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I know what you are saying, there are 4 seasons in a year, not 2. When you read this, you will see what I’m talking about.

For those living in North Dakota and Minnesota, it seems that we have 2 seasons and they are winter and road destruction; and no one likes both of them. They are a pain and seems to be very, very long.

Road construction or what some may it call it: road destruction tries to stretch out their construction to the point of winter. They are pushing their luck and hoping that winter wouldn’t hit with the dreaded “S” word. I’m talking about snow.

Let’s start with dreaded winter! Winter starts around December 21 and suppose to end March 21. Here in North Dakota and Minnesota, winter can actually starts around November and last until April. It’s a season that doesn’t want to go away. Not only does winter brings snow, it also brings ice and cold as well.

They say that Chicago is the windiest city; but in reality North Dakota is the windiest state. The only reason Chicago got that title is because of the hot air of the corrupt politicians.

When you’re young, you enjoyed winter and playing outside in the snow and ice. Who didn’t enjoyed sledding, skiing, ice skating and other winter sport, like snowmobiling? I remembered doing a lot of sledding down the snow hill when I was a child and it was fun. I remembered my one brother building a snow fort for us. I remembered another brother taking me for a snowmobile ride. I remembered going ice fishing with dad. I even remembered playing broomball in my 20’s with co-workers.

As you get older, we find that we don’t bounce back like we used to; instead we take much longer to recover. We hate walking on icy roads and sidewalks. We just want to hibernate until winter goes away. Those who can afford to will go South for the winter. They are called, “Snowbirds.”

Who like shoveling or blowing snow? It gets old after a while.

For Christmas, there are people who dreamed of a White Christmas; because it’s a tradition up here. As you get older, we would take a white Christmas and then wish the snow away afterward. That’s never happen though.

Usually around January and February, people start getting cabin fever or the winter blues. The reason why they get it is because by then we are so sick and tired of winter. We want it to go away. When Groundhog Day comes around, some people may look forward to it, because they think that winter will soon be over. Once again, up in North Dakota and Minnesota, that is not the case. Winter can still linger into April and early part of May. And it’s supposed to be Spring.

I remembered one time going to Kansas City in April. It was snowing here in Fargo, ND; and by the time we got into the other side of South Dakota, there was no snow. When we got to Kansas City, they actually had Spring, with leaves on the trees and flowers blooming; compared to North Dakota.

The start of Spring is March 21; which is also my mother’s birthday. Once again, it doesn’t happened in North Dakota and Minnesota. You expect Spring to be here for Easter, as you wear your new clothes and shoes for Easter. Yet, we still have winter up here; so you still have to wear your winter clothes and boots, just so you don’t fall on the ice and break some bones.

April showers bring May flowers. Spring bring about a renewal or rebirth.

It seems that before winter is over, the road construction crew is hard at work with road detours everywhere you go; which no one enjoy. We can’t seems to enjoy the beauty of the Spring season because of the road destruction.

The first day of summer is June 21. Even though summer can begin a little earlier as the weather starts getting warmer. People are so excited for summer nice hot weather after being coop up all winter long; and I mean long. People rush to the lakes on the weekends. They got their summer clothes on and their summer bodies as well. During the whole summer season, we also have road construction or destruction, however you want to word it.

Summer seems to go fast; while winter drag on forever.

The first day of Fall is September 22. Fall is another beautiful season to go for either a walk or a drive in the countryside. A chance to see the leaves on the trees changing colors. It’s so beautiful!

You would think that road construction would be over for another season; but no, it isn’t. These road crews seem to drag it out and push the envelope. Instead of starting to finish up their roadwork projects, they would add more to drag it out. This past season, there was a major road destruction on the road going by my apartment complex. It’s started last year up by the TV station; so it was a 2 year project so far. Who knows what they will do next year?

When I’m off work, I would noticed that there is really nobody really working. Either they are standing around or not there at all. It reminds me of the road destruction on 19th Ave. North by the Fargo Dome. That project took too long and that crew was fined because of it. I think the crew that this road project should also be fine as well.

There are some projects that takes awhile, I understand. There was major road construction in Moorhead, where the train would hold up traffic more than 2 ways. They had some major problems with that. I mean, Minnesota had financial problems, lots of delays, even the Pandemic interfered. So that one had excuses; but there are some road construction that has no excuses.

I actually think, if the road construction crew could, they would go all year long. Thank God they can’t though! Mother Nature has other things in mind with winter. I have seen snow in October, even on Halloween. If the road construction crew would go into winter, they could find themselves in a major lawsuit. I mean, dealing with road construction and snowbanks at the same time.

I know that in Washington State, and Seattle in particular, the road construction can last all year long because they don’t get the snow we get. The Atlantic Ocean is warmer than the Pacific Ocean.

As bad as our winter may get, it’s still better than dealing with earthquakes on the West Coast or hurricanes on the East Coast, especially in Florida and New Orleans. You can dress warm or just stay indoors. Yet, I have seen people still wearing shorts and no jackets, boots, caps, and gloves. they must think it’s summer or something.

The West Coast also has to deal with volcanos as well.

Earthquakes and hurricanes can do major damage compared to blizzard.

One thing about our winter in North Dakota, it can keeps the riff raff away. They are not built for the cold winter we get. I’ll never forget hearing that when we are finally having 40 degrees in the winter, the weather is nice; but to those living in Florida, it’s too cold for them.

I may not like winter like I used to; but at least we don’t have to deal with hurricanes and earthquakes. Road destruction is as much as a pain as winter. The 2 seasons we have up here. I wish Spring would last longer and even Fall. It seems that Mother Nature has other plans though.

President Gerald Ford only served 2 years as President. He was sworn in shortly after my birthday, Aug.9, 1974; after President Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal that rock his Presidency. It wasn’t enough time to either show if he would be a good or a bad President. This will be a biography on him and his wife, Betty.

President Ford had this common with Hillary Clinton, and that is: he had some baggage. The baggage wasn’t of his own choosing like old Hillary.

What was going on during the time of Ford’s Presidency?

Before he became President, Nixon was President. During the start of Nixon’s second term there was the Watergate scandal that rock his Presidency. Spiro Andrew resigned first, and Ford became Vice-President. Nixon denied the whole incident and even joked on Laugh In that “I’m not a crook!” (I won’t go into the detail on that right now though.)

Anyway, the day Nixon resigned happened to have been my birthday, August 9, 1974. A day that my birthday will be marked forever. Ford then soon took office.

On September 8, 1974 Gerald Ford granted a full and unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon for any crimes that he might have committed against the United States as President. That may have been one of his downfall. Should he had done that or should he distanced himself from Nixon?

The United States was also just coming out of the Vietnam War at that time. Some may say should we have been in Vietnam? I was only a child during the Vietnam War; so I don’t know the whole story. When I was in high school, I wasn’t much taught about the Vietnam War and why we were there in the first place. Instead, I was taught on what was going on in the United States during that time. There were riots in the streets in the form of protest against the war in Vietnam. Much like the riots that happened in the streets during 2020.

President Ford also faced a domestic energy crisis and a weak economy mark by high inflation and unemployment.

So not only did he had similarity with Hillary Clinton and all her baggage; except his baggage wasn’t of his own; he also had similarity with the worse President, Joe (drum roll please) Biden.

Another similarity Ford had with Biden was the fact that he had a reputation for being clumsy. Even though Ford was one of the most accomplished athletes ever to grace the oval office. He was a gridiron star who won college football national championships in 1932 and 1933 with the University of Michigan and was also an expert downhill skier. In other words, Ford may had been a clutch; but what can we say about Biden’s clumsiness?

There’s a big difference between the two of them. Ford was much younger than Biden. Biden may have some health issues and definitely unfit to be President. He can’t ride a bike without falling and walk up Air Force One without falling.

When Jimmy Carter ran for President in 1976, he was an unknown with no baggage; and the American people wanted and needed a change badly after Watergate and the Vietnam war.

In 1948, Gerald Ford met and married Elizabeth(Betty) Bloomer Warren. She was a former professional dancer and department store fashion coordinator. They had 4 children: Michael, John, Steven, and Susan.

Now Betty Ford suffered with alcoholism. She was an alcoholic; thus her clinic came about in Rancho Mirage, California to help others struggling with addiction. Betty Ford, herself struggled with prescription pills and alcohol.

It goes to show even the rich struggle with alcohol and addiction as well as the poor. At least she admitted her addiction; why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi admit her addiction? It takes courage to admit that you’re human and have an addiction. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, admitting that you have an addiction of any kind is shameful. No one wants to admit their weakness. So they would rather struggle with that secret alone than get the help they desperately need. Just like you cannot force someone to get the help they need. They got to want the help. I have to admire Betty Ford for admitting that she had an addiction and for getting the help for it.

Steven Ford was an actor. He was on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless in 1981. Probably his biggest role ever.

President Ford had a tough time riding on Nixon’s coattails because the scandal and the Vietnam war. Whereas, George Bush was able to ride on Reagan’s coattails because of Reagan’s popularity.

If Betty Ford could admit that she had an addiction and was an alcoholic anyone can. It takes courage to admit it. We’re only human. We all have our problems. I don’t care if you are rich or poor. It’s not a sign of weakness, as some people may think. It’s actually a sign of strength.

If Ford was President at a different time, would he had been a better President? How would you rate Ford as President? Those are tough questions to ponder.

MYTH: A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. A widely held false belief or idea. A misrepresentation of the truth. Traditional stories or legends. A fictitious or imaginary person or thing. An exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing.

These are some of the definitions.

Greek Mythology is a set of stories about gods, goddess, heroes, and rituals of ancient Greeks. Greek Mythology was part of the religion in Ancient Greece. The most popular Greek Mythology figures include Greek Gods like Zeus.

Greece is one of the following countries in Mythology; and one of the first to venture into myth. This spark a major war with Christianity because of the so-called religious leaders. This went back in the days of when Jesus walked the earth; and even Apostle Paul as well.

The Loch Ness monster inhabit Loch Ness, Scotland. It’s known as a Scottish folklore, which abounds with mythical water creatures. It’s compared to a dragon or prehistoric monster. It had been spotted in Scotland and Scandinavia in the water.

In Washington State, Big Foot also known as Sasquatch has been spotted. Is Big Foot real? You’ve heard about him being glamorized by Hollywood. Many locals claimed that they had seen him. Big Foot is said to be an ape-like creature who roams around the forests of North America, especially Washington State. It resembles cross between a gorilla and a human. There have been movies and TV shows depicting Big Foot sightings.

Some may say that UFO’s is a myth. Roswell, New Mexico is the official site of UFO being spotted. It was the summer of 1947, a rancher discovered unidentified debris in his sheep pasture outside Roswell, New Mexico. Yet the government officials would only say that it was a crashed weather balloon. Many people believed it was the remains of extraterrestrial flying saucer.

I remembered hearing from my dad while we were driving past Devil’s Lake, North Dakota in the summer of ’75. We were returning home from our vacation from Seattle, Washington visiting relatives in Washington and Oregon. He told us the origins of Devil’s Lake was that a mysterious creature, some say the devil himself was seen walking across the lake in the night.

Devil’s Lake got it’s name when European-American settlers mistranslated the name to mean “Bad Spirit Lake” or Devil’s Lake. The “bad ” referred to the high salinity of the lake, making it unfit to drink and the “spirit” meant the mirages often seen across the water.

Some believe that the devil is just a mythological figure made up by Christian leaders as a scare tactic. The Native Americans would tell stories on how this devilish mythological creature was seen walking across the lake up in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota.

Then again some non-believers would say that Jesus was just a prophet, a mere mortal roaming the earth.

Some may even say that angels are a myth as well. Some may even say that Ghost or Spirit is not true. Angels are all around us watching over us as we sleep or go about our day. Even Ghosts are out there. Some may have seen them and some have not. I believe there are Spirits out there. I have seen glimpses of them out of the corner of my eye. I have seen the Spirit of my cats, Snowball and Tabitha in my old apartment and in my new apartment as well. In the vision, I have seen Snowball chasing Tabitha like he did when they were alive and played together. Before Tabitha died, I’ve seen her sense Snowball’s spirit chasing her.

I believed that when I was in a car accident coming down from Mount Rainier, my mother’s Spirit was watching over me. The reason I wasn’t hurt as bad as I could had been was not only the seatbelt and airbags; but my mother’s spirit saved me as well.

Some people don’t even believe in vampires as well. To them, they are mythological creatures as well.

Tomorrow is Halloween. A time for trick or treating. A time for Ghouls and Goblins and all mythological creatures to come out and play. Even though the Spirits are out there already.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a believer. I may not seen the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot. I may not seen UFO’s. I still believe it’s possible. I believe there are Spirits out there watching over us. Some are good and some are bad. Some may think that I’m crazy for believing that. Some so-called religious leaders would probable condemned me for believing in ghosts. If you believe in Jesus and the devil, why not believe in ghosts as well?

Happy Halloween to everyone!! Keep your eyes open for the Spirit of the other world. They are all around us. I even believe in UFO’s, because I believe that there are life on other planets as well as on earth.

This coming November is the midterm election, and a time for a Red Wave. The time is now to vote Republicans to save America from being destroyed by Biden and the Democrats agendas.

The Republican stands for freedom, less government, and lower taxes. Whereas the Democrats wants to raise our taxes and control us over every thing we do. They are for taking away our freedom that we have and was fought for. The Democrats are slowly giving the United States over to China to take over. The Democrats want to turn this country into a Socialist country.

All through the Pandemic, the Democrats was all about mandating lockdown and the vaccines. They wanted everyone to get the vaccine or as Biden would say, “You’re all gonna pay!”

Crimes are up; especially in the Blue States. Inflation is at the highest since Carter was President. Anyone who has investment for retirement purpose is struggling under the Biden’s administration.

We have an open border that Biden refuse to do anything about. This is causing illegal immigrants, terrorists, cartels bringing drugs and guns into our country illegally by using the illegal immigrants as posse.

The Democrats will do what they can to make it the Republicans fault. They will say that the Republicans isn’t about freedom because of the Supreme Court overturned the Roe vs, Wade. When all they did was put the power of abortion back into the states where it belongs.

A prime example in that is the election for Minnesota Governor. Tim Walz had failed Minnesota during the Pandemic. His challenger is Dr. Scott Jensen. He is not afraid to take on the political establishment, like Trump and Reagan. During the Covid pandemic he spoke out against the lockdown; in which he was criticize for. He was against the vaccine as well. He will fight against cancel culture. He’s pro-life and because of that the Democrats will used that against him. Even though, Tim Walz had failed Minnesota, Scott Jensen will have an uphill battle because the stance he took on Covid lockdown and the vaccine. Anyone who speaks out against the status quo will have a battle on their hands. The rural area of Minnesota will likely vote for him; but those in Minneapolis will vote for Walz because of it being very Democrat and populated.

I’m not saying that the Republicans are perfect; and that’s why we had Trump and the Tea Party movement under George W. Bush and Obama. If anyone can screw things up, it’s the Republicans. Even when we get the Red Wave, Mitch McConnell will still be in control of the Senate, and he’s a Rhino Republican. He has no balls to make a good strong leader. He’s old and out of touch with the American people. Lindsay Graham is a little better but not by much.

I don’t know what to think about Kevin McCarthy for the Speaker of the House. I don’t know if he will be better than Paul Ryan. I sure hope so; because anyone is better than Nancy Pelosi, the old drunk we have as Speaker of the House. No wonder Trump went after her. I would too!

For North Dakota Senate, vote for Independent Rick Becker, a true Conservative over John Hoeven. Hoeven done nothing for North Dakota and he doesn’t work for the people, he works for McConnell, a Rhino. If he can’t control his wife, Mikey who said, “You know who I am,” he can’t be respected and trusted to do what’s right for the people of North Dakota. Hoeven is just a whipping boy for the Democrats, along with McConnell.

You can say what you want about Trump. He may had no tact when dealing with draining the swamp in Washington; but you have to admit there are some good candidates coming out now that actually got some balls to stand up against the Establishment. The Tea Party was just the beginning to changes happening in Washington. It took someone like Trump to open the American people’s eyes to the corruption in Washington. And they hated him for exposing the truth on their corruption.

One person cannot take on City Hall and win. They are likely to become corrupted themselves. Politics is a dirty business. It takes one person to light the fire to get our attention before anything can be done. Then other people needs to follow; otherwise it will remain the same. Reagan tried to do just that before it had gotten as bad as it is today. The American people wasn’t ready at that time though.

Some of the people who has potential are: Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, J.D. Vance, and Kari Lake are just some of the good ones coming out because of Trump making a difference in Washington. Ted Cruz is coming around now. Josh Hawley is another possible potential.

One of the things I want to say about Kari Lake is that she used to be a news reporter for the fake mainstream news media; so she knows all their dirty tricks and able to speak out against them.

Trump is endorsing them too!

Trump may not had tact like Reagan, but he had balls. To be a good leader, you have to have some balls to stand up against the status quo, the new media, even other world leaders; otherwise they will walk all over you if given the chance. If you let them walk all over you, you too can become corrupted just like them. You must not comply and play by their rules!

Like with any jobs, sometimes you have to stand for something. You have to stand up against those in power; otherwise they will take advantage of you. Believe me, I’m learning that; and some bosses don’t like that. All because you are not easily controlled.

Former Governor Ed Shaffer said why he wouldn’t run for Senate is because he didn’t want any part of the corruption in Washington and the dirty politics. He would had been good because he had balls and integrity; something that Hoeven lack.

Believe me, I think about running myself for political office in Washington, I have too much integrity to deal with all the corruption and dirty politics by the leaches running our country. Bloodsuckers, that’s what they are!!

Republican is for freedom and less government. Democrats is for higher taxes, more government, and less freedom. So which is going to be? Are we going to have a much needed Red Wave? Our freedom and this country is at stake in November.

Do you know that we are in the middle of the war on drugs?

We are in the midst of a drug crisis, opioid crisis in America.

Not only because of the open Southern border because of Biden allowing illegal immigrants into this country, terrorist coming into our country as well, and guns being smuggled in by the cartels as well. The cartels is also smuggling drugs in as well. The sad thing is: the cartel is using the immigrants to do just that; especially children. Some are even dying due to drug overdose.

One of the drugs being smuggled in is Fentanyl. The Fentanyl crisis is in our country, and most parents are unaware of the dangers to their kids. They are killing our kids through Fentanyl poisoning. Only 2 salt-size grains of fentanyl can kill someone-it’s 50 times stronger than heroin. The DEA has reported that more than 1 in 4 pills are laced with poison. According to CDC data, the synthetic opioids contributed to 62% of the 2020 overdose deaths.

The DEA says they identified new marketing scheme by Mexican cartels and street dealers who want the pills to look like candy to attract children and young people. In fact, the drug traffickers have nicknamed it Sweet Tarts and Skittles. It’s also known as “Rainbow” fentanyl.

This is especially dangerous this time of year, as Halloween is approaching. This is a scary time for our kids as they are planning on going trick or treating. They may think that they are getting candies; but in realities are getting this “rainbow” fentanyl, which will kill them if parents aren’t paying close attention to what their children brings home after a night of trick or treating.

How many parents have the time or even bother to check their children bags of Halloween treats?

I’m grateful that my mother took the time to go through my Halloween candies to keep me safe from drugs being smuggled into my bags of treats. Even though, she may also was looking for candies that she could take for herself also.

Parents either are too busy or don’t take the time to make sure their kids are safe. Some doesn’t realize the danger lurking around to kill our children. I’m hoping this blog will help shine the light on this crisis in time for Halloween. Just like Fox News is also talking about this crisis to warn parents. You don’t hear much talk about it on the other mainstream news media, for some reason.

This is just one part of the drug crisis we’re in right now no thanks to Biden’s open door policy at our Southern border.

This opioids crisis not only affect our children and young people. It’s also affect our elderly as well.

Medications that they get to help them with whatever illness they have can be just as deadly. When my folks were alive, they had almost a medicine cabinet full of medications between the 2 of them. The concern was what if they got their medications mixed up and took the wrong medication. It could easily happens when you have 2 elderly couple together.

Another thing that could easily happen is: if the medication isn’t properly disposed of, it could get into the wrong hands. It could get in the hands of some young people. They could take it for themselves and possibility overdose on them; or they could take it and distribute it to some other unlikely victims. That goes for any kind of medications.

I’m very thankful that my parents took the time to make sure that us kids didn’t get into drugs. They were strict but caring in their own way. I’m grateful because when I was a child and pre-teen, I had suffered with minor depression; in which I have gotten hooked on aspirins. The excuse I used was that I had a headache. In reality, I was dealing with depression among other things involving my childhood. (I’m not going into the whole detail right now.) Even though my parents were kind of naive about me suffering with depression and getting hooked on aspirins; as most parents are.

Growing up in Hawley, I knew where the drugs were if I ever needed it and how to get some. Since we lived on the farm south of Hawley and my parents were strict, I have to say, it saved my life.

Drugs were being distributed across the street from the high school during lunch hour, right under the Principle and teachers noses. It was even being distributed at the Hawley Youth Center; which was eventually closed down because of it. I even had a so-called cousin distributing drugs under his mother and step-dad’s noses.

Drugs can also be injected into someone’s drink or food as well; without them knowing about it. When that happened, that person can overdose easily and possibility die from it or get hooked on it.

The war on drugs started due to Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush fight against drug abuse when their husbands were Presidents and Vice-Presidents. They both wouldn’t be too happy to know that we are losing the war on drugs in this country all because of Joe Biden chose not to close the Southern borders. He’s in cahoots with the drug cartels from Mexico. Not just him though; but the Democratic party as well. They both will roll over in their graves if they knew exactly how we are losing the war on drugs.

The big slogan back then and still is: Just say NO! Say no to drugs! If someone offer you drugs, just say NO.

If you find yourself addicted to drugs, get help immediately. Otherwise, you could overdose and possibly die from it.

Depression is one of the sign for drug abuse. The other signs for drugs addiction are: making excuses, surrounding themselves with friends who actively use, losing interest in hobbies, being overly hygienic, constantly complaining about pain, isolation from friends and family, items go missing, sudden mood changes, and experiencing panic attacks and high anxiety.

If you see your child suffering with all or any of the 9 symptoms seek help immediately.

We need to win this war on drugs. We need to nip it in the butt. We need to shut down the border and the drug cartels once and for all. As Reagan would say, “Do it for the Gipper!” Our kids and young people are counting on us stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into our country at our Southern border by the drug cartels. Do it for Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush! Do it for our children and young people! They’re counting on us to do the right thing.

Do you want peace like everyone else? How can we have peace, true peace?

Putin would want a peace resolution over in Ukraine to have this war he started over. The reason: so he can overthrow President Zelenskyy. Putin would have Zelenskyy and his family tortured and possibly killed. He would send them to Siberia; where all enemies of the Russians government goes.

President Zelenskyy is not only fighting for his freedom but freedom for his country as well. He’s also standing up for our freedom as well.

No one likes war! War is hell!! There’s a price to pay for not only freedom but also peace as well.

There are people in this country would love to see peace over in Ukraine. They seems to forget why they are fighting in the first place. They just don’t care either. All they want is to have peace no matter what. These are some of the people who were involved in the peace rally during the Vietnam War.

I could go in how the war in Afghanistan was ended but I won’t because it wasn’t done right and there’s no peace for the people there because of how Biden handled it.

I know that Biden and those on the Left would like peace in this country; even the Leftist mainstream news media would love seeing peace. The peace they want is for everyone to comply to what Biden want. If you don’t agree with him, you are a MAGA Republican; even if you didn’t vote for Trump. We’re all racist and supremacy.

Go ahead and call me a MAGA Republican because I will not comply to what Biden wants; but I’m not racist either.

Enough of this: let us go into what finding real peace is.

First I will say that these so-called religious fanatic leaders may not like what I’m about to say. They think that being a Christian holds the cards for finding real peace. Well it doesn’t! Anybody can find peace within themselves. True peace comes from inside of our souls.

I had a chance to see my real father the summer before he died, the year I was a Senior in high school; but I was angry at him. He may had been my real father by blood; but he was not my dad, who I have more respect for.

Anyway, years later as part of my counseling, I went to his grave to make peace with him. I couldn’t say anything the first time I was there, but I felt at peace. I felt like he knew why I was there. That was the first sign of peace in my life. I’m not saying that I have peace market cornered either.

There was a book I read by a German author, Herman Hesse called, “Siddartha.” Now first of all, Herman Hesse, I would say is similar to the American great author, John Steinbeck. There style were similar.

In Siddartha, the lead character was searching for peace. He was a Buddhist. Siddartha found peace by sitting at the place now known as Bodh Gaya to meditate. It was after defeating the forces of the demon Mara did Siddartha actually found peace and enlightenment. It was by a river.

So you can say one way to find true peace is through meditation. You have to meditate or pray for the peace that is within you. You don’t have to go far either. You can do it in your own home, on the job, in your car or bus. I usually get to work a little earlier so I can relax and meditate.

You don’t have to go to church to find peace and a sanctuary; as some so-called religious leaders would think. I find working at the Fargo Dome to be my sanctuary, less stress.

While you are at home, meditating and relaxing, a good cup of herbal tea will help you relax and be at peace. I got a cup of hot tea right now as I write this blog.

Some people like to go the beach. I myself prefer the countryside or the mountains. I knew a pastor, Pastor Lyle Bozarth who would go to the mountains in Washington just to relax and to be alone. He found peace.

As crazy as it’s getting in Fargo, ND, I just love to get out in the country whenever I can. I love going to Park Rapids, Minnesota. It’s relaxing and peaceful. The people are normal there compare to in Fargo and bigger city. During the height of the Pandemic, I had a chance to go to Park Rapids where life is normal. I may have gotten chewed out for it but it was peaceful. I was at peace there.

I love going to Lake Geneva near Alexandria, Minnesota during the summer, because it’s very peaceful and relaxing. It’s not because it’s a church retreat either.

No wonder even Jesus had to get alone at times. He either went up the mountain or by a lake just to be alone to find true peace.

So whenever I get the chance to go to Park Rapids or Lake Geneva for a vacation, I would say, “if I don’t come back, don’t come a looking.” I would choose that for a vacation over going to Disney Land, the beach in either California or Florida. I would even choose going to Glacier National Park. I would rather be away from people because of all the craziness in our world today. Normally, I’m a people person.

Do you want peace like a river? Do you want a peace of mind? Go somewhere secluded just to be alone to meditate. Do what Siddartha did to find his inner peace.

That’s where peace comes from, not from complying with other people to get along. We will always have wars until we learn to find true peace.

This is my peace I give you. Peace be with you!!

Not too long ago the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, looking for anything to stop him. They even said that Trump had classified documents and was afraid that he would sell it to the Russians.

Now any former Presidents has the rights to take anything as long as it’s declassified for the use in their own library for the viewing public to study for history purposes.

Now the FBI is known as bumbling idiots ever since J. Edgar Hoover, who would wear women’s clothing. Not one person can trust the FBI. This latest stunt they pulled on Trump take the cake.

It goes to show that the FBI is in cahoots with the Democrats party. They are not suppose to be either. They are not to be political bias toward one party over the other.

They think along with Liz Cheney that they can stop the Trump’s train. All this is doing is making him into a martyr. They are treating Trump much like the Pharisees treated Jesus back when Jesus walked the earth. They looked for ways to get rid of Jesus as well, because he stood up against the religious leaders and called them hypocrites. That is what Trump did in Washington as well; when he stood up against the Establishment there. They didn’t much like him either for doing that.

The reason for this title and for being in this series on the justice system is to show how unfair our justice system really is. It all depends on who the person is and how rich they are what kind of justice they will get.

For example: let’s say a poor and a rich person is being charge for a similar crime: If you are rich, you can afford a good lawyer; but if you are poor, forget it, you are cooked.

Let us take a look at Martha Stewart, who was convicted of one count of conspiracy, 2 counts of making false statements, and one count of obstruction of agency. She spent 5 months in a minimum security prison before 5 months of home confinement. They were making an example of her. Yet at the same time that prison was more a country club type prison. It wasn’t as hard core; since she was rich. If she was poor, the prison would had been more hard core.

Another example was Jim Baker, who also went to a country club prison as well. For their crimes, the everyday normal people would serve in a real hard core prison. Now is that fair and justice?

Like I said the FBI went after Trump because they are on the Democrats payroll. They are not going after Joe and Hunter Biden for their illegal business dealings with Russia, China, and Ukraine old leader before Zelenskyy. Trump found out about it when he was President through his talk with Zelenskyy and the FBI wouldn’t investigate into it. The mainstream news media and Facebook would shut it down and used factcheckers to also shut it down as well. Why is that? Hunter as a drug and sex problems; and Joe Biden covered it up for him when he was Vice-President under Obama, of course Obama help. The Bidens are as crooked as the Clintons.

I’m not saying that Trump is a saint by no mean. It’s just that justice is one-sided there. That’s not fair either.

Let’s take a look at the Clintons. We’ll go back to when Bill Clinton was President and the Whitewater scandal that nearly rock his presidency. It was almost as bad as Watergate that rock President Nixon’s political career. That lawyer involved with Whitewater committed suicide; in which the Clintons want the public to believe actually happened. It was made to look like a suicide. The only thing they got Bill Clinton for was lying about having an affair in the White House; and he was impeach and lost his law license for that?

Look at Hillary, she’s no better than her slimy husband. She is known as crooked Hillary. Trump threatened to make her pay for all her illegal crimes she committed. The FBI was doing all they can to protect the Clintons like they were protecting the Bidens.

Not only did Hillary had the Whitewater scandal, she also had Benghazi’s scandal when she was Secretary of State under Obama. She lied and said, “What difference does it makes?” She also had her own e-mails scandals as well. She had deleted many important emails to cover up her illegal crimes. Did the FBI go after her? Hell, no, they did not!

Let’s take a look at Jeffery Epstein. He was sent to prison and soon was found murdered in his prison cells. It was made to look like suicide; but he was murdered to protect the people he was involved with in a child sex crimes, from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Prince Edward. Even Trump was somewhat involved too. They would rather go after Trump than go after the Clintons. Why is that?

Hillary Clinton was just as sick as her husband in the Jeffery Epstein’s child sex case. She too was having sex with minors. The mainstream news media won’t tell you that though. The FBI won’t have her investigated for it either.

Most recently, a pro-life couple had their house raided by the FBI as well. Can you tell me why? They won’t!

Even Mike Lindell was raided by the FBI, all because he claimed that there was fraud in the 2020 election and that Biden didn’t actually win; but rather Trump was reelected. Anyone who supported Trump was or put the screws on by the FBI with the help of the Democrats; especially Joe Biden.

They tried to prove Kyle Rittenhouse guilty of murder; but failed, because justice was actually served there. Mike Lindell helped financed Kyle’s defense; otherwise Kyle wouldn’t had a fair trial.

If my blog was bigger and I was a bigger threat to Biden, those in Washington, and the FBI, they would probably have me investigated and my home raided as well. They would see me as a threat. Since I’m not rich, I wouldn’t get the proper defense either; unless someone like Trump or Lindell fund my defense.

So I guess what I’m getting at is this: If you are rich you will get away with things no matter what the crime may be; whereas if you are poor you will face hard time in prison. From this series on the justice system, you tell me, where is justice for everyone? Like the title suggests: what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime; unless you can afford a good defense. Money talks to those who are rich, so they can get away with the crime; whereas those who are poor suffer. Do you see the injustice? What can be done to improve our justice system; so that all get a fair trial?

You may wonder why someone who is pro-life like me also at one time was in favor of the death penalty? It’s like an oxymoron!

As you can see in this series on the justice system, my view on the death penalty had changed.

Many in prison believed that they were innocent; but how many was actually innocent?

I’m not saying everyone in prison was innocent or guilty. There are some who may not had gotten a fair trial. Some had court-appointed Attorney; and they get paid whether they defend you or not. So they don’t do a proper job in defending you.

The 6th Amendment guarantees the right of criminal defendants, including the right to a public trial without unnecessary delay, the right to a lawyer, the right to an impartial jury, and the right to know who your accusers are and the nature of the charges and evidence against you.

In other words, lawyers must truly represent you in your criminal case for a proper trial. If you can afford a good attorney, you will get a better defense; whereas if you cannot afford an attorney, one is appointed to represent you. They are court-appointed attorney; and they truly doesn’t represent you like they should.

There are some who are actually guilty and they even write a book profiting off of their case. They have no conscience to what they have done. Now they shouldn’t be allowed to do that; but in our Capitalist society, everyone has the right to do what they can to get rich.

Here are 2 examples that I mentioned before in previous blogs: The most obvious is when O.J. Simpson was on trial for murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. I believed that since he was a famous quarterback and had money, he was able to afford a good attorney. If he was poor and had a court-appointed attorney, race wouldn’t been made an issue in the case. He would had been found guilty.

Another example is Michael Jackson, when he was on trial for child molestation. Since he had money and fame, he was able to prove that the parents of the victims were just cashing in on his wealth. The moment he was found not-guilty, their was an article in which stated, “If he was on trial in North Dakota, he would had been found guilty and sent to prison.”

There have been cases where a person who was wrongfully convicted for a crime; only to have new evidence or DNA come forward proving that they were actually innocent. It was a little too late! There life was ruined because of the prison record on them. Some of them already were executed for a crime that they later were found not guilty.

There was a rape case in which the woman accuser later recant her story and said that she wasn’t rape or she named the wrong person. Or the DNA had proven that it wasn’t his DNA. That person life was ruined anyway. That is one of the reason abortion shouldn’t be allowed in case of rape because it could be used as an excuse to have an abortion. They may had consensual sex but unprotected, so rape comes in as an option.

Many Liberals in these Liberals cities and states are passing bail reforms act, releasing many violent criminals back into the streets in which they continue their crime sprees. Even Liberal District Attorney and judges are not properly prosecuting these violent criminals who are actually guilty. It’s like they have their own political agenda. Then they wonder why violent crimes are up in our major cities.

Stay tune for part 3, the final installment of this compelling series on our failed justice system. As Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.” Hopefully, you will see how our justice system has failed; and that something does needs to be done about it. Something needs to be done for everyone can get a fair trial; whether they are rich or poor, black or white, or even their political party of choice.

This is going to be part 1 of a 3-part series taking a look at our justice system. When you read this I may come across as a weeping whiny Leftist Liberal; but believe me I’m not. You will have to read these blogs as they come out get the full message.

Do you know that there is a high count of recidivism of those constantly returning to prison? There are around 68% of 405,000 released prisoners who were arrested for a new crime within 3 years, and 77% were arrested within 5 years.

The factors contributing to recidivism include a person’s social environment and community, their circumstances before incarceration, events during their incarceration, and one of the main reasons, difficultly adjusting back into normal life. Many of these individuals have trouble reconnecting with family and finding a job to support themselves. Some of them don’t have the proper support system to help them to get back on their feet.

Some of these people lives in a poor community, the inner city, so-to-speak; and breaking away from that is very difficult without the proper help. I’m not saying that it cannot be done though.

Those on the Left would like to keep you dependent on the government; so they can control you.

With a little hard work and being persistent , anyone can move beyond their past incarceration. Some can even avoid going to prison with the right support.

Dr. Ben Carson was self-taught. His mother was a single working mother raising 2 boys in the inner city. She didn’t have much of an education, and her reading level was very low. She made her sons read and do book reports on what they read to show it to her; even though she couldn’t read them, herself.

Another example is part of our history: President Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President was a self-taught man of the 1800’s. He grew up in a poor family, raise in a log cabin.

Some of these young boys grows up in a single family unit; where the father is in prison and the mother is working hard to make a living for her and the children. Some of them will end up in prison themselves because of that lifestyles. They need the support of someone who will come from behind to lend a hand to help them make a better life for themselves; to keep them from going to prison in the first place.

There are people in prison who suffer from mental illness; ever since the government closed down the mental institutions. Thus making prisons the new mental institution.

Instead of throwing money at the problem, they need to actually look for solution to help those in prison to keep them from returning once they are release. Some may need counseling. Prisons can offer an education program; so that they can get the proper education to better themselves. Those in prisons got to want to better themselves though.

There are 2 country singers who had made a name for themselves once leaving prison. First there was Johnny Cash. Then there was Merle Haggard, who after seeing Johnny Cash perform while he was prison, Merle chose to follow that dream as well. So you see, it can be done; if there is the right support system out there.

Like I said earlier, getting a good job after being in prison isn’t very easy for them. There are employers who are not willing to give them a second chance to better themselves. There is a strict background check before they can even be hire. I can understand the reason for the background check for some jobs. If there crimes had anything to do with drugs and alcohol; there are some jobs they may need to reconsider if they are to remain clean and sober.

How far back should the background check go? When will they ever be able to live down their past?

It’s no wonder a person may lie on the job application or even interview when asked if they were ever convicted of a crime and in prison. It goes to show that honesty isn’t always the best policy. Honesty can keep those who been in prison from ever getting past it and succeeding.

I’m not saying that this is true for everyone. There are people who should be still in prison, the career criminals. There are people who made a bad judgement; which led them to being in prison in the first place. They paid their dues and hopefully learned their lessons, and got the help they needed. Shouldn’t they get a second a chance?

I do believe that if they are saved while in prison and once they are released, they find themselves a good church to use as a support systems. At the same time though, there are those who would used a Christian faith as a crutch. They’ll pretend that they a change person, a better person; who found Jesus. They may not be very genuine in their faith though; but who am I to judge. Only God knows!

Some of those in prisons weren’t able to afford proper defense attorney. They couldn’t afford a good lawyer and so they had a court appointed attorney. They get paid whether they win or lose a case. I will discuss more of this in part 2 next week.

There are some good people who deserve a second chance. They have worked hard to become a better person.

After reading all three blogs, hopefully you will see that something needs to be done to help those who truly want and need the help to become a better person.

The definition of revolving doors are: a set of doors that you go through by pushing them around in a circle.

If you say that a situation is a revolving door, you mean that people or other things are continuously coming and going, rather than staying somewhere.

A situation in which a lot of different people do a particular job or work for a particular company for a short time and then leave.

The one I’m going to discuss here involves employers who has a huge revolving door of employees constantly leaving and the reason behind that major problem. Hopefully, those in management will learn from this and works to plug up the hole. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Anymore than you lead a horse to water and make them drink it. They are going to want to see their errors and be willing to make some changes starting with themselves. Anymore, than you can get people to seek counseling. They got to want to get help and do better to change. All I’m going to do is show them; the rest is up to them.

Right now since the Pandemic, there is a huge revolving door problems; and that’s a whole different situation. It’s an employees market right now, and employers know that. It’s up to them if they are going to do anything about it to seal up the problem.

Money is the big solution to the problem; but it’s not the only solution. You can’t keep throwing money at the problems like the Democrats want to do. Anymore than a mother can bribe her child or grandchild with food or whatever they may want. It’s just a pacifier, a temporary fix to the problem.

Some employers actually think that they can bribe the employees to get them to do what they want or to keep the help they have.

There are jobs that is pretty good at keeping their help well satisfied. They don’t have the revolving door problems. They are hard to come by. You don’t really see very much help wanted signs from them. The only time that may happen, if someone either retire or die or some other situations.

Now jobs that is constantly looking for help, a person must be leery about. They must look into why they have such a revolving door of employees, such a high turnover. What’s the reason behind it?

The number 1 reason is the pay of course. The next big reason is: what kinds of benefits do they have? There’s one thing people doesn’t really think about to being a reason for the high turnover of employees, and that is how is the management. How does the manager treat the workers? Do they respect them? Are they very authoritative and demanding; while sitting in their office on their fat ass expecting the workers to tow the mark, much like a slave. Are you treated like a slave or like a human being?

One time for Halloween while working at Kmart, I dressed up as a slave. I used my clock number instead for a name tag. The manager just didn’t get it. They didn’t get the message I was sending. Believe me, I’m thinking about doing it again for Halloween.

I said before, my favorite movie out there is “The Help.” Even though it was based in the ’60’s and was about race. It’s coincide with this blog. I believe that managers and managers-in-training should watch this movie before becoming a manager. That should be a part of any manager’s course along with the Dale Carnegie manager training course. It’s free and there are even books out there to study.

Once again, there may be some who are not qualified to be a manager though. They don’t have the personality for it. Or they may have been pushed into a job they really do not want to do. They were even push into that position by the company or by their parents; especially their mother.

If they’re not happy doing their job; how do you expect them to treat employees decently?

Cash Wise and when Kmart was open, had a huge high turnover of employees. We all knew Kmart reason but that’s a whole different situation. There was a manager who just wasn’t happy being a manager, and he treated the workers badly, and didn’t understand why he got such a low approval rating. Once he retired, he was a whole different person. He was happier. I noticed it when he came into the store to shop and told him that he seems to be a lot happier. He was doing what he loved; instead doing what he may had been pushed into doing.

There may be other managers like that either where you work or places that have a high turnover of employees.

Some jobs will have a high turnover because of the type of work it is. There are some jobs people don’t like doing but they have to, to make a living. Not everybody can have a perfect white collar job. There have to be someone to do the dirty work. Someone to take fly shit out of the flour so to speak.

Years ago, people would stick with a job like that , no matter how bad it may be. Now days people doesn’t have to do that. I mean, there is many opportunities out there, compared to when my parents were young. Maybe, that’s why employers feels they can bribe employees with good pay and benefits; but that’s only a band-aid to the problem.

I think this is one of the reason labor union was formed, as a band-aid.

Doesn’t employers realize it cost more to constantly train new employees every so often? Wouldn’t it be better for managers to learn to treat employees betters than to be constantly training new employees? It would be cost efficient.

Restaurants and retailers have a very high turnover and that’s expected. Even being a custodian and dishwasher will have a high turnover as well.

There is one of the biggest employers out there that I cannot mention by name; but I’m sure a person will know who I’m talking about; that have a high turnover of employees. You wouldn’t think they would. You would think that they would me way smarter. It goes to show that is not always the case.

So instead of throwing money at the problem, to pacifier it; why not really truly do something about it. Why not put managers through a strict training process to properly train them to be a better manager. If they can’t cut it for some reason such as their personality or whatever the reason get rid of them, by suggesting to them to find a job more suitable for them.

Like I said earlier, it’s an employees market out there right now. Employees have the upper hand; not the employers. The employers needs to learn that starting with the managers.