This has been one of the worse year. This has been a year that many would love to either forget or erase from our memory and history. But we cannot do that, I’m afraid to say.

So this Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for what we do have. Let us not dwell on the negative. We cannot change the past or even this year; as bad as it was.

Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself because of all that went down this year; count your blessing. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or internet get up and either get outside to get some sun or get your Bible and start reading it from Genesis to Revelation.

The mainstream news media and the Democrats would want you to believe them in what they say; that way they can control you in every way.

It is a proven fact that sunlight is the natural Vitamin D we all need to stay healthy. If you can get out walking to get some sun, it would be more healthier than sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself. More people get sick by sitting home than those who are out getting exercise and some sun. Even the doctors would agree!

If you somehow cannot get outside in the sun for some reasons; then find yourself a Bible to read. Get in touch with God! He’s the great physician!

Turn off the news and Facebook and pick up to read your Bible instead! They will only depress and control you.

Many had died of depression because they chose to feel sorry for themselves.

My folks been married 40 years and when my mother passed away, my step-dad became depressed. He gave up on life. He depended on my mother to take care of him. I’m not saying he wasn’t healthy.

Some who are depress would overeat and get no exercise. They are just too busy feeling sorry for themselves.

A former pastor I had would preached, “Get self off the throne!”

Back in the 90’s, I was feeling sorry for myself. I was full of self-pity. You may be surprised to know that the Lord used the Mormons to knocked on my door. After they came, that night, the Lord woke me up telling me, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up to pray for your pastor!” I pleaded to get up later; but the Lord would not let me sleep until I got up. It goes to show that the Lord won’t give up until we do what He wants us to do.

A former pastor I had most recently had us remembered 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. You can look this up on your own when you are feeling depress, when you are looking for ways to be thankful this holiday season.

I will be taking it out of the NIV version of the Bible.

In verse 16, Be joyful always! Some version will say, rejoice in all things. That is the key to this blog on being thankful this holiday season; not just but all year long. Another pastor would say, “Smile!” When others see you smiling and rejoicing instead of feeling sorry for yourself. You can tell them the reasons for your joy. It may leads them to the Lord.

In verse 17, “Pray continually!” This verse is also very important to get us through dark days in our lives. It will remove the dark shadows as we walk through the valley of death.

As FDR said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

We can either let fear control us by living in self-pity because of this pandemic or we can rise up and stands against it.

Now in verse 18, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” We can give thanks even during this pandemic. We can be thankful even when we can’t be with our loved ones. We can be thankful even in the midst of trials. We can count our blessings and be thankful at all times.

The time is now to get back to God and to be thankful for what we do have. We need to get self off the throne and put God back where he belongs. As the Lord told me, I’m telling you, stop feeling sorry for yourself! When the news and Facebook is depressing you turn it off, get some sun and read your Bible. Go ahead read these verses that I mentioned in this blog. It may uplift you to get you to be more thankful.

If this speaks to you finds yourself a good Bible preaching church and find someone to pray with you to accept the Lord into your life. If this touch you in some way, I would like to hear from you. So please push the like button and comment if you want.

What goes up must come down!

There had been countries that risen and fallen in power throughout history. Some may even surprise you.

This book that I am holding is a prophecy book; but I will look at this more politically and historically instead.

Even though the Roman empire was mentioned in the Bible during the time of Jesus and the Apostle Paul; it was actually the Greek empire that came before the Roman empire.

Alexander the Great changed the course of history. He was one of the greatest military generals. His empire stretched from Macedonia to Egypt and from Greece to part of India. He was also from Greece.

The Viking era is a period from the Germanic Iron age. From around 793 to 1066, Norsemen used rivers and oceans to explore Europe for trading, raiding and conquest.

The Vikings were from the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Actually, it was Leif Erikson, a Viking who was the first to discovered America.

They were like the pirates in their days when it came in conquering other countries, such as England. You are all familiar with Hagar the Horrible(no relation, even though I was kidded about it).

A little sidebar, if they are looking at changing names for sports teams that is offensive, maybe the Scandinavians should ordered the Minnesota Vikings to change their names. It doesn’t fit who the Vikings really are.

The Spanish and English empire was in power about the same time after the Vikings.

The Spanish controlled the oceans with pirates.

England was in power up to the Revolution war here in the states; while we were just 13th colonies.

Napoleon was in power in France around 1804, shortly after the French revolution.

During Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror in the 1930’s, Germany became a powerful empire under Hitler. Hitler also brought Socialism for Germany during that time. He was the biggest threat during World War 2. We all know what happened to his reign of terror, once the United States and Russia got involved.

It goes to show that Socialism will never last. Many talked about it. It gets people interested but as President Trump said, “United States will never have Socialism as their motto even when they talked about it constantly. It will wear itself out eventually.

It did in Germany under Hitler.

The Russian empire became the biggest threat to the United States shortly after World War 2 and up the 1980’s under President Reagan. Some say that Reagan was responsible for the downfall of the Russian empire.

President Reagan told Russia, “The wall must come down!” He was referring to the Berlin Wall.

Even President John F. Kennedy battled Russia during the Cuban crisis. Some may even say that the Russians may had been behind Assassination of Kennedy.

He may had been part of downfall of Russia; but also when Russia attack Afghanistan, I believe that was their downfall. They were there too long and it broke them. Much to the same way it nearly broke the United States under President George W. Bush.

When Russia was a threat to the United States during the 1980’s, now the threat to the United States is China. China is fast becoming a very powerful empire as we speak.

They were all for Reagan to stop the Russian empire; but for some reasons they are not in such a big hurry to stop China empire. Why is that?

President Trump saw right through the treaty with the Chinese and refused to negotiate because he saw it being only one-sided in favor of the Chinese. It was very smart of him; yet the Democrats criticized him for it. It’s almost like they want the Chinese government to take over the United States.

Who knows this Coronavirus may had been the Chinese government enactment of revenge against the United States and President Trump? This virus started there but it couldn’t stayed there even when Trump ordered no traveling to and from China early in the year.

As you can see no countries remained in power forever. United States had been in power probably the longest. Will China succeed in taking down the United States to become the most powerful nation? It seems that the Democrats want that to happen.

The church calls this movement the new tolerance. They say that this cultural movement threatens to destroy you, your faith, and your children.

Some of it may but some will only be better.

In the early 1900’s anyone with a mental illness were locked up in mental institution. They were also given a lobotomy to prevent having kids like them.

Even way back during the Salem Witchcraft trials, the religious leaders back then would accused anyone with mental illness as being witches. They even done that during the time that Jesus walked the earth. They accused Jesus of being possessed by the devil when he went about doing all those healings.

If parents had a child with disability they were advised to lock them away in a mental institution. Even when it came to adopting children with mental or physical disability, the church and adoption agency wouldn’t really allow it.

Now days, the mental institution is now close. People with disability are becoming a part of society. Some lives in group homes and some on their own.

This is only one of many things that changed in society and is becoming accepted as a new tolerance.

When Mary, the mother of Jesus, was pregnant before she wed Joseph, she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Joseph was about to not marry her and to protect her by doing his best to keep it a secret. The reason: The religious leaders back then would had stone Mary for being an unwed mother.

For a long time in this country, being a single mother was sinful. Having a child out-of-wedlock was a sin according to the church and religious leaders. In the early 1900’s, any woman becoming pregnant was told to give the baby up or put them away in an orphanage.

In the 50’s due to the birth of Rock and Roll, Christian values came under attack. When Elvis was shown on TV, they only shown his top half to avoid seeing him shake his pelvis area.

To them dancing like that or with someone that you were not married to was a sin. Many churches felt that way.

During the 60’s and sexual revolution, single women was becoming pregnant. I’m a child of the 60’s and born to a single mother. I’m not saying she wasn’t with my real father; they just never married. Even though my mother was Feminist and a single mother; she was also raised Catholic. Because of her upbringing in the Catholic church, she felt that I should be baptized. The Catholic belief was, since I was born out-of-wedlock, I was a sinner and destine for hell.

As the years gone by, there are more and more single mothers out there; not only because of divorce or death of a spouse but because of having children out-of-wedlock.

How many of your classmates had gotten pregnant in high school?

There was 3 in my class. One was a Freshman and she had her son on her own. The other 2 were Seniors. They did married the father.

Back to my mother, there was times, she would worked 2-3 jobs just to keep me. My grandmother helped raised me. My mother never went on welfare. I admire woman like that than those who goes on welfare; and have kids just to keep getting money from the government. It’s not easy being a single mother but it also takes courage when it comes to these religious leaders.

My mother was a true feminist. She would bring home the bacon and fry it too.

Isn’t this what Christianity really about, loving and accepting people the way they are?

To tolerate is to recognize and respect other’s beliefs? But yet, these so-called religious leaders are quick to judge and not accept.

Romans 8:1, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

Yet, look how quickly the church and these self-righteous leaders are to condemn others; without looking at the speck in their own eyes.

It is not enough for you to assert another person’s right to believe or say what he thinks is right.

It’s not enough to accept people for who they are in society, despite of their lifestyles; such as homosexuality.

Do you know why it seems so hard to pass such values onto the next generation these days?

The new tolerance is increasingly displaces all other virtues in our schools, government, society and churches.

We are all equals; but some are not treated as equal.

Nonagreement is phobia!

Nonconformity is hate!

How does Christian love act in a culture dominated by the new tolerance?

There’s so much information from this book I’m holding in the picture at the top of this blog.

Jesus wanted us to love everyone and to be tolerant of their shortcomings. We are not to be like the hypocrite and self-righteous religious leaders who are quick to judge others. Love wins in the end!

As a country, we have came a long way in accepting others; but we still have a long way to go. There are certain groups that still have to fight for acceptance by the Christian church.

I’m not saying that we have to accept their behaviors. We just have to accept them and tolerate them as we live here on earth. Love them anyway!!

Now this could be broad subject; especially for those who have trust issues. I will try narrow it down to what happened this past week involving the election. But first let get this over with!

Those who have trust issues will find it very hard to trust their mate.

Ever since Jesus walked the earth, tax collectors were the least trusted and the most hated. Jesus was criticized for going to the tax collector house.

We definitely cannot trust our government. We can’t trust these career politicians. They makes promises and talked from both side of their mouth. They are only in office for themselves. They like the power that comes from being in office and the payout from Lobbyist.

As Dr. Ben Carson said, “According the Constitution, they are not to make a career out of being in Washington.” They are to serve their terms and go back home to live with what they did.

When we finally get a non-career politician as President, like Trump, the Democrats and fake news media made his life a living hell. They attacked him every chance they got.

We cannot even trust the voting process anymore. We have people who cheated in this election. I’m talking about Joe Biden. He didn’t get elected fairly. There was voters fraud that helped him to get elected.

The mainstream news media doesn’t even talk about it. They just denied it and poke fun of Pres. Trump like they have done during his presidency. Only Fox news tells you the truth.

The mainstream news media is run by Corporate Media Mafia; which also runs the Democratic party as well. They are responsible in cheating this year election and voters fraud. Big money and big tech are behind Corporate Media Mafia.

People behind Facebook and Twitter are also behind them as well. Both Twitter and Facebook would goes after Trump and his supporters by trying shut them down and up. If they knew about this blog, they try to shut me down as well.

The weirdest thing is: Corporate Media Mafia reminds me of Big Brother in the book, “1984”, by George Orwell. It’s so similar and that’s very scary.

This is also what Hitler tried to do when he was in power in Germany during World War 2. He was big on Socialism. Today’s Democrats wants Socialism for this country as well.

We cannot trust the mainstream news media anymore. They don’t have the integrity they once had under Walter Cronkite. They are not true journalist. Believe me, I know true journalism; because I have took college classes in journalism, in possibility of becoming a journalist.

During this whole election, the Corporate Media never investigated the allegation into Biden.

First, they never questioned Biden about his and Hunter involvement in Ukraine. When women came forward accusing Biden of sexual harassment, they made it sound like they were lying about being sexually harass. Then how about Hunter and Joe corrupt business deals in China? Only Fox news talked about it. They just covered it up like everything else involving Biden and even Hillary Clinton.

They never even questioned Biden about his mental health. I wouldn’t doubt that he has dementia.

When the people in Nevada admitted that there was possibly voters fraud, the mainstream media denied it. They even poked fun of Pres. Trump when he said that he possibly lost because of voter fraud, and will take it to the Supreme Court to prove it.

When Al Gore lost the election in 2000, he demanded a recount in only certain area of Florida.

When Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, the Democrats hollered Russian collusion.

Now when Trump is claiming voters fraud, they ridicule him. They are just not being fair.

I could go on, but I think you can figure out where I’m coming from.

We cannot trust the Corporate Media, our government; especially the Democrats. They will cheat if they have to just to win. We cannot trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden isn’t my president. He will sell this country to China. He will raise our taxes. We will be back where we were before Trump was president. If you have any investments, Biden will hurt that also.

He had been in Washington for 47 years and done nothing the whole time. I cannot trust Joe Biden anymore than Bill Clinton and even Hillary.

I think that all of Trump’s supporters should make Biden’s life a living hell like the Democrats and the Corporate Media made Trump’s life hell. Believe me, whenever the opportunity comes up for my blogs, that is what I will do.

How many of you like going through haunted houses around Halloween or even at the fair?

I love going through haunted houses ride at the fair and around Halloween. I’m not afraid of ghost!

Are you?

The State Hospital(mental institution) in Fergus Falls, I don’t know if it’s haunted but it could very well be.

I remembered as a teenager, when we would go to Fergus Falls we would take the backroads instead of the interstate because it was faster from the farm. As we entered Fergus Falls, we would drive by the State Hospital; from the road, it looks creepy. It reminds me of the hotel used in the movie, “The Shining,” starring Jack Nicholson.

Did you know that Stephen King didn’t like that version?

I don’t know about you, but you can’t go wrong with Jack Nicholson. He was amazing in that movie. He had that pizazz that could bring any characters he portray to life and make them believable. Enough about that though!

Some say that there are few places in town that is haunted as well. There are 2 ghosts at the old Kmart’s building in South Fargo. There is even a ghost in one of the building on Concordia campus and NDSU campus.

It’s a good possibility that the state hospital in Fergus Falls being haunted. The stuff that went on in these mental institutions is enough to gives a person the willy’s. (I won’t go into all that because it’s a different blog and I had probably mentioned it already.)

I remembered hearing story of another mental hospital near the lake near Minneapolis. The story I heard that place was very much haunted. The ghost even haunted the lake nearby. The ghost was a patient of that place.

Fort Lincoln in Mandan, North Dakota is said to be haunted by the ghost of General Custer. I have been there before I even knew about it.

Some of you may have heard or known already, the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California is possibly haunted by old Hollywood stars that stayed there.

There’s a place I stayed at in Indianapolis, that I don’t know if it was haunted or not. It was an old historical building that was fixed up very nice. From the outside, it looks kind of creepy. It had that feelings that it could very well be haunted, but who knows?

Anyway, back to the state hospital in Fergus Falls. It’s a historical building with a lot of history for Minnesota and Fergus Falls. There was a show done on it to marks it’s history. It’s a historical landmark as well that was used as a museum to mark it’s history in Fergus Falls and in Minnesota.

Yet most recently the place had been in the local news. They raised a question what to do with the building? If Fergus Falls was a bigger major city there wouldn’t be much of a problem. Since Fergus Falls is just an average size town off the interstate and Minnesota isn’t the riches state, the question was raised.

I don’t know about you, I wouldn’t want to see it being torn down because of it’s being rich in history. I’m not in favor what it was used for. It’s just the fact that it rich in history and it may be haunted.

If I could afford it, I would restore it and turns it into a historical/hotel to attract tourist to Fergus Falls and Minnesota. I would even make reference to the fact that the place may or may not be haunted. It will help Fergus Falls and Minnesota tourist industry.

Who doesn’t love haunted houses?

This past summer major cities have been on fire set by terrorist.

The year 2019 in the United States has seen a rise of mass shootings. They come at the rate of about every two weeks. The FBI identifies a mass shooting as any shooting that involves 4 or more victims. Even more shocking, if that is possible, is that mass shootings represent less than 1% of all gun murder victims.

A side issue has developed around the role of hate groups inspiring such shootings. Several high-profile shooters have been involved in internet chat rooms providing a platform for murderous ideologies.

Now ever since May of this year, major cites are being set on fire in the form of riots; instead of peaceful protest. Such hate groups as ANTIFA has been involved ever since 2017 after Pres. Trump was elected President. They have been funding the organization Black Lives Matter, turning their cause into hatred and violence; making their cause in vain.

I’m not saying that there wasn’t major cities that burned in the past.

In the year, 1967 there was a riot in Detroit. By the time the bloodshed, burning and looting ended after 5 days, 43 people were dead, 342 injured, nearly 1,400 buildings had been burned and some 7000 National Guard and U.S. Army troops had been called into service.

This was also due to race issues. It just didn’t last as long as these riots this year.

In the year, 1992, there was a riot in Los Angeles that also cause the city to burn. The reason for that fire and riot was similar to riots today. The police was acquitted for excessive force of Rodney King.

One difference: Rodney King spoke, “Can’t we all get along?”

This year ANTIFA was more involved though; along with Black Lives Matter. Their goals was to defund the police.

Not only were they involved, so was the Leftist mainstream news media behind pushing it all. And also so was the Leftist Democrats been pushing to defund the police. Ilhan Omar even said, “Dismantle the police!”

The cities that had the most trouble happened to be Democratic runs cities and states. When Pres. Trump offer to send the National Guard for law and order, they refused his help.

They burned businesses and police department and took over the cities with their ranted behavior. The polices were powerless because the Democratic leaders tied their hands. In those cities, they set in motion to defund the police. Even the Democratic governor back them up.

Minneapolis, MN was the first city to burn this summer. The mayor of the city and Governor Tim Walz did nothing to stop it. They wouldn’t even accept Pres. Trump’s help.

Gov. Tim Walz later asked for the Federal Government for help to rebuild Minneapolis. If they didn’t want Pres. Trump help to prevent the city burning, they can ask the groups ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter to help them rebuild their city, instead of the Federal Government.

Soon other cities follow suits. Cities like Seattle, Washington. the mayor of Seattle called what they were doing the summer of love. Washington State Governor did nothing about it.

The same with Portland, Oregon. In that city they were destroying federal buildings as well.

Crimes was at it’s highest in Chicago and the mayor refused President Trump’s help. Eventually they came along to accept the help; but it was a little too late.

When Rudy Giullani was the mayor of New York City prior to 9/11, the New York City police was the best in the nation. Now under de Blasio and Cuomo, law and order is at there lowest and crimes is back up.

The reason for the police costume at the top of this blog is to honor the police.

The Democrats made a statement that if Trump gets reelected, those who are doing the riots and burning these cities down to keep it up even more. Even the Leftist media is pushing it. Is that childish? If they don’t get their way, they cry, pout and threaten more terrorist attack across the United States. Do they really hate America?

If you want to defund the police then vote democrats. But if you are for law and order and for the police, vote Republicans. The Police is endorsing Trump for reelection.

If those who lives in these democratic runs cities and state and is fed up with these terrorist that democratic leaders are doing nothing about; then it’s time to vote them out of office once and for all.

In 2 years, people in Minnesota can vote Governor Tim Walz out of office. May they not forget how bad a governor he had been this year. He’s as bad as Tim Pawlenty.

It’s time we take back our cities and states run by these Democrats and these hate groups who are burning down our cities once and for all. In these cities, it’s turning into the Wild West of the 1800’s. We need law and order back in our cities once again.

It’s all a political game played by those on the Left to try to influence the average Joe.

Let us take a look at the pro-sport teams in all sports. During the basketball, football, baseball, and hockey games, the players refused to stand during the National Anthem. Some even comes up with new anthem.

I can understand in taking a stand for what you believe; but they should do it on their own time. They are getting paid rather hefty to play ball. It’s the least they can do is stand during the National Anthem. It’s shows respect to those who fought and died for our freedom; so that they can play ball or protest if they want.

Our singers are even involved with this political game. Most of them are protesting even at the awards show. Singers, such as Taylor Swift should focus on making music and leave their politics out of it.

Even Hollywood stars wants to influence you to vote their way or else. In the past, they kept their political views separate.

I’m not saying Roseanne was right when she was critical of someone from Obama’s cabinet. But, why did she gets fired but not Whoopi Goldberg? Whoopi had said many racist comments about Trump and his supporters. Yet, she was never reprimanded for it. She was just rewarded for her bad behavior. If Roseanne was fired, so should Whoopi be fired. That’s only fair. Where’s the justice in all that?

How come the mainstream news media doesn’t report the truth about Biden and the rest of the Democratic party? They only attack Pres. Trump.

It’s because they are on the Democrats payroll. You don’t bite the hands that feeds you!

Since the Democrats had controlled the House for 2 years, they did nothing but try undermine Pres. Trump. They tried to impeach him on a trump-up charges.

When Reagan was President and Tip O’Neil was the Speaker of the House, they were from separate party but yet they were willing to work together to balance the budget. They were the best of friends and had respect for each other.

It’s hard to respect Nancy Pelosi when she refused to work with Trump and have nothing but hatred for him. She said that she’s a strong Catholic and doesn’t hate anyone; then why doesn’t she works with Trump?

Most recently, Nancy Pelosi was called out by CNN for a change because she refused to work with Trump on the stimulus plan to help with this pandemic. She got angry and scolded them for siding with the Conservatives.

Those who been to her district or seen pictures of it, have noticed what a shamble it is since she’s been in office.

Kamala Harris had said that she will not take the cure for the Coronavirus, if a cure is discovered while Trump is President. Isn’t she being a little childish and hateful? Do we really wants her as vice-president and possible president? Hell no!!

Those 2 Democrats are prime examples of those playing politics with our lives. They don’t care about the American people like they claim they do. If they really care for the people, they will quit being so childish and playing games with the American people.

I’m sure that Pres. Trump would very much wants to work with Nancy Pelosi. He may comes across as a bully; but he’s willing to works with the Democrats if only they would works with him.

I have a question to all those Trump’s haters out there. Is it Trump you hate or the fact that he’s not a career politicians and doesn’t play by the rule? First of all, he wasn’t a Republican, he was a Democrat.

I like the fact that he’s not a career politicians and doesn’t play by the rules. Some rules are meant to be broken! See what happened when these career politicians play by the rules, they are bought off by these Lobbyist and worked for them and not the American people.

Think about it: when Jesus Christ walked the earth, the Pharisees in the Jewish church hated Jesus and even had him crucified because he wouldn’t play by their rules. He even called them out on it and they didn’t very much like it.

Much to the same way when Trump calls out these career politicians. They don’t like it and they calls him out on it. They have nothing but hatred for him.

These singers should focus on promoting their music and not force their political views on us all.

These Hollywood stars should focus on making good movies rather than forcing their political views down our throat. The movies right now have been terrible as of lately.

Nancy Pelosi should be fired as Speaker of the House. There’s something definitely wrong with her. Just listen to how she talks and look at her. Did she have a stroke or something?

I swear, Joe Biden isn’t fit to runs this country as President. I wouldn’t doubt that he has dementia.

We truly cannot trust Kamala Harris to run this country if she is just playing games with the American people.

Even though my political views may be slanted more toward Trump, I’m not telling you who to vote for like those on the Left. I’m not playing games here like they are. I’m just giving you the facts to look at and make your own decisions. We all have our own minds and a free will.

If these Hollywood stars would rather force you to vote their ways, we then have the rights not to go see their movies or watch them on TV. It’s the same with these singers. We should have the rights not to buy their records or go to their concerts.

I know that the American people are glad to have some sort of normalcy with their favorite sports team; but if they refused to stand during the National Anthem, then we have the rights not to watch their games. It’s us who pay their big salary. So if you are like me and most of the American people don’t watch these sports team, don’t buy their records or concert tickets, don’t even go to their movies. It’s time that we send them all a message. The message: they don’t speak for us!

I enjoyed history very much in high school and college. To some, history is rather boring. I think the teacher can make a difference. What can a person do with history as a career? I did pretty well in history class too. Now it’s time for a little history lesson!

As you know there are those who are out there to either destroy the history of this country or rewrite it. It’s all over the news! They are defacing our historical monument or tearing them down. Those on the Left are backing them up as well.

First of all, they want to get rid of Columbus Day; because they felt that he mistreated the Native Americans when he discovered America. They want to eliminate his statue as well as other statues; such as Robert E. Lee.

I can understand Robert E. Lee; since he was the general for the South during the Civil War. But that is still a part of America’s history. We have to learn to take the bad with the good.

They even protest Lewis and Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, etc. They said that Jefferson had slaves. Back then, who didn’t had slaves. Slavery was a part of our history until the Civil War in the 1860’s thanks to Abraham Lincoln.

Let us talk about the Civil War in our history. The Democrats don’t want this out and even would rather rewrite this part of history. It was the Democrats who didn’t want to free the slaves. They didn’t want to lose their property. They call Pres. Trump a racist. But did you know that KKK was founded by the Democratic party?

The Democrats want people to believe that they are the party for the blacks. What have they done for the blacks anyway? They would rather keeps them in poverty and slaves to the government.

There are many who doesn’t believe that the holocaust ever existed. I doubt that it is taught in school anymore. I remembered studying the holocaust in high school, and the teacher showing a holocaust movie that we watch all day in the school auditorium, getting out of the other classes that day. Just ask the Jews about it, and they will tell you that it’s not fiction.

Ilhan Omar, congresswoman from Minnesota even said about the attack on 9/11, “Bad people did what!” She’s in denial about what her people did back in 2001.

Today’s teachers are trying to rewrite history by only teaching what they want to teach and leave out the truth in our history.

When Hitler was in control of Germany at the beginning of World War 2, not only did he set out to destroy the Bibles by burning them. He also set out to destroy any history of Germany.

Now Hitler was an evil dictator and push for Socialism in Germany. The Democrats compared Trump to Hitler; when in reality, they are pushing for Socialism in this country. They are the ones who are trying to rewrite history. Even though they are accusing Trump of doing it. They are trying to rewrite the Constitution as well.

The Democrats is looking at packing the Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett get approve before the election. They felt that Trump should waited until after the election. When Biden and Harris were asked about this, they refused to answered. Throughout Biden’s years in Washington, he was in favor of packing the court. Do we actually want him and the Democrats to get away with rewriting the Constitution and history?

Now even the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is looking at rewriting the 25th Amendment. She said that it has nothing to do with Trump. She is also thinking ahead, in case, God forbids, Biden get elected. She even said, if that does happen, they could declare him unfit because of his mental health and then Kamala Harris could become president.

Now who’s unfit besides Biden to be in office? I think that there is something wrong with Nancy Pelosi as well.

Do we really wants the Democrats to rewrite history and the Constitution? If you really are patriotic like I am, you will say, “Hell no!”, and vote Republicans and for Trump this election.

The reasons they give for wanting to destroy our history, is they want to leave something better for the next generation.

We have to learn to accept the bad part of our history with the good. We don’t have to like it; but it’s our history.

Without us learning the history of this great country of ours, we will be doom to repeat it. If we don’t learn from history, we will make the same mistake over again. By studying our history is the only way we can keep from making the same mistakes.

It’s that time of year again. This is the time of year that the medical profession and others suggest that you get your flu shot.

I’m here to tell you it’s poison for your body. There are better remedies than the flu shot. This book that I’m holding up gives you at least 3 home remedies.

How many remembered what your mother did for you when you were sick or what she suggested?

I remembered my mother would greased my neck with Vick’s vapor rub and then wrapped my dad’s sock around my neck while I slept. She also suggested drinking 7Up to soothes our stomach.

We all know that Orange Juice is good to combat the flu. But do you know that the acid in Orange juice will cause kidney stones? I was surprised when I asked a doctor about it and they told me that.

Years ago, people would use natural home remedy to combat the flu or any sickness; and our immune system was much better back then. You didn’t hear much about getting the flu shot like you do now. The reason: we are putting too much poison into our bodies. It is weakening our immune system to the point that we cannot fight illness, unless we continue putting more poison into our body and get the flu shot. We have become a nation of unhealthy people with weaken immune system. No wonder the Coronavirus had become a big threat for us all!

I will talk about the 3 natural home remedy that is in the title of this book that I’m holding.

First of all Honey is a more natural and healthier substitute for eating heathier than using sugar. Of course, it must be natural organic honey.

People who are diabetic can use honey and it will be way better for them. Sugar isn’t good for someone who is a diabetic.

Honey is a complex collection of enzymes, plant pigments, organic acids, esters, antibiotic agents. It’s best to always use “raw” or unpasteurized honey.

Honey will help with stomach problems, healing wounds, weight loss, athletic performance, antiseptic and antibiotic, laxative.

Like I said, even people who are diabetic can use honey; just like they can also eat Angel Food cake, without frosting of course.

Now vinegar can also be use as a natural home remedy to better your health. True Apple Cider Organic vinegar is good to prevent getting kidney stones and for losing weight. Here are some that vinegar can help with: acne, age spots, arthritis, athlete’s foot, burns/sunburns, chapped skin, congestion relief, corns eliminated from your feet, headache, your heart, sore throat and fever. These are just a few.

Since taking a teaspoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar a day, I haven’t had kidney stones. Now I had them twice and they are painful.

You must make sure that you are taking the true organic apple cider vinegar though.

We all know that garlic will keeps the vampires away. But do you know that eating garlic is also good for your heart? Garlic will also help reduces and stabilizes blood pressure, prevent and reverse stroke, fight infection and cancer, detox you, asthma fighter, strengthen your immune system.

Since the start of this pandemic, I have been using more garlic. I also have been taking ginger roots and elderberry syrup to strengthen my immune system to keep me healthy and my immune system strong; so that I can fight off the Coronavirus. Even my chiropractor told me that my immune system is good.

If you have any others natural home remedies that either your mother or grandmother told or did for you, you are welcome to share it. These are only some of natural home remedy to take rather than get the flu shot; and shoot yourself full of poison.

If it worked back then, why can’t it still works today?

If I didn’t works where I work, I wouldn’t get the flu shot. But because I do, I have no choice if I want to keep my job until I retire.

If you are like me and have no choice in not getting the flu shot; there are ways to dilute that poison from your body. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar will dilute the poison because it’s a detox.

So what is it going to be? Are you going to put poison into your body by getting the flu shot or go the natural home remedy route? Are you going to strengthen your immune system or weaken it; and make yourself sicker? The choice is yours!

Over 20-some years, the world lost Lady Diana in a car accident while in Paris, France. She was being chased by the paparazzi. To this date, the paparazzi hadn’t served time for murdering Diana; and they should have. If they weren’t chasing her, she wouldn’t had been killed tragically in a car accident.

Not only did the world lose a princess in Diana; her sons, Prince Williams and Prince Harry wouldn’t had lost their mother while they were young boys.

Prince William looks like Diana, while Prince Harry looks like Prince Charles. Whereas, Harry was more like Diana in personality.

These 2 Prince’s hadn’t a chance to really grieve over the lost of their mother. They had to deal with her death quickly and move on. Prince William, being the oldest was more apt to get over his mother’s death. Whereas, Prince Harry, somehow, wasn’t able to get over her death as easily.

It didn’t help much having a grandmother like Queen Elizabeth. She’s a tough cookie and she expected her kids and grandkids to toll the mark, if they are to carry on their royal duties.

Prince Charles wasn’t much help in their grieving process. He was rather stoic; plus he soon was involved with Camilla, who became his second wife. Camilla was the love of Prince Charles; but she was married to someone else and that was a major royal scandal. He was ordered to married Diana, since she was young and could gives him heirs.

Since Prince William and Prince Harry was young boys when their mother was killed, they both had to get over their mother’s untimely death; if they were to carry on their royal duties, years later. They were being groomed by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Much as the same way as John F. Kennedy Jr, and Caroline Kennedy were being groomed by the Kennedys for big political things, John Jr more than Caroline. Queen Elizabeth is very much similar to Rose Kennedy, a strict disciplinary. Even Jacqueline Kennedy was strict when it came to her kids. John Jr. was being groomed by her and the Kennedys for political reasons.

Prince William, Prince Harry, John Jr, and Caroline have commonalty with each other. They were young kids when Diana and Pres. Kennedy was killed. Plus they were being groomed.

Now Prince Harry has bright red hair. He was also a bit of a wild child compared to Prince William. He had been known to party hard and sowed his wild oats. He was grieving the loss of his mother in his own way. He didn’t have the same demeanor as his brother.

Prince Harry met and married Megan Markle; who was a Hollywood actress from Canada. And they have a son, Prince Archie. They gave up their royal duties and left England. They first moved to Canada, then to Hollywood.

The media was also hard on Megan and blamed her for Harry leaving his legacy. Now Harry did one thing that Prince Charles never did for Diana; and that was stand up for her against the media and paparazzi. Harry has more balls than his father ever did; and you have to admire him for that.

I believe that Prince Harry remembered the hell his mother went through, and didn’t want his wife to go through the same hell.

Some say that their marriage probably wouldn’t last.

No parents should have to buried a child. Anymore, than young children have to grow up without their parents. Don’t get me wrong, losing a parent when you are older is hard; but not as hard as it is on young children.

Prince William and Prince Harry needed their mother, and she was taken from them to soon. Prince Harry never had a chance to grieve properly over the lost of his mother.

So instead of judging him for his wildness; try a little sympathy.

To those whose parents are still alive, give them a call to let them know how much you love and appreciate them for all they have done.