Hopefully, you are going through some growing pains; so are you?

As a baby craves milk for their nourishment, once we get our teeth, we start craving regular food for nourishment. Just like plants needs water to grow, we also need food to grow.

At the same time, we grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen overnight. It involves days and nights of storms. Character, like fruit, takes time to mature.

For those who are born again, we have 2 birthdays: Your natural birthday, the day you came out of your mother’s womb; and your Spiritual birthday, when you first came to accept the Lord, Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Hopefully, we also grow mentally and emotionally as well. Hopefully, as we get older, we mature and become wiser. We should never stop learning as we get older. When I was younger, I wasn’t much of a reader. As I get older, I’m doing more reading; as you can see in some of my blogs. I’m learning new things not only about myself but how I can improve. Like fine wine, we get better with age. We wouldn’t become older and wiser without being young and foolish.

We all went through the terrible 2″s, asking a lot of questions. Then when we become teenagers, we believe we know everything. As we get older, we come to realize that we don’t know everything. That’s why we do a lot of catching up on our reading and seeking advice to help us grow.

This book is on the Principles of Spiritual Growth. First of all, our faith, hopefully, will grow as we get older in our walk with Jesus. Hebrews 11:1 states, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Everyone knows that evidence must be founded on facts. A good reporter/blogger must do their research to gather the facts. As in the old TV series, “Dragnet,” just the facts Ma’am!

It seems that most believers have difficulty in realizing and facing up to the inexorable fact that God does not hurry in His development of our Christian life. He’s still working on me. I’m not perfect; but I shall become perfect when my time on earth is over. As my mother would say, “If we were perfect, we would be in heaven instead hell on earth.”

We are accepted just the way we are. God doesn’t make junk. He loves and accept us warts and all.

We have a purpose on earth. Jeremiah 29:11 states, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I have a purpose on earth. There was a reason why I was born. Just like, there’s a reason for my blogs.

The Lord is at work preparing us for such a purpose. In preparation, there is a tearing down before there can be building up. Some of the stuff we learned as a child by our parents or anyone else, we have to be taught differently.

Youth and immaturity tend to act first and think later. Maturity has learned to take time to assess the facts. It’s like ascending a ladder.

Appropriation does not necessarily mean to gain something new but to set aside for our practical possession something that already belongs to us.

We need to be able to identify ourselves, in who we are as a person.

First a person is born again, then as the Lord continue His work in our lives to consecrate us, to make us whole.

As I heard a former pastor say, “we have to get self off the throne!” It’s not about us! Yet the world seems to make it about ourselves and forget about others.

We need to deny oneself. One of my favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 6:8, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “whom shall I send? and who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

A person comes to the cross when they accept the Lord.

A disciple is one who is free from the old and free for the new. We are to pick up our cross and be willing to follow Jesus wherever He may sends us. There is a process to discipleship though.

Just as we need nourishment to grow, farmers need rain to grow their crops. Rain is a good thing; without it, the food we eat will not grow. Farmers need the right amount of rain and sunshine.

We all need rest. Babies and young children gets plenty of sleep. I don’t know about you, I remembered as a child, my sister, Barb would always tell us to go take a nap; whether we need it or not. I think it was to get us out of her hair, so she could watch Bobby Goldsboro. Back then, we hated taking a nap. Now, as we are older, we desire to take a nap; whenever we can. It seems like after eating a big meal, we want that nap for some reason.

We all need a little help at times. Yet, it is time to stop asking God for help. He didn’t help us to be saved, and He doesn’t intend to help us live the Christian life.

There can be little question concerning the importance of balance, so vital in the mechanical, physical, aesthetic and spiritual realms. Faulty balance often results in disintegration and possible devastation to the surrounding area. Our self-life is out of balance-it is all one-sided. In other words, we get out of balance; and needs to get balance. Whenever I can I go see my chiropractor for a tune-up and to get my body back in balance. Just like we are out of balance spiritually as well.

We first comes to the Lord hungry and zealous; but we must continue growing spiritually. This is when we must keep up with our reading and seeking wisdom from others. We should never stop growing spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. When we stop growing, we know longer exist. I shall be made perfect when the good Lord finally calls me home to heaven. Until then, I will continue to grow.

In the words of Joey from the series, “Friends,” “How you doing?” How are you growing? Are you becoming a better person? Don’t ever stop growing and learning new things!

How many buy a certain product because your parents bought it? How many continue buying a certain product even though the formula has been changed? How many continue to be loyal to a certain company or stores no matter what?

Businesses like us to be loyal to continue to be loyal to them. Some even give loyalty rewards to loyal customers.

Even though they may be dead, I joked that their ghost is haunting the place they were loyal to when they were alive. I joked that my Aunt Dororthy is haunting Denny’s and that Wes’s ghost is haunting Randy’s because they were loyal customers.

I used to buy Ban roll-on deodorant out of loyalty until they changed the formula. Even though, my folks would buy Charmin toilet paper and Tide laundry soap; I don’t do it because they are too expensive.

As I mentioned in last week, part 1 blog, the older generation are more likely to be loyal than the younger generation. They are more apt to be loyal to their employer and stick with the same job, taking the abuse. Whereas, the younger generation can be rather fickle. They will jump at any opportunity as a means to get ahead.

You may wonder how anyone can get a job by being fickle and not being loyal? In the past that’s what employers like; but things have changed. It’s called getting the experience.

Years ago people were more apt to be loyal in their marriage. People were more likely to stay married a long time. My folks made 40 years together. People would stayed in an loveless marriage or an abusive marriage out of loyalty. They would take the abuse constantly. They takes their marriage vows very highly.

Today’s generation are not so likely to take their marriage vows lightly. This is probably one reason why lawyers can outtalk a preacher. Young people can easily fall in and out of love at a drop of a hat. No one stays together anymore. Which is good, if there’s no love or if there’s abuse. Like the song goes, what forever for?

As you will see, I’m not advocating total loyalty here. Sometimes, you have to be a rebel. Some people will call it being a rebel. I call it being smart and standing up for what you believe in. You don’t have to take the abuse in a marriage or on the job by your employer. There are plenty of fishes in the sea. Not like the old days, when a person didn’t have much of a choice, like they do now.

Variety is a spice of life! We have that right to make choices; even if it’s not being loyal to how we were raised.

When I first became a Republican under Reagan, I voted for the first George Bush not only because of loyalty; but because I was a young Republican and didn’t know any better. As I have gotten older, I became wiser. I had my eyes open to reality. Sometimes, it’s not good to be loyal.

Maybe this is also why people would church hop as well?

I was criticized when I couldn’t bring myself to vote for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. I almost didn’t vote in 2004 because I didn’t much care for Bush or Kerry. People would say you should vote for Bush because he’s pro-life. He’s also was a Rhino Republican before that term became a household name.

I was also criticized for not voting for McCain and Romney. The excuse they used was how can you not vote for them since they are Republicans? The reason was because they were Rhino Republicans and didn’t represent me and my belief. They were career politicians who didn’t deserve my votes.

I don’t care for North Dakota Senator John Hoeven. When I vote, I usually write in my own name or last election I voted for Becker instead. He’s a Rhino Republican who vote what his buddy Mitch McConnell would vote and not what the people of North Dakota would want. He done nothing for North Dakota when he was governor and nothing as Senator. Plus after what his wife, Mikey said, “You know who I am!” I have no respect for him.

Much like when Rick Berg ran for Senator after only being in the House of Representative for one term, I couldn’t vote for him. It wasn’t personally. I knew him before he made it big. It was because the power had gone to his head as so with so many in Washington.

I can understand why my parents voted for the person and not the party. They voted independents. There are candidates who are just loyal to the party and couldn’t care less about what the American people wants. I don’t care if they are Democrats or Republicans. Maybe they needs to do away with both parties and let the American people vote on the individual instead.

Just as there is bad Republicans out there; there is also some good Democrats out there. There are Democrats I have talked to who doesn’t agree with the Progressive Left crazy ideas; just like their are Republicans who likes me that doesn’t agree with the Rhino Republicans.

Some of these good Democrats even though they may vote Democrat, they don’t totally agree with them; they just vote out of loyalty. Their eyes are open but they are just loyal to the party. It’s the same way with the Republicans.

Don’t get me wrong, there are Democrats who are loyal to the party but don’t have their eyes open to the reality of the truth. They don’t want to see the truth. It goes the same with the Republicans as well.

That’s why we need to looks at the facts and not vote out of loyalty to either party. Do they vote what the people want or the their party affiliation? Or don’t vote at all!!

I’m glad for Trump, because he opened our eyes to the going on in the swamp of Washington D.C. Because of Trump, there is some good candidates coming out. They just needs to disassociate themselves from the party much like some churches have disassociate themselves from the church denomination.

Call me a rebel if you want, I don’t care! Sometimes, it’s not so good to be loyal. Loyalty can be our biggest fault and our downfall. If you agree, press the like button. If you have any comment, I would very much appreciate it.

The cover of this book says, “How baby boomers are changing the way we live today.” I want to say I believe this book is a little off a generation. I think the credit goes to Generation X instead.

The baby boomer started in 1946, right after the second World War. It ended in 1964. They followed the silent generation. Most baby boomers were or are children of the silent generation. So you see they had the most difficult to make any real change that this book gives them credit for. They were held back because of the silent generation didn’t want to rock the boat. They felt that they had it so good. Employers took better care of their employees and their families before the government interfered.

The silent generation had big families in hoping that their kids would take care of them in their old age. Yet at the same time, they were rough around the edges and came across as sometimes being abusive. The wives stayed home barefoot and pregnant to cook and clean; while the husbands went out to make a living. Yet somehow, they were able to make it on one income.

I will give the baby boomers the credit for the birth of rock and roll. The silent generation was in shock when rock and roll started. They felt that it was devil’s music. Because of the birth of rock and roll, started in the 50’s.

I just missed by a year from being a baby boomer, making me a Generation X. Generation X started in 1965 and ended in 1980. They are known as being resourceful, independent, and keen on maintaining work life balance. The baby boomer may had started something with changing the way we live today; but it was the later generation X that was more able to complete the process, once the silent generation passed away. They were held back out of fear of change and rocking the boat.

People my generation and older would pretty much stay at one job, no matter how bad it may be. We were less likely to quit. We would just take the abuse just because of the benefits.

There wasn’t much job opportunities for the older generations as it is now. So you could say that the Generation X was somewhat responsible for creating more job opportunities.

The Generation X was product of the sexual revolution. There were less women staying home barefoot and pregnant. They were out bringing home the bacon as well as the man. The Feminist Movement started during the birth of Generation X. That was the generation that started the single mothers without leaving a bad taste in some people and even the church’s mouth.

I was born to a single mother, who chose to raised me and worked as well. They proved that they didn’t need a man around. The silent generation was very critical of that. They felt that it was rather shameful and a sin to have a child out of wedlock. The church really frown on that; especially the Catholic Church. Some people still do frown on single mother. Some say that young boys needs a father around to help raised them. I think I came out alright. For the first 5 years, I had my uncles and older cousins. After that, came my step-dad who was more of a dad than my real father. As my mother would say, “any many can father a child; but it takes a real man to be a dad.”

When I was in high school, there were few young girls getting pregnant, keeping the child and still getting their education to get a good paying job.

We lived the good simple life before computers and smartphones. It was a much different world back then. Kids were able to be kids. They actually played outside instead of on the computers or social media.

You knew your neighbors and you knew where your kids were; not like today.

I didn’t have computer training in high school because computers was just slowly starting to pick up. We were taught the basic 3 R’s; whereas today they are taught on the computers at an early age. I started getting more computer training in college.

After Generation X, came the Millennials, born 1980 to 1994. The Generation Z was born in 1995 to 2012.

The average millennial owes 10% on mortgage and credit cards debt.

Yet at the same time, the millennials isn’t as loyal as the older generations. I’ll talk more on that subject in part 2 next week.

Where the silent generation was more loyal to their employers of the generations. All because they didn’t want to rock the boat; much like the baby boomers and Generation X.

They were considered to be harder worker because they felt they had to just to get ahead and make a living.

The Generation Z is the generation that is so ingrained in social media. They are more technologically advanced than the rest of us. Yet at the same time, they are more apt to be lazier. When you see them, they have their heads down into their smartphones. If you ask them to do something, without looking up, they just grunt at you. They are more likely to be living at home in the basement, not paying rent or helping their parents out. They feel that they don’t have to. They expect mommy and daddy to take care of everything for them. They don’t even want to imagine their parents dying, leaving them all alone and someday being force to actually do any work.

I don’t know about you; but it scares the hell out of me to think that the Generation Z will be the generation that could end up taking care of us if ever we end up in a nursing home. Anytime you see that generation, they have their heads down in their smartphones, walking, driving, or sitting. They are not paying attention to their surroundings around them. If we ever needs something, they would just grunt at us without looking up from their phones. Our cane would become our weapons to beat them to get their attentions.

I don’t know about you, the cell phones should not be in their hands while they are at work. Put the phone in your pocket or not have it until you are done with work.

The Generation Z expect everything to be freely available to them. They are less likely to get a job. The government likes that too.

I could go on but I think you get the message. Remember, it’s a generation thing! Each generation has their own things you may agree with or not. Next week, we’ll continue with part 2; which will be on loyalty.

No this isn’t about abortion; it’s about getting the vaccine or not. You would think it would be on abortion because this is used by women wanting to abort their unborn babies because they didn’t want it. Well during the beginning of the vaccine for the virus, those who didn’t want the poison in their system, they took this slogan as their own for not choosing to get the vaccine. To those mothers who used this as an excuse to have abortion, they chose their own lives over the unborn babies. Whereas, for those who used this for not getting the jab, it was for a better reason. It was a healthier choice by not shooting them up with the poison and becoming a guinea pig in the name of science.

Back in November, I recently went to a lecture at my church on healthy eating and lifestyle. The speaker was Bibby Cummings, a health educator and a certified health coach. She’s a strong supporter of healthy eating and natural remedies for healthy living.

The thing that surprised me the most when she came to speak at my church was the fact that there are people in the church who were so in favored of getting the vaccine; even though some of them also are into eating healthier, organic, and more vegetables and less meat.

Then again, maybe the virus scared them so much that they just settled on getting the vaccine out of fear of the virus.

They taught on making good healthy choices by eating healthy food, maintaining regular exercise, and managing the stresses in our lives. They taught on such healthy behaviors as being physically active, eating a healthy diet/nonchemical foods, avoiding the harmful use of alcohol and not smoking. They also was against getting the vaccine.

She was from Africa. There are those from other countries who doesn’t used chemicals in their food. Some countries wouldn’t buy the food we grow here because of the chemical induce we put into our food supplies. They have a better healthier lifestyle than we do here in the United States. They’re healthier and tends to live longer because of not injecting the poison into their body that we tend to do more and more lately.

Around 7 years ago, when I turned 50, I made myself a goal to change my diet and start living a healthier lifestyle. I’m not saying I don’t cheat; but I have been doing a so-so job at it. I had lost 50 pounds within the 7 years of doing this thus far. I made that goal because of having an Uncle, my mother’s brother who lived to be 82, and an Aunt on my real father’s side who lived to be in her 90’s. I came to this realization that I do not have to die young like my mother and grandmother. I just had to change my eating habits to lose weight the healthy way. I had to choose not to put unnecessary poisons into my body.

Believe me, I’ve tried these fad diets out there; but they’re only a temporary solution to the problem. I even had someone complained about it and warned that I better be a doctor. That person was fired by Governor Burgum and I’m still doing my blog and focusing on eating healthier.

Our body is a temple. It’s up to us how we are going to take care of ourselves. Are we going to eat healthier or keep feeding ourselves poisons. As the saying goes: garbage in-garbage out. We are what we eat!

I held out as long as I could in getting the vaccine because I didn’t want the poison in my body. Believe me, if it wasn’t for my job, I wouldn’t gotten the vaccine. I recently talked to someone who is also against the vaccine and they agreed that some jobs force people to get the vaccine or be fired. I’m taking this quote and changing it around a little, “Our body belongs to ourselves alone. It does not belong to the United States of America or any other government on the face of the earth.” It does not belong to our employer, even if you works for the healthcare system. Believe me, they will stoop to blackmail a person to get the jab.

Those who may lived and believe in a healthier lifestyle, have gotten the vaccine because of fear of getting the virus. Fear engages in an ongoing assault on our heart and mind. If left unchecked, fear can whip up our imagination into an anxious frenzy.

I kind of wondered if Jenny McCarthy had gotten the vaccine because of the fear of the virus. She was against vaccinated her child for childhood diseases because she felt that it gave her child autism.

Some people were bullied into getting the vaccine as well.

We were/are guinea pig to the vaccine. We’ll never know the whole truth about it because the government and medical profession won’t tell us. I was somewhat healthy since I started my healthier lifestyle when I was force to get the vaccine; when I had a health scare, of being overheated and dizzy. I had an EKG done on my heart and it was normal. The doctor will never admit that it was because of the vaccine.

I know someone who after getting the booster for the vaccine, his immune system was down. When his kids came home sick, he would get easily sick as well; whereas before the vaccine he didn’t. Then a person wondered why a person have to take supplement daily now just to boost their immune system.

To some, weird things happens to their body because of the vaccine.

There is so much unexplainable happening to our body because of the vaccine. It’s done for a reason; that way it cannot be link back to the vaccine.

The government and/or your jobs does not have the right to tell you to put into your body. I don’t care if you work in the healthcare industry or not. It’s my body-my choice! I love the song by Blind Joe, “I will not comply!” You can take the jab and shove it!

We can have a better chance at a healthier lifestyle and living longer if we just stop putting all these poisons into our body. Our ancestors lived longer because they didn’t have all these poisons we got now. And they did it with hard work as well. They did it the natural healthy way. Our healthcare will also be a lot cheaper as well if we just change our diet and eat healthier and chemical-free. The hospital wouldn’t be so full of sick people if they only ate healthier and chemical-free. It’s a money-making deal to keep us all sick.

We are definitely not a healthy country. The celebrity blames the climate; but yet they rush right in to get the vaccine; which is poison.

No wonder some countries don’t want the food we grow; because of all the chemicals we put into it.

What do you choose? Getting the poisons or a healthier lifestyle? Do you choose to live in fear? The best diet is doing the healthier lifestyle.

As people look in ending one year and bringing in the new year with a big bang celebration every year; there will always be someone who strive to have the first baby born on New Year’s. It’s a special honor to be the first born of the new year right at midnight. Do you know anyone who was born on New Year’s?

Do you remembered your first kiss? Your first love? Your first job? Your first home? Your first time? They are all very special. In this blog, I will be talking about those who was first in certain areas.

Adam was the first human and man created by God, then came Eve out of Adam’s ribs.

You may be surprised to know that Leif Erikson, A Norseman was actually the first to discovered America, before Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. Yet he was not given as much recognition as the other 2. Why was that?

George Washington was the United States first President, once we won our independence from England. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President.

Hank Aaron was the first black baseball player to break Babe Ruth’s home run records. He was the home run king who defined racism. He faced down racism as he eclipse Babe Ruth as baseball’s home run king, hitting 75 homers and holding the most celebrated record in sports for more than 30 years.

Charley Pride was the first black country singer to make it. He had 52 top 10 hits on the billboard hot country songs chart. He had won country music entertainer of the year award in 1971. Before him, it was unheard of for a black country singer; but because of him there have been a few that followed but not duplicate his success.

Muhammad Ali was the first African American boxer, who real name was Cassius Clay. He was known as the Greatest. He won a gold medal in light heavyweight division at the 1960 summer Olympics and turned professional later that year. He became a Muslim after 1961. He won the world heavyweight championship, defeating Sonny Liston in a major upset on Feb. 25, 1964 at age 22. He denounced his birth name as a “slave name” and formally changed his name to Muhammad Ali. He was a very high profile figure of racial pride for African Americans during the civil rights movement and throughout his career.

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, July 16, 1969 in Apollo 11.

Geraldine Ferraro was the first female Vice President nomination, when Walter Mondale chose her as his running mate in 1984. Believe me, she was nothing like Kamala Harris, Sara Palin, and Hillary Clinton. For one, she was way smarter than Harris, you can trust her over Harris and Hillary Clinton. She never stood a chance though because of 2 strikes for Mondale. The biggest one was Reagan’s popularity in 1984. The second was Mondale couldn’t shake Jimmy Carter’s failure as President.

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the first woman to make a run for President. That honor goes to Victoria Woodhull back in 1872, even before women even had the right to vote. Even Elizabeth Dole and Michelle Bachman ran for President before old Hillary Clinton. Of course, I voted for Elizabeth Dole in 2000 election over George W. Bush.

Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court. She was nominated by President Reagan and confirmed to the congress.

Sally Ride was the first female astronaut to fly in space.

Kamala Harris may be our first woman Vice President, but I wouldn’t say it was very legal. As I mentioned before, the 2020 election was full of fraud all through the campaigns. So I won’t delve into it.

Barak Obama was the first African American President. First of all he defeated Hillary Clinton to get the Democrat nomination. He made history when he was elected President, defeating John McCain. First the reason he defeated Hillary was because she didn’t have the same charisma as her husband, Bill. Second, John McCain was a part of the old establishment in Washington and Obama represent change.

Old Hillary Clinton is still crying that she couldn’t be the first woman to break the glass ceiling for women to be President. You can say that she is a sore loser.

These are some of the first in America’s history. I can understand Hillary Clinton crying about not making history. I mean, who doesn’t like being pick last? Who doesn’t want to be first at something? Have you ever been picked last for a team such as in the sports for example? It’s not a very proud moment. It’s hard on a person self-esteem. They think that they are not good enough to be pick. Everybody wants to be first-nobody wants to be last!

Back to those questions I asked in the beginning, I didn’t share any of my first because it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. If you want to share and answer those questions, I would love to hear from you in the comment.

These are just some of the first in America’s history. The list could go on and on.

Have you ever done an acronym of a word by using each letter of that word? In this Christmas blog, I will be doing just that to share what Christmas means to me. It will be a fun one for Christmas. Hope that you will enjoy it.

Let us start with the letter C. C stands for: children playing and getting all excited with opening their presents either on Christmas Eve or Day, depending on the family. It’s exciting to see their eyes light up as they open their presents in hoping they get what they want. When they get their toy that they asked for, they play with it until it either break or they get bored with it. With the presents that they aren’t too thrilled about, they put that in a pile to forget about.

C also stands for Christmas cookies. Who doesn’t love eating cookies? This is the time of year to be busy baking cookies of all kinds, and some even decorating. The most favorite is chocolate chips, M&M’s, Peanut butter, and sugar cookies. People baked cookies to share with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. It can be an all day product. It can also be fun for a child to help out with. Kids even leave out cookies and milk or hot coco for Santa when he comes delivering their toys.

H is for home. Home is where the heart is at. Family comes home for Christmas to celebrate with each other. No matter how bad some family members are.

H also stands for holiday. A holiday from work and school.

R stands for Rudolf the red nose reindeer. He leads Santa’s sleigh with his red nose all aglow.

I stands for icy roads and sidewalks. I also stands for the icing and trimmings.

S stands for the stars in the sky to light the way in the dark. S also stands for snow. S stands for shepherds watching over their flock when they were visited by an angel announcing the birth of Jesus.

T stands for the tree all decorated with lights and trimmings. T also stands for toys for tots.

M stands for the manger where Jesus was born. also the manger scene that is used in so many Christmas pageant. Those on the Left protest the most about the manger scene and complain about it every year. They tried to cancel it every year but it seems to fail every time.

M also stands for the malls. The mall is always very crowded and busy this time of year. People goes there to shop and buy gifts for their family and loved ones. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to the mall this time of year.

A stands for angels watching over us and sending good tidings to all.

The last S stands for shopping until you drop. Shopping until you maxed out your credit cards. People seems to overspend every year at this time of year.

S also stands for Santa Clause. It seems the world puts more emphasis on Santa Clause than on the birth of Jesus. Parents take their children to the mall to meet with Santa, and sit on his lap to tell him what they want for Christmas. They write letters to Santa also.

This is what Christmas means when you put it all together.

The world seems to have taken Christ out of Christmas. Even some churches have failed at that as well. Instead of Merry Christmas, they shortened it to just Xmas. Or they would say, “Happy Holiday” instead of Merry Christmas because they do not want to offend anyone.

Christmas is time for celebrating the birth of Jesus. It should be a jubilant time for all. A time for joy and peace for all. A time for family and friends to get together to celebrate with each. A chance to get along even when you may not tolerate a certain person.

To those who would rather just say or write Xmas, they are just being lazy to write out the whole word, CHRISTMAS.

If you are offended by someone saying, Merry Christmas, get a life and quit whining about it. I will always say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. If that offend you, go cry me a river.

May your Christmas be everything you wish for. May there be joy and peace for all. I wish you all a Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays!

Do you remember where you were when man first step on the moon? Or should I say leap?

Neil Armstrong said as he landed on the moon, ” That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

It was July 16, 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. It was a proud moment for the United States; since Nixon was President, we were in the midst of the Vietnam War and Peace rally, or some may say riot. We needed that good news at that time. It was such a proud moment in history that Walter Cronkite wiped the tears of joy from his eyes as he reported that proud news.

The original Star Trek aired on television from September 8, 1966 to June 3, 1969. It’s an American science fiction media franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. The rating was low at first but it quickly became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. When it aired it promised, “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

If you never watched the original Star Trek, you ought to check it out. I have to admit, I enjoyed the original Star Trek over Star Trek, the Next Generation. Even though it was Science Fiction, it had, I believe more relatable topic during that time period. It had the first interracial kiss on television for example.

When Gene Roddenberry created the series, he didn’t really wanted William Shatner as the star in the series. There was a whole different captain for the pilot. That didn’t go well with the network executives. They almost didn’t make it off the ground; until William Shatner was slated to starred in the series as Captain James T. Kirk.

I was more interested watching Spock and Scotty, rather than Kirk. I enjoyed the debate scene between Spock and Bones very much. When Bones would talk about feelings and even called out Spock as having no feelings at all. Then Spock would come back to say, “That’s illogical!” Every once in awhile, I find myself saying that when I come across idiotic people.

Tim Allen from Home Improvement wasn’t the first to say, “More Power!” But rather, it was Scotty on Star Trek who would say to Captain Kirk, “We need more power!”

Believe me, I’m no engineer. I’m not even a true science fiction geek.

In the ’80’s, I had a chance to see James Doohan, who played Scotty, when he came to NDSU to speak. James Doohan faked Scottie’s Scottish accent. He was the chief engineer of the U.S.S Enterprise. He did the French and German accent but him and Gene both decided that the Scottish accent had to be the one for Scotty.

Remembered when I said earlier that Gene Roddenberry didn’t want William Shatner earlier in this blog. Well, even James Doohan said when he came to Fargo, that William Shatner wasn’t well like by his fellow cast members.

When James Doohan came to NDSU to speak, I got his autograph and shook his hand.

James Doohan said of William Shatner, that he was very egotistical. In other words, he was self-centered and arrogant. When you see William Shatner in other projects, you see it too. My mother like him in T.J. Hooker; but if she knew the kind of person he really was, she wouldn’t have cared for him. When she would say about people like that is, “Their shit don’t stink but their farts give them away.” She didn’t care for people who comes across as being so full of themselves. Believe me, William Shatner came across that way to his fellow castmates. Even if you sees him today.

When they did a new movie version of Star Trek recently, Chris Pine played a younger version of Captain Kirk. At the same time, he was spoofing William Shatner’s egotistical personality.

Just this past year, Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin’s New Shepard into space. On one of the trip, William Shatner actually went up into space with Jeff Bezos.

If you ask me, he should have stayed there.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon. He is also one who would hide the truth about Joe and Hunter Biden; just so they can get Biden elected President and get rid of Trump. He doesn’t treat his employees of Amazon very well either. I’m not going to go anymore with that because that is a whole different blog.

Even though I liked the original Star Trek, and I like the idea of space exploration; I have to admit there is more important things to do for this planet than going to outer space. Space may be the final frontier; where we can boldly go where no man has gone before.

What I really love to see is a healthier planet, free from pollution; and not just air and water. I would love to see people to actually get along with one another despite of their differences. I also would like to see, no more chemicals in our food we eat and grow. We are not the healthiest because of all the poisons being fed us in our food and medications. No wonder, people have to get vaccinated or get medical help because of all the poisons we are being fed.

We wouldn’t had this virus that was created in Wuhan lab if we actually were healthier and not being fed poisons in what we eat and drink. The poison in the air as well. Those who had to get the vaccines were just guinea pig. We don’t know the whole truth about the vaccine and probably never will because of people like Bezos for example, don’t want us to know the truth. I wouldn’t doubt years later, health risk from the vaccine will be discover. Then what will they say? They will do all they can to keep us from finding out the who truth. That way they can control us.

What do you think? Go ahead and comment, I would like to hear from you.

As Spock would say, “Live long and prosper!”

If you haven’t noticed by now, more and more states are trying to legalize marijuana. In this blog, I will give you both sides to the idea of legalizing marijuana. I, myself, is torn between legalizing it or not. Half of me is for it and half of me is against it.

Marijuana is a cannabis, especially smoked or consumed as a psychoactive (mind altering) drug.

Other names for marijuana is cannabis, pot, dope, weed, joint, hash, and reefer to name just a few.

It became famous during the late ’60’s and early ’70’s by the hippies of that generation. Even such movie as the Cheech and Chong’s movies series of that time. California, especially Hollywood and San Francisco were known for pot smoking. Maybe that’s why California is full of crazies, nut jobs.

Even country singer, Willie Nelson is known for smoking a little pot at times.

Not many people would recognize marijuana when it’s growing. To the average person, it looks just like a weed. You could be walking through a path and not even know it.

As I said in the definition, marijuana is a mind altering drug. Weed, known as marijuana can be classified as a depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogen.

Weed as a depressant affect your nervous system and slow brain function. It can help to calm nerves and relax tense muscles. It can be used to treat several conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, or muscle spasms.

Weed as a stimulant will often increase your heart rate and blood pressure, causing rapid breathing in some people. It can cause paranoia.

Weed as a hallucinogen can alter your perception of reality. It can also cause nausea, dry mouth and loss of control of motor skills.

Smoking Weed can be very addicting. It’s a poor man drug; where many start with before moving on to other form of drugs.

Have you ever smell someone smoking marijuana? It smells like skunk in the area. Believe me, I know what a skunk smells like after they sprayed. I was raised on a farm. I have to admit, when I first would smell someone smoking pot, I thought there was a skunk in the area.

It smells worse than cigarettes. I can tolerate a good cigar smoke, because the odor isn’t as bad as cigarettes and pot.

Those who smoked weeds practically all their lives, their brain cells are being killed slowly for every smoke they take. Just like smoking cigarettes effects the lung.

I know I’m going to get criticized for being torn between legalizing marijuana or not by not just some so-called religious fanatic; but also the medical profession as well. There are something the doctors don’t want you to know. It will cut into them making a profit.

You be surprise to know that I got a CBD balm; which is a form of marijuana that is used for sore muscles; such as back, knee, or neck pain, etc.

The use of marijuana can be helpful in treating nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy. Yet it’s not approved by the FDA for treatment of cancer. Some studies suggest that smoking weed is better than taking chemo when battling cancer. The chemo itself is worse than the cancer. Whereas smoking weed is better for those battling cancer. It doesn’t make you as sick as chemo.

Believe me, if I ever get cancer, I would refuse the chemo and take my chances with the cancer. What cancer doesn’t kill you, the chemo will. I have seen people who suffered under chemotherapy and it wasn’t pretty. Not only did they lose their hair, they loss brain cells as well. They even beg for more morphine to deal with the pain. We all know what morphine can do to a person.

This past election, North Dakota had a chance to legalized marijuana. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for it because of being torn between these 2 reasons. Like any good things, it can be taken advantage of. If they can just used marijuana for only healing purposes; I might think differently. There are people who should stay away from smoking pot as well as other drugs and alcohol.

Plus a person have to be careful that don’t get the wrong stuff, known as wacky tobacco.

If you have any information on the use of marijuana for medical purposes, please let me know. Show me how we can make it legal for medical purposes and not recreational.

Have you ever read the book, “1984”?

This book that I’m holding is a biography of the book, “1984” by George Orwell.

I have read both books now. I have read “1984” when I was a Senior in High School. My high school English teacher recommended anyone in my class to read the book and do a report on it for extra credit; since we were the class of ’84. I have to admit doing it for extra credit was a plus; but I had to wonder about it because his choice of reading materials wasn’t always the best, if you know what I mean. I was curious, so I read the book.

Was he a prophet? Did he knew something back then I had no idea what he wanted us to believe or know?

When I read the book, I didn’t think nothing of it. I thought it was Science Fiction, much like Isaac Asimov’s works. When I looked back and also see the world today, that book is kind of scary. It’s not Science Fiction but rather a Prophecy of what George Orwell predicted back when he first wrote the book and published it in 1948. A little late than when it was predicted though.

“1984” was on the best seller list in 1948 and once again in 1984.

You can look at how the years were turned around, if that was a symbol.

Science Fiction is based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.

Prophecy is a prediction.

What is the difference between a Prophet and a Psychic?

A Psychic predict the future and a Prophet speak truth in power. People goes to a Psychic to see what the future may holds for them; whereas a Prophet is doubted and ridiculed by everyone.

We are living in a world in which nobody is free, in which hardly anybody is secure, in which it is almost impossible to be honest and to remain alive.

George Orwell criticised Communism so much more energetically than fascism because he had seen it up close and its appeal was more treacherous. I believe, if Orwell was alive today, he would do the same thing.

Can a Socialist be happy? Whoever tries to imagine perfection simply reveals his own emptiness.

The future, at any rate the immediate future, is not with the sensible men, but with the fanatics. The ones who wants to change everything to suit their own agenda.

If Welles could deceive so many people without even trying, what might a calculating liar do to the human mind.

A society founded on fear, hatred, and cruelty would have no vitality. It would disintegrate. It would commit suicide. This is what happening right now as those on the Left is destroying America, to make it more like China.

All propaganda is lies, even when one is telling the truth. I don’t think this matters as long as one knows what one is doing and why.

If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

George Orwell was afraid of big government telling you what to do; and that was back when Hitler was in power in Germany. We have that right now; where the big government is telling us what to do even if it goes against our principles. We have that in China and we have that here in the United States. A prime example is when Biden mandate everyone to get the vaccine or you’ll all going to pay.

As soon as fear, hatred, jealousy and power worship are involved, the sense of reality becomes unhinged. Biden, Dr. Fauci, and the fake mainstream news media played on this. Much like in the book, “1984”.

In the book, “1984” Big Brother is mentioned as watching us to control us. If you ask me, Big Brother is our corrupt government and fake mainstream news media. The government wants to control our every moves we make. They want to take away our freedom. They think that they know what is best.

Like in “1984” if a person speaks out against Big Brother, they are locked away and brainwashed. Much like, if a person speaks out against those in power, they are censored by social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. If anything is posted that they don’t like or agree with, they are shut down by the fact checker.

This is not completely new though. When Noah was building the ark on dry land, the people laughed at him and wouldn’t believe that a flood was coming.

Prophets were laughed at; whereas Psychic is praised. Does that make sense?

Some may see this blog as a Propaganda and would say that I’m out of my mind.

Don’t just take my word for it! Go ahead and read “1984” and also this book I’m holding to see for yourself. Like I said earlier, when I first read “1984” I didn’t think anything of it; but I have to admit I’m glad that Mr. Nelson recommended my class to read the book. That book is becoming our reality. I’m not crazy, read the book to see for yourself.

Was George Orwell a Prophet ahead of his time? Was Mr. Nelson a Prophet as well? Was “1984” a Prophecy or Science Fiction?

I believe it was a Prophecy. George Orwell just had the wrong year.

I’m not spreading Propaganda. I’m telling what I sees and comparing it to what I read back in high school. Believe me, I don’t think I’m alone in this. Every once in awhile Tucker Carlson, my brother from a different mother , is saying the same thing.

Now it’s in your hands, what are you going to do about it? It’s up to you now! You can call me crazy. You can try to shut me down because you think I’m spreading Propaganda or you can check it out for yourself.

Thank you George Orwell for writing “1984.” Thank you, Mr. Nelson for recommending the class of 1984 to read the book.

What is your personality type? Are you passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive?

A passive person is describe as someone who doesn’t take action but instead let things happen to them. They easily are victimized by others.

An aggressive person describes any behavior or act aimed at harming a person. As a rule, they are a bully.

Passive-aggressive person is when you express negative feelings indirectly instead of openly talking about them.

An aggressive person comes across as a bully. They will pick on someone who they sees as being weak and easily taken advantage of. Have you ever been bullied by someone? You can be bullied in person or online. As Taylor Swift sang about, “Why do you have to be so Mean?”

Are you the kind of person who is victimized a lot by others? Are you easily taken advantage of or bullied? Do people tends to abuse you because of your nature? Do they pick on you because they finds it easier to do so?

Some say, if you don’t stand up for yourself, you are just a coward and you deserve what you get.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to remain a victim all your life. Those in counseling learn this rather quickly to take back your life from those who abused you in the past or even in the present.

A passive person hates to make waves. They are afraid to offend someone. My mother was the kind of person who was afraid of making waves. Those who doesn’t want to make waves will stay in an abusive relationship no matter what. They don’t see abuse unless there’s bruises. They don’t see psychological and emotional abuse as being abuse.

There are some who don’t like someone who comes across as being passive-aggressive. They sees them as troublemakers, and not easily controlled.

In a way, Trump was a passive-aggressive person even though he came across as a bully. I don’t know about you; but I kind of miss his mean tweets. At least, the economy was better! He had a backbone. He wasn’t afraid to call it out; and call a spade a spade.

Even though Jesus would say to turn the other cheek; he wasn’t a wimp, that would take the abuse. In a way, he was passive-aggressive also. Jesus knew when to take a stand and when not too. There was a time that Jesus told the Pharisees off and threw them out of the temple. Then there was time when Jesus just turned the other cheek; especially when he was being beaten and hung on the cross. He even said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer leaders who has a backbone. Someone who isn’t afraid to take a stand. President Reagan was also the kind of person who also wasn’t afraid to take a stand as well. He ordered the air traffic controller to get back to work or be fired. He ordered Gorbachev to tear down the wall in Berlin, Germany. He had more tact than Trump though; so he didn’t come across as a bully as Trump did.

There are a few good Republicans out there who actually got some balls. They are willing to stand up against the Establishment. They are willing to stand up against people like Mitch McConnell. Those are the kind of people I will vote for.

When a person takes on corporation or anyone like that, they are called out for it. They are known for having an attitude. If you speak out against them, you have an attitude. They want you to toll the mark or else! They want you to comply. As Biden will say, “You are all gonna pay if you don’t comply!”

For the longest time I was a passive person. I was easily abused and taken advantage of by bullies. I was bullied a lot growing up. I’m learning to stand up for myself. I’m learning to become a better person and more passive-aggressive. Some may see me with having an attitude because of it too.

We are not robots. We were created to have a mind of our own. It’s time we also get a backbone as well. When you stand up for yourself, some people thinks you shouldn’t do it and should apologize for it. I believe it scares them to see people actually standing up for themselves against the MAN.

I don’t know if the title fit; maybe another title might be “Who I am.” You tell me which is a better title?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? It doesn’t matter how you see. All that matters is how you see yourself. What do you see in the mirror about yourself? Are you a robot and a yes person or are you someone who will stand up for yourself and take a stand for what you believe even if it’s against the status quo?

Like I said earlier, I was very passive. I was easily bullied by others growing up. I’m learning to stand up for myself. If that’s having an attitude, so be it. I’m not going to be a victim anymore.

Like Jesus, sometimes, there is a place and time for everything. Sometimes, a person has to know when to speak up and when not too. My blog is my platform to speak out against the injustice of those who wants to control us.

When they can control us and have us being passive rather than passive-aggressive, those in power very much like that.

Don’t let them tell you that you have an attitude because you choose to stand up for yourself. It’s them who have the problems not you. There’s no need to apologize for standing up for yourself either. As in the song, “Coward of the County”, sometimes you have to fight; otherwise they will win.