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You’ve heard of Morris, the cat from those 9Lives cat’s commercials?

Of course you’ve heard of Garfield, a fat lasagna loving cat from the comics. Come on, get real, what cats will eat lasagna. Garfield will sleep all days and get into mischief by doing such things as pushed Odie off the table.

Then there is Grumpy the Cat!

You may asked, “what do these cats have in common? What’s your point here?”

We all know that they all are famous. But do you know that they are/were high maintenance as well?

As you may or may have heard that Grumpy the cat had passed away last year. When I think of Grumpy the cat, I think of my cat, Tabitha.

Now Tabitha could had very easily filled in for Grumpy the Cat because of her diva-like personality.

Before I talked about Tabitha, I wants to mention my other cat, Snowball.

Now Snowball was total opposite of Tabitha. He was big white cat and very passive. He was abused by his previous owner; so he was scared and hid under the bed; yet he warmed up to me. He would love to sleep with me and even lay on my chest and kissed me. He loved giving kisses. He also loved looking at himself in the mirror, whenever I held him in my arms so he could look in the mirror. He would curled up right in my arms. I had to wear a shirt; otherwise he would had clawed me, not meaning to.

Now I had Snowball a few years before I got Tabitha. Snowball was happy to have a playmate to play with when I was at work. Tabitha, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him at first. It wasn’t until she realized that she could be the boss, that they finally became the best of friends.

Let me explained the meaning behind Tabitha’s name. Her name fit her because of her personality and the spot she had on her nose. She looked and acted like a Tabitha. She was a Diva. Thus a high maintenance cat; compared to Snowball. When others would see Tabitha, they couldn’t understand what I mean about her being a diva. They would say, “She’s so precious.” So her full name became Tabitha Precious Heger; while Snowball’s full name was Snowball Baby Heger. Tabitha was a diva, and the middle name, Precious came about because of the character from the Lord of the Rings, that was obsessed with the ring that he called it, “Precious.” Just think about it when you put Tabitha Precious name together.

Snowball and Tabitha eventually became buddies. They would play together and even sleep together. Let me put it this way: I got Tabitha fixed just in time; otherwise I would had little their kittens driving me up the wall. They may had been cute; but they could also had been a terror.

When it came to sleeping with me, Snowball would sleep by my head and Tabitha by my feet; making it difficult for me move in bed.

Like I said, they played together by chasing each others around the apartment. They would even kissed each others. One time, Snowball was sitting on top of the scratching post and Tabitha was inside; and they were playing with each other.

Usually, cats are able to regulate their foods compared to dogs. But not Tabitha! After she was fixed, she became plump like Garfield. I had to put her on a diet. believe me, that was hard because of Snowball. With Snowball, I could leave the food out with no problems. I couldn’t do that anymore.

Like I said, Snowball loves receiving and giving kisses; whereas Tabitha hated kisses. She would give even the evil eye, as though she was saying, “don’t kiss me.” Believe me, as precious as she was, you wanted to kiss her. That was her diva-like personality.

Snowball lived to be 18 years old. I ended up putting him down; even though he fought to hold on for me and for his girlfriend, Tabitha; even though he knew his time on earth was up. But even after his death, his spirit was still in the apartment watching over Tabitha and I. His spirit would even chased Tabitha around in the dark.

I remembered one time a bird had hit the balcony window; so I went outside to check on the bird. Tabitha followed me outside and went up to the bird and pawed it as if to say, “What’s this?” I thought to myself, if Snowball would had seen the bird, he would probably had ate it. All because he was born on a farm and she wasn’t.

Since she was small compared to him, I swear she would coaxed him to tipped over the kitchen garbage, because she couldn’t do it herself.

When it came to disciplining them, it was easier to discipline Snowball. Since he loved attention, kisses and sleeping with me; all I had to do when he misbehave was not let him sleep with me. Tabitha, on the other hand, was hard to discipline. She looks at me as if saying, “I’ll do as I want, I’m a Diva and you can’t do anything about it.” I had a plaque that read, “My cat lets me live here.” That’s sums up Tabitha!

Another thing, Tabitha had a pet bed in which she loved sleeping in. I put the pet bet on top of my trunk, so she could look outside easier. When she laid in the pet bed, it was like she was on her throne, like the Diva cat she was.

Tabitha died in her sleep last fall; much as the same way as Grumpy the Cat.

Some people would think that cats and dogs aren’t really smart. They don’t have that kind of personality as humans. I’m here to tell you, they too can be high maintenance. They can be diva as well. Even some dogs can be diva.

One year for Halloween, I bought Tabitha a devil costume and put it on her. She didn’t like it; but the costume fit her personality. She was a Diva and at times a devil. She was a terror. She loved to dig on the carpet. Even though she was always getting into mischief she had me wrapped around her paws.

Don’t judge people who treats their pets as kids and part of the family. Dogs and cats are good companions; even though at times they can also be lots of work as well. Just like raising kids. You love your kids and you love your pets.

Even though Snowball and Tabitha are both gone now; I missed them, but I’m taking a break from having a cat or even a dog. They are a lot of works; just like kids. When kids grow up and leave the nest, it may be hard to deal with; but at the same time, it’s a relief. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your kids any less.

When you think of recall, you think of products that you buy or food that that you eat being recalled because of some kinds of flaws. Flaws that will harm us in one way or another.

There’s more to being recalled as you will see in this blog. First, let us define RECALL.

RECALL: to bring back to mind; to ask or order to come back; a call to return; the right or procedure by which an official may be removed by the vote of the people; remembrance of what has been learned; the act of revoking; a public call by a manufacturer for the return of a product that may be defective or contaminated.

In this blog, I will make references to at least 3 Democratic Governor; who may or may not be in the motion of being recalled.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom is in the process of being recalled in a recall election coming up this year. The last time that California had a recall election, Arnold Schwartzenegger became governor. He defeated the Democratic Governor who was facing being recalled. Now it’s happening again with Governor Gavin Newsom.

The reasons for him being recalled are many; but the most important was how he handled this pandemic in his home state. Everything was shut down including churches. For the longest time he refused to reopen the state or even allow people to meet together to worship. He also hurt the economy since he became governor. People are leaving the state in gloves because of what he and his fellow Leftist Democrats had done to the state. It used to be California dreaming; now it’s the home of the fruits and nuts. I’m not talking about what you eat either.

Let us head East to another Liberal state that is losing people because they are getting fed up. The state I’m talking about is New York. The governor of New York that is in “hot” water is Andrew Cuomo. He is from a famous family and his brother is on CNN, one of the fake news media.

It’s used to be New York, New York, start spreading the news. People wanted to go to New York just like California. Even that’s changing.

It took Janice Dean, the weather gal from Fox news to investigate Cuomo’s handling of the Coronavirus effecting the elderly in the nursing homes. Under Cuomo’s watch, he sent elderly people into nursing who was infected with the virus to die and infect others as well. He even made a comment, “People dies!” He even blamed Trump instead of taking responsibility himself.

Also under Cuomo’s watch, ventilators were stolen for his own gain. Under his watch, New York had the highest coronavirus in the country. His handling of it was very unscrupulous.

Top all that, is the sexual harassment charges he’s facing involving around 10 women. He claimed that he did nothing wrong. “Harassment isn’t making someone feel uncomfortable.”

Not only did he take advantage of those women he sexually harassed, he also took advantage of the elderly under his care in the state of New York. He also took advantage of the pandemic for his own political gain. Now it’s all blowing up in his face. He’s not facing being recalled like Newsom; but he is facing being impeach and possible charges being filed against him. It goes to show that no one is above the law; not even him.

Now let us head to Michigan; the governor of Michigan is Gretchen Whitmer. Now Whitmer takes her order from Newsom and Cuomo. She had the same nursing home crisis as Cuomo. She criticized the governor of Florida during the pandemic to get the heat off of herself. During the pandemic, she took a trip to Florida ignoring her own rules.

Meanwhile her home state was struggling financially and a high crime rate; as high as New York. You could say she was shutting Detroit down. She’s not high on the list of governors that should be recalled; but she’s up there.

These are only 3 but there are others that should be recall. I could go into Minnesota’s Governor Tim Waltz; but I will save that for another blog.

This past week Liz Cheney was ousted from her position in Washington by the Republicans because of her criticism of Trump. I’m glad that the Republicans had some balls here and ousted her. There are others that should be ousted or recall as well. One, especially is Mitt Romney.

Big tech and those on the Left wants to recall our history and cancelling culture. I could go into that but that is also a whole different blog. They would probably will want to cancel me out if my blog was bigger.

As I mentioned earlier, there are others that should also be recalled. I mean Biden himself should be recalled. Or should I say, “Dementia Dog and His Bitch.” Since Biden took office, nothing but disaster after disaster had taken place under his watch. He is hurting America. This is just the beginning of the damage that he is doing. Hopefully in 2 years, the Republicans can regain control of the House and in 4 years regain control the White House. I just hope and pray that it’s not too late for America.

Have you ever been embarrass by your mother?

As a mother, have you ever embarrass your kids?

I have to admit, when I was teenager, I was embarrass to be seen with my mother especially in Hawley, If we were any other places, then I wasn’t as embarrass.

When my mother was a young girl, she was tomboy. She was outside playing with her brothers more than inside playing with her sisters.

She was also daddy’s girl. She was his favorite, and was even named after his old girlfriend.

I believe that it’s normal for kids to go in stages in being embarrass of their parents; especially their mother. Sometimes, mothers tend to be overly affectionate with their kids. When their kids are around their friends or classmates, they tend to be embarrass; and not want their mother around them. They’ll push her away.

It’s natural for mothers to be overly affectionate. They don’t mean to embarrass their kids; but they do.

When the kids would push their mothers away, they are hurt and don’t understand why their kids don’t love them anymore.

It’s not that we don’t love our mothers, we just don’t want our friends to see us being affectionate with our mother.

My real father were drinking buddies with my grandfather, and even worked under him at one time. That was before my mother even knew my real father.

Since my grandfather was dead when my mother was pregnant with me; he never knew about my father and mother dating. What if my grandfather was alive when my mother was pregnant with me? Would there had been a shotgun wedding?

My mother was very independent. I would say that she was Feminist. She wouldn’t let no man tell her that she had to get married when she was pregnant with me.

She even stood up to my step-dad; making it difficult for him to control her. She was her own person.

It’s embarrassing to imagine your parents having sex or being affectionate with each other. If the kids were to walk in on their parents being affectionate with each other, they become embarrass and even scarred for life.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my mother and I even missed now that she’s gone.

My mother told me when I was in the hospital having surgery on my right eye, there was a time that I told her to go home. She told me that she was hurt by that when she left.

When she had her stroke and was in Sanford on Broadway; it was in May/June close to Ribfest. Anyway, Montgomery Gentry was performing at the Fargo Dome inside as Ribfest was going on outside. I was working for Ribfest and the Montgomery Gentry’s concert. So I decided, after I was done at the Fargo Dome, I would walk over to Sanford on Broadway to sleep in her hospital room to surprise her when she woke up in the morning. Believe me, she was surprised and I think glad to see me sitting in the chair next to her hospital bed. So you can say, that I did for her what she did for me when I was little.

Sure I was embarrass of my mother as a teenager; but I still loved her.

My mother is gone now. I miss her. There’s time I would get angry with her; but that didn’t mean that I didn’t loved her.

Mothers, if your kids are pushing you away because they are embarrass to have you around them and their friends or classmates. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love or need you anymore. We just need our space once in awhile. There’s a place to be overly affectionate and there’s a place to keep your distance.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! We love and appreciate all you do for us, from the time we are babies until you are no longer with us. When you are gone, we will miss you. Most important, we will always love you even when are embarrass to seen with you or if you somehow, unknowingly embarrass us.

I’m for saving the environment like the next man. I even had my doubt about the Keystone Pipeline being safe for the environment. When I look at the facts; which I will be sharing in this blog, I sees how Joe Biden had made a blunder of a mistake when he stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

First of all, you don’t stop the work in progress without a backup plan. It’s like, you don’t quit a job before having another job to replace it. That’s common sense!

When Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico, He created high unemployment; which became high because of the pandemic.

I won’t talk about the crises at the Border in tis blog. Instead, I will talked about the Keystone Pipeline.

Not only did lots of people lost their jobs because Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, he did other damages as well to the United States.

With the Keystone Pipeline, it helped the United States to be independent from foreign oils. It keeps us from dealing with terrorist and being at their rim for our gas and oil. It gives us the edge over the Middle East. It showed them that we do not have to depend on them for oil. I don’t know about you, but I would rather not be dependent on other countries and have to deal with terrorist for oil. It’s our bargaining chip!

If Biden thinks it’s safer than the Keystone Pipeline, he is sorely mistaken.

When 172 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago, one environmental expert said, “Dilution is the solution to pollution.”

When that oil was shipped over to the United States into the Gulf of Mexico; it was a huge oil spill disaster for the United States and especially the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of water life was destroyed by the poison in the water. It not only affected the fishes; it also affected the birds and animals as well. The cleanup was very costly for America as well.

It goes to show that shipping foreign oil over to the United States can do more damage to the environment if there’s ever an oil spill than the Keystone Pipeline will ever do.

By purchasing foreign oil, there is also a high risk of dealing with terrorist as well. If the United States is at their beck and call; they can control us through blackmail. Some of those countries are enemies with Israel. Anyone who is enemy with Israel, God’s chosen people, God will destroy. If anyone stand by Israel, God will protect and bless them. It’s the United States mission to protect Israel at all cost. We can’t do that if we being blackmailed by terrorist.

Since there is oil in this country, why shouldn’t we take advantage of it.

Also, the Keystone Pipeline would link up with the Alaska pipeline to transport oil throughout our country to distribute it safely. It will even transport oil in North Dakota and Texas.

When Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, it hurt our relationship with our neighbor of the North(Canada). It made Global Climate and Health Alliance very happy though. Because when Trump was president, he broke off from them because he didn’t trust them.

Transporting oil through the pipeline is way safer than any other ways, even by train. Few years ago, there was a huge train accident near Casselton, North Dakota. That train was hauling oil across the country to be refined and distributed. There was a huge fire that destroyed nature around that area.

When birds get oil spilled on their wings, it affects them from flying. It does them a lot of harm. You hear in advertisement for Dawn dish soap, that the environmentalist would used Dawn dish soap to fight to clean the birds up from the oil that was spilled; to fight to save their lives.

Since the pipeline is underground, it is less likely to hurt the environment than not having it at all. Actually, the pipeline is much safer than windmill; but that’s whole different blog.

The states that were affected by Biden shutting down construction of the Keystone Pipeline, should sue the Biden’s administration for costing them incomes. They should go ahead and continue building the Keystone Pipeline despite of Biden. States like North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, etc. should go after Biden’s administration; because he cost them lots of money. They should override his decision and continue with the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

That also goes double with states that was affected with the shutdown of building of the wall on the Southern Border as well.

Biden is hurting America with this go-green policy.

When it comes in getting hired for the right job; everybody knows that it’s sometimes who you knows that get you the job. Much to the same way with about anything. It’s who you knows will help you in a legal case or may even keeps you out of prison. Sometimes, knowing the right people is the best help for anyone.

When the Democrats talked about racial discrimination, they are almost right. There is discrimination; but it’s more than racial profiling. The discrimination I’m talking about here has to do with if you are rich or poor.

If you are rich, you can afford the best attorney to get you off; but if you’re poor, you only get a court-appointed attorney. They won’t put in the effort, time and money to properly defend you.

Now this isn’t really about the court-appointed attorney not properly defending you. This is more about how Hunter Biden will get away with his crimes against the United States involving the Ukraine and China. Not just Hunter, but also Joe Biden as well.

We all know why Hunter will get off, because of who his father is. Now that Joe Biden somehow became president with the help of Big Tech and the Corporate Media Mafia through voters fraud.

Throughout the election last year, the Corporate Media Mafia and Big Tech covered up the crimes that both Hunter and Joe Biden committed by not doing their job and covering the newsworthy story. If they would had done their job properly, the American people could had done the right thing, and Trump could had been reelected.

When Joe Biden was asked about his son, Hunter, he scolded the media and declared, “My boy, Hunter, is a good man.” Joe Biden even challenged one reporter by saying, “I will take you out back!”

Now Hunter Biden has a drug problem. The kind that a person has to be wealthy to afford. I’m not talking about these cheap narcotics that the average joe; but rather hard core drugs, like cocaine and heroin.

When Hunter was asked about his missing laptop, he just declared that it was stolen.

The investigation involving Hunter’s involvement with Ukraine, went down when Joe Biden was Vice President under Obama. So with the help of Obama, Joe Biden was able to cover-up his son’s crime in Ukraine.

When President Trump discovered it, the Democrats didn’t much care for it and tried to get Trump impeach, but failed.

Now, if it was any of Trump’s children who did what Hunter did, the Corporate Media Mafia, Big Tech, and the Democrats would had a field day with it. Since it was Hunter, they decided to cover it up just to get Joe Biden elected President.

If us common ordinary folks committed the crimes that Hunter did, we would be in the Federal prison for a long time.

Is that justice? Hell, no, it’s not!

Remember when Trump was being accused of inciting a riot at the Capital in January, and the Democrats went to try to impeach him a second time without fail?

Well just before the verdict came in over the death of George Floyd, Maxine Water, herself incited a riot if the verdict would had came back as not guilty. Why wasn’t she charge with inciting a riot?

Even the judge in that case stated that he was considering throwing out the verdict through the appeals. He felt it wasn’t a fair trial. He felt that the Democrats should had kept politics out of it.

Once again, it goes to show it’s who you knows in what results you may or may not get.

In the words of Joe Biden, “No one is above the law!”

Well Mr. Joe Biden, remember that! No one is above the law, not even your son, Hunter or even you. Hunter is not a good man and you’re not either. You may be able to cover up his and yours crimes; but truth will come out in the end. Hunter may not serve time in prison for his crimes because of who Joe Biden is; but if it was anyone else who doesn’t have the influence, they would be in prison.

It goes to show that money and power goes hand-in hand when it comes to getting away with a crime.

Even Hillary Clinton had gotten away with her crimes, that ordinary folks wouldn’t been able to.

So you see, if you have money and power you can get away with the crime; because they think they are above the law. They think that since they make the laws, they can break them also.

There’s much more to talk about but I will talked about that another time and another blog.

Have you ever watch the TV show, In Search Of?

It was a good reality show that would take you on an in search of unsolved mysteries hosted by Leonard Nimoy, It was on from April 17, 1977 to March 1, 1982. They even look at things that defy explanation.

Or how about have you seen the Star Trek movie, “In Search of Spock?”

That movies came about after Spock supposedly death. Captain Kirk and the Star Trek Enterprise was on a mission in search of Spock; after hearing that Spock may still be alive, when they thought he was killed in the last movie.

Now this is in regard of In Search of character and calling of a person.

There is more in a human life than our theories of it allow. Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path. This book is about that call a person may have on their life.

We all have a call in our lives. It just a matter if we hear and answer that call.

Just like we all have character that defines us. Some characters are good and some are bad. It doesn’t matter who you may be. It knows no skin colors, race, or sex. There are good and bad people in all race of life.

When you look at the face before you, you will see a whole gestalt of a person. The eyes are the window to our soul. Our souls defines our character makeup. You are born with a character; it is a given; a gift, as the old stories from the guardians upon our birth.

When Solomon was looking for the next king of Israel to replace Saul, God told him, “Man looks at the outward appearance; whereas God looks at the heart.”

In other words, we do not take the time to look into their eyes in search of their soul, their character, their DNA. We have a tendency to judge a person by their outward appearances or what they may or may not be wearing. If they don’t look a certain way, we think that they are of bad character and don’t trust them.

Our eyes is the lamp for our body. It reveals the good and the bad in our character. If the light is dark, our character will be dark; if the light is bright, our character is bright.

You can look at today’s vampire’s movies to see for yourself. You can also just look into a person eyes to see what kind of character, they may be.

I know that I may get a lot of comments here when I mention George Floyd. To the Black Lives Matter movement, they made him into a martyr.

If you look into the eyes of his picture, you can see his true character, spirit, soul. Just by looking at his picture, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was a bad seed. He was a criminal and heavily into drugs. It was written all over his face.

Don’t get wrong, the police officer may had gone too; but George Floyd was no angel either. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley.

The soul of each of us is given a unique daimon before we are born.

When a person have twins, one may be of good seeds and the other bad seeds. That’s why some family may have a bad seed in the family. Someone they do not want to talk about or try to keep from family get together.

If you ever watch the movies “Exorcist”, or “Damian”, they showed how their character was through their eyes. Their eyes were dark and evil character, revealing a dark soul within.

In any court cases, psychologist would recommend that the jury look into the defendant eyes before making a ruling on the case. Like looking into the heart of a person, before making rash judgement on a person. Yet, we all seems to do it. We judge a person by the way they may look or dress. It doesn’t matter the color of their skin, their race or their sex. You sometimes can tell if they are being abused or was abused as a child. That’s a whole different blog.

Some people would wear dark glasses to avoid us seeing into their eyes to see their soul. Those are the kinds that you may have to watch out for. If you cannot look into their eyes, how can you tell what kind of character they may be?

Criminals, sadistic guards and serial rapist did their souls descend from the lap of necessity? Some say that Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer had a dark soul that was easily revealed through their eyes. Even Adolf Hitler had a dark evil soul that was shown in his eyes.

Hitler, himself said in his last speech, “Come what may, my heart remains ice-cold.”

I could go on with this. Another example was Charles Manson. When they showed him on television years ago, looking into his eyes, you could tell that he had a very dark soul.

So remember this the next time you meet someone new. Don’t judge them by their appearance. Like you don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Look into their eyes. The eyes are the window to our souls. They are the lamp that will illuminate our souls to either reveal a light or a dark character in each and everyone of us.

You all knows the story of Robin Hood.  Robin Hood was an English folklore story.  He would steals from the rich to give to the poor.  The king that he would steals from was very evil.

The big question here is: was Robin Hood a hero or a villain?  It all depends on how you look at it.

Moving forward, the Democrats are becoming like Robin Hood in a way.  They want to raise taxes on the rich.  They claimed that they wants to help the poor.  In reality, they only want to keep people poor; that way they control them better.  They were only bettering themselves instead. That’s Socialism!!

They think by raising taxes on the rich will better their cause.  Don’t they realize, by raising taxes, they are not hurting the rich; they are hurting everyone else.  The rich has loopholes when they file their taxes to avoid paying higher taxes.  Plus, by raising taxes on them, they are more likely put their money into Swiss Account.  Also by taxing them, they will do less hiring to work with limited workers and work them like slaves.  They also would raise prices on products that everyday people would need to make a profit; just to pay their higher taxes.

In the long run, the working class suffer because of higher taxes.  Yet, the Democrats got their supporters fooled in thinking that only the rich is paying higher taxes.  That’s not true!  You and I, the working class are really paying for it with our blood and sweat.  And they are profiting over it and laughing all the way to the bank, to cash in their millions.

On January 30, Robinhood had their role in GameStop saga.  Now Robinhood was a gateway into the stock market for millions of traders. It was at the center of  the GameStop stock trading frenzy, Robinhood , a trading app. for regular investors that says it’s our to democratized finance.

They were hoping to hurt the stock market and cash in for themselves with some of the wealth.

I remembered back in high school economic class doing a mock stock market investment to see how the stock market really works.  In that class, we were taught to buy low and sell high.  We also were taught which stocks were good buys and which weren’t.

It wasn’t until I met with a financial advisor about making investments for my retirement.  What I was taught in high school was total opposite to what my financial advisor told me.  He told me not to get scared when stocks drop; because there will be up and down in the market.  What goes up must comes down.  Just let your investments work for you.

What was going down with Robinhood was they were manipulating the stock market for their own benefits.  And that’s illegal!  Some people, like Martha Stewart, for example went to prison for it.

This all happened on Joe Biden’s watch and the watchful eyes of Big Tech.  Now Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats just sat back and laughed about it.  They were too busy going after Trump during this whole incident.

It goes to show that Biden and the Democrats brought this all about; and not Trump.  If was Trump, why didn’t they do it while he was President?

As bad as some of the people hated Trump, he had done some good things for America and poor working class people.  He cut taxes.  He created jobs.  He cut regulations that was put on businesses by the Government.  Yet, the mainstream news media didn’t want to see it that way.

Alexandria Cortez saw it as being very bad and chose to work with the Republicans to fix the dilemma involving Robinhood; which was very surprising coming from her.

So back to the story of Robin Hood.  If he was a villain, why do some people wants to capitalize on his popularity?

Once again, was Robin Hood a hero or a villain?  Can you understand why this Robinhood back on January 30 happened?

The American people were upset with corporations and big government  getting rich off the backs of the little man.  They just wants the piece of the pie.  They just want their shares.

If you think that you can prosper under Socialism, you got another thing coming.

The only one that will prosper is the government.  The government wants to keeps us poor and under their control.  They figured when we are  under the thumbs of the government, we can be easily controlled by them.

Under Socialism, we are not allowed to owned properties or have freedom that we love about being an American.  It’s very much similar to Communism.

In Russia, the Russian government owned the property and the citizens worked the land, very much like slaves.  If you rebelled against the Russians government, you are sent to Siberia for life as your punishment.

Now Siberia is in the northern part of Russia and very freezing up there.  You’re lifespan is shorten up there.  It’s way colder than North Dakota.

This isn’t about Siberia though.  It’s about who prosper under Socialism.  You or the Government?

With Capitalism, we do have a better chance of prospering than we do under Socialism.  Some people may not think so.  The reason for that thinking is because of people jealousy of the rich.

Under Socialism, only the Government prosper.  They think that they are helping the people but in reality they are only helping themselves to more money and power.

They raised our taxes, thinking they are raising taxes on the rich.  By providing government assistant to the people; they are actually using that to control the people.  By keeping the American people poor and on assistance, they can easily control us.

In countries where they have Socialism, eventually the people becomes upset with the government and stormed the capital of their country; much as the same way as to what happened on January 6,2021.

If they think that Universal Healthcare is so good, why do people from Canada comes down to the United States for medical treatment?

The answer is the waiting time in Canada is much longer for treatment than it’s in the United States.  We have better doctors and healthcare.

Let us take a look at Obamacare.  For one thing, Obamacare was a bad joke on the American people.  Then there was a penalty if you didn’t have health insurance;  you will pay a penalty  when you file your taxes.  If you happened to get a job that provides health insurance, and still have the Obamacare, you get penalize for having too much insurance.

When a person gets older, they just don’t die.  They may have long hospital or nursing home care.  Now that can eats up your money or assets that a person may have.  A person may not be rich financially; but they are rich in assets.  Now because of those assets, that will keeps them from getting help.  The government will expect you to sell your assets, before they can even offer you assistant.  That is there way of controlling us and gaining more power for them.

You might be surprised to know: the popular pop duals of the 70’s, Captain and Tennille ended up getting a divorce to save their assets when the Captain Darrel Dragon were hospitalized with a terminal illness before he died.  They did that to save their assets that they accrued throughout their career.

Another example is more personal.  When my mother had her stroke and was put in a nursing home before she passed away; it was suggested that my folks get a divorce to keep the government from taking the farm.  Now they never did; because their love was stronger than any bankbook and expenses that long-term nursing home care would accrued.

So you see, you cannot really prosper under Socialism.  Only the government becomes bigger, richer, and more powerful.

You just have to know what you can do to protect yourselves from our corrupt government control.  There is a legal way and illegal way to do just that.

The 2 examples up are legal ways somewhat.  There are also illegal ways.

You can be like Gordon Kahl, and become a tax invader.  You all know what happened to him.  He was eventually caught and killed.

Another example, I will discuss in part 2., next week blog.  It will be about Robin Hood and what happened after Joe Biden took office involving robin hood and the stock market.  That’s the only clue I’m going to give you.

On January 6 of this there was riot at the Capital in Washington D.C  It was after President Trump spoke to his supporters at a rally.  He was upset and also so was his supporters and the true Conservative Republicans.   They were on their way marching to the Capital to show their support to President Trump; who had the election stolen from him because of voters fraud by Big Tech, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media.

Now I don’t approve in the use of violence to get your point across.  Sometime  you have to take a stand for what you believe in.

When I heard what happened on the news, I remembered what my step-dad drilled in our heads growing up.  Practically everyday around supper time, he would literally complained about the government controlling our lives.  He was so against the government becoming too big like they are today.

This is what he said, “One of these days, the American people will get so upset with the government, that another Civil War will break out against the government.  It will be another Revolution War like when the first Revolution War occurred.”

If you remembered your history at all, the start of Revolution War was when the people from the 13 colonies became fed up with the King of England high taxation on exports from England to the colonies at the time.  So when the ship from England were docked in the Boston Harbor; they boarded the ship and threw the teas overboard into the harbor.  It was called the Boston Tea Party.  That was the start of the Revolutionary War.

After the war and about the time the Declaration of Independence was sign.  George Washington, who became the first President of the United States made a statement sharing his concerned.  He was very much concerned the government would get too big and too powerful; much like the King of England did prior to the war.

Even Thomas Jefferson, the Father of the Constitution and the 3rd President of the United States, put it in the Constitution that those in Washington will serve their terms and go back home to deal with the laws they made.  They were not to make a career out of being in Washington.

Many of our politicians have done just that though.  Thus our government had gotten way too big and powerful.  They have forgotten about the people they were governing and was only concerned about themselves.

When someone like Donald Trump came along to drain the swamp, they were afraid of losing their power and control over the people.  They did all they can to stop Trump ever since he first ran for President in 2016 and throughout his Presidency.

If you look at these countries where Socialism runs rampant, you can see the similarity with what happened on January 6 of this year.  In some of those countries, the people stormed their Capital to overthrow their corrupt government.  Some had succeeded too.  That is also why some of them are coming to America to get away from their corrupt and Socialist government.

Much the same way our forefathers did during the Revolutionary War.

The Democrats tried to impeach Trump a second time.  Even though, he wasn’t President at the time.  it was proven unconstitutional and was acquitted a second time in the Senate.

Senator McConnell said after Trump was acquitted, “Trump was practically and morally responsible for the riot after voting not guilty.”

He had no backbone to stand up against the Democrats because people like him enjoyed the power they have in Washington.  Even Lindsay Graham was against McConnell, when he sided with Trump.

People like McConnell needs to go.  Because of what he said, McConnell pissed me off.  If he feels that way he should leave the Republican part and becomes like those Liberals Democrats.

The person in charge of the Republican party even suggest that all those who supported Trump should leave the party and form their own party.  Does he wants the nation to be divided?  I mean Biden talks about unity; but failed to stop the unconstitutional impeachment of Trump.

To the leader of the Republican party, if you are not careful, the Republicans can also be as divided as the Democrats are.  There will no longer be a 2-party system.  It could become 3 or 4.  It depends on what the Democrats could do in the future as well.  That was how the Republicans and Democrats were formed.  The old parties were soon destroyed because of their beliefs.

Even Cortes said that the old guard in Washington needs to go.  That is the only thing we have in common.

When Trump was at CPAC this past weekend, he still had a huge crowd.

We have 4 years to build ourselves up an army to vote Biden and those Socialist out of office.  We even have 2 years to get rid those Liberals and career politicians out of office either from the state to the national.  These next 2 to 4 years, I will do what I can to fire up the American people who like me and Trump is fed up with the corruption of our career politicians in Washington.  May we use this time in a productive way to create a strong leader like Trump to take on Biden, the Socialist Democrats, and big tech.  Let us use this time in a productive peaceful way to take back America from our corrupt career politicians in Washington.  This way we can make America great again.  It may be time for another Revolution War if need be to take back America.


Are you the kind of person who is easily fooled?

As the title of this book by Art Buchwald stated, “You can fool all the people all the time?”

A quote from Pres. Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the times, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” He also said, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

All is fair in love and war!

When you are dating someone, they can easily fool you because your heart is in that person. Much the same way, if you don’t do your research, you can easily be fooled by others. We need to know the truth to keep us from being fooled.

Yet, when you are dating someone, you don’t reveal too much about yourself because you are trying to win her/his love.

Much the same way as con artist who are trying to pull a wool over your eyes to con you out of your money. They will comes up with elaborate schemes to con you.

Just like these career politicians, they looks for way to con you to get your votes. They make promises that they never intend to keep.

Just like these politicians, the mainstream news media and Big Tech are counting on the ability to fool us. If they tell us everything we need to know about the candidates, they can keep us in the dark. They want to keep us dumb-down; that way they easily control us.

Throughout last year election, big tech did all they can to keep the facts of Joe and Hunter Biden out of the mainstream news. They were trying to beat Trump anyway they can. If anyone posted anything on Joe or Hunter Biden, Big Tech will shut it down under the guise of fact check. Because they didn’t want the truth out about them at all.

I have to admit, I was fooled few years ago. Back in 2004, I almost didn’t vote in that election because I didn’t want George W. Bush or John Kerry. Then about 2 weeks before the election, Bush promised to appoint Pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. Of course, he never did.

Another time I was fooled was by Obama. Now Obama ran on change that a lot of us were looking for. The change he was talking about wasn’t the change we all wanted and needed in Washington. It wasn’t until Trump came alone and brought the real change to Washington. The change they didn’t want us to have.

This past week on Tucker Carlson, he mentioned that Big Tech doesn’t want the American people to know the truth about the vaccine. If we knew the truth, how many would still take the vaccine and how many wouldn’t? They would even shut anyone down if they post anything on the vaccine that they don’t agree with. It will be under the guise of fact-check.

Much the same way as Big Brother in the book, “1984.” They and government wants to control us and our every moves. They want to keep us dumb; that way they can control us easily.

The same way, if anyone finds a cure for cancer or such; the doctors and Pharmaceutical will either have that person killed or disappeared; and destroy any possible cure. They want the public to be at their beck and call. It’s all about following the money. They wouldn’t want to lose money if the truths came out.

The government and Big Tech are the same way. They don’t want to lose money and power.

A good preacher will have you read the Bible along with him/her to make sure that they are accurate. If they don’t do that, they can say almost anything and you will believe it. They can say that the sky is falling and you will you believe it; if you are not up to the truth and do your own research.

I mean, in the Catholic Church, the priest don’t emphasis that you read the Bible.

Even today’s teachers are avoiding teaching the students certain things in our history; that way they can keep them dumb down on our history.

It’s alright to get your facts straight. By being up on your facts and the truths, they cannot control you like they want to. Don’t be stupid and let them control what we need to know.

It’s alright to make sure that I got my facts straight. I’m not here to try to fool you. I’m here to inform you to what is going on and to warn you.

Stay tuned for next week, part 2 when the American people will finally have enough about being fooled by our government.