My next Democratic candidates that I choose to write on does just that. I’m talking about Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was a Republican back when he was the mayor of New York City. He’s a billionaire also; but I won’t go too much into that in this blog.

He was the mayor of New York City after Rudy Giuliani; and that was after 9/11. He’s trying to take full credit for saving New York City after 9/11. He doesn’t get full credit. Rudy Giuliani gets the full credit for helping New York City after that crisis. I will give him part credit though.

New York City was doing good until Mayor Bill de Blasio took office. Since he took office, all the hard work that Giuliani did was thrown out the window. Crimes is up, homelessness is up and there is a lack of respect for the police.

Both Bloomberg and Trump were friends. Now he’s running to get the nomination to run against him by criticizing Trump. It goes to show that he blows wherever the wind takes him. He’s a blowhard like Ed Schultz.

Let’s look at the similarity between Trump and Bloomberg.

First, Bloomberg was a Republican; whereas Trump was a Democrats. So why the switch, you may you asked.

I don’t know, maybe Bloomberg is jealous and wants what Trump has since he became President.

When Trump ran for President in 2016, he shook up the Republican party. The Establishment wanted Jeb Bush; but the American people didn’t.

Before Bloomberg threw his hat in the election, the Democrats had no one worth while. It was either Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, Elizabeth Warren, a wanna be, or Joe Biden, the establishment. None of them stands a chance against Trump. Bloomberg saw that as an opportunity to shake things up for the Democrats.

The first few Democrats debate was very boring. Since Bloomberg threw his hat into the race, this past debate was more interesting. They all pretty much went after Bloomberg and attack him hard. Much like the Republicans went after Trump in the 2016 election. The only difference, Trump fought back hard.

Bloomberg had no fight in him. What does he thinks this election is a joke. Is he actually serious about running? Or just he want to just shakes things up for the Democrats; which they very much needs?

He’s a billionaire and I will discuss more on that with next week blog; as I talk about the fifth democratic candidates that I will write about. That way I will ties them together, like I did with Biden, Sanders, Warren.

I do want to mention. Bloomberg wasn’t the only one that was attacked at the last debate. MN Senator Amy Klobuchar was attacked by Pete Buttigieg. Now that’s surprisingly! I’m surprised that she is in it as long as she is. She is nothing to write home about. Michelle Bachman was more interesting than her. I didn’t agree with Bachman most of the time.

I won’t digress into this because this is more on Bloomberg and how he just blows wherever the wind takes him. The only good things about him is that he’s shaking up the Democrats like Trump shook up the Republicans and is at work draining the swamp in Washington of these career politicians. On that fact, I gives Bloomberg a thumbs up!

It goes to show that the American people is so upset with Washington and these career politicians; that change is a coming. What kinds of change will happens next?

This election will be Capitalism vs. Socialism. Who will win out?

Just read my blog on Socialism and you may figured it out.

Now slavery is a bad blotch in our history. Slavery had been around since the Old Testament back in the book of Exodus.

Back then, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. God used Moses to freed them and delivered them to the Promise land.

That’s not the only time that we have encountered slavery in our history.

Slavery is being held against your will by someone in power. Oftentimes, slaves were abused physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally. They were held in bondage.

Shortly after the United States was formed, people from this country went over to Africa to captured as many blacks as they could to bring them over to the United States as slaves. Usually, they were the young that was brought over.

Once brought over, the slave traders would auction them off to the highest bidder. They were separated from their families in the process. If they didn’t do what they were told, they were badly beaten.

Much to the same way, as sexual slaves are. Even those who were put into sex trafficking. If they refused to do what they were told, they were beaten and/or killed.

It was during the Civil War under Pres. Abraham Lincoln that slavery was to come to an end in the South. The plantation owners and the Democrats of that days, fought to keep their slaves. It was their livelihood. They were treated as property.

There is still slavery today, even though the Civil War was fought to free the blacks from bondage. There is many forms of slavery.

During the Roaring 20’s the Women Suffrage movement began; which allowed women to vote and own properties. Before that they were considered to be property as well.

Also during the early 1900’s a bill was enacted to end child labor; which was also a form of child slavery.

Yet, in some countries there is still child slave labor.

The reason for the Border wall is because these slave trafficker would smuggle children from other countries over to the United States to make them slaves.

As I wrote last week, there are some people who are fascinated with bondage. Some would either be the slaves and some the masters.

My question is: with the horrors of slavery, why do some people choose to be held in bondage as someone personal slave?

One year for Halloween, while I was working at Kmart, I dressed up as a slave. I even used my clock number instead of my name on a name tag. It also said, “Property of Kmart.” The manager at the time didn’t seems to understand.

Why do some people choose to be someone slave? Why is there people choosing Socialism?

Don’t they know that Socialism is another form of slavery. With Socialism, the people is slave to the Government.

We came a long way to end slavery after the Civil War. We came a long way to end Women Suffrage. We came a long way to end child labor.

Why do we want to go backward of being slaves?

We had our first black President; even though Obama was only half black.

Women can finally vote and own property. They can even run for President and who knows some day become President.

There’s bondage by a controlling spouse. My mother was independent but yet she was so co-dependent as well. She didn’t see the bondage that she was in during her 40 years of marriage. She didn’t see it as being abuse.

I don’t know about you, I want to move forward not backward to where slavery was a thing in this country.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, “I had a dream where all will be free.” It doesn’t matter if you are colored or white; it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

We need to end sex trafficking and slave trafficking of minors and of women.

Even men can be sold and treated as slaves!

We must put a stop to slave labor for all mankind.

Who ever have had fantasy about being a sexual slave? What boys haven’t fantasied about being with 2 girls at the same time? To some extent, what girls had fantasied about being with 2 boys at the same time?

Forgive me if this sounds trashy; but there are people out there who are into bondage sex. Some may not even admit because it’s too disgusting. This is a taboo subject.

Even in the midst of the “Me-too” situation, there are some people who are into being in bondage. Let us look into the book turned into a movie, “50 Shades of Grey.” The first part was a box office hit. Both men and women seems to loved that movie, for 2 different reasons. Men, was more the sex part; and their really wasn’t much of that compared bondage porn. Whereas, women loved it because they saw it as a romantic movie.

Now what is so romantic about being in bondage?

I’m proud of these women who came forward in the “Me-too” situation. It takes courage to come forward and speaks out against their abuser.

So why do some seems to fantasied about being tied up and used sexually? Why is it such a booming business?

What teenage boy hasn’t fantasied about their teacher while sitting in class?

Men probably fantasied about sex more than women. Matter of fact, to some women, men can be pigs.

There are some sex therapist out there who recommend ways to spice your marriage and relationships.

If a couple is facing difficulty in their marriage due to their romantic department, sex therapist would make certain recommendation to help in that department. They would suggest to live out your fantasy about being in bondage. How does that spice up a marriage?

When the best way to spice up a marriage is communication, treating your spouse the way you wants to be treated. Buy your wife flowers, candies, or take her out to romantic evening. That will spruce up your relationship more.

I don’t care how you stack it. Bondage is a form of abuse. For those who haven’t been abuse, they just don’t see it.

There might even be some who had been abuse but don’t see it as abuse; and so they somehow are drawn to bondage.

We are living in a sexual revolution.

Since this is a taboo subject, I’m going to cut it short before I disgust my readers too much.

This coming Friday is Valentine’s day. If you wants to put a little spice into your marriage buy your wife flowers, candies, or take her out for a romantic night. That will be the best way!

Communication is the best way to save a relationship. Don’t just tie up your spouse because it’s your fantasy! You need to communicate with your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can share your fantasy with each other but not when you first start dating. You may be into bondage but they may not be. If you tied them up and force yourself onto them, it’s rape and abuse!

Next week in part 2, I will show the downside of bondage; by discussing sex trafficking.

Once again, we have a woman running for President! The question is: can we trust Elizabeth Warren? Can we believe anything she says?

Elizabeth Warren is making promises that she will not keep. All you have to do is look at her voting records and see for yourself, what a liar she is.

During the start of her campaign for President, she came out and said that she is a Native American, after taking an ancestor DNA test. I don’t know about you, but I can’t buy that. She is no more a Native American than I am Irish; because I’m not Irish.

She is even claiming to be in favor of Socialism to try to steal the votes away from Bernie Sanders. She, too is offering free health care, free education, and free money. The only difference, she isn’t coming out how she will pay for it all. At least, Bernie Sanders admitted that our taxes will goes up with his plan.

She’s a liar like crooked Hillary Clinton. I don’t know if she is crooked like Hillary though.

If you happens to believe Elizabeth Warren, I have an ocean front property in Arizona that I will sell to you very cheap.

She is a pathological liar!

During the campaign, she was confronted about getting money from rich donors. She tried to denied that is not the case though. She is bought off like so many career politicians. She have lobbyist who would buy her votes in Washington. She is not for the American Working class people.

She made a statement that once she is elected President, she would eliminate the Electoral college. Doesn’t she realize, by eliminating the electoral college, small states like North Dakota won’t have a voice in our government. Only big states will have a voice. Who will speak for these smaller states?

In one of the last debates, she made a comment that it’s time for a woman president. There is only one problem, it got to be the right person for the job.

My mother would say that we needs a woman president. Yet, she never voted for Hillary Clinton; because she wasn’t the right woman for the job.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, or black or white. All that matter is that you are the right person. I voted for a woman president back in 2000 when I wrote in Elizabeth Dole’s name; because I couldn’t vote for George W. Bush or Al Gore. When Michelle Bachman ran for president in 2012, the only good things she did was knocked Tim Pawlenty out of the race. I wouldn’t had voted for Michelle Bachman either; because there was things that I didn’t agree with her on. I don’t know if Sara Palin would had been the right person. Since she wasn’t strong enough to defend herself when she was attack by our fake mainstream news media.

I guess what I’m saying to Elizabeth Warren, it’s all depends on the right woman for my vote. She is definitely not the right woman or person for the job.

These last 3 Democratic candidates that I had written about these past 3 weeks have something in common. Do you want to know what it is? I will tell you!

Joe(sleepy Joe) Biden, Bernie(grandfather of Socialism) Sanders and Ms. Elizabeth Warren are career politicians. They are also part of the Democratic Establishment in Washington. They are a part of the swamp that we the American people voted for Donald Trump to drain out.

Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may try to tell you that they are not. All you have to do is look at the their voting records. Also looks at how long they have been in Washington. They have overstayed their welcomes and done nothing for the people.

There are 2 more Democratic candidates that I will choose to write about in March. Who they will be, may or may not surprise you?

We all know that Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for President once again. We also know that he is pushing for Socialism in this country. He’s not fully admitting that it’s Socialism; when he is offering free money in the form of free healthcare for all and free education. He’s especially offering it to the illegal immigrants.

My question is: do you know the whole truth about Bernie Sanders?

We all know that he’s a career politicians.

We all know that he knows just how to reach the younger generation. They likes the idea of free education. To them, he is like Weekend at Bernie’s

He, likes the late Senator John McCain have more than one mansion. He has a vacation home worth more than I make a year. Who needs a vacation home that expensive?

My question to Bernie is: how did you earn all your money if it wasn’t for Capitalism? You are preaching Socialism; but yet you are where you are because of Capitalism. He was bought off like all the other career politicians in Washington.

If he offering free healthcare, free education, and free money; why don’t he dig in his own pockets and give it to the people? We all know that he won’t though.

He wants Socialism, so that he can keeps what he have and no one else can get it.

Bernie Sanders is one of the oldest Senators in Washington and his health isn’t the best. It reminds me of North Dakota former Senator Quentin Burdick. Toward the end of his life, his people just push him around in his wheelchair to functions. That’s why we need term limits because of people like Bernie Sanders!

He’s also Jewish. I don’t know if he’s practicing his faith, though.

Since, he is Jewish, he seems to forget about the Holocaust that happened in the time of World War 2. In Germany, at the time under Hitler, Socialism was Hitler’s economics strategy for everyone but the Jews and those Germany attack during the war of conquering Europe.

Bernie Sanders should remembered that! Either because he is old and senile that he seems to have forgotten or he chose not to remembered that facts about Socialism? Well, Bernie Sanders, we the American people have not forgotten. The Jews have also not forgotten the horror of the holocaust and the concentration camp for the Jews held captive in Germany.

The people didn’t want you in 2016; when they chose crooked Hillary Clinton over you. She may had been a crook and a liar; but she was also a Capitalist and not a Socialist like Bernie Sanders.

Even Pres. Trump said at his State of the Union speech, “Socialism will not work in this country.” United States was founded on the idea of Capitalism.

If you give people things without really earning it, how do you expect them to truly appreciate it. How do you expect them to learn anything? If a parent gave their child everything they wants without really earning it, how can the child learn anything in life. The only thing they will learn is that mommy, daddy, or the government will take care of them. They become spoiled, selfish, and part of the Entitlement. They haven’t learned anything in life except to be part of the entitlement.

Growing up, I wasn’t part of a rich family. I was taught that if you wants anything, you have to work for it. Hard work never hurt anybody. So when we got our inheritance, we learn to appreciate it even more. We learned how to invest to make our money works for us. That is Capitalism!

My question to the American people is this: do you want Socialism or Capitalism? Do you want free money without any strings or do you wants to truly earn what you get?

Believe me, you will appreciate it more when you actually earn it than if the Government just give it to you out right.

One thing that Bernie Sanders did admit. Under Socialism, to pay for all this free stuff he is offering, your taxes will goes up. It goes to show that nothing is free.

This election let sends a message to Bernie Sanders. Let us send him the message that Socialism will not work in this country. We wants lower taxes, not higher. It’s time that he thinks about retiring in one of his many homes. He doesn’t need all of them. He had been in Washington way too long and it’s time we send him back home packing.

He’s far from being sleepy though. The lion has awaken. Joe Biden was in the background for many years serving in Washington as part of the Establishment until he became Vice-President under Barak Obama. He is the front runner of the Democrats running for President in this year election.

He is the Established Democrats answer to Jeb Bush’s answer to the Established Republicans in 2016. We all know what happened there.

Donald Trump just clobbered Jeb Bush and he will do the same to Joe Biden in this year election.

The only reason that Biden is the front runner for the Democrats is because he is more normal than the other candidates; and that isn’t saying much.

Have you watched any of the Democrats debate?

Let me tell you they are very boring. The moderator is at fault. They are not asking the right tough questions of these candidates.

Joe Biden looks like he is asleep; like Jeb Bush did in 2016. They could almost be brothers, because they both are boring to watch. It’s like watching paint dry.

Pres. Trump will wipe the floor with Joe Biden at their debate.

I believe this is why the Democrats is looking at impeaching Trump; because they know deep down that they can’t beat him in the election with the candidates they have.

They have nothing on Trump to impeach him. They have more on Biden with the Ukraine scandal.

Just think now that it’s in the Senate, Trump will gets a fair hearing.

When Biden was Vice-President, his son, Hunter was involved with unsavory business venture in the Ukraine. Biden knew about it and covered it up with the help of former Pres. Obama.

So the Republicans can call both Joe and Hunter Biden to questions them. This will hurt Biden more than it would Trump. The Democrats knows that too. That’s why Adam Schiff never questioned both Joe and Hunter Biden. So they made this fake impeachment trial to try to stop Trump from getting reelected or even get him out of office.

This is just one of the things about Joe Biden that the American people needs to know before going to the polls either in the primaries or general election. There’s so much I can write about. Where to end is the tough part.

When Biden first threw his hat in the ring, he was accused of groping women in public and sniffing their hair. The excuse he used was that he was just an old man. A dirty old man at that!

Just think, if any one of us was to do what Biden done, they will throw the book at us. We would be sent to prison and made to register as a sex offender for life.

Years ago, though, if we did that we would get our face slap hard.

Why hasn’t any charges been filed on Joe Biden? What makes him so special?

Most recently, it had been reported not by the fake mainstream news media but rather Fox News. Joe Biden admitted that the men on his staff gets paid more than the women for the same job. Why is that if they wants equal pay for equal works?

At one of his rally, someone brought up the Ukraine incident to him. He gotten so angry with that person, that he challenged him to an arm wrestling contest.

It goes to show that if he is confronted on things, he becomes very defensive.

When I saw that, my thought went to the time, that I was working at Kmart and the employees were asked to do a survey and rate the manager. The manager at the time was Nick. He got a low rating on that survey. So he called a meeting in the break room to chew us out for his low rating. He got as angry as Joe Biden did when confronted and challenged that guy to an arm wrestling contest.

Joe Biden even got down to do push ups to make his point.

They say that Trump is a bully. What about Biden? Can we trust him?

My answer is a big HELL NO!!

I know that Joe Biden may not like what I’m saying about him. He might even challenge me to an arm wrestling contest.

The Democrats may not even like that I’m going after their Trojan horse, their savior, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a Catholic who was refused communion because of his stance on abortion.

Like I said early in this blog, there’s so much a person can write about Sleepy Joe Biden. I think I said enough.

He may wants to censor me; if not challenge me to an arm wrestling contest. To that, I say, “bring it on, sleepy Joe Biden! The American people deserves to know the truth about you before going to the polls to vote.”

Now he is the first Democratic candidates in this 5 part series I will write about to help the American people makes the right decision this election. The next 4 may or may not surprise you. You might even be surprise who I leave out.

The fake mainstream news media will never admit it but the old Democrats is dead and gone. The party has gone off their rocker, gone too far to the Left. They are now considered to be Socialism or another word, Communism.

During the Obama administration they said the same thing about the Republican party. They thought that the Republicans were dead and gone.

There was a division because of the Tea Party movement; but it was nothing like what is going on with the Democrats right now.

The Tea Party was formed to take back America for the people from the Establishment in Washington. Donald Trump saw that as an opportunity to make his move to run for President to make America great again.

What does the Democrats have to offer the American people but rather Socialism(Communism)?

They just hate Trump so bad that they can’t seems to get the job done. All they care about is to impeach him. They just wants to stop him at all cost. They are not even willing to work with him because of their pure hatred for him. He had been giving them the olive branch of peace. He is willing to work with them but their hatred is keeping them from working with him.

Their hatred is worse than it was with Pres. Reagan. At least, under Tip O’Neil they made an effort to work with him.

You could talk with a Democrat back then without being spurred hatred. As I said before, I had a college professor who was a Democrat and I was Reagan Republican. We had respect for each other and he became my advisor.

Now days, if you are a Republican and a Trump’s supporter, the Democrats and the mainstream news media will attack you and beat you senseless. A Republican speaker will be under attack if they speak on the college campus. If you wear the MAGA hat, they will knock it off your head and throw things at you.

There was teenage boy who wore the MAGA hat at a rally. The school went to suspend him because of that.

Sure, the Republicans may not like Bill Clinton and Obama but the hate wasn’t as bad as the Democrats have for Trump.

The Republicans was willing to work with them to balance the budget and do what was right for the American people.

When Nancy Pelosi was asked why she hated Trump so much, she got defensive and used her Catholic faith by saying, “I’m a Catholic, I don’t hate anybody!” My question to Nancy Pelosi is, “What do you call it then?”

Most recently after the faux impeachment hearing by those Democrats in the House, Congressman Jeff Van Drew jump from being a Democrat to being a Republican because he didn’t approve of the direction they were going.

Not only that Minnesota Congressman Colin Peterson, a Democrat didn’t vote the party line for the faux impeachment. Also most recently, he voted to take a look at the Roe vs. Wade and possibly overturn it.

Now I don’t like the idea that Colin Peterson has been in office way too long; but I do like the fact that he took a stand against today’s Democrats.

Both Drew and Peterson will be outcast by the Democrats now because of their choices.

I have talked with a Democrat who sees how far left they had gone and don’t agree with them. So there is some out there who doesn’t agree; but if you don’t agree with them, they will spur hate at you. You are not allow to disagree with them. You are not allow to think for yourself.

Then there are Democrats who doesn’t want to believe that they have change and became Communism. They still want to see them as the same old party.

I said before, both John F. and Bobby Kennedy will not be accepted by today’s Democrats; because they were too Conservative. Most recently, even Obama, himself admitted that the Democratic party had gone too far to the left.

Because of the hatred that the Democrats and the mainstream news media have for Trump, when he killed the Iranian terrorist, he was criticized for it. Now when Pres. Obama had Bin Laden killed, he was praised for it. Is that fair?

You all heard the old joke, “my folks went to Las Vegas, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Well, here is spin to this joke. The old Democrats is dead and gone; and all I got was a penalty. I said before I voted for Obama because I didn’t like McCain and Romney. I felt that we needed a better health care system; so I was in favor of Obamacare.

I want to tell you that Obamacare turns out to be a joke. A bad one at that! I was penalize not once but twice because of it. The first time was because I didn’t have health insurance for a full year. The second time for having 2 health insurance. That happened last year!

They called Trump, the Republicans, and Trump’s supporter a bunch of racist. The Democrats are one who are racist. They have been racist since the Civil War. It was them who didn’t want Lincoln to free the slaves. They were their livelihood. The KKK was formed under the Democratic party.

The Democrats is even against the Jews and Israel. It’s says in the Bible, if anyone is against God’s chosen people they will feels His wrath.

Both Omar and Tlaib were banned from going to Israel because of their Muslim faith. They were boycotted by Israel; and the Democrats banned together to support them. So it goes to show where their alliance are.

Sure I was scared of Trump at first; but I’m proud to be an American and I’m proud to be a Trump’s supporter now. I will vote for him in the 2020 election. I will never vote Democrat again.

They are not the party of Kennedy. Kennedy was against Communism. Today’s Democrats have turn Communist by wanting Socialism in this country.

Maybe this is a good thing! This division we have in Washington. I heard people say that we need more than a 2-party system. The Democrats is divided more than the Republicans right now.

So this election, as Ray Stevens sings, “Throw the Bums out!” Let us throw the Democrats of the House and out of Washington. Let us vote them out of office once and for all. Let us take back America! May we show them that Socialism will never works in this country.