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What is Socialism?

Socialism is defined as: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Another definition of Socialism is: In Marxist theory, a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism.

Under Socialism, we are not able to own property, because the government will own it instead. It will be like Russia. We will work the lands and get paid peanuts for the hard labor.

Also under Socialism, the farm that I grew up on would had been owned by the government. We wouldn’t inherited the estates, because there wouldn’t be any.

I wouldn’t had any investments because I wouldn’t had an inheritance under Socialism.

Most recently Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of England. Now he is a Conservative and he beat out a Socialist. He is compared to Pres. Trump.

As you probably know England is looking at leaving the European Union; which is a form of Socialist government.

In the Bible, when a one world government is form, the anti-Christ will come to power and become ruler. When that happens, you would have to get the mark of the beast; which is 666 to be able to buy anything.

Those on the Left calls Trump a dictator because they sees him as not being very nice and brass. When in fact, whoever in charge of a Socialist country are the real dictator.

I mean, Adolf Hitler was a dictator and Socialism was what Germany had under his control. Under Hitler’s Socialism, the Germans may thrive but anyone who was part of the elite struggled, some were even killed. For example, the Jews and anyone who helped the Jews.

If Senator Joe McCarthy was alive today, he would have a fields day. Remembered, he had a blacklist of anyone who was a Communist in this country. So if anyone who favors Socialism would be labeled a Communist.

If Capitalism is so bad, why are these immigrants crossing the border illegally?

They are coming to America to get away from their corrupt Socialist government. They wants the same freedom that we have and they don’t in their country. They wants a chance to succeed. A chance that they will not get in their own country; because of Socialism.

Some of those who are in favor of Socialism would say that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Socialist. Just because he created Social Security and helped America through the Depression, doesn’t makes him a Socialist. Remembered, he fought against Socialism during World War 2.

For a few months now, you have heard the Chinese people protesting the Chinese Communist government.

This is what you get when the people gets so fed up with corrupt Socialist government. They will either protest or they may try to overthrow the government.

As I wrote in my blog on the First Immigrants, when our ancestors came to America, they came to get away from the King of England’s control. They wanted freedom in religion and whatever else.

The Revolution War came about when American settlers threw the tea overboard the English ship because of the king’s taxation on it.

Now are these Liberals professors teaching that truth?

Hell no!! These Liberals Leftist are lying to the American people about the whole truth about Socialism. They are trying to make it sounds so good with the idea of free money, free healthcare, and free education. Nothing is free! It’s us taxpayers who will pay for it all.

I’m for less government not more. I’m for less taxes and that is why I’m against Socialism. I’m not saying that Capitalism is perfect but it sure beats Socialism.

I will talk about Obamacare in next week blog; which will be part 3.

We are being lied to by the Leftist media, Liberal professors, and teachers about Socialism.

Whatever you do don’t buy into their lies. Those who came from a Socialist government doesn’t wants Socialism; because they know what it really is. It’s total government control over everything. We will not be able to own anything, the government will own it instead. We will be like slaves to the Government.

Now Abe Lincoln was responsible for freeing the slaves during the Civil War. He would not approve of Socialism; anymore that George Washing ton would. Even Ronald Reagan warned the American people about Socialism, when he went after the Communist party.

So who are you going to believe over Socialism? Those on the Left who is lying to you or those on the Right, who is trying to protect America from becoming a Socialist country?

In this political correct world that we lives in, I’m not a very political correct person. I tell it like it is.

There are words that meant one thing but now means something totally different.

I remembered my high school English teacher, Mr. Nelson would always say, “Ain’t isn’t a word!” Well Mr. Nelson, ain’t is too a word now. It’s in the dictionary.

How many remembered the old Flintstones series and the line in the theme song was, “have a gay old time?”

Now the word gay is a derogatory for someone who is a homosexual. For example: “are you gay?”

Or how about the word fag? Years ago, in the old English language from England, fag meant a cigarette. For example: “do you have a fag?”

Now a fag is also a derogatory for a homosexual. For example: “You Fag!”

We just celebrate Christmas this past week. In the political correct world a person cannot say, “Merry Christmas!” The reason, those in the fake news media gives, “you might offend somebody.” They would rather you say, “Happy Holiday!” instead. Or they look to take Christ out of Christmas and gives you ‘x mas instead.

I’m here to tell you I will always say Merry Christmas to anyone I meet or whatever. I will not take Christ out of Christmas. If someone is offended because of my belief and me using it the right way; that’s there problem, not mine.

In my blog, “The First Immigrant”, I mentioned Indians. Now Indians is the proper name for the American Indians. Now those on the Left, would rather that they be called, “Native America” instead. They are trying to change history by changing our American language.

Years ago, it was ok to say that someone was retarded. Now days, it’s a word that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth. So instead of being mentally retarded, that person has a mental disability.

Now this, I can understand; because it does make sense. If you call someone a retard, you are being insulting.

I remembered as a child when the family was traveling through Montana to the West Coast. My step-dad would say that in Montana, a horse is actually called a hoss.

The word Socialism is a word that means something totally different than what those on the Left making it out to mean.

I won’t go too much into Socialism because I will save it for next week blog. It will be part 2 in this series. So if you wants to know what I thinks about Socialism, stay tuned until next week,

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time for all. Yet, there are some who suffer with depression this time of year. They don’t just suffer this time of year but all year long. It’s just that Christmas is much more harder on them.

Even during winter, people finds themselves dealing with depression, call the winter blues or cabin fever.

What triggers depression is a number of things. It could be a lost of a family member or loved ones. The old Kitty Wells song, “It doesn’t feels like Christmas anymore,” talks about why bother with decorating the house for Christmas.

Sometimes when people are depressed, they would take up drinking and likely to become an alcoholic. They have suicidal thoughts. They just want to end it all and just give up on life. Some may even become very angry.

As I had studied psychology, I had learned that I had a mild case of depression while growing up. I was crying out for help but there was no one who I could confide in. I had suicidal thought and I even became hooked on aspirin; which I used the excused that I had a headache. I even slept with a teddy bear until I was 12 years old. (I won’t go into details to why I suffered with minor depression, because that is a whole different blog that I may or may not post.)

I have a brother who I’d say is prime example of a person suffering with depression. He got it so bad, he actually needs help. He is drinking more and more lately; especially as a family member passed away. It’s almost like he wants to die.

After my mother had passed away, I believed that my step-dad had suffered with depression. I felt that he just gave up on life after losing his life partner of 40 years. He died about 4 years after she died.

Usually when a couple had been married a long time, and when one dies, the other one will usually give up on life. The reason for living is no more.

In the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Jimmy Stewart’s character was about to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. He wondered what things would had been like if he wasn’t even born.

Usually people who suffer with depression will wonder that, as they contemplate suicide.

Look at the movie “Scrooge,” Ebenezer Scrooge, may comes across as stingy. I actually believe that he was struggling with depression.

If you know anyone who is suffering with depression, you should try to help them. They are crying out for help but don’t know how to find it. They don’t know who they can turns to.

If you know anyone who had been married a long time and one of the spouse had passed away, you should do what you can to help that person cope in their trying time, by comforting them and being there for them.

You can’t make a person get treatment! They got to want to do it themselves. All you can do is be there them.

Christmas can a very difficult time for those suffering with depression. They are being haunted with a lot of memories.

Even in the dead of winter, can also be hard on someone who is suffering with depression. The reason for it is simple. You are coup up inside due to the weather; so you have plenty of time to dwell on the things that is making you depressed.

So give someone you know a call; who knows that may save their life.

When a person is depress, they become very lonely.

You may save a person life with just one call!

When I had suffered with a minor case of depression, there wasn’t anybody that I could really go to.

There is hope for those suffering with depression. There is places you can go or call to seek help. You just got to want that help. There’s medication for depression; but I recommend only as a last resort. If you can deal with depression without drugs, more power to you.

If you are suffering with depression seeks professional counseling or a friend to help you. You can even seek a pastor for spiritual help to deals with depression.

There is hotline that you can call if you are contemplating suicide or facing depression. You can also call this new phone number: 988.

The phone number for the National Suicide Hotline is: 1-800-273-8255. They are available to help for 24 hours.

If there is anyone who is suffering with depression that is reading my blog, I hope that you will seek the help that is out there. Remember, God doesn’t make junk! I heard that from a counselor.

If this blog is speaking to you, go ahead and like it and/or even make a comment is also welcome. I’m also here for you as well.

Let me start with this question: What is about Trump that people hate? Is it because he’s a Republican?

Let me tell you, he wasn’t always a Republican. He was friends with the Democrats as well. Hillary and Bill Clinton was at his wedding. He was Hollywood best friends due to the success of his reality show, “The Apprentice.”

I like Trump because he socked it to the fake mainstream news media and the Establishment in Washington. He’s getting the job done that he said that he would do. So many politicians say one thing but never keeps their promises. They were just blowing “hot air” to the American people.

Some of the Established Republicans dislike Trump out of Jealousy; because he does what they couldn’t. People like Mitt Romney and the late John McCain for example.

The Democrats hate Trump because they sees the good that he is doing for this country and can’t stand it. They are afraid that they cannot beat him in the 2020 election. So they comes up with this farce of an impeachment hearing.

Nancy Pelosi was asked why she hated Pres. Trump and she just went off her rocker and said, “I’m a strong Catholic and I don’t hate anybody!”

What the Democrats are accusing Pres. Trump of doing, they are doing themselves. They are accusing him of abusing his power; when they are the ones abusing their power.

I like him because he does get the job done and keeps his promises. He’s not afraid to step on a few toes to get the job done. To some, he may come across as a bully. We need a strong leaders to get the job done.

One thing I was taught growing up by my mother, was when you make a promise, you should honor it.

Sure, he may not always play by the rules. Some of the rules needs a little tweaking.

Who hasn’t broke some rules because it doesn’t fit in? I mean, the old saying is, “when the cats away, the mice will play.”

Pres. Trump isn’t the only one who went after the Establishment and he won’t be the last. Believe me, I like someone like that.

Pres. Reagan also went after the Establishment in Washington. He may had more tact but he got the job done and was hated by his own party, the Democrats the news media.

Martin Luther went after the Establishment in the Catholic Church and created the Reformation. Because of Martin Luther, the Lutheran Church was founded. The hierarchy in the Catholic Church threw him out of the church because of going after the way they were running the Catholic Church. (Believe me, they need that again, but that is a whole different blog.)

Remember, even Jesus Christ went after the Pharisees of his days and called them hypocrites. They had him crucified because of it.

Remembered, Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill them. The Pharisees wasn’t doing what they were supposed to be doing. They were talking the talk but not walking the walk. They were telling people how to live but not living the right way themselves.

Just like Martin Luther when he went after the hierarchy of the Catholic church.

People in authority doesn’t like it when someone points out the error of their ways. They get angry and filled with rage. They fight back hard.

This is what the Democrats are doing right now against Trump. They are upset that he is upsetting the cart and getting the job done that he said he will. They see how the American people are reacting to what he is doing to make America great again, and they can’t stand that.

With the candidates they have running for President in 2020, they sees their chances of winning the White House is very slim. So they comes up with lies to try to impeach him; so that they can possibly defeat him.

They are still crying over the fact that he beat crooked Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

If you hate Trump because of all that, then you must also hated Martin Luther for going after the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church. If you hate Trump, then you must also not be a Christian; because of Jesus standing up against the Pharisees.

All three have one thing in common, and that is they stood up to the establishment. They weren’t afraid of breaking some rules to get the job done and do what is right.

They weren’t really breaking the law; but rather fulfilling it to make it better.

I like Trump because he got “Balls” . He’s not afraid to break a few rules to get the job done. He’s not afraid to step on a few toes either. He keeps his promises, as well.

Even though, I was afraid of him at first, I like him now more and more.

We need people like Trump, Reagan, Martin Luther and most important Jesus, to keep the establishment in check.

As I said when I first started writing my blog, I’m no expert, I’m full of opinions.

This subject is a tricky one but I feel that it’s important especially in today’s eras. There’s so much that we don’t fully understand about mental illness. It’s also a subject most people don’t wants to talk about. Some people may even try to avoid this subject or dealing with someone who has mental illness of some form or another. It’s getting better than what it used to be years ago; but still it’s a “hot topic.”

Years ago, anyone with mental illness were institutionalize in a state hospital and separated from their family. Sometimes, some family members don’t know why a person isn’t around anymore. They are put away and forgotten about. That way they don’t have to face the issue of mental illness in their lives.

As I had written in my blog on the Kennedys, John F. Kennedy had a sister, named Rosemary; who had a form of mental illness. His parents kept that secret from the rest of the family because they felt that she was a disgrace to the family. She was locked away into a mental institution.

Now the Kennedys weren’t the only ones who had done that. Many family have done that to avoid dealing with the issues of mental illness.

These mental institutions were full of people who suffered with all kinds of mental illness and being abandoned by their own family.

Not only were they abandoned by their family and locked away in these institutions; they were also forced to have a lobotomy.

Now Lobotomy is a surgical operation involving incision into the prefrontal lobe of the brain.

They were also put through electroshock therapy.

Not only that, they were sterilized; so that they couldn’t have any kids themselves. People were afraid that they would create more kids like them.

This was almost too unbelievable. Some may thinks that it’s only happens in the movies. It can’t happens in real life. One of the most popular movie from the 60’s and 70’s was “One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest”, starring Jack Nicholson.

The nearest mental institution to Fargo, ND are: Fergus Falls on the east side in Minnesota, Jamestown on the West and Grafton on the North. They are now closed now, thank goodness!

Many horror stories had happened in these mental institutions. A lot of them very scary and creepy. I don’t want to scare anybody. I will keep that for a future Halloween blog.

It’s not just mental illness but all forms of disabilities that people doesn’t wants to deal with; so they are lock away. John Ritter had a brother who had Cerebral Palsy. It was a dark Hollywood’s secret.

I have a cousin with Cerebral Palsy. When his parents was adopting him, the adoption agency didn’t want to let them have him because of his disability. I’m glad that they kept him. He can still do a lot despite of his disability. He’s a viable part of my family and I love him.

Like I said earlier, this topic on mental illness is getting better. Anyone with mental or physical disabilities aren’t lock away in these hell holes called the mental institutions.

Now, they are put into a group home and being intertwine into the community. They are becoming a viable part of society. Some are even working part time. Now that is good to see.

In these mental institutions, they are overly medicated. When you happens to see them, they have this daze look on their faces and slobbering like a rabid dog.

Speaking of being overly medicated, the schools have become a breeding ground of ADD, Adult Deficit Disorder. I don’t know about you but how many actually have ADD? If you asked me, children are very active and they should be. They should have the rights to be a kid. Teachers feels that they are overly active and uncontrollable; so they would say that that have ADD and medicated them, that way they can control them better in class.

There are some kids who are just active and should be. Also sometimes, they are not being challenge in school; so they lose their attention span and focus. I won’t go too much on this subject; I will save this part for a blog on education.

I have heard stories of how some celebrities or the rich would pay to make sure that their children are physically and mentally healthy. If they noticed any defects in the ultrasounds, they will either alter the DNA or terminate the pregnancy. They don’t want to deal with a disabled child. They are a disgrace to their names.

Just like years ago when they were put into a mental institution. I believe that was why the Kennedys put Rosemary Kennedy away and hid her from the rest of the family. Even John Ritter’s brother was kept into an institution.

It’s not just the rich who does that. A lot of people would do that. I have relatives on my step-dad’s side that were put into an institution and forgotten about.

Like I said earlier, this is sticky subject. Not many wants to talk about it. It’s slowly coming out in the open to be dealt with. Governor Burgum’s wife is pushing for help to those dealing with mental illness. But first we need to comes to an understanding about this subject; and not try to cover it up.

They may have some form of disabilities; but they are still beautiful.

Maybe some days we can come to fully comprehend this topic on mental illness, and not try hide it away.

There are many forms of mental illness too. The list is too long to go on; so I will have to kind of end here.

Now Walter Cronkite was the last reporter who had integrity. He was the last reporter with believability.

You can’t say that about today’s reporters!

When Walter Cronkite did the evening news he stuck with the facts. He kept his opinion to himself. He wasn’t bias and favored the Democrats. I have more respect for him than I have for today’s reporters. He deserved it too.

I’m not saying that Walter Cronkite didn’t cry on the air when he reported the news. I mean he was human.

There was at least 2 times that he cried while on the air that I know of. He cried when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and killed. Then again we all cried when that happened. He also cried, with joyful tears when man first walked on the moon.

Now days the reporters are so bias. They seems to favor the Democratic party. Let us look at the 2016 election results. When the election night started, the faked news media were all having a party thinking that old Hillary Clinton was elected President. Toward the end of the night, they soon stop partying and started crying because Trump was elected President. They couldn’t understand why. They hated Trump that bad and would stop at nothing to downgrade his Presidency. They blamed the Russians for collusion. They never covered the truth. They only covered what they wants to covered.

If you wants the whole story, you have to turned to Fox news to get it. I’m not saying that they aren’t bias either though.

When Walter Cronkite retired from CBS evening news, Dan Rather had taken over for him. That was when fake news had begun. CBS news was the first of the fake news media.

Like I said in my blog on Megan Kelly, when I called her the Queen on Fake News. Well, Dan Rather is the Father of Fake news. Years later he was fired from CBS news because he got caught in making up the news. He’s still in the news and he recently stated that us Trump’s supporters is a part of a cult. He doesn’t want, like the others fake news media, doesn’t want to see the truth.

The other news station soon follow in the line of CBS news and became the faked news. The last was ABC news. The reason why they were the last was because when Peter Jennings lost his battle with cancer, it became the end of integrity and honesty in the news making business.

I was taught in journalism that a good reporter mustn’t be bias. They have to do their research and gather the facts before reporting the news. They had the 5 w’s that they had to go by. The 5 w’s are: who, what, why, where, and when. They don’t do that anymore. They are supposed to keep their opinions to themselves. Even Murphey Brown in her reboot series said, “today’s reporters don’t gather the facts anymore.”

It’s not about getting the facts and getting to the truth that matter. It’s only about the bigger paycheck. They care more for the almighty dollar than the truth.

As I said, Megan Kelly left Fox news for a bigger payoff from NBC. She was soon fired though; but she is sitting good though.

Even these Democratic debates are boring because the moderator are on the left media. They are not asking important tough questions.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s we had Yellow Journalism. What we got now with the faked news media is way worst than yellow journalism.

This is almost as bad as these gossips rags, such as the National Enquire. They are not doing the news justice. What they are doing is slanderous.

The Washington Post is just another form of the National Enquire. They are way worst then they were during the Watergate scandal. At least back then they did investigated. Now they are just making up the news as they go. Just like all the other faked news media out there.

As a kid, I didn’t care in watching the news, because I thought it was boring. It’s now far from boring now! A person doesn’t want to watch the news now because of their bias. They have no integrity when it comes to reporting the news. They will only say what they want to say. If they don’t agree with it they won’t tell you.

I have written letters to the Editor of the Fargo Forum before I started my blogs. Believe me, there were information that they would cut because they didn’t agreed with. When they did that they took the original meaning out of what I was saying, and made me look very foolish. (I hope that the Fargo Forum reads this blog, then they will know that I’m on to them.)

This is the reason why the news media isn’t as popular now as they were years ago. They now holds one of the most hated jobs ever. They are as hated as the IRS and our career politicians. No wonder Pres. Trump calls them the Faked news. There is nothing real about them anymore.

Walter Cronkite would roll over in his grave if he knew how bad the news had become. They don’t get my respect like Walter Cronkite did.

Thank God for the internet! If you wants all the facts, just go on line and you can finds it. I’m not saying that you can believe what you read though. You have to cipher the truth.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The first immigrants was our ancestors who came over from Europe when they discovered America. It was the Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower and landed on Plymouth Rock.

They were welcomed by the Indians that were already living in this country.

I’m not going to call them Native Americans. I’m calling them by their rightful names, the American Indians.

It was the Indians who taught the Pilgrims about farming, fishing, and hunting to get a bountiful harvest. They were peaceful Indians.

One of the tricks that the Indians showed the Pilgrims was putting a dead fish in with the seed as they plant their crops. When they did that, they had a bountiful harvest. It was so bountiful, that they celebrated together for the very first Thanksgiving.

What did us white folks give/do for the Indians?

They introduced them to “fire water”; which today is known as whiskey.

You see, the Indians were very spiritual. Once they were introduced to whiskey, things started changing for the worst for them. They picked up the habits of becoming an alcoholic.

Another thing, the American Indians were infested with such diseases as small pox. Now small pox came from the white man. At that time there was no cure; so it killed many Indians.

The American Indians were the first American citizen. They were peaceful and were taken advantage of by the white man. For all the good things they did for the pilgrims, they sure wasn’t treated very nice. They were forced into reservation, got hook on alcohol, and even was given many sickness. They were treated like savage. They were treated like second-rate citizen. Many American Indians had lost their lives due to war as well.

Enough about the Indians though. Let us talk about the first immigrants, the pilgrims.

Now the reason that the pilgrims came to America was for freedom. They were trying to break free from the oppression of the monarchy that ruled England at the time. They wanted freedom of religion. They wanted to get out from being under the King of England’s thumb.

The reason for the Boston Tea Party was because they were upset for the high taxation on teas and other imports. Now the Boston Tea Party was the start of the Revolution War.

So I can understand the reason for immigrants wanting to come to America. They too comes for freedom like our ancestors. They are tired of the oppression in their home country. They also wants the prosperity that comes to those in America as well.

So when they come to America legally, that is fine; but when they come illegally like crossing the boarder between Mexico and the United States, that is where I put my foot down. Not only do they come illegally. Some also brings drugs and guns by smuggling them across the boarder.

It’s almost like they are doing to us what we did to the American Indians.

Not only that, they takes jobs away from our people. They are living on the welfare system set up by our government. Us, taxpayers are paying for them to have a good life without having to work for it. Some are taking advantage of us like we did the Indians.

Like I said, I understand that they are just trying to escape the oppression of their corrupt government in their home country.

What get me is that those on the Left is allowing them to take advantage of us Americans. They also don’t realize what they are offering these immigrants, is the same things that they are trying to escape from. They are offering Socialism; which is total government control.

I will go more into that subject in another blog later.

All I will say, there are some who doesn’t wants Socialism; because they know what it is.

Another example is the riot in China. Some of the people are rioting up against the Chinese government oppression. I’m glad that they are standing up to their government.

My grandfather’s family came from Germany when he was just a kid. Old Frank Heger even served in the military during WW1. So you see, I’m a grandchild of an immigrant.

We all are descendants of immigrant one way or another. So if you wanting to come to America, do it the legal way and you will truly be welcome. We are not here to offer you free money, healthcare, etc. You must work for it like the rest of us.

So this Thanksgiving as you gather with your family eating your Thanksgiving meal, remembered the first Thanksgiving; when the pilgrims ate with the true American citizen, the American Indians. When you happen to see an Indians thanks them for welcoming us into their country. Thanks them for teaching us how to have a bountiful harvest as well.

The most important, may we feel guilty for what we did and are still doing to the American Indians.