Are you the kind of person who is easily fooled?

As the title of this book by Art Buchwald stated, “You can fool all the people all the time?”

A quote from Pres. Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the times, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” He also said, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

All is fair in love and war!

When you are dating someone, they can easily fool you because your heart is in that person. Much the same way, if you don’t do your research, you can easily be fooled by others. We need to know the truth to keep us from being fooled.

Yet, when you are dating someone, you don’t reveal too much about yourself because you are trying to win her/his love.

Much the same way as con artist who are trying to pull a wool over your eyes to con you out of your money. They will comes up with elaborate schemes to con you.

Just like these career politicians, they looks for way to con you to get your votes. They make promises that they never intend to keep.

Just like these politicians, the mainstream news media and Big Tech are counting on the ability to fool us. If they tell us everything we need to know about the candidates, they can keep us in the dark. They want to keep us dumb-down; that way they easily control us.

Throughout last year election, big tech did all they can to keep the facts of Joe and Hunter Biden out of the mainstream news. They were trying to beat Trump anyway they can. If anyone posted anything on Joe or Hunter Biden, Big Tech will shut it down under the guise of fact check. Because they didn’t want the truth out about them at all.

I have to admit, I was fooled few years ago. Back in 2004, I almost didn’t vote in that election because I didn’t want George W. Bush or John Kerry. Then about 2 weeks before the election, Bush promised to appoint Pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. Of course, he never did.

Another time I was fooled was by Obama. Now Obama ran on change that a lot of us were looking for. The change he was talking about wasn’t the change we all wanted and needed in Washington. It wasn’t until Trump came alone and brought the real change to Washington. The change they didn’t want us to have.

This past week on Tucker Carlson, he mentioned that Big Tech doesn’t want the American people to know the truth about the vaccine. If we knew the truth, how many would still take the vaccine and how many wouldn’t? They would even shut anyone down if they post anything on the vaccine that they don’t agree with. It will be under the guise of fact-check.

Much the same way as Big Brother in the book, “1984.” They and government wants to control us and our every moves. They want to keep us dumb; that way they can control us easily.

The same way, if anyone finds a cure for cancer or such; the doctors and Pharmaceutical will either have that person killed or disappeared; and destroy any possible cure. They want the public to be at their beck and call. It’s all about following the money. They wouldn’t want to lose money if the truths came out.

The government and Big Tech are the same way. They don’t want to lose money and power.

A good preacher will have you read the Bible along with him/her to make sure that they are accurate. If they don’t do that, they can say almost anything and you will believe it. They can say that the sky is falling and you will you believe it; if you are not up to the truth and do your own research.

I mean, in the Catholic Church, the priest don’t emphasis that you read the Bible.

Even today’s teachers are avoiding teaching the students certain things in our history; that way they can keep them dumb down on our history.

It’s alright to get your facts straight. By being up on your facts and the truths, they cannot control you like they want to. Don’t be stupid and let them control what we need to know.

It’s alright to make sure that I got my facts straight. I’m not here to try to fool you. I’m here to inform you to what is going on and to warn you.

Stay tuned for next week, part 2 when the American people will finally have enough about being fooled by our government.

Who did you have a crush on when you were either a kid or a teenager? What celebrity did you have a crush on growing up?

Boys aren’t the only ones who had crushes on female celebrities. Girls and young women have crushes on male celebrities.

In the fifties, young women were in love with Elvis, my mother included.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s it was David Cassidy from the Partridge Family that teenage girls fell for and fell in love with.

Most recently, it was Justin Bieber turn to turned young girls head and heart. He didn’t just turned their heads with his looks. He also turned old pervert on as well.

Now to the reason for this picture and blog.

When I was a young boy, I had a huge crush on Farrah Faucet. She was my favorite angel on Charley’s Angel. Like many young boys, I had her poster up on my wall in my bedroom and fantasied about her.

Some boys may had a crush on Bo Derek from the movie, “10”. She didn’t holds a candle to Farrah.

It was her beautiful brown hair, her beautiful smile and smoking hot body that turned me on as a pre-teen boy. I mean, look at her picture. Wasn’t she just smoking hot?

At the time that she was starring on Charley’s Angels, she was also married to actor, Lee Major; who starred in the “6 Million Dollars Man.” Now Lee became jealous of her newfound fame; as she was becoming as popular if not more as him. They eventually were divorced; but it wasn’t a horrible divorce. I mean, they remained friends; which doesn’t usually happened in a divorce.

She was only on Charley’s Angels for one season; but her fame continue shining long after. Even though, she was a sex symbol in Hollywood, she wanted to be more than just a sex symbol. She wanted to stretch her acting ability to prove that she could do it. One of her biggest role was in a made-for-TV movies, “The Burning Bed.” It was a true story based on a wife who burned her abusive husband to death. She was able to stretch her acting with that role and prove that she was more than just a pretty face and a sex symbol.

She also did Broadway and a the movie, “The Apostle”, starting Robert Duvall.

She was involved with Ryan O’Neal; who happened to had been friends with Lee Major. They had a son together named, Redmond. Like any of Ryan O’Neal’s children, Redmond also had his shares of problems. I have to admit, Redmond does look like Ryan.

The love affair between Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Faucet was very much similar to the movie, “Love Story”, that Ryan co-starred with Ali McGraw. Even though, they had a son, they never married. They were on-again-off-again throughout her life. She had cancer; much the same way as Ali McGraw’s character in Love Story did.

She was born in February and she loss her battle with cancer in February. When she died of cancer, I cried much the same way my mother cried when Elvis passed away.

You can say that I was jealous that Ryan O’Neal had gotten Farrah and not I.

On this Valentine’s Day, did you end up with your first love? Farrah was my very first love, first crush.

Tom Hanks said when he first saw his wife, Rita Wilson on the Brady Bunch, that he was going to marry her. And he did too.

When Brad Paisley first saw Kimberly Williams in the movie, “Father of the Bride.” He also said that he was going to marry her. Guess what, they are also married!

2 lucky guys who married their first crush.

Who would you say is the most valuable quarterback?

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. A day set up for America’s biggest pastime and also having the most viewers on Television. This is year it’s the Buccaneers vs. the Chiefs. The Buccaneers may be leading but I hope that the Chiefs win. I know that they won last year. I also know that the Buccaneers made history by having home field advantage during the Super Bowl.

The reason I’m not rooting for the Buccaneers is because I’m not a fan of Tom Brady. Some may say that he’s one of the most valuable quarterback. I have to disagree. It has nothing to do with who he supported or even was friends with.

This past week, Tom Brady was under fire by the Leftist media and Trump’s hater because he was friends and supported Trump. That’s no reason to despise Brady!

The reason I don’t believe Brady is the Most Valuable Quarterback is that he got this smugness about him. The year that him and the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl because of the deflate football scandal are the reasons I’m not a Brady’s fan. I believe they cheated. Tom Brady just got a slap on the wrist because of it. The Patriots and Tom Brady should had the Super Bowl win taken away from them.

Whenever any other football team can wipe the smug off Tom Brady’s face, I’m a happy man.

Now Patrick Mahones, and the coach for the Kansas City Chiefs are a Christian. Plus, I have been to the Chief’s stadium in Kansas City. Is he the most valuable quarterback? He’s young yet and so it’s still early to tell.

Some may be upset with me to what I said about Tom Brady. Some also may be upset with what I will say about Carson Wentz. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy to see North Dakota’s own boy and NDSU star quarterback to go pro and be drafted by the Eagles. That’s always great to see. I was glad to see the Eagles under Wentz beat the Patriots during their Super Bowl.

Now Wentz isn’t the greatest quarterback as people may think he is. I think his ego, much like Brady’s ego had gotten too big. He became too big for his britches. He let fame go to his head and because of it, he lost focus to the game of football. He needs to grow up a little.

Carson Wentz is young like Patrick Mahones is; so who knows what could happen as Wentz get older. I would probably pick Mahones over Wentz as a better quarterback maybe because of his Christian faith that may be helping to stay grounded.

Let’s take a look at the Manning’s brothers, Eli and Peyton Manning. Don’t get me wrong, they both are good quarterbacks. Plus, they have followed in their father’s footsteps. I would even pick them over Tom Brady.

Another valuable quarterback is Brett Favre; and not because he played for one of the best NFL team, Green Bay Packers either. He was so good, even the Minnesota Vikings wanted him before he finally retired. Yet, he couldn’t help the Vikings get to the Super Bowl. It goes to show that there was no hope for the Vikings, when they just keep choking in the playoffs. In other words, it wasn’t Brett Favre fault.

John Elway was a very valuable quarterback, and he played for the Denver Broncos. He took the Broncos to the Super Bowl 5 times before winning one on the 5th try. He wasn’t about to give up until him and the Broncos can finally win a Super Bowl.

There had been at least 3 NFL team who been to the Super Bowl 4 times and not win. The Broncos, the Vikings, and the Buffalo Bills. Finally, on the 5th try the Broncos was able to win a Super Bowl for John Elway. He was then able to retire once he accomplished that feat.

Right there, that put Elway toward the top of the heap for the most valuable quarterback. There’s still one more quarterback better. The one who gets my vote as the most valuable quarterback. And that one is Joe Montana. Now Joe Montana played for the San Francisco 49’rs before going over to the Kansas City Chiefs and finally retiring. I don’t know if there’s any who can match or beat Montana’s record.

These are only a few quarterbacks that I pick. Some are most valuables and some are not. You may either agree or disagree, that’s your choice. If there’s quarterback that I didn’t mention that you may felt are most valuable, go ahead and comment. I can’t name all the quarterbacks. This blog could get long and boring. Plus, there are too many to name. So I only pick a few, and gave them

When you watch the news, have you noticed how bias they are. They seems to favor the Democrats over the Republicans. They seems to be harder on a Republican President than a Democrat President. The same goes with anyone who is running for President. They seems to be harder on the Conservatives as well.

I have studied Journalism back in college at NDSU; and they are not to be bias. They are suppose to keep their opinion to themselves as they report the news. The are to give full fairness to both sides of the political tracks. Yet, they don’t do that!

Let’s start with the Watergate Scandal under President Nixon. I was just a kid during that time. I’m not saying Nixon was innocent or guilty.

Under Watergate, Nixon and certain others were accused of breaking into the Democrats headquarters. Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached. Not only did it hurt him, it also hurt Pres. Ford, who finished off his last 2 years. It also hurt the Republican party until 1980 when Ronald Reagan ran for President.

Reagan was very popular and the media and the Democrats tried to cut him down with the Iran-Contra Scandal. Thank God they couldn’t do it and he went down in history as one of the best President. since John F. Kennedy.

When Bill Clinton was President, the scandal that almost toppled him was Whitewater. The news media mentioned that the lawyer involved in that scandal had committed suicide. You can’t tell me that he committed suicide. It doesn’t add up. He was murdered and the Clintons, Bill and Hillary both got away with murder.

When it came to impeaching Clinton, they couldn’t get him for that crime. They only got him for perjury involving having oral sex in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky. That ended up turning into a big joke that left the Republicans with eggs all over their face.

You see, the Clintons and the mainstream news media covered their tracks very well.

Pres. Nixon didn’t have the news media on his side like the Clintons did.

In 2016 and a little before when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Obama, she was accused in the Benghazi scandal of many lives being lost under Hillary Clinton’s watch. She even had problems with her emails that she had deleted important emails. When questioned, she responded, “What difference does it makes?”

When James Comey was the director of the FBI, he covered for Hilary Clinton instead of going after her. He chose to go after Pres. Trump instead.

He was behind the Russian collusion investigation. Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media all cried foul and concluded that the Russians were behind Trump winning that election. They made it their life’s dream to take down Trump anyway possible.

They even look into the Ukraine’s investigation; which turned out that it was more against Joe and Hunter Biden, and their crooked business dealings under the Obama’s Presidency. It turned out also that Pres. Obama had his people spied on Trump’s campaign.

Pres. Obama and the Democrats denied it. The mainstream news media refused to cover it as well.

Joe Biden was Vice-President under Obama; so he was just as dirty. The news media and Big Tech didn’t want the American people to know it.

All through the 2020 election, the mainstream news media refused to do their jobs and cover any stories involving Joe and his son, Hunter Biden. Even Big Tech got involved. If anyone posted anything about Joe or Hunter Biden on Facebook or Twitter, they put a stop to it under the guise of “fact check.”

If they were actually fact checking, they would had done their job by truly investigating into both Joe and Hunter Biden.

It was also a proven fact, that Hunter claimed that his laptop was stolen. There’s also proofs of their involvement with China illegal business dealings. But the Big Tech and Corporate News Media didn’t want the American people to know the truth. Because they knew if the truth came out, Trump would had won his reelection easily.

So you tell me, is the mainstream news media bias? Do they favor the Democrats and Liberals over the Republicans and Conservatives? Did they cover up for Biden; much the same way as they covered up for both Bill and Hillary Clinton? Did they also covered up for Obama as well?

When Trump and some of the Republicans claimed voters fraud, the Democrats, Big Tech, and Corporate Media Mafia denied the whole thing to make Trump look like a sore loser.

Now you tell me, if Biden would had lost, would they all be screaming that Trump cheated the election? You bet they would.

Now Biden, the Democrats, mainstream news media and Big Tech will probably be upset for this blog coming out. They would probably try to stop this blog from getting out to the American people. They wouldn’t want the truth out.

But this is America and under the Constitution we have the Freedom of Speech. The American people has the rights to know the truth; even if they try to stop it.

You may be surprised even with all this Trump will still go down in history as a popular President tried to drain the swamp in Washington. The mainstream news media, the Democrats, the Rhino Republicans and Big Tech would tried to keep that from happening though.

What guy doesn’t look at a beautiful woman who is a perfect 10 and want to be with them?

What woman looks at a guy who is hot and wants to be with them?

If you don’t meet “hot” standard, male or female, you are up a creek without a paddle.

I’m here to tell you that God said to Samuel when looking for a king to replace Saul, ” Man looks at the outward appearance; whereas God looks at the heart.”

So you see, looks are not everything. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Look at the heart of a person and get to know them. Don’t laugh at them because they don’t meet your standard. Instead love them anyway!

Just like those who are either a homosexual or a lesbian, they just want to be love. You don’t have to accept their lifestyles or agree with them, but love them. They are still God’s children and God doesn’t make junk. He loves us all the same no matter the circumstances.

There’s one thing that Michelle Bachman did was knocking Tim Pawlenty out of the race for President. But that was the only thing she did right. I didn’t agree with her idea of deprogramming gays at a gay camp.

You can’t deprogram them anymore than you can pray the gay away.

Some may say that some people are gay because of their DNA. I don’t agree with that.

I believe and there are some who may agree also. I believe something may had happened to them as a child to make them gay. It’s psychological.

There’s may be 1 in a family who is gay; that you may or may not know about. This picture is a picture of my cousin, Harry. I have learned that he is gay. When this picture was taken, he was in his teens and at that time the family didn’t knew he was gay.

His sister felt that she was responsible for him being gay because when he was younger, she would dressed him up as a girl. I doubt that had any affect at all.

I believed that he was starving for love and affection that he never really gotten from his father.

Like so many who are gay, I believe that they just want to be love. They are striving for what they missed growing up and will take it wherever they can find it. Harry may not been accepted by some of his brothers or other members in the family. I may had been just as guilty when the last time I saw him, I probably wasn’t the best cousin to him.

Some so-called Religious leaders would judge those who are gays very harshly, and condemned them. You don’t have to accept their lifestyles choices. You just need to love them anyway. I love my cousin, Harry despite of his choices he made.

Just like I love my one cousin who is a Trump Hater, Democrat, Leftist, a Socialist. I may get mad at him for constantly bashing Trump; but I still love him.

The only way to eliminate the hate is through love. Love wins all the time!

When Joe Biden talked about unity for this country, it starts with loving others, fault and all. Love and accept one another no matter what their lifestyle choices may be or their political views. Don’t judge them because you don’t like the way they voted or their lifestyles. Look at their heart instead!

Some of you may have heard that big tech wants to deprogram all Conservatives. That’s the same way as some so-called religious leaders who wants deprogram those who are gay.

The message from these last 3 blogs is this: we must learn to get along with one another. We must learn to love one another.

The Jews may had been God’s chosen people; but we are all God’s children. It doesn’t matter if you are a Jew, Muslim, or Christian. It doesn’t even matter if you are an unbeliever. It shouldn’t matter if you are gay or straight. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican. God loves us all and He commands us to love one another. That is one of the 10 Commandments.

I hope these 3 blogs really speak to you and show you that in the end Love wins. I welcome your comments. If these blogs speak to you press like. If you feel offended, tell me in your comment. I won’t judge you. I love you as Christ loved us all.

You cannot stop the hatred. Hatred has been around since the beginning of time. Hatred has been around since Cain and Abel back in Genesis.

Now Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve. Cain was a farmer; while Abel was a shepherd. Cain hated Abel because of jealousy. He was jealous that Abel was favored over him because of an offering. Because of that jealousy and hatred, Cain committed the first murder. If you know your Bible, you know what happened next.

There are other examples of hatred in the Bible as well. King Saul ended up hating David because he too was jealous and was afraid of losing being king to David. He was all set to hunt and kill David. In the end, King Saul ended up committing suicide.

So you see what hate and jealousy can do to a person. It could make them want to commit the horrible crime of murder.

Even the Jewish leaders back in Jesus days hated Jesus because He wasn’t what they expected and that he made them take a good hard look at themselves.

They hated Jesus much the same way as the Democrats, some Republicans, and the mainstream news media hated Trump. They hated Trump because he didn’t played by the rules of Washington. They hated Trump because he stood up to them.

The last 4 years has been nothing but hate basting of President Trump by all those Trump’s hater out there. The biggest group of hate is ANTIFA.

When Obama was President, he passed a hate bill in hope of putting a stop to all the hatred in America.

I’m here to tell you that you cannot regulate hate and love. You can’t make a person love anymore than you can make a person stop hating others for whatever reasons.

Love comes from the heart.

When we man up and deal with what’s lodged in our hearts, we’ll be healthier, lighter, and lovable.

You can teach our kids to love like you can teach them to hate.

If you have Christ in your heart, you are more apt to love others unconditionally. You may hate what someone may do, their lifestyles, or if their beliefs is different than yours.

Before Donald Trump ran for President, he was liked by the media, Hollywood, and Democrats; but once he ran for President and won, they hated him for no real reasons.

You probably heard a mother saying to her kids, “I will always love you. If things change, I will let you know.”

I was surprised when I heard that my step-dad voted for Obama in 2008. Growing up, my step-dad came across as being racist through his comments. Now that hatred didn’t rub off on me.

I think, he lived a sheltered life so he didn’t had much encounter with other race and colors. Whereas, I had a different encounter than he had.

I remembered a horrible nightmare I had in which I was walking in Detroit Lakes and saw the KKK harassing a black guy. I told them to leave him alone and they started chasing me. I woke up scared and was afraid to get back to sleep.

I learned the real reason my step-dad voted for Obama was he didn’t wanted Hillary Clinton. He also didn’t want John McCain and his running mate, Sara Palin. He was more of a sexist than a racist. He couldn’t handle a woman being in control.

When Joe Biden talked about unity, I have to laugh. I mean, where was that unity 4 years ago. They couldn’t unite with Trump for the good of America and the American people. They try and try to make Trump’s life a living hell. They made it their life’s obligation to hate Trump for no real reasons. They were jealous of him and what he was able to accomplished. He didn’t play by their rules much like Jesus didn’t played by the religious leaders in His days.

A message to Joe Biden: if he wants unity in the United States, he should stand up to his fellow Democrats and tell them to stop with the impeachment of Pres. Trump. If he doesn’t man up, there will never be unity in this country. He will see Hatred as bad as Trump did.

This Trump’s supporter will hate Biden; and I know it’s not the Christian things to do. I believe that I won’t be alone. Millions of Trump’s supporters will stand together to take down Biden, the Democrats, big Tech, Corporate Media Mafia, and the weak Republicans who dare not stand with and for Pres. Trump.

So you see you cannot make someone love anymore than you can stop the hate. Love comes from the heart. Those who are Christians are more likely to love with Agape love. It doesn’t mean that we can’t hate though.

Love comes from God; while hate comes from the devil. It says in Revelation, there will be more hatred in the last days because the devil knows his time is coming to an end. So he will do all he can win over as many people as he can before the last days.

If you wants to end hatred, learn to love others and be a like to someone instead. Let the love of Jesus flows from your heart.

Stay tune for next week blog in part 3 of this theme.

In the book of Genesis, God told Abram that he will be the father of many nations. He even changed his name to Abraham. Now Abraham was up in age and so was his wife, Sarah. Sarah laughed when she heard this.

Since both Sarah and Abraham was up in age, Sarah had her maidservant, Hagar sleep with Abraham as the first surrogate. Thus, Ishmael was conceived and born.

Now Ishmael was the father of the Muslims religion. Thus the reason for the feud between the Muslims and the Jews over Israel and Palestine. They both are claiming rights for the promise land in the Middle East.

It was after Sarah gave birth to Isaac that she ordered Abraham to get Hagar and Ishmael away from her son. Like any husband, he knew to obey and honor his wife; but at the same time he had an obligation to his other son as well, like a good father should. He did what he could to make sure that Ishmael was well taken care of.

Fast forward to the beginning of America, America was founded under the Christian values. Our Founding Fathers even put it into our Constitution.

So the Jews, Muslims and Christians share Abraham; who became the father of many nations. Even though the Jews and Muslims are at odds with each others; the Jews and Christians are allies. They weren’t always though. It was the Jews who crucified Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

You may wondered why the Jews were known as God’s chosen people when they were the ones who crucified Jesus Christ. It was because of Abraham and the promise that God made to him.

The Jews had messed up throughout their histories, were put into exile and the Lord brought them back time and time again. That’s the nature of God!

I mean, we all are God’s chosen people when it comes right down to it.

Anyone who would dare attack Israel and the Jews were punished by God. Just like anyone who stand and defend them are bless. It says so in the book of Revelation.

Let’s look at World War 2, Hitler was set on destroying the Jewish community. He eventually committed suicide when he noticed he was losing the takeover of the world.

It was Golda Meir who brought the Jews back to Israel right after World War 2, with the help of America. America made it their obligation to defend Israel from then on. They prosper because of it too.

Things start changing though when oil was discovered in the Middle East. America became dependent on the Middle East for that oil. They became torn between their obligation to Israel and wanting and needing the oil in the Middle East. Some of the Middle Eastern countries were controlled by the Muslims. Thus we get the Muslim terrorist who hate America.

They hate America not only for our Christian views but also for us defending Israel.

Any country who would dare defend Israel and the Jews would be bless by God but become the enemies of those who hated the Jews.

Pres. Jimmy Carter was responsible for the Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt.

It is the President of the United States job to protect Israel against the Muslims. Yet, under Pres. Obama, he neglected to do that when he sided with the Muslims instead.

Pres. Trump was up for a Nobel Peace Prize because of his peace treaty with Israel. The Jews and the Christians both supported Trump because of it.

Both Rashida Tiab and Ihan Omar were upset of being banned from going to Israel to see family because of their Muslim’s faith. Pres. Trump and the Prime Minister of Israel were concerned about them going because of what damage they could do. They had every rights to be concerned too.

Any good Conservative Republicans know that it’s America’s obligation to protect Israel; whereas, the Progressive Left on the Democrats side are more in protecting the Muslims instead.

Whose sides are you on?

I hope this does this justice for the Jewish people as well as Christians.

The first commandment is There shall be no other gods before me. I, the Lord, God is a jealous God.

We are not to make idols into our gods. Yet, after Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt, that was what they did.

In the Catholic Church, the Catholic Priest are called, Fathers. I don’t know about you; but I cannot call them, father; even though it’s suppose to be out of respect. They are not fathers. They don’t deserve that title. God is the Father. That is blasphemy! They are making the priests into an idol.

Let’s get to the real reason for this blog. Those are 2 examples of certain groups of people playing god; but this blog isn’t about them.

Way back in 1996, scientist successfully cloned a sheep by using the nucleus from a mammary gland. The sheep was called Dolly. I don’t know about you; but that’s playing god.

I’m all for science research to a point but not when it comes to the point of them playing god.

Just last year, Covid`19 came about from China. There was this theory that the Coronavirus started in the lab involving bats that had gotten away. They were messing with the balance of nature; much to the same way as the scientist who cloned a sheep.

My question is: why doesn’t the news questioned this? Why don’t they and government finds out what really happened by investigating. This is terrorist and whoever is responsible for this should be held accountable for it. They should be brought to trial and sentenced to die as terrorist.

Yet, nothing may not even happen to them because those in the government have business dealing with the Chinese government. They don’t see them as a threat; like they saw Russia as a threat. Russia isn’t a threat anymore like they used to be; because of President Reagan.

With Russia, they wanted to destroy the world; but with China, they want to take over the United States. Some of our government officials are allowing that to happen. Chuck Schumer even said, “we will sell United States to China if the Democrats have total control.”

Those in China behind this Coronavirus are terrorist and what they did was downright meant for a war. They must be prosecuted for it and brought in for justice to be serve.

In these Liberal states, those on the Left shut everything down including churches. It’s bad for the economy and it’s playing god by telling us we can’t go to church.

Then they mandate the wearing of masks, as though we aren’t capable of protecting ourselves. They thinks that we are a bunch of rednecks that needs to be told what to do by them. The government is to overlook the country not control the people; that’s Socialism!

During the Spanish Flu, I highly doubt that the government shut everything down like this pandemic. Back then, people had more common sense than they do now. People were healthier because there wasn’t the poisons that we have today. They ate healthier. There wasn’t poisons in our food, water, air, and ground as there is today.

The mainstream news media, under the disguise of Corporate Media Mafia refused to do their job when it came to investigating reporting involving Joe and Hunter Biden and their illegal business dealings.

Will you parse for truth or just assume facts are friendly?

The Corporate Media Mafia was hiding the truth from the American people about Joe Biden. Whenever someone would post any truths about them on Facebook and Twitter, they would delete it. The reason, they give was: they were fact checkers and it didn’t adds up to what they want or believed. They were playing god by withholding information from the American people. They didn’t care. All they cared was to defeat Pres. Trump. Even if they had to cheat to do so!

Now that the vaccines is discovered, the government wants everyone to be vaccinated. There are people who will do it to. I, myself, will not take the vaccine unless forced to by my job. If I have to, I know what I need to take to dilute the poisons from my system. There are people who won’t take the vaccines because of the uncertainty of it. Biden wondered why Trump hasn’t mandated that everyone take the vaccines. Mr. Joe Biden, that is playing god with our lives. This country was founded on freedom and we have the freedom not to take the vaccines and the freedom of religion.

I’ve heard that the government might let big businesses make people take the vaccines if they wants a job, fly to other countries or states, or go to any kinds of events. This way their hands will be kept clean. Deep down, they know that the American people has a mistrust of the government.

Are you allowing certain people to play god in your life? Is there any idols in your life? Ask God to help to remove them.

You know by allowing the government to force you to take the vaccine is similar to getting the mark of the beast; which is 666. Anyone without the mark of the beast will not be able to purchase or sell.

I could go on with the mark of the beast but that’s a whole different blog.

In the end, when Jesus does return, they will get theirs just dessert. God will cut them down for making idols above God. God will cut them down for playing god with people’s lives.

That was Johnny Cash last song, and one of my favorite on u tube and otherwise.

2020 hasn’t been a good year! It’s a year that we would all love to forget about. I don’t know about you, I wasn’t even in the mood for Christmas this year because of how horrible this year had been; and I’m not talking politically.

This book that I’m holding up asked the question, Where would Jesus worship? The vital question is: What if Jesus came back today? What would He thinks about all that went down this year?

You think that He was angry at those who used His temple as a market; and He threw over tables and yelled, “You have turned my temple into a den of thieves?”

Would He be as forgiving as He was on the cross when He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing?”

This Pandemic was a warning from God to the world and the church. Have you heed the warning or are you choosing to ignore it?

It’s a long time coming, this warning for United States and the world to shape up. We are becoming like Sodom and Gomorra. Even the church hasn’t done enough to save God’s people from destruction.

They have taken God and the Bible out of our schools. They even have taken prayers out of our schools and other activities, such as graduation.

When they took the Bible and prayers out of our schools, violence became rampant.

They have taken the 10 Commandments out our courts and even the monuments in front of the old City Hall in Fargo, ND and other cities as well.

They want to take out “In God We Trust” off our money. They want to destroy every existence of God and Jesus, His Son.

Our Founding Father would roll over in their grave if they knew how those on the Left wants to take away our religious liberties. This country was founded on religious principles and freedom. Even though religion and politics are supposed to separated. For it said, “Religion and State are to be kept separate.

Jesus wouldn’t be too happy of all hatred in this world right now. He commanded us to love one another; but this past 4 years there has been nothing but hatred at anyone who disagree with those doing the hating on the Left.

There have been more killings lately because of the hatred. I’m not just talking about the innocent unborn babies.

This past year there was riots in many major cities across this country. There was even the group Black Lives Matters were formed to banned against the polices in hoping to defund them. To them, I say, “Not just black lives matter, all lives matter!”

Few weeks ago, I heard a sermon about Jesus being missing and His parents went back to Jerusalem looking for Him. They found Him at the temple sitting at the Priest’s feet listening, learning, and worshipping. Is Jesus missing today?

With the way things are looking in the world and in the church, I would have to say, “Hell Yea!!”

Where would Jesus worship? Is there any churches out there who is standing up for Jesus? Is there any churches out there doing their job at witnessing and leading others to Christ and save the lost souls?

What is so sad is that lost souls around the world are hungering for and running to the true power of the gospel that saves, delivers and heals; and the church in America is running from it.

The world and its way are passing! We see the bondage that people are in, the destruction of the family.

Our Christian values are being slowly destroyed more and more. If we’re not careful, we will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorra.

Souls must be at the forefront of every church’s values. Especially now more than ever before it’s too late!

Would Jesus worship in a church which struggles with believing the full gospel and makes excuses for not receiving all He has for them?

Let’s face it; the church in America is in trouble!

Would Jesus worship at your church if, in fact, your church is primarily concerned about meeting the carnal needs of it’s members more than their spiritual needs?

Would Jesus worship at a church which believe the end justifies the means?

Would Jesus attend a church which has good worship, good preaching, and even good fellowship; but lack the presence of the Holy Spirit to help them grow spiritually?

Would Jesus worship in a church that has no strong convictions and fell for every new fads that came along?

Would Jesus feel comfortable worshipping in a church where the pastor’s ego is bigger than his love for the Lord? In other words someone who comes across as being self-righteous.

Would Jesus worship in a church that has no fire or spiritual desires? Would He worship in a church that is complacent about the lost?

I remembered years ago, after going to a revival service in one church and then the following weekend going to whole different church and I swear, I didn’t feel the fire and felt the Holy Spirit in that church. It was like coming down hard off the mountain.

Believe me, after this year, America is in desperate need to get back to God. It’s time the church step up to the plate to help America come back to God. It’s time the church works to wins souls for Christ before it’s too late for America and the world.

This year was a warning to America, the world and even the churches. Are we going to heed the warning or ignore it?

I know that we don’t know the exact day and time that Jesus Christ will return. Don’t you think that America should come back to God before Jesus does return though.

This is my prayer for America and for the churches!

How many have heard someone say this either at work or wherever?

How many pastors have heard this in their churches from their members?

It’s almost winter times! Yet so far in North Dakota there isn’t any snow yet. Yet, you know that it will eventually come.

How many of you hated when the dreaded snow plow comes whirling by right after you just shovel or blown the snow from your driveway and sidewalks? I wouldn’t doubt as they are driving by plowing the streets, they are laughing at you as they blow the snow back into your driveway and blocking your sidewalk. Just so you have to do it again. Doesn’t that just pissed you off?

Think about it as you are walking and comes to a snowbanks before crossing the road. Some of those snowbanks are steep and can be slippery. You don’t know where the ice will be as you are climbing up and then down the other side. You could actually slip on ice going down into the road; where you may get hurt or even possibly get hit by an oncoming vehicle, that may have a hard time stopping in time because of the ice.

The snowplow drivers should be ashamed of themselves for blocking off those sidewalks near intersection. As a person gets older, it’s harder on our body when we fall on ice.

I think the snowplow drivers should be dock $50 from their paychecks for every sidewalks and driveways they block off while plowing the streets. Especially, after all the hard work you have done to clear your driveway and sidewalks.

There’s sidewalks in the median between the frontage road and the University Drive in Fargo, ND, that is never cleared off. You actually have to walk on the road before you crossing. Now that is very dangerous, with cars driving by not wanting to share the road or can’t share the road. It’s almost like the city of Fargo is saying, that’s not part of my job to clear that sidewalks; it’s the businesses in front. Who’s job is it to clear that sidewalk anyway? Shouldn’t someone takes responsibility for it?

The last 2 years, no one plowed out the bus shelter in front of the Fargo Dome across from McDonalds on North University. There was a huge snowbanks right there. You either stand on the road to wait for the bus and hope you don’t get hit or stand on top of the snowbank and be careful when stepping down to step into the bus. The city of Fargo and Mat bus services didn’t want to plow that out because they felt that the Fargo Dome should do it being it’s in front. Somebody should had done it. If there was an accident and someone was either injured or killed because of that, who would be liable?

Have you ever went walking in the wintertime while the weather was nice to be out to enjoy? As you are walking, have you ever noticed how some neighbors sidewalks wasn’t plowed off? So you either are walking through deep snow or on the streets; where once again isn’t safe because of icy roads and oncoming vehicles.

It seems that people just take care of their own sidewalks and forget about their neighbors. Or they will only plow so far and leave the rest thinking that’s not my property.

You all heard the jingle for All-State insurance that said, “Like a good neighbor, we’re there for you!” Are we being a good neighbor?

In the Bible, the teacher of the law questioned Jesus with, “Who’s my neighbor?”

Jesus answered with the parable of the Good Samaritan story. It was the good Samaritan who helped the injured stranger on the side of the road and no one else.

Years ago, people were more likely to help their neighbors than they are today. People knew their neighbors and look out for them. If they were elderly, they would take it upon themselves to plow off their sidewalks for them.

Does people really do that anymore for their neighbors; especially in bigger cities? Maybe in smaller town or farm communities.

When I hear stories on the news about a neighbor farmers who is sick and either can’t bring in the harvest or plant the harvest; and the neighbors in the farming community banned together to help that farmer, it touched my heart.

Toward the end of my folks life, it was hard for my step-dad to plow out his driveways; so there was a neighbor who plowed them out. That way they can get their mail or go to town if need to. No questions ask or saying that’s not my job!

Instead of complaining about it’s not your job, shouldn’t you do it anyway? Shouldn’t you be a good neighbor?

Those were the days when neighbors done things for each other with no questions and complaining that’s not my job.

The world will be a better place if more people would do that once again like they did years ago. There would be less hate. If people had more compassion for their neighbors.

I just noticed that it’s snowing now. To you snowplow drivers when you block off people’s driveway and sidewalks, have the decency to unplowed them. This year, someone take responsibility to clear the median between the frontage road and University Drive. Also this year, someone take responsibility in clearing the bus shelter in front of the Fargo Dome; before a big snowbank is form.