This past Thursday, March 19, was the first day of Spring according to the calendar.

Yet according to the weather; it wasn’t very spring like outside. The weather was blustery and very cold.

Whenever people are counting down to the first day of Spring, I have to reminds them that it’s not necessarily so. Especially, to those who lives in the northern climate, like North Dakota.

I have seen snow up until May in North Dakota. I have seen snow on Easter Sunday.

In North Dakota, we have 2 seasons; and they are road constructions and winter. Winter isn’t 3 month according to the calendar. It can be up to 6 months!

Some people may wonder, if winter is so long, why do I stay in North Dakota?

I grew up in North Dakota and Minnesota; so I’m used to the weather. I don’t like winter. I don’t like the cold and the ice. Snow can be pretty at first but it grows old after a while. Plus, I have family around here.

I’m not saying that when I retire, I won’t move away if I could.

I remembered one time when a few of us men were heading down to Kansas City for a retreat. It was snowing here in Fargo when we left. When we got to the other side of South Dakota, it wasn’t snowing and there was NO SNOW. When we got to Kansas City, they had beautiful Spring weather with flowers blooming and leaves on the trees.

Now that was in April. We weren’t so lucky in North Dakota at that time.

Usually the first day of Spring means spring cleaning and getting out of the house or apartment; you may have been coup up in for the winter. It also means putting away your winter clothes. Some may even pull out their shorts.

It’s not that warm out!!!

I think it’s because of people have cabin fever for being coup up all winter. Just think what could happens once this Coronavirus finally is over. People will just storms out in groves!

When the groundhog announce so many weeks before Spring look at where you live and don’t buy into that. Stop counting down, so many days until Spring!

It’s not Spring until all the snow is gone and leaves are starting to come on the trees. When you start seeing green grass and flowers, you know then it’s finally Spring.

The first day of Spring was on March 21; which was my mother’s birthday. She would always remind us of that.

Now it seems the first day of Spring is March 19 or March 20. Are those who write the calendar trying to hurry up Spring? Don’t they know that they have no control over the weather?

Only God has control of the weather!

Don’t put away your winter clothes, just because it’s the first day of Spring! I know that you may have spring fever.

I don’t put away my winter coat, gloves, hats and boots until I see no more snow. I don’t start wearing my spring jacket until then.

This is how people gets sick this time of year. They try to rush spring weather. You can’t rush spring and you can’t rush God.

It may be spring in other parts of the country. But it’s still winter in good old North Dakota.

It had been a short few month since we first heard of the Coronavirus. It started out in China. There was more death in China due to the Coronavirus thus far.

When people in China first started contracting the virus, the medical profession and the Chinese Government didn’t think that it was very serious and contagious.

The Coronavirus is a new virus that causes respiratory illness in people and can spread from person to person.

The symptoms for coronavirus are: fever, cough, shortness of breath. The symptoms may appear in as few as two days or as long as 14 days after exposure.

The media and social media compared the coronavirus to the movie “Outbreak” and “Contagious.”

I’m sure that you probably seen both movies. I know that I have seen “Outbreak”, starring Dustin Hoffman. That movie was scary; so I’m not going to downgrade the Coronavirus.

This will be more how the media and social media plays on our fears to scare us out of our normal routine. This isn’t the first time that the media and social media played on our fears throughout history. I don’t think it will be the last either.

Due to the Coronavirus, concerts, basketball tournaments, etc. has either been cancelled or postpones. For some reason, it even affected the stock market; when it took a nose dive. It goes to show that they made a big hype out of it.

For some reason, stores can’t keep in stock toilet papers and bottled waters.

I don’t know about you, I can’t help but think about Y2k; which occurred before the year 2000. The media and social media tried to scare us with the fact that all computers will crash because of the year 2000. It will be a worldwide blackout at that time. So many people became scared that they rush to get generators to keeps from being left in the dark. If you remembered, nothing happened like they said it would.

The Jehovah” Witness themselves had used fears throughout their history to get people to join their religion. They have been saying that the end of the world is coming; and that they will be the only one left. As you know the end of the world isn’t here yet.

Another example happened just before the Great Depression, during the Wall Street crash. A lot of people jump to their death out of their high story office building.

It goes to show what fear drives us to!

During the mid-1300’s, there was the Black Plague. It was a devastating epidemic of bubonic plague.

Just think, if it’s happens today with all the hype of social media and media, there will be a real hoopla over it like there is with the Coronavirus.

I just can’t seems why people have to hoard toilet paper the way they are doing because of this virus. I just can’t grasp the thought behind their thinking.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be informed about it. We need to be warned but do we actually needs it to disrupt our everyday life.

It’s just an overblown flu. People can die from the flu as well.

If you take care of yourself, you can still have a life despite of this virus.

We are being easy target because our immune system is down due to all the poisons that is in our body. We are run down as well. We need to refurbish our body with natural remedies and herbs. We need to get the proper rest as well.

I had a scare yesterday and last night. As I was getting on the bus after work to head home, someone who may or may not had the Coronavirus, was getting off the bus. He didn’t cover his mouth when he cough; so his germs spread. Last night, I started feeling a little sick. So when I got ready for bed, I took 2 Tablespoon of Elderberry syrup, ginger roots and another herb. Because of doing that, I felt better this morning. I also said a little prayer, asking the Lord to keep me from getting sick. Until this blows over, I will continue taking precaution by taking these things.

It’s good to be warn about things; but we don’t have to be consumed by our fears. We can conquer our fears and still live our lives normally.

When you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth. Don’t let the germs spread! Wash your hands!!

That is one of the things my mother had taught us kids to wash our hands before we eat and after going to the bathroom, even after petting your pets.

An ounce of protection is better than a lifetime of sickness. We need to take care of our body. Taking herbs is so much better for you than shooting yourself with more chemicals; which is just poison for our body.

One good thing came out of this and that is finally despite the Democrats hatred for President Trump, they were able to work with the Republicans on a measure to help combat the Coronavirus. So it goes to show that America can come together for a cause. They did it after 9/11 too.

I’m just a small town country boy and this is what I miss about the small town life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for moving forward. It’s just that as Fargo is growing; so is the crime as well.

Believe me, if I don’t have to be out after dark, I prefer not too. It seems that the people just gets crazier after dark. It’s just not as safe to be out after dark like it used to be years ago. Years ago, it didn’t bother me to go walking after dark. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if it’s seems to be more dangerous out there.

I remembered going past Chicago with a group on the way to Indianapolis. Believe me, I felt scared and uncomfortable. I made sure that the car doors were locked in case we were stop for some reasons. So you can have Chicago; I wouldn’t live there.

It seems more and more in the cities, people choose not to get to know their neighbors. They keeps to themselves pretty much. Not like years ago, when people actually knew who their neighbors are/were.

Sure there can be a lot to do in a big city. But if you don’t feel safe doing it what’s the point?

In a small town, you can get to know your neighbors. Some people may thinks that’s a bad thing. They rather be all to themselves and not deal with people at all; that is why they choose living in big city. That way they can hide away much easier.

In a small town, neighbors are more apt to come together to help one another than they do in a bigger city.

In the farm community, your neighbors can be a few miles from you. Yet, at the same time they are there for you if you are in needs of help. You hear farmers helping other farmers when one is struggling with their health. That is being a good Samaritan. You don’t really see very much of that in a big city.

Let’s take a look at New York City for example. They say that the people in New York City is anti-sociable and very rude.

Of course, you don’t want to go wandering in New York City or any big city at least by yourself.

When I was in Seattle waiting for my train, I stuck pretty close to the train depot; even though I went just around the block to a neighborhood coffee shop.

Some people may call me a country bumpkins; but I don’t care. I’m a country boy at heart.

I have to admit while growing up on the farm; I wanted to be in live in Hollywood, California. I felt trap on the farm.

Now that I’m older; things have changed for me. I missed the old farm. I missed the quietness and the tranquility of living on the farm and in a small town. People in a small town are actually there for you.

The last time that I was back home in Rollag; even though we sold the farm. There was such a warm feelings about being there. I will treasure the hug I had received from a neighbor not far from the farm.

As unsafe as Fargo is becoming, it makes me miss the farm more and more lately. It makes me homesick. Not just for my folks but also for the comfort of good neighbors as well.

As these cities are growing, may we not lose the small town feelings. They will be and are forever treasure. It’s where neighbors are there for each others no matter what. Where it’s safe to be out in the dark enjoying the tranquility of the night. Just to be one with nature.

To me, that’s God’s country!

You can call me a country bumpkin. You can call me a redneck. I don’t care. I will take the small town and the country any day.

This picture that I posted may or may not have anything to do with this blog. You be the judge! Let me ask you this question: can you grow corn this tall in Fargo or a bigger city? I don’t think so. Can you actually say that you feel safer living in the city compare to a small town? I don’t think so.

The 5th Democratic candidates that I choose to write about may surprise you and make you wonder why.

That candidate is Tom Steyer. He’s just recently dropped out of the race for President. He’s a billionaire, retired businessman who became an environmentalist.

The reason for choosing him and for the title of this blog you will see.

When he threw his hat into the race for President, his fellow Democrats did all they can to force him out. Yet he hung on until now! He was almost like Rudolf the red nose reindeer, when all the other reindeers didn’t want to play with him.

For the first few debates, he wasn’t allowed to participate in.

He is a billionaire; probably not as rich as Bloomberg, but was able to use his own money.

He wasn’t a career politicians

Here is something that a lot of Americans would very much love to have. He was in favor of term limits for those in the House and the Senate. Now if any candidates would run on the promise to create term limits for the House and Senate, the American people would support them 100%

He just never stood a chance to make it happens.

I’m not saying I would vote for him because I like President Trump.

I think what gave him a big boost and brought him into the democratic debate was Michael Bloomberg; another billionaire. I would say that he doesn’t have the charisma that Bloomberg has though. He is more soft spoken compared to Bloomberg. Yet they both are a thorn for the Democrats right now. They should join forces!

Since the Democrats really hate Trump and they didn’t want Steyer to participate; they must really hate Bloomberg. I would say that he is Trump 2.0.

In one of the debate, Elizabeth Warren argued, “We don’t need another billionaire buying the election?”

It’s alright for a millionaire, like Warren!

I don’t like the idea a billionaire and millionaire buying the election either. Yet, what about these candidates being bought off by the highest bidder. Don’t they know when they are being bought off, they are expected to vote the way the person who bought them off want them to. They say that they are for the American people but when it comes right down to it; they are controlled by those who bought them off.

When John F. Kennedy ran for president, there were people concerned that the Catholic church would control him and the White House. They were even concerned that the mob would control him as well.

Now that never happened! President Kennedy never let that happened. Some say that he may had been killed by the mob because he wouldn’t cooperate.

Trump may be a billionaire; but the campaign promises he made he kept. Since he been president, he went straight to work to keep his promises to the American people. He didn’t have anyone controlling him.

Can we say this about any of these career politicians?

They all have lied in some form or another. I don’t think that I need to go into that. Just looks at the facts! Many had met oppositions that kept them from keeping their promises.

President Obama meant well but his Obamacare was a bad joke.

The American people are very much upset with these career politicians and their empty campaign promises. That’s why Trump was elected in 2016. That is also why candidates like Steyer and Bloomberg choose to run for President. They figured if Trump can do it, they can too.

The Established Republicans tried so very hard to stop Trump. Much the same way the Established Democrats kept Steyer from participating in the first few debates. Much the same way they attacked Bloomberg as well. They don’t want to lose their power.

They are even willing to go very Far Left to the point of promising Socialism to the American people.

Hate Trump as much as you want; but you have to admit he is responsible for this change in Washington. They are coming out of the woodworks because of Trump.

Trump was thorn to the Republican’s establishment, like Steyer and Bloomberg are thorn to the Democrats. They won’t admit it and either will the mainstream news media.

My next Democratic candidates that I choose to write on does just that. I’m talking about Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was a Republican back when he was the mayor of New York City. He’s a billionaire also; but I won’t go too much into that in this blog.

He was the mayor of New York City after Rudy Giuliani; and that was after 9/11. He’s trying to take full credit for saving New York City after 9/11. He doesn’t get full credit. Rudy Giuliani gets the full credit for helping New York City after that crisis. I will give him part credit though.

New York City was doing good until Mayor Bill de Blasio took office. Since he took office, all the hard work that Giuliani did was thrown out the window. Crimes is up, homelessness is up and there is a lack of respect for the police.

Both Bloomberg and Trump were friends. Now he’s running to get the nomination to run against him by criticizing Trump. It goes to show that he blows wherever the wind takes him. He’s a blowhard like Ed Schultz.

Let’s look at the similarity between Trump and Bloomberg.

First, Bloomberg was a Republican; whereas Trump was a Democrats. So why the switch, you may you asked.

I don’t know, maybe Bloomberg is jealous and wants what Trump has since he became President.

When Trump ran for President in 2016, he shook up the Republican party. The Establishment wanted Jeb Bush; but the American people didn’t.

Before Bloomberg threw his hat in the election, the Democrats had no one worth while. It was either Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, Elizabeth Warren, a wanna be, or Joe Biden, the establishment. None of them stands a chance against Trump. Bloomberg saw that as an opportunity to shake things up for the Democrats.

The first few Democrats debate was very boring. Since Bloomberg threw his hat into the race, this past debate was more interesting. They all pretty much went after Bloomberg and attack him hard. Much like the Republicans went after Trump in the 2016 election. The only difference, Trump fought back hard.

Bloomberg had no fight in him. What does he thinks this election is a joke. Is he actually serious about running? Or just he want to just shakes things up for the Democrats; which they very much needs?

He’s a billionaire and I will discuss more on that with next week blog; as I talk about the fifth democratic candidates that I will write about. That way I will ties them together, like I did with Biden, Sanders, Warren.

I do want to mention. Bloomberg wasn’t the only one that was attacked at the last debate. MN Senator Amy Klobuchar was attacked by Pete Buttigieg. Now that’s surprisingly! I’m surprised that she is in it as long as she is. She is nothing to write home about. Michelle Bachman was more interesting than her. I didn’t agree with Bachman most of the time.

I won’t digress into this because this is more on Bloomberg and how he just blows wherever the wind takes him. The only good things about him is that he’s shaking up the Democrats like Trump shook up the Republicans and is at work draining the swamp in Washington of these career politicians. On that fact, I gives Bloomberg a thumbs up!

It goes to show that the American people is so upset with Washington and these career politicians; that change is a coming. What kinds of change will happens next?

This election will be Capitalism vs. Socialism. Who will win out?

Just read my blog on Socialism and you may figured it out.

Now slavery is a bad blotch in our history. Slavery had been around since the Old Testament back in the book of Exodus.

Back then, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. God used Moses to freed them and delivered them to the Promise land.

That’s not the only time that we have encountered slavery in our history.

Slavery is being held against your will by someone in power. Oftentimes, slaves were abused physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally. They were held in bondage.

Shortly after the United States was formed, people from this country went over to Africa to captured as many blacks as they could to bring them over to the United States as slaves. Usually, they were the young that was brought over.

Once brought over, the slave traders would auction them off to the highest bidder. They were separated from their families in the process. If they didn’t do what they were told, they were badly beaten.

Much to the same way, as sexual slaves are. Even those who were put into sex trafficking. If they refused to do what they were told, they were beaten and/or killed.

It was during the Civil War under Pres. Abraham Lincoln that slavery was to come to an end in the South. The plantation owners and the Democrats of that days, fought to keep their slaves. It was their livelihood. They were treated as property.

There is still slavery today, even though the Civil War was fought to free the blacks from bondage. There is many forms of slavery.

During the Roaring 20’s the Women Suffrage movement began; which allowed women to vote and own properties. Before that they were considered to be property as well.

Also during the early 1900’s a bill was enacted to end child labor; which was also a form of child slavery.

Yet, in some countries there is still child slave labor.

The reason for the Border wall is because these slave trafficker would smuggle children from other countries over to the United States to make them slaves.

As I wrote last week, there are some people who are fascinated with bondage. Some would either be the slaves and some the masters.

My question is: with the horrors of slavery, why do some people choose to be held in bondage as someone personal slave?

One year for Halloween, while I was working at Kmart, I dressed up as a slave. I even used my clock number instead of my name on a name tag. It also said, “Property of Kmart.” The manager at the time didn’t seems to understand.

Why do some people choose to be someone slave? Why is there people choosing Socialism?

Don’t they know that Socialism is another form of slavery. With Socialism, the people is slave to the Government.

We came a long way to end slavery after the Civil War. We came a long way to end Women Suffrage. We came a long way to end child labor.

Why do we want to go backward of being slaves?

We had our first black President; even though Obama was only half black.

Women can finally vote and own property. They can even run for President and who knows some day become President.

There’s bondage by a controlling spouse. My mother was independent but yet she was so co-dependent as well. She didn’t see the bondage that she was in during her 40 years of marriage. She didn’t see it as being abuse.

I don’t know about you, I want to move forward not backward to where slavery was a thing in this country.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, “I had a dream where all will be free.” It doesn’t matter if you are colored or white; it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

We need to end sex trafficking and slave trafficking of minors and of women.

Even men can be sold and treated as slaves!

We must put a stop to slave labor for all mankind.

Who ever have had fantasy about being a sexual slave? What boys haven’t fantasied about being with 2 girls at the same time? To some extent, what girls had fantasied about being with 2 boys at the same time?

Forgive me if this sounds trashy; but there are people out there who are into bondage sex. Some may not even admit because it’s too disgusting. This is a taboo subject.

Even in the midst of the “Me-too” situation, there are some people who are into being in bondage. Let us look into the book turned into a movie, “50 Shades of Grey.” The first part was a box office hit. Both men and women seems to loved that movie, for 2 different reasons. Men, was more the sex part; and their really wasn’t much of that compared bondage porn. Whereas, women loved it because they saw it as a romantic movie.

Now what is so romantic about being in bondage?

I’m proud of these women who came forward in the “Me-too” situation. It takes courage to come forward and speaks out against their abuser.

So why do some seems to fantasied about being tied up and used sexually? Why is it such a booming business?

What teenage boy hasn’t fantasied about their teacher while sitting in class?

Men probably fantasied about sex more than women. Matter of fact, to some women, men can be pigs.

There are some sex therapist out there who recommend ways to spice your marriage and relationships.

If a couple is facing difficulty in their marriage due to their romantic department, sex therapist would make certain recommendation to help in that department. They would suggest to live out your fantasy about being in bondage. How does that spice up a marriage?

When the best way to spice up a marriage is communication, treating your spouse the way you wants to be treated. Buy your wife flowers, candies, or take her out to romantic evening. That will spruce up your relationship more.

I don’t care how you stack it. Bondage is a form of abuse. For those who haven’t been abuse, they just don’t see it.

There might even be some who had been abuse but don’t see it as abuse; and so they somehow are drawn to bondage.

We are living in a sexual revolution.

Since this is a taboo subject, I’m going to cut it short before I disgust my readers too much.

This coming Friday is Valentine’s day. If you wants to put a little spice into your marriage buy your wife flowers, candies, or take her out for a romantic night. That will be the best way!

Communication is the best way to save a relationship. Don’t just tie up your spouse because it’s your fantasy! You need to communicate with your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can share your fantasy with each other but not when you first start dating. You may be into bondage but they may not be. If you tied them up and force yourself onto them, it’s rape and abuse!

Next week in part 2, I will show the downside of bondage; by discussing sex trafficking.