Do you remember when Donald Trump said back in 2016, “You are going to get so sick of winning?”

It’s 4 years later, and I’m here to tell you that I’m not sick of winning. Matter of fact, I’m enjoying winning; since Trump was elected President in 2016. Because I’m enjoying winning so much, I will gladly vote to reelect Trump in 2020.

As Charlie Sheen had said years ago in one of his stupor, “WINNING!”

A little confession though: Trump wasn’t my first choice in 2016. I originally wanted Dr. Ben Carson. The reason, he wasn’t part of the establishment, he was a self-taught man, he was for term limits for those in Congress and the Senate.

I have to admit since Trump came across as a bully, I was scared of him. He’s very brass like Ronald Reagan. The only difference Reagan had more tact.

The Established Republicans wanted Jeb Bush and I didn’t want another Bush as President. Matter of fact, I didn’t wanted George W. Bush in 2000. I voted for Elizabeth Dole in that election. I almost didn’t vote in 2004.

When these non-establishment Republicans were beating out the Establishment in 2016; I was glad to vote Republican once again. So I got the Trump train and I’m glad I did.

People get ready, for the Trump train is a coming! You better get on board if you want to be on the winning team.

I know that the title sounds like a cheer at a pep rally.

Since Trump was first elected in 2016, he set out to keep his promises by making America great again. He lifted a lot of regulations to bring back manufacturer jobs. He started building the border walls between United States and Mexico. Unemployment rates was at it’s lowest for all Americans. He got rid of NAFTA. He done more for Christians and Jews alike. At the same time, he didn’t discriminate against the Muslims.

Remember, it was the Muslim radical that was terrorist. A true Muslims are peace loving.

Pres. Trump is now up for a Nobel Peace Prize. Most recently, he was responsible for bringing the embassy back to Jerusalem and for the peace treaty with Israel. The people in Israel loves Trump.

He appointed Conservative judges to the Supreme Court and turning it in favor of Conservatism. Thus, the Christians churches are endorsing him for his second term.

He has been making America great again; and we want him to keep making America great again.

Since 2016, Pres. Trump been very good to me. My investments had grown. I was able to jump from sinking ship at Kmart before they closed. My future looks bright, I have to wear shades. I’m actually looking forward to retirement; whereas before Trump, I was wondering if I would ever be able to retire.

He has been busy draining the swamp in Washington DC. He still got a lot of work to do.

When the Coronavirus was first in China, he ordered, “no traveling to China and back!” Joe Biden, his fellow Democrats, and the mainstream news media laughed at him and said that he shouldn’t had done that.

He may came across as a bully; but we need a strong leader to stand up against the enemies. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

Even the union for the police are endorsing Trump in 2020. There’s even Democrats who walked away from the party to support Trump; because they don’t like Biden and these Progressive Left of the party.

Think about it: Joe Biden been hiding out in his basement during this Pandemic; whereas Trump had not let fear stop him.

Just think, if Biden becomes President, we would go backward. I don’t know about you but I rather goes forward and continue the good things Trump has been doing.

Biden wants to reinstate Obamacare. I’m here to tell you that Obamacare was a bad joke. Sure we needed a better healthcare system; but the Democrats didn’t read the bill before they passed it. I was penalized twice because of Obamacare. One year, for not having health insurance for a year. Another year, for having too much health insurance; after being hired at Sanford.

Biden been in office for around 47 years and what did he accomplish in that time. Not a damn thing! Trump did more in his first term than Biden did in 47 years.

Joe Biden is part of the Establishment, the problems in Washington DC.

Under President Obama, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter was involved with the scandal with Ukraine; that the Democrats in Congress tried to impeach Trump for.

I wouldn’t doubt that Biden has either dementia or Alzheimer. He can’t remember what he said or did. He might forget that he’s president and do something stupid, causing a war.

It seems that these Progressive Left, who wants Socialism are controlling Biden. Biden is just a puppet to these Socialist. Kamala Harris could become president if Biden was elected and something was to happen to him. Either through death or him being put into a home.

So you see, it’s Capitalist vs. Socialist.

If Biden and the Democrats gets in, they will defund the police and take away our guns by issuing gun control. The only ones that will have guns will be the criminals. How will us good citizens protect ourselves?

This is why the police is endorsing Trump!

I could go on and on in my support of President Trump. I think you got the message.

Do you want to go backward or forward? Do you want Socialism in this country? Do you want higher taxes and no police to protect us? Do you want Obamacare again?

If you want to continue moving forward, you will join me in reelecting Pres. Trump in 2020. If you want the wall built, you will vote for Trump. If you want to protect your investments, you will vote for Trump. If you want to continue draining the swamp, you will vote for Trump. To keep America great again, we must reelect Trump in 2020.

The Trump train is a coming; it’s time to get on board!

Go Trump!! 4 more years of Donald Trump! Remember, he’s not the bully. He’s not the reason for the hate in this country. It’s those Trump-haters such as ANTIFA, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media. He’s only defending himself.

We need a strong leader to make America great again.

Even the religious leaders back in Jesus’ days hated Jesus like those who hate Trump.

This title comes from a Ray Steven’s song by the same title. Hopefully, you’ll understand why I chose this title.

How many of you have been having difficulty with your mail service?

The first post office was founded by Benjamin Franklin. Then as the United States grew outward from the 13th colonies, the mail service was known as the pony express.

You can laugh at that now, knowing what you may know now. Now the mail service is known as “Snail mail.”

We have been having problems with our mail service for a long time. It’s nothing new and nothing really been done about it.

You could say the big problem with our mail service is the fact that people are choosing to go paperless and green. They are choosing to pay their bills online. Your paycheck is being direct deposit, and so is your Social Security checks and tax refunds. The mail service can’t compete with that; thus they are struggling today. People doesn’t write letters anymore. It’s all pretty much done through e-mails instead. Years ago, people would send Christmas cards through the mail.

How many sends Christmas cards now? Not as many as years ago. No one has the time to do that.

It’s dangerous to pay your bills online or bank online or on your smartphone; but more people do it than ever before.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t dangerous paying your bills through the mail. But at least it was much easier to keep track of your checking balance.

It’s a Federal crime to mess with someone’s mails, but proving it is very tough to do. For example: years ago, I have had 2 checks that I written out for payments on 2 different bills stolen. How I noticed was through my bank statement. When I went to the bank, they caught the error by noticing someone cross out who I written the check out to and put another place instead. They called the police. That person was never caught; it just cost me.

Let’s get to the title and the real reason for this blog and the connection to the Ray Steven’s song.

This election we have a pandemic that may force people to vote by mail instead of in person at the voting place. The Democrats would very much love for people to vote absentee. Pres. Trump is concern because he feared that there may be mail fraud and cheating.

In past elections, when results were close, you have heard that there were still absentees ballots yet still to be counted.

This election may take awhile in getting the results as well. At the same time, there may be some who may not vote at all. The reason for not voting is because they don’t care for Trump or Biden.

I mean, in 2004, I almost didn’t vote because I didn’t care for both George W. Bush and John Kerry.

If the Democrats send absentees ballots to everyone, and there is some who will not vote because they don’t like neither candidates, what will happens to the ballots. If the ballots isn’t shredded, just thrown in the garbage, could anyone take the ballot and vote for whoever they want then? Could anyone put any names they want on the ballot, even someone who may be dead?

Let’s say the mail delivery person sees that you are a Trump’s supporter by your yard’s signs. They could somehow see to it that your ballot get lost somehow. How can you prove otherwise? I know it’s a Federal crime; but proving it is very difficult.

The best way to avoid election fraud is that everyone must have a voter ID or driver license to prove they are who they say they are. I mean, we have the right to vote, and they can’t discriminate.

The only ones who can’t vote is a felon, at least for a few years. Illegal immigrants cannot legally vote either. The Democrats don’t like that at all; so they somehow arrange for the illegal immigrants to get an ID to vote.

Sometimes proving that a person is dead takes time and lots of paperwork. I don’t know how long it took my folks to prove that my grandmother Clara was dead to stop her social security check.

At the same time, after my grandfather was killed by a train, his social security check should had went to my mother and her baby sister, since they were still living at home. Yet, they never received it; instead it somehow went to another member of the family.

So how do we fix the problems with the mail service? How do we prevent not only mail fraud but election fraud and cheating by the Democrats?

I mean, if Pres. Trump tries to do anything now, he will be accuse of trying to fix the election himself.

The only real solution is that everyone must have a voter ID or driver license to prove they are who they say they are.

Another way to possible prevent election fraud is have voting polls open so that people can still go out in person to vote.

I don’t know about you but I rather take my chances voting in person at these voting places than voting by mail. How about you?

As Paul Harvey said before he died, “North Dakota is the only state where people have to work 2-3 jobs to get ahead.” Also as Paul Harvey would also say, “Now the rest of the story!”

North Dakota is a right-to-work state. Meaning employers can get by paying the employees less for the same job in another state. Thus is why young people don’t stay once they graduate in their fields; and who can blame them.

Since North Dakota is a right-to-work state, labor union isn’t as prominent as in other states. I’m not saying there isn’t labor union in this state. What I will get at is the importance of labor union and how it can fight for better pay with benefits for the workers.

You probably thinking, how can a Conservative defend labor union; being labor union is usually link to the Democrat party?

Labor union was launch back in 1866. It was created to protect the common interest of workers to fight for better wages, reasonable hours, and safer working condition. It was to stop child labor, give health benefits and provide aid to workers who were injured or retired.

So you see, labor union was meant for something good for the well-being of workers. But like anything, when the government gets involved; it becomes corrupt. That’s why political parties should stay the hell out of labor union. The government is to overlook but not control labor union. It shouldn’t matter if a person is a Republican or a Democrat to be part of labor union. It’s the right thing for all man kinds.

You may be surprised to know, Pres. Trump is a supporter of labor union.

Like in the movie, “Norma Rae,” businesses/factories are against labor union coming into their place of employment. They will do all they can to prevent that from happening. They may try to buy certain people off to keep them from voting to have labor union meddling in their business. Some may even go as far as murder to keep that from happening.

If Quality Bakery had labor union, the owners wouldn’t been able to take advantage of their employees. They would had to pay decent wages with benefits for all their employees.

Labor unions offered good pensions for employees. They offer safe working conditions. They are there to fight for the employees in getting raises and benefits.

Luckily, when my step-dad was laid off from Steiger Tractor, labor union was involved. Because of labor union, he had investments with Steiger; that he was able to cashed in the right opportune time. When he did that, he invested that money back into the farm.

I have a cousin who was able to retire at 55 because of the great pension because of labor union in Washington State. He wasn’t able to get Social Security though. He’s busy doing things that he wants to do with his life and for others as well.

I even had 2 uncles who were part of labor union, and both were Republicans. The only difference was one uncle made the right choice with his benefits and the other didn’t.

If there was labor union in this state or employers took better care of their employees; they wouldn’t have to work around the clock to make a living. Their health cares and well-being would be the employers top agendas. Employees wouldn’t be treated like slaves.

There’s people who may not be able to retire; because they cannot afford to. They will have to work until they either kick the bucket or end up either in the hospital or nursing homes. They cannot depends on Social Security. You don’t get enough to live on with just that. You need a little extra put aside for retirement. Yet many cannot afford to do so on what they are being paid.

Here’s what the plaque says in the picture: “Work is time spent making a living; retirement is time spent making a life.”

If you don’t have other sources of retirement, you are pretty much destine to work until you kick the bucket.

If you are lucky enough to received a good inheritance or get a good paying job that also offer retirement; more power to you.

When you are working just to get by, it’s almost impossible to put money away for retirement.

Like many, I was concerned if I would ever be able to retire when the time comes. But then things changed for me; and now I’m looking forward for retirement. I still work 2 jobs. I still struggle financially; but at least my future is secure.

I guess what I’m getting at is: employers, such as Walmart should look at paying their employees better and giving them better wages and benefits. If labor union needs to come into these businesses so be it.

At the same time labor union mustn’t force people to support the political party they support. The government needs to keep their grubby hands out of it. That way, they wouldn’t become corrupted. That is right thing to do for the workers.

Have you ever encountered hatred from these Trump’s haters?

There was an elderly gentleman who would shop at Kmart who was so full of hatred for Pres. Trump. Whenever he would see me either at Kmart or outside at the bus shelter near Kmart, he would swear deregulatory at me. He’s a crazy angry man.

I was going to do this blog back in February and call it, Why it’s hard to be a Conservative in Hollywood; but then I changed my mind and decided to do this instead.

In the old days of Hollywood, Hollywood stars were more Conservative than what they are today. Such stars as Henry Fonda, Charleston Heston, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, etc. were all Conservative. They would be blackballed by today’s Hollywood stars. Just think, Henry Fonda was a Conservative; while both of his kids, Peter and Jane are Liberals.

Whoopi Goldberg made a statement few months ago, stating, “The views don’t need any Conservative guests.” Most recently, Whoopi got angry at Judge Jeannine when she was a guest to promote her new book. Whoopi wouldn’t shut her trap to let her promote her book. She just wanted to yell and complained about Pres. Trump. She soon walked off the set. She later swore at Judge Jeannine by telling her to get the FU out! If you ask me, Whoopi should be fired from the Views for that outburst.

Whoopi isn’t the only one who is so filled with hatred for Trump, the Republicans, and anyone who is a Conservative. They don’t want to listen to reason. To them, they are right and the Trump’s supporter, Republicans, and Conservative are all wrong. Just like that guy who cussed me out whenever he saw me.

If anyone had a Trump’s bumper sticker on their vehicles, these Trump’s hater will probably tear it off or hit your car on purpose.

That guy wasn’t the only one filled with such hatred that they are blinded by it. I know a few others as well; some of them are on my Facebook page.

They say that Trump is hateful. He’s just brass that’s all! He doesn’t have the tact that Pres. Reagan had when he too encountered hatred within his own party, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media. You have to be tough to stand up against these haters out there. You have to have thick skin as well; otherwise, they will walk all over you. Trump is a strong leader, and I have to admire him for than. He has courage.

When I first became a Republicans back in 1984 because of Ronald Reagan, I had a college professor who was a Democrat. We had respect for each other. He became my advisor. Today, there are Democrats and Trump’s hater you cannot talk to without them ragging you out for standing up for Trump.

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton called anyone who supported Trump a bunch of redneck. Now Joe Biden is taking a page from that book himself. Even the mainstream news media is so full of hatred for Trump and his supporters.

If anyone watch the Democrats convention almost 2 weeks ago, they had nothing but hatred for Pres. Trump. They didn’t share any agendas. Even Michelle Obama, who I once respected, but not anymore, was so filled with hatred.

When the Democrats went low, the Republicans at their convention went high. They gave us hope and a reason for voting for Pres. Trump.

The hateful group, ANTIFA would travel around the country visiting cities and colleges spreading hatred around. There was a teenage boy by name of Nathan Phillips, was harass by ANTIFA because he wore a MAGA hat.

Then there was a college student who was beaten and harass right on campus. The one who assaulted him was never charge and went and did it again to someone else.

With both examples, the mainstream news media just laughed about it.

Representative Jeff Van Drew left the Democrat party to become a Republican after voting not to impeach Trump. He was from New Jersey. He spoke at the Republican convention, telling why he felt he had to switch party. Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, he was threaten to be blackballed by the Democrats if he didn’t vote with them. He even said that Pelosi and Biden are just puppets for these Progressive Left and their agendas and hatred for Trump. He even said that we are all Americans and need to learn to get along to work together for the people of this country.

He wasn’t the only former Democrats to speak at the Republicans convention. There was also a color democratic representative who spoke in favor of Trump and against Biden.

It goes to show that those who speak out against the Democrat party will become expel. This prove that they have become the party of hatred. There are Democrats who are afraid to speak up against the leaders because they may be expel. They don’t like the way the Progressive Left is going; but don’t dare speak up against them.

Even though there is a group of people in the Democrat party who is choosing to walk away and vote for Trump.

Another group that is so full of hatred is the Black Lives Matter. They are hurting their cause with their hatred and their riots in these major cities run by Democrats. These democratic leaders aren’t doing anything about them either.

They think that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr will not be happy about what they are doing. He was about peace and love in his march. These Black Lives Matter is all about hate and violence. Martin would not be very happy with what they are doing.

There is even Trump’s supporter who had their Trump’s sign stolen from their front yard.

Pres. Kennedy would not be accepted by today’s Democrats because he was too conservative.

I actually believe that there are probably more Trump’s supporters out there. They are just afraid to come forward out of fear of being harass by these Trump’s haters out there.

Ben Carson spoke about having courage to stand up against the haters.

Just like there are Democrats who do not approve of Joe Biden and the way the Democrats have become. Yet they are afraid of being expelled by the party.

In a world fill with hate, be a like. Don’t let these haters keep you from voting this election and voting to reelect Pres. Trump. Have courage to stand up against the haters!

If you are a Democrat and doesn’t like the way they are right now, you can always walk away and vote for Trump.

The Democrats have more hatred for Trump than the Republicans had for Obama. I was Republican who voted for Obama and I’m still a Republican. They haven’t expelled me.

I’m not letting these haters scare me from voting to reelect Trump. I’m not letting these haters scare me from speaking out against them in my blog and on Facebook.

Facebook and Twitters will try to shut down any Trump’s supporters, Republicans, and Conservative who is very outspoken. Not just them but those I mentioned in this blog may want to shut me down.

This is America and we have the freedom to vote for whoever we want. We have the freedom of Speech as well.

This is my message to all those haters out there. You are not going to scare me with your hate. If you are so blinded by your hatred, leave us the hell alone!!

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again! It’s time to start thinking about getting our children back to school again. Kids don’t hate me for this!

I know that there are people who wouldn’t want to sent their kids back to school as long as we are in this Pandemic; but the time has come. They are living in fear, and would rather keeps everything shut down. They would rather keeps the economy shut down to hurt Pres. Trump’s chances for reelection.

Well, it’s time for America to get back to work and the kids to get back to school. Sorry kids!!

It had been a nice time off for the kids since school was called off way back in the beginning of this pandemic. Even though, they were still learning online. It was a good time for parents to get closer to their kids and see what they are actually learning in school now.

If they can restart the schools in Sweden and Germany, so should the United States do it safely.

It’s vital that schools reopen if we are to stay ahead of the other countries in education and technologies. We are falling behind them!

It’s also very important for our kids to have social interaction with other kids to help develop their young minds and well-being; according to any psychology books out there.

As important school is for children well-being and social interaction skills; I have different reasons for not sending them back to school.

Since schools been close and students had to learn online, it gave the parents the opportunity to get closer to their kids and to see what they are being taught by our Liberal education system.

For so long, parents had become dependent on our education system and been slacking on their job in raising their kids with good values. Parents had been too busy working making a living to support the family; so they put it in the hands of our schools in teaching children false values that differs from their own that they may had been taught by their parents and grandparents. They have been taught a false security by our Liberal education system.

You see, our schools are run by such organization as ACLU; and they have been corrupting our kids with false security. Teachers will leave out certain information if they don’t approve of it and get away with it. Teachers are even more liberal now than when I was in school.

For example: kids now days don’t believe that the holocaust ever existed, because they are not taught the horror of it. I remembered studying the holocaust in high school and even taking the whole day to see a movie about the holocaust.

They are not taught the true meaning of Socialism; thus is why there are those pushing for Socialism today on the Left.

When I was in school, we weren’t taught about the Vietnam War; but rather what was going on in the states during that time.

Even though, kids need social interaction for their well being and growth and schools is good for that. They need the proper education as well if the United States is to compete with other countries.

It’s a proven fact that kids who are either home schooled or sent to private school will do so much better in college. Socially, they probably wouldn’t, if taught at home.

When kids have social interaction with other kids, they do well socially. Some who were an only child may grow up unsociable; unless they are around other kids either in the family, church, or neighborhood.

For example: I have to admit for my first 5 years of my life, I was an only child. Luckily, I had cousins around me; either first or second. So it was very welcoming for me to get a family with siblings when I turned 6.

Since teachers have become very liberal in their teaching, their values doesn’t match up with what hopefully parents were taught themselves. Teachers today are taught in a Liberal college by liberal professors.

That is a big problem in our education system today. If you want to know more check on my blog on our education system is failing our children; where I talked in favor of the Secretary of Education under President Trump.

I know that parents cannot really be there to properly teach our children; thus they have become dependent on the education system to do the jobs for them. I mean both parents have to work to support the family. Or the parents are divorce and there is only one of them at home; they have to work to support the family.

I admired those who can teach from home. There kids are being taught better than they would in our public schools.

I don’t even know if they do the Pledge of Allegiance in schools anymore. That was the first things we did when I was in school. That is a matter of teaching respect.

There you have it, my reason for not wanting our kids back in school. Since parents was able to see what their kids are being taught in our schools, they must now watch very closely what their kids are being taught and if it doesn’t coincide with their beliefs , speak up about it. You have that right!

I understand that not all parents has the opportunity to home school their kids. They have to work to support them.

It’s back to school for the kids, back to work for America, and back to normal; if we are ever to rebuild the economy once again; and make America great again!

During the height of the North Dakota’s oil boom, there was a news article about Williston. In that article, it stated that the cost for renting an apartment was almost as high, if not higher than New York City.

It’s a crying shame that a small state like North Dakota and not even the biggest city in the state could have as high rent as the biggest city in the United States.

Not only that, the cost of living in Minot, ND was way higher because of the oil boom. People who lived on a fixed income in Minot are struggling with paying their rent, buying groceries, paying their healthcare, etc.

Renting an apartment cost almost as much as buying a house. The reason why people rent is because they cannot afford to buy a house while starting out. So they rent and try to save up for the opportunity to buy a house in the future.

In Dickenson, ND, rent is so high for those working on the oil fields; even though they may get good pay. There’s stories of people buying campers/trailers and camping out in the Walmart’s parking lot because it’s cheaper than renting.

Those three cities are not as big as Fargo; but because of the oil boom, the cost of living there is rather high. Can you imagine what it’s like living in Fargo, ND then?

It all depends on where you are living, in how much your rent will be. The newer part of town such as by West Acres and even by the new Sanford Hospital, rent can goes up to almost $1000 or more depending on how many rooms. It’s almost double to what I pay in rent in South Fargo on South University.

Sometimes, it doesn’t include your heat. Believe me, winter is very hard and long in North Dakota. If you have to pay your heat as well as rent, the cost could goes even higher. So it’s vital to find an apartment with heat paid or you will struggle financially.

Sure those apartments over by the new Sanford is very nice looking. Some may even have your own washer/dryer in the unit. But is it worth it?

You could be working 24/7 just to pay your rent, and possible heat as well. You will have no life at all. Then you got your phone, electricity, groceries, clothes, internet, etc. No wonder people are working 2-3 jobs?

Sure you can have roommates, but sometimes that can be very scary when it comes to sharing your stuff. Who can you trust these days? Sometimes, a person can be stuck in their ways, making either yourself or others roommates from hell.

To get housing assistant can be very difficult as well. When welfare was set up it was meant as a good thing to help the poor working class. The good thing turn sour. You will have women getting pregnant just to get even more assistance.

There’s a law against housing discrimination but it does happen.

If you are a woman getting pregnant all time or a person of color or an illegal immigrants, you are more apt to get assistant much quicker. This is why the Progressive Left of the Democratic party don’t want the wall built. They are not for the true American people, the poor working class. They are more for the illegal immigrants in giving them free stuff. Now that’s not fair!

I have to admit fixing up downtown Broadway historical buildings looks very nice. The question is: who can afford to live downtown? The rent is rather high. They don’t just have apartments, they have penthouses. Who in the world can afford to live in these penthouses? Is Fargo trying to be like these bigger cities?

No wonder crime is up in Downtown Fargo. No wonder homelessness is up in Fargo-Moorhead. They cannot afford rent with the low-paying jobs they have or even day labors jobs.

The 1% group sees the trailer courts as being an eye sore to the community. But where are they to live? They cannot afford a nice home. They can’t even afford some apartments either.

I’m not saying a trailer is anything to write home about. It’s sometimes all a person can afford to live in.

Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you can rent to buy a house. What kinds of house are you getting though?

When my folks were newly married, they were renting a house in North Fargo, and was offered the opportunity to buy that house. (I won’t go into details why they didn’t buy that house.)

At times, it makes me wonder if the bigwigs in Fargo would rather have the poor working class to be living in the outskirts of the city. They will be bussed into the city to work and shop, and then bussed home.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in the bigger cities there were places like that. Do they want Fargo-Moorhead to be the same way?

In some of these apartments, where rent is cheaper, you get what you pay for. You are living in a slum. Where crime is bad and the apartments are not the nicest. The only thing good is they are affordable and convenience.

If you ever wants to move, you need your rent for that apartment, the rent for your next apartment and a deposit as well. There’s no guarantee that you will even get back your deposit either.

Don’t let the title fool! Don’t even let this picture fool you!

In honor of my birthday today, I’m doing a lightheartedness blog. It will be full of interesting tidbits.

Was there a major events that happened on your birthday? Have you recently discovered that there’s someone who shares your birthday?

When my mother was pregnant with me, her sister-in-law was also pregnant with my cousin, Billy. They were like the Bobbsey twins when they hung out together.

The year that I was born, few months later, the second longest running daytime drama, Days of Our Lives first aired in November. A little confession: I had gotten hooked on Days of Our lives when I was a teenager working at my summer job cleaning the school in Hawley, MN. Someone had the show on in the break room. It was during the beginning of the Bo and Hope’s storylines. I know that there are some so-called self-righteous Christians wouldn’t approved because of some of the storylines. I won’t go anymore with that though.

A major event that happened on my birthday may not be as significant as what happened on 9/11. There was a pastor’s son from the church that I belong to who has a birthday on Sept. 11. Normally that will be a happy day for him; but because of the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center, that will be a painful memory for him. But a memory that all Americans need not forget.

The event that happened on my birthday happened in 1974. That was the day, former President Richard Nixon resign as President because of Watergate. The Established Republicans may not want to read this little sidebar. To me, Richard Nixon was a crook. Anyone who keeps on saying, “I’m not a crook”, or “I did not have sexual relation with that woman,” like Pres. Clinton, or Hillary Clinton saying, “What difference does that make?” Who were they trying to fool? By keeping on saying that, you’re fooling yourself. It’s best to ask for your day in court and let the truth comes out by itself.

Back to my cousin, Billy; he was born on our Aunt Rosella’s birthday.

My mother wanted to get married on the 4th of July but the Catholic priest wouldn’t do it; so they settled for July 3rd instead.

Speaking of the 4th of July, Both John Adam and Thomas Jefferson, the only signers of the Declaration of Independence to become Presidents of the United States both died on the 4th within 5 hours of each other in 1826. Then 5 years later, the next former President James Monroe passed away in 1831.

I have 2 aunts who both born on March 30 but different years. Or how about my nephew was born on Nov. 19, then years later a niece was also born on that same day.

People finds it an honor to be born right at midnight of New Years Eve; that way the press will proudly announce the first baby born on New Years.

Or how about anyone who is born Feb. 29, on leap year? That would be an interesting birthday. When will they celebrate their birthday? Do they only age every 4 years?

Another day for a birthday is April 15, Income tax day. That was my step-dad’s birthday. You’ll never forget that day. I mean, happy birthday and by the way did you file your taxes yet?(haha)

I feel sorry for anyone born on Christmas Eve and Day or even real close. They probably don’t get much a birthday celebration because they share it with the holiday.

It’s like having a birthday on Halloween or the day before or after. Not much of a celebration.

People looks to get married on Valentine’s Day or New Years Day because it’s a special honor that no one will ever forget.

I don’t know if you share your birthday with someone else that you recently met through your job or church or wherever. I have recently discovered that I also share my birthday with someone from my church and there is also 2 co-workers share a birthday with me.

Are these all coincidences?

Coincidences are interesting and fun. I hope that you enjoyed these interesting tidbits in this blog. I don’t know if you have an coincidences yourself around your birthday. If you do I would like to hear about it.

There is no coincidence with God. God has a plan with our lives. Things happens for a reason, coincidence or not. It makes us take notice of things around us that often change our lives for the better.

Thank you for keeping me aware of the coincidences around me and waking me up to the fact that God is still in control.

What worries you? Are you living in fear? Are you living in a bubble because of the Coronavirus?

I’m here to tell you to STOP IT! You got to live by faith.

My grandmother was a woman of faith. She even said, “The Lord will never give you more than what you can handle.”

Do you know that you can make yourself sick by worrying too much? You can psych yourself up to get sick.

A person who is a hypochondriac is anxious about their health.

What are you anxious about? The Lord will gives you rest. The Lord will never gives you more than what you can handle. All you have to do is trust the Lord.

Now Abraham was a man of faith. Because he trusted the Lord, he became the father of many nations. He fathered a son, Isaac in his old age.

Because of this Coronavirus, there are some who are living in a bubble, that they are living in fear. They even projected their fear onto others as well. There are people who won’t come out of their home or allow visitors because the fear they are living. There are people who will wear a mask even while out walking, riding their bike, or even driving in their car by themselves.

If they catch you not wearing a mask, they chew you out for it. For example: on the 4th of July, while out of town, I was chewed out by my cousin for not wearing my mask. I can understand that he’s older and have health concerns; but he didn’t need to project his fear onto me.

If you’re going to get sick, you’ll get sick. If you’re not, you won’t! It all depends on how your immune systems is working. How the chemistry in your body is working. How much poison you have put into your body!

The media and the Democrats is trying to control you with fear. They are trying to scare us to control us.

To them, I say, “Get ye behind me, Satan!” I will not live in fear. I choose to live by faith.

So when the news media is trying to scare you, just turn them off and refuse to listen and/or watch them.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t use precaution. We just don’t have to live in fear. I take my elderberry syrup and ginger roots every night; especially those nights that I have work during the day. I even have garlic on hand. My immune system is in good condition. I’m trusting the Lord and living by faith.

In the book of Malachi, where it talks about tithing; you can also refer it to just learning to trust in the Lord. It said, “Test me!”

In Matthew, in the Sermon on the Mount, we need not worry about tomorrow. The Lord will take care of us. All we have to do is trust in the Lord and have faith.

My faith has grown in the Lord because I have seen his hands working in my life. An example happened just over 2 years ago. The Lord got me out of sinking ship at Kmart before they close. The Lord opened new doors with better opportunity for me in just in time. Because of the Lord doing that for me, I have to learn to trust in the Lord and have faith.

Let faith be bigger than your fear!

My God, who shall supply all my needs, will take care of me. I will trust in the Lord!

If you have faith of a mustard seed, you can tell the mountain to move and it shall move. If you have that kinds of faith, you can tell the Coronavirus you will not get me sick. This is not my time.

I will protect myself and do what I can to keep my immune system working; but I will not live in fear. I will not let fear drag me down.

I may not have the faith my grandmother had; but I know that with God’s help, I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. I will overcome this because of my faith.

To those who are trying to control me with fear, I say to them, “Get ye behind me, Satan!” You are not going to win control over me!

If you so choose to live in fear that’s your choice. But as for me and my household, I will serve the Lord. I choose to live by faith not by fear.

What about you? Are you living in fear or by faith? Are you going to let the news media and the Democrats control you with their fear tactics? Are you going to let anyone who is living in fear runs your life to control you? Those who does it is of the devil. The devil can use people to control us with fear. Just like he can use the Coronavirus to control us through fear. Just say to them, get ye behind me, Satan! You will not have dominion over my life. I know where my faith lies.

Don’t live in fear-live by faith! God’s grace is sufficient and He shall keep me safe and healthy until the time comes for me go to my eternal home in heaven to be with my grandmother, mother, and other family members who had gone on ahead.

Are you the kind that shop online or were you kind was push into because of this Pandemic?

Shopping online is very convenience. You can sit either at home on your home computer or even now on your smartphone and shop for what you want or need. You don’t have to leave your home and deal with the mob of shoppers. You don’t have to worry about not getting what you want because you cannot find it on the shelves.

Yet at the same time, it could be very addicting. You could spend more than what you may intend too. Thus, going into debt because of this addiction.

I have to admit shopping online was very handy in finding the hard to locate items in the stores. And that’s a good thing, besides being convenience.

During this Pandemic, businesses were shut down, and people were force to shop online to get what they happens to need or want. The local economy was hurt because of this.

I have to admit these pass few months, I was forced to do more shopping online than I ever did. I don’t know about you!

The retail industries were badly hurt because of online shopping. Many retails finds it difficult to compete; so many either gone under and close their doors forever. Some try to join the online shopping by allowing people to shop online through their store online site.

By shutting everything down these past few months, it hurts the economy big time.

The only things that wasn’t affected because of this Pandemic was online shopping. Places like Amazon was booming during this time.

If you want to build up the economy again, it starts with buying local and shopping your local stores once again. Once these stores open up, the time is now to check them out.

I don’t know about you, when it comes to buying shoes and clothes, it’s better to try them on before buying them; especially shoes. It depends on the brand of shoes or clothes on how they will fit a person. Each brand fits differently.

I heard someone say, “this Pandemic could be at fault because of those behind these online businesses wanting to get more people shopping online, just to hurt the retail industries.” What do you think? Could this be true?

When you buy local, you can even make sure that you are buying American made stuff.

While buying online, there’s no guaranteed that what you are getting is American made. You could be getting stuff made in other countries.

In some countries, there is no child labor law. Many children are treated as slaves in these sweat lodge, we call factory.

Another thing about shopping online, you could be bringing items into this country that will harm our health; such as the Coronavirus. You don’t want what you may bring in from other countries!

Not only shopping online hurt retails, it’s also hurt many restaurants as well. The only way they could survive was by having people set up an APP to preorder their food.

I mean, the APPS on your smartphone became very big during this time. The only way the APPS works is with your credit or debit card. Another way of taking your money and you going into possible debt because of it.

Could those behind online shopping be using this to hurt the local economy? I mean, our economy was doing good when Trump first became President. Could the Democrats be responsible because they was looking for ways to defeat Trump in 2020?

Let us prove them wrong and buy local. Let us buy America made products. If it’s not made in America, don’t buy it!

By buying stuff made in other countries you are supporting child slavery, you may be bringing things into this country that will poison us, and most important; you will hurt the United States economy.

Under Trump, the US factories had started to reopen. More jobs were becoming more available. Pres. Trump had also lifted the regulations off these factories, that force them to make their products in other countries; because it was cheaper.

Is this the future? Everything is bought online or through your APP. Are we doing away with cash; and going with credit/debit cards? Are we becoming a nation of lazy people; where we need the convenience of our home computers or smartphones?

Remember, if it’s doesn’t say made in America, don’t buy it! Support America!! Support your local business by buying local if you can. It will be the only way to build the economy back up again.

This is my tribute, my love letter to those who worked hard to feed the world and gets really no respect, not much money, and have to deal with so much just to survive. Yes, I’m talking about the farmers!

In the life of the farmers, their day starts before sunup and end way after sundown. They worked very hard without much sleep. They have to deal with the elements and Mother Nature to feed the world.

Sure there are some big ranches out there and some well-to-do farmers; but it’s small compare to the oil business.

Some of these farmers can face a huge debts in some years with hardly any help at all from the government. They don’t have the people lobbying for them like the big oil company; and that’s a crying shame.

Some years can be good. While other years are very lean.

It’s the farmers’ job to feed the whole world. They should at least be recognize and paid better for it.

I mean, we need food to survive more than we need oil.

Farmers are caretakers of this planet. They grow the crops, raised cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. They can have many repairs work needed on their farms. That repairs work can be rather costly. Sometimes, they may have to buy new equipment. They also have to deal with Mother Nature year after year.

If winters extends too long, it’s shortened their growing seasons. Even if there’s a flood in the Spring of the year; that could at well keep the farmers from getting the crops planted. Not only that, if the summer is too hot and dry, that too can hurt the farmers. They also have to deal with horrific storms that could damage the crops. So they have to be heavily insured to protect themselves.

In the Fall, they are in rush to bring in the harvest and take it to the market. This is where they are not paid as well as they should be. If they can’t get the crops to the market; it could sit for days in their silos. It could actually spoil on them. When that happens, they lose out on money. They need to be able to sell. They don’t always make a profit some years. Sometimes they break even.

They have to deal with pesticides and pests that can destroy the crops.

A good farmer, hopefully, will never use Round Up or other poisonous chemicals. That is poisons for our bodies. Years ago, farmers grew the crops naturally without spraying with poisons. We then eat that poisons. The best crops is the all-natural ones, true organic.

I won’t go too much in the poisons in our food supplies. I will say this though, that poisonous chemicals is ruining our immune system. Thus we are easily infected with viruses, such as Covid.

If you ever travel out in the country, the ugliest site is seeing the windmills. Plus, they are killing the birds and animals that may come in contact with them.

Crimes are getting so bad in the cities, people are moving out into the country, buying up the lands. So the family farm is shrinking even more. I hate just seeing the countryside being ruin by the city slickers.

As of 2008, less than 2% of the population is directly employed in agriculture. In 2012, there were 3.2 million farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers and an estimated 757,900 agricultural workers were legally employed in the US.

So you can see this is small percentage to the rest of the world. They have a huge responsibility and they aren’t comprehended for it very well.

There are some countries, like India, who doesn’t wants our food supplies because of the poisonous chemicals being used. That, right there can hurt a farmers if they used those chemicals.

Let us look at the trade deals with China. President Trump didn’t agreed to it because he wanted a better deal for United States and for the farmers in particular. He felt the deal was too one-sided and in favor of China. Those on the Left felt that it possibly hurt the farmers by not agreeing to the trade deal.

Kind of make you wonder if the Chinese were responsible for the Coronavirus because Pres. Trump wouldn’t go along with their deal. They did it on purpose to hurt United States economy.

One thing this Pandemic may do, is get people hopefully to start thinking of their health better, and stop putting poisons into their bodies. They will look for ways to improve their immune systems. Maybe more and more people will start growing their own garden once again.

May you think about the farmers and all their hard works they do to feed the whole world; especially while enjoying a good healthy meal. May we start appreciating the farmers even more than what we do. They go through a lot to feed the whole world.

They are more vital than the oil company. We can deal without gas and oil but we can’t live without food.

At the same time, farmers, you need to stop using these poisons on your crops. You are poisoning our immune systems and destroying the planets with that poisons.

God bless the farmers for all their hard work!! Even though, people like Alexander Cortez don’t know where milk comes from, or that she wants to ban cow farts because she feels that they are hurting the ozone area.