the 30’s. We will be heading for another dustbowl. This could be even worst than back then; since there is more people on earth than back then.

Those behind Global Warming will argue the difference though. It’s all global warming. As I said in previous blog, global warming is something Al Gore and his fellow Leftist like AOC, John Kerry, and even Joe Biden made up to their leftist views on this country.

We all know what this all led up to? The Great Depression to hit the United States in 1929 to the late 1930.

We also know what happened after the Great Depression, World War 2.

Where Woodrow Wilson was kind of to blame for all that went down from the Spanish Flu to the Great Depression; Franklin D. Roosevelt is given the credit in getting the United States back on it’s feet.

Then again, it all happened because people celebrating the end of World War 1 and the Spanish Flu during the roaring 20’s. When the government spend more money foolishly like they are doing right now, we can only expect more of the same once again.

Those who wants to destroy our history wouldn’t want to hear this. They will just cringe knowing that it could happen again if we don’t learn from our history. They are trying to rewrite history because they don’t like it.

There are teachers who don’t want to teach this part of history because they just don’t like it. Well, it’s just too bad! We need to learn from our history or we will be doom to repeat it.

Whoever was responsible in creating this virus in the lab, should had thought about the consequences and our history.

When they tell you to follow the science, follow the history instead. By doing that, we can hopefully avoid repeating it.

Have you ever played the game, “One of these doesn’t belong?”

We’re not going to play that game though. Instead, I’m going to show how throughout history, and not just this country but even in the Bible; we have a tendency of grouping people together just by association within groups. I won’t need to go that far for you to get the point though.

Let us go back to World War 2, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Shortly after and as the United States were brought into the war, within this country, especially in California; there was concentration camp where the Japanese Americans were being held out of fear that they were link to their fellow country folks from Japan.

Even back then, we had this fear and mistrust of certain groups just by association. They may have been totally innocent but to our human minds, they were just as guilty; even though they didn’t do the actual bombing. It’s a crying shame too; but that’s human nature. We don’t mean to be racist. It’s just in our human nature to judge or misjudge people just because of association with a certain group of people. This was in our history book and we cannot deny it. Instead, we must learn from it; so that we can learn what makes us tick as human beings.

Moving forward, after 9/11, twenty years, a similar incident happened. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of 9/11, when terrorist attack, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I don’t know where you were when it happened; but I was getting ready for work at Concordia College, when I saw it on the morning news show.

I do want to say, on that day at work, you could cut the tension with a knife; that’s how bad it was.

You see, there were foreign students going to college there, even from the Middle East area. They had nothing to do with the terrorist attack; but because of the color of their skin, nationality, or Muslim religions, people linked them together.

Not all Muslims are terrorists. As a rule Muslims are peace-loving. There are just these Radical Muslims who are considered terrorist. They are called, Islamic extremism.

I mean there are radical Christians as well; who takes things to the extremes. Does that makes all Christians bad?

No, it doesn’t; like it doesn’t make all Muslims bad. Or even all Japanese bad like during WW2. Generally, people are good. There just happened to be some bad people in a certain group. We just have this tendency of judging people by association; instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt for being their own individual.

Just like when Trump was elected President in 2016, anyone who voted or supported Trump were considered to be White Supremacy and a racist because they saw him as one. We all know that’s not true; but because we voted for and supported Trump, we must be like him.

The origin of the Coronavirus came from Wuhan, China; in the lab. Yet, people associate the Chinese people to this whole things and blames the people for the virus. Not all the people are to blame just because of the Chinese Government. Once again, it’s our human nature to group them together, just because of who they are.

As I said in a blog last year, one bad apple doesn’t spoiled the whole bunch. I was talking about how those on the Left wanted to defund the police all because of one bad cop. There are good cops and bad cops. They don’t need to be defunded because of the bad cops.

I’m not here to defend Chris Cuomo. He’s still a Leftist journalist for CNN. He’s just not responsible for his brother former Governor Andrew Cuomo from New York. As a reporter, it’s hard to be bias when it comes to your family members.

We are not our brother’s keepers.

Much like, a doctor or a lawyer aren’t suppose to have a family member or loved ones to be their patients or clients. They have to remain neutral. Sometimes, lawyers are character witness to a family member.

Chris Cuomo should be judge by his bad merit, not his brother’s bad merit.

I mean, if you have a bad seed in your family, it doesn’t make your whole family bad? Yet, we judge the family by that 1 bad seed.

I’ve heard that all those who refused the vaccines are Trump’s supporters. Now, that’s not true either. People choose what they want and rightly should. Some are not Trump’s supporters.

Those in the fake news media and those on the Left also called, the unvaccinated, terrorist because we are defending our freedom of choice not to get the vaccines. We are not terrorists, we just know our bodies better than the government and doctors.

So before you judge someone because of who they associate with, walk a mile in their shoes. Get to know that person before you actually judge them unfairly.

Some of us are not really racist; it’s just our human nature to lump people together . We need to calm down. We need to learn to just get along with each others.

We’re all God’s children. We’re all Americans. We need to stand united as Americans.

Biden talked about unity; but the unity he wants is the kind that we all agree with him. That’s not unity, that’s conformity.

One thing about being an American is we all have the freedom to express ourselves. We need to accept each other as individual. It shouldn’t matter our religion, color of our skins, or our political views. Let us just learn to get along with each other. We don’t have to agree with everything. We just need to learn to agree to disagree.

Believe me, that’s easier said than done; because of our human nature to prejudging others.

There is a lot of downside of being lockdown besides being bad for the economy. Not only does the lockdown hurt businesses and bring about high unemployment. This blog will talk about other downsides of being lockdown. Reasons that those on the Left and the mainstream news media won’t talk about for some reason.

Even those the bars were closed and/or closed earlier, around 10pm; the liquor stores were still making a profit during the pandemic. If the people couldn’t go to the bars and drink, they would go to the liquor stores to buy their alcohol and take it home with them to drink.

You could say, because of the pandemic, drunk driving was down; but not the sales of alcohol or any other reasons connected with alcohol.

Liquor stores were still making a profit. According to the economist, liquor store sales were up 28% during pandemic; bars down 33%.

During this stressful time, people wanted their alcohol. They felt they needed it more than anything else. If they have to be out of a job or work from home to deal with their family, they felt they need a little liquid encouragement to get through the day, day in and day out.

Not only was sales of alcohol from the liquor stores up; so was domestic violence as well.

Here is the stats of domestic violence: around 50% and higher. Domestic violence increased in the US by 8.1% during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reason of this economic issues was because of unemployment, financial insecurity and stress from child care and homeschooling have exacerbated domestic violence risk factors.

Sometimes, a person needs a little break from their family; otherwise, they may crack and either abuse their spouse or children. When you add alcohol into the mix; it’s only make it much worst. Wives can abuse husbands as much as husbands abuse wives. And of course, children are even more of an abused victims. Alcohol and stress are 2 deadly combination.

That is one reason, men needs their man cave or their garage; just to get away from the wife and kids to be alone.

I’m glad that my folks weren’t around during this pandemic. My mother told me before she died, one of the reason, she kept on working past retirement was because she was afraid that dad would drive her nuts with his control issues.

Also during the pandemic, people had gained weight and lots of it. They were eating unhealthy junk food and not able to work out. They wasn’t able to go to the gym to work out. When a person is stress to the limit, not only do they drink and abuse family members. They have a tendency to eat junk food to satisfy their cravings to help deal with the stress they are facing.

For some reason though, I was somewhat lucky to have lost a lot of weight. Sure, I was stress out to and overwork as well.

Another downside of being lockdown is mental illness in children. When you stare at a computer all day, it’s going to affect you more than you think. Children needs the companion of other children; as much as anyone else . We are not made to be alone. Even though, the alone quiet time is nice as a person gets older.

Children needs the chance to be a child and play with other kids. If they are sitting in front of the computer doing school works, it will fry their brains. All work and no play is unhealthy! That’s why children needs gym classes as well. Otherwise, they too can become obese.

Now, that is extremely bad for a child to become obese, because it’s become much harder to lose the weight.

Now the mainstreams news media and the Democrats used the excuse, “We’re protecting our children from the virus!”

You are still hurting them though. You’re causing mental illness for them. They are being abused, physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, and verbally.

So what’s worse?

They will never admit the damage being done during the pandemic. They just think that they are saving lives.

In reality, they just want to be able to control us and the pandemic was their way of doing it.

Believe me if Anthony (Nazi) Fauci and Joe (dementia dog) Biden have their way once again, they will lock everything down again. They wouldn’t care about all the damages they are causing ; and not just the economy but these other downsides as well.

So you see being lockdown had done more harm than good. They think they were saving lives; but they were making things worst, more ways than 1.

Last week, I was talking about how bad reputation can break a person, neighborhood, business, etc. So this week we will look at the reputations of those who are slum lords and the slums area.

There is some slums area that is so bad, so dangerous, people try to avoid especially after dark. They just don’t feel safe in that neighborhood. The streets are not lit very well; so it’s completely dark. Crimes is very high in those areas from murder to theft to sexual assault. There is even taxi drivers who do not want to go into that type of neighborhood if they can help it.

Those are the people who cannot afford to live anywhere else. Most of them, don’t have cars either. They depends on public transportation and/or taxi service to get around. Sometimes, even the help of people they know through either church or jobs, if they have one.

The slums is nothing new though and either are slum lords. They have been around since the turn of the century, the 1990’s, I’m talking about.

Much of the urban poor lived in a tenement housing. There was a stench of waste and crimes. And poverty often breeds crime. The homes were cramped, poorly lit and lack indoor plumbing and proper ventilation. People who lives in these areas also have poor health and poor medical treatment. These areas are usually considered the inner city.

When you hear inner cities, you think of major metropolitans; but not Fargo, ND. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case anymore.

Now I don’t want to dwell on life in the inner cities, the slums area; because that’s a whole different blog. Much like the urban poor that lives there. Instead, I want to discuss the slum lords who take advantage of the poor people who lives in the slums and poorly runs apartment.

Back in June of this year, there was huge collapse of a condo in Florida. Many lives were lost due to the collapse and there are still some who are missing . This condo had an underground garage and even a swimming pool. It was discovered that years of water corrosions in the underground garage due to the swimming pool.

It goes to show that if upkeep isn’t being kept up on a building, there will be wear and tear throughout the life of the building. The city government knew about all the corrosions; as well as the landlords, but did nothing about it.

In these slums areas, they also have bedbugs and cockroaches problems as well. They will find a way into the building through any cracks. Yet these slum lords won’t take the responsibility themselves. They would rather blame the tenants who lives in the building. If they have to exterminate the bugs problem, they will charge the renters; rather than take responsibility themselves.

When the high rise was first built in Fargo, it was a nice building for Seniors Citizens. Throughout the years, it had turned into a slum area runs by the Housing Authority for low rent housing to the poor. They had been known to have bedbugs as well.

Now the city of Fargo is looking at tearing it down because it’s a little too late to fix the problems and much cheaper. The question is, “Where do those who lives there go?”

Where I used to lived, it was a nice neighborhood and apartment. Once again, years of deterioration the apartment had become run down and the neighborhood had turned into a slum areas. When brought up about the crack in the wall needs fixing, someone from housing would just say, “It’s nothing to worry about.”

Toward the end of my stay there, Silver Leaf was the Property Manager. They were kicked out of the Twin Cities because of poor property management. At one time, the building was cleaner and quieter. There was good families and people who lived there. The last few years, the building was going downhill. It was not kept up with maintenance and basic cleaning. The laundry room was filthy and so was the hallway. They even had problems with cockroaches and bedbugs. And Silver Leaf expected those who rented to pay for the extermination; instead of taking responsibility themselves.

I also remembered one time, the fridge was going on the brink; and that was back when Coldwell Banker owned the property. I complained about it and they just said, “We gave you a new fridge.” Finally, I contacted Housing complaints and told them about it. They told me to contact the property manager again and tell them that I contacted Housing about the new fridge and if they still don’t do anything, they will get after them. When I did that, it didn’t take long to get a new fridge.

In a way, these slum lords should have to live in these buildings; that way they can see for themselves. Then maybe, they might do a better job at upkeep.

They want to collect the rent but not do any upkeeps. Yet, at the same time, because of the pandemic the government held off on eviction notices because of the crisis. Small property managers ended up folding because they can’t afford the upkeep without getting the rent payments. Some of them may even be good respectable people, not slum lords.

What a difference between where I live now compare to where I used to live? It’s only a few blocks away too. My old neighborhood was a slum. I didn’t feel safe. I knew as I get older, I would have to consider moving but being force to move was downright dirty. It’s quieter where I live. It’s more lit up. If I had to be outside after dark, I wouldn’t be as fearful as I was in my old neighborhood. The building is so much cleaner. They seems to care about the property and those who rents there.

The bad part about moving is the expenses. That’s why the poor are doom to live in the slum areas run by the slum lords; who takes advantage of them, instead of actually caring for them. If the government does help, they would rather keeps the poor in these slums areas. In a way, they are the worse slum lords. Just look at the Fargo High Rise again. Look at the slums areas of Fargo-Moorhead as well as any metropolitans.

What kinds of reputation does your neighborhood have? Is it the slums? Is it runs by slum lords?

Is there a restaurant that you frequent the most when going out to eat? Is there a store that you do your most shopping at?

What do you do when you hear something disgusting about your favorite restaurant? Do you continue going there to eat, or do you stop going?

Before the Pandemic, pigeons were discovered in cages in the basement of the King House Buffet on Broadway in Fargo, ND.

Now I used to go to King House quite often; but when I heard that, it just turned my stomach and I stopped going there to eat. I know that I wasn’t alone either. That really hurt their business and was never able to recover, because shortly after the Pandemic hit.

Someone tried to get people to come back to King House but bad reputation just turned people away very quickly doing plenty of harm to their business.

Pigeons has this social perception as being dirty and disease -ridden; even though they are actually very clean animals, and is very little evidence to suggest that they are significant transmitter of disease.

Because of their reputation as being dirty, people were concerned about if they were feeding the people pigeons.

Another incident that happened was at McDonalds in North Fargo near the Fargo Dome, mice turds or a mouse was discovered in the fryer there. People stop going there to eat because they were disgusted. Was it a bad joke or did it really happened?

I remembered years ago at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Detroit Lakes, they too had trouble with mice being found in their kitchen.

We all know that mice are not the cleanest animals; so it’s enough to gross anyone out and turn people away.

Sorry, if I’m grossing you out; so let me get to the point here.

This title comes from a country song in the ’80’s by Ronnie McDowell. In that song, it was about how wanting to be with just one woman was hurting the guy bad reputation of being a womanizer. He no longer check into a hotel under an alias because he was ready to settle down with one woman. So a person can ruin their bad reputation just like a ruining a good reputation .

At one time Subway and Domino’s were very popular. Now they seems to have a bad reputation and is dire needs of good public relation person.

Since Megan Rapinoe was the latest spoke person for Subway in their TV ads, there had been controversy because of her stand at the Tokyo Olympics, Subway was pressured to give her the boot from their ads to save face.

Some businesses are known to have poor customers services by their reputation. I don’t think I have to mention them because you should know them. Just like some have a bad reputation of always looking for help for some reasons.

Even a person can have a bad reputation that’s so bad that they needs a good PR person to make them look good. A company would hire a consultant to help them improve their reputation. Just like a person running for political office, they would hire a good PR person to improve their reputation.

Even some neighborhood may have a bad reputation. Or some cities are known by their reputation as well. Chicago was known as the windiest city, not because of the wind but because of the “hot air” of politicians. They also have a reputation as being a very violent city. So does New York City has a bad reputation for being a city where people are rude; whereas it’s very violence as well.

What is your reputation? Do you have a good reputation or a bad reputation?

Cable One and the old Kmart had been known to have poor customer service. Uber also been know to have a bad reputation as not being very trustworthy. You never know what kinds of drivers you may get. Will they rob, kill or sexually assault you?

Some churches can have a bad reputation as well. When churches have a bad reputation, it will keeps people from wanting to attend. It can take the right pastor to change churches reputation around to attract people to check them.

I will talk more about bad neighborhood in part 2. I also will be talking about Slum Lords as well. So stay tune for part 2 next week!

Have you ever took a drive out into the country and happened to see these eye sores called wind turbines?

I don’t know about you but they are ugly and very harmful to nature, the environment and anyone who is near them.

First of all, the tower of cans that stood on the outskirt of Casselton, North Dakota is more special than these wind turbines. Yet the elites had it torn down.

The wind turbines are more harmful than the Keystone Pipeline to the environment. The pipeline is underground; where they cannot really affect too much. Whereas, these wind turbines stands up high.

A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. They are suppose to produce clean energy. Their blades are designed to capture the maximum energy from the wind.

What makes them very harmful is the blade for one. When birds fly overhead or even near them, they can easily get their wings clip or whatever else clip, causing them to fall to their death. Many birds were killed because of these wind turbines.

Now birds are not the only animals that are hurt because wind turbines. It affect every animals around these wind turbines. The ears of the animals are very sensitive; and that animals can hear; whereas humans may not hear as likely.

Wind energy can have adverse environmental impacts, including the potential to reduce, fragment, or degrade habitat for wildlife, fish and plants. Furthermore, spinning turbine blades can pose a threat to flying wildlife like birds and bats.

The people behind creating these wind turbines would bribe farmers to get them to allow them to be built on their land; knowing that farmers could easily use the money. Yet, they don’t tell the whole truth on how much damage they will do.

They are propping up all over in the country.

If you take a drive out to Rollag, Minnesota, you will see a whole bunch of wind turbines. They are not far from our old farm.

If you happened to be outside, they can take your breath away. You just feel a heaviness on your chest, making it almost impossible to breathe. So they don’t just harm wildlife, they also harm livestock as well as humans walking outside.

I recently heard that the Progressive Left wants to eliminate the rural areas; just so they can get more votes in future elections. People who lives in the country have a tendency to vote Conservative or Republicans.

When a person take a drive out by Hawley, you will notice how these big fancy houses are propping up more and more. Where there used to be trees and wildlife,; there are now fancy almost mansion. Some probably have their own swimming pool and such.

Don’t get me wrong I can understand wanting to get away from the craziness of the big cities life; even in Fargo. It’s very relaxing to get out in the country and even by the lakes.

You have to leave the craziness of the city behind when getting the hell out of town. Otherwise, you will never really relax.

If we destroy the countryside; where else can go to get the hell out of dodge?

This is God’s country and they are destroying it little by little; even with these damn wind turbines. Wildlife are losing their homes because of them. People like AOC and all those who are promoting Global warming should take a look at how these wind turbines are destroying wildlife in the countryside. Then again, AOC wants to ban cow farts; she wouldn’t care that wind turbines are destroying the wildlife. People who lives in the cities just don’t get the harm being done by these wind turbines. They see dollars sign and clean air; that’s what they believed.

I can understand wanting to find other sources of natural energy; but wind turbines isn’t safe for the environment. They actually hurt wildlife and the environment more than the pipeline; which is underground.