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This is my tribute, my love letter to those who worked hard to feed the world and gets really no respect, not much money, and have to deal with so much just to survive. Yes, I’m talking about the farmers!

In the life of the farmers, their day starts before sunup and end way after sundown. They worked very hard without much sleep. They have to deal with the elements and Mother Nature to feed the world.

Sure there are some big ranches out there and some well-to-do farmers; but it’s small compare to the oil business.

Some of these farmers can face a huge debts in some years with hardly any help at all from the government. They don’t have the people lobbying for them like the big oil company; and that’s a crying shame.

Some years can be good. While other years are very lean.

It’s the farmers’ job to feed the whole world. They should at least be recognize and paid better for it.

I mean, we need food to survive more than we need oil.

Farmers are caretakers of this planet. They grow the crops, raised cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. They can have many repairs work needed on their farms. That repairs work can be rather costly. Sometimes, they may have to buy new equipment. They also have to deal with Mother Nature year after year.

If winters extends too long, it’s shortened their growing seasons. Even if there’s a flood in the Spring of the year; that could at well keep the farmers from getting the crops planted. Not only that, if the summer is too hot and dry, that too can hurt the farmers. They also have to deal with horrific storms that could damage the crops. So they have to be heavily insured to protect themselves.

In the Fall, they are in rush to bring in the harvest and take it to the market. This is where they are not paid as well as they should be. If they can’t get the crops to the market; it could sit for days in their silos. It could actually spoil on them. When that happens, they lose out on money. They need to be able to sell. They don’t always make a profit some years. Sometimes they break even.

They have to deal with pesticides and pests that can destroy the crops.

A good farmer, hopefully, will never use Round Up or other poisonous chemicals. That is poisons for our bodies. Years ago, farmers grew the crops naturally without spraying with poisons. We then eat that poisons. The best crops is the all-natural ones, true organic.

I won’t go too much in the poisons in our food supplies. I will say this though, that poisonous chemicals is ruining our immune system. Thus we are easily infected with viruses, such as Covid.

If you ever travel out in the country, the ugliest site is seeing the windmills. Plus, they are killing the birds and animals that may come in contact with them.

Crimes are getting so bad in the cities, people are moving out into the country, buying up the lands. So the family farm is shrinking even more. I hate just seeing the countryside being ruin by the city slickers.

As of 2008, less than 2% of the population is directly employed in agriculture. In 2012, there were 3.2 million farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers and an estimated 757,900 agricultural workers were legally employed in the US.

So you can see this is small percentage to the rest of the world. They have a huge responsibility and they aren’t comprehended for it very well.

There are some countries, like India, who doesn’t wants our food supplies because of the poisonous chemicals being used. That, right there can hurt a farmers if they used those chemicals.

Let us look at the trade deals with China. President Trump didn’t agreed to it because he wanted a better deal for United States and for the farmers in particular. He felt the deal was too one-sided and in favor of China. Those on the Left felt that it possibly hurt the farmers by not agreeing to the trade deal.

Kind of make you wonder if the Chinese were responsible for the Coronavirus because Pres. Trump wouldn’t go along with their deal. They did it on purpose to hurt United States economy.

One thing this Pandemic may do, is get people hopefully to start thinking of their health better, and stop putting poisons into their bodies. They will look for ways to improve their immune systems. Maybe more and more people will start growing their own garden once again.

May you think about the farmers and all their hard works they do to feed the whole world; especially while enjoying a good healthy meal. May we start appreciating the farmers even more than what we do. They go through a lot to feed the whole world.

They are more vital than the oil company. We can deal without gas and oil but we can’t live without food.

At the same time, farmers, you need to stop using these poisons on your crops. You are poisoning our immune systems and destroying the planets with that poisons.

God bless the farmers for all their hard work!! Even though, people like Alexander Cortez don’t know where milk comes from, or that she wants to ban cow farts because she feels that they are hurting the ozone area.

If you have one bad member in your family, does that make your whole family bad?

Ponder this question as you read this blog!

When this riot all started back in May, after the police arrested Floyd George, the fake mainstream news media failed to mentioned that Floyd was being arrested and that he had a criminal record also. So if anyone is to blame for all these riots; it’s them. The states should go after fake news media and make them pay for the damage done. Yet, the states run by Democrats won’t do it, because the fake mainstream news media is on their payroll.

About the same time as Floyd was being arrested and was killed; there was a police officer in Grand Forks, who was killed in the line of duty. I highly doubt that Cody Holte got his due respect. Because of the incident in Minneapolis, he was overlook; and that’s a crying shame.

I’m not making excuses for the officer in Minneapolis. What he did was wrong. Why should all the police be punish because of that one officer? There’s bad cops and good cops. We don’t need to defund the police. We have to reform but not defund.

The police has this code of honor that protects them. It’s like a code of honor in a family. You protect the ones you love or admired no matter what. You don’t turn your back on them, like a fraternity.

Police officers have the toughest and most dangerous job out there. They put their life on the line everyday they go to work. Their family sometimes wonder if they will make it back home. My hat goes off to them and for their service to the community. They are the first to come when you call 911 to make sure everything is secure.

I’m not saying that there isn’t bad cops out there. I’m not denying that! I remembered my mother telling me when she was dating my step-dad; there was a West Fargo police officer who ticketed them for an open bottle. When they went in a place of business, the bottle wasn’t open; but that police officer must had opened the bottle. They couldn’t prove it though.

Should the police still be defunded? No, they shouldn’t because of one bad cop.

Yet, the Democrats are pushing to defund the police.

If that’s the case, we should defund them and news media. The Democrats don’t deserve to get paid. The fake mainstream news media definitely don’t deserve to be paid. They haven’t done their job. At least, the police are doing their jobs to the best of their ability. They get no respect!

If anything, the bad cops need to be weeded out.

Who does the Democrats expect to come when you call for help? Social workers? They are not qualified counselors. I’d rather have the police comes than social workers.

Shortly after Floyd’s death, the police was called to a Wendy’s drive thru because of someone sleeping in their drive-thru. When the police came to arrest him, he took their taser gun and was going to use it on them. So they shot him in defense. Did the mainstream news media mention that? No! Did they mention that he had a criminal record? No! The police officer was defending themselves and was attacked by the news media, Democrats, and Black Lives Matter.

How is the police to defend themselves and do their jobs if their hands are tied? How are they to do their job if they are not paid?

No wonder police officers are retiring more and more lately. There are even less new cops out there.

The Black Lives Matter organization made Floyd George their poster child for their cause. I can think of better people for their poster child than a know criminal. They could use Obama or Ben Carson as their poster child instead. They both have succeeded, leave the inner city, and make something out of their lives.

Just because you lived in a bad neighborhood, it doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed. You got to want to better yourself and there go to be someone who can help you do that.

In these cities like New York City and Seattle, run by Democrats, the police are not able to do their job in protecting the city from these hoodlums. Their hands are tied by the Democrats in control.

What scares me, if somehow Joe Biden gets elected President; there will be no more police. They will be defunded by the Democrats. Not only that, the Democrats will take away our guns; so that we cannot protect ourselves.

It will be like the old West of the 1800’s but worse. There will be no law and order. The good citizen of this country will not be able to defend themselves either. The only ones having guns will be criminals. They will be doing lots of crimes and no one will be able to stop them. I don’t care if they are black or white.

A vote for Biden leads to no more law and order, no more police, and no more guns except for criminals.

A vote for Trump is to keep law and order, the police, and keep America great again.

July 4th is Independence Day. The day the Declaration of Independence was signed and United States was formed by our forefathers.

People wanted to come to America for the freedom that we have in this country. They want to be a part of the American dream. No wonder immigrants are coming in groves to our country. It’s the promise land! It’s a land of prosperity.

Our ancestors came over from England to get away from the King of England and his high taxes, and strict government control. They wanted freedom. Which is why we had the Revolution War and the Boston Tea Party. We wanted to be a nation that can govern ourselves.

The Statue of Liberty in the harbor of New York City to welcome immigrants. Ellis Islands was there to also welcome immigrants into our country legally.

Many immigrants were just trying to get away from total government control and to finally be free once and for all. They wants a chance to live the American dream of prosperity. They wanted freedom that they weren’t getting in their home country. They heard that the United States was filled with milk and honey. A place where they can prosper and be free.

I can understand the reasons for immigrants trying to cross the border illegally. They wants what only America can offer them.

A lot of those immigrants were leaving countries run by a Socialist and Socialism. They were running to get away from cruel dictators; like our ancestors escaped the cruel monarchy of England.

People may complain how Capitalism is so corrupt and only a few can achieve success; according to some. I’m here to tell you living the American dream isn’t no bed of roses. It takes hard works to succeed. It takes blood and sweat to make it. There will be struggle along the way to achieving success.

My all-time favorite author was John Steinbeck. He was popular in the early 1900; especially during the dirty 30’s or the time of the Depression for this country. Some may think that Steinbeck was very depressing. It was the time that we were living in that was depressing; thus to why it was called the Great Depression.

If you read any of his books, you will noticed that he was showing that there will be hardship on the way to achieving your success. Some may have it harder than others. We all have a chance to achieve that success, with a little hard work.

Hard works never hurt anyone! If you want something bad enough you have to work hard for it.

Steinbeck also showed what greed can do to a person by corrupting them. That goes right along with achieving success.

You can be whatever you want in this country if you want it bad enough. You just have to be willing to work for it.

If we had Socialism in this country, we couldn’t live the American dream. Only the government will get bigger and bigger. We would be slaves to the government like in Russia.

We wouldn’t be able to own property. We wouldn’t have the freedom to protest or gives our opinions.

In a Socialist country, I wouldn’t be able to write my blog. The government would shut me down, imprison me, or even possible kill me.

You can complain all you want about Capitalism; it’s still part of the American dream, along with a little hard work.

The Kennedy was Irish Immigrants family, and looks how they have achieved the dream. Even Sam Walton had achieved the dream.

I haven’t quiet achieve that great success yet; but that doesn’t mean that I’m not giving up yet. If I want my blog to succeed, I have to keep plugging along.

This is America and we have that right to succeed in whatever we put our mind to. If you don’t do anything and expect the government to gives you handout, I pity you! You will never succeed. You will constantly be under the control by the government.

I can understand the dreamers. They just want a chance to live the dream and prosper. They don’t want handouts. Yet the Democrats want to control them by giving them handouts.

There are people who feels that they are entitled to success. To them, I say, “You got to work for it. Nothing is free!”

My step-dad created a lot things to help him but he never patented it. If he had patented what he created, our family could had been better off.

At least he knew the meaning of hard work to get ahead.

It’s time to make American great again! If we want to prosper, we have to be willing to work hard for it. We have to be willing to take the bull by the horn. We can’t just sit on our ass and expect to succeed.

Are you living the dream? What are doing to keep from living the dream?

As Pres. Kennedy said, “Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country.”

What are you willing to do to succeed? What do you want out of life?

It’s all up to you if you will live the American dream or not! It’s your choice!

So remember that as you celebrate the 4th of July!!

I highly doubt that they shut everything down during the Spanish Flu in 1918. It’s not good for the economy to shut everything down.

Yet, for the Coronavirus, businesses were shut down. They even cancelled summer; not exactly but you’ll get the message if you haven’t already.

Summertime is meant for barbecue, corn on the cob, swimming, and fireworks. Summertime is the time to go to the lakes, parks and fairs.

The start of this summer was the start of many cancellation. First of all, baseball had a late start. Pools didn’t open up right away. The first week of June, Rib Fest was cancelled! That was the start of many cancellation for this summer; giving us the summertime blues.

They then cancelled the state fair up in Minot, ND and also the state fair in Minnesota. Then they cancelled the Red River Valley Fair.

At first, the street fair was postpone until August; but that was soon cancelled.

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna miss those cheese curds this summer. I know that they aren’t the healthiest. Any cheese curds you get at the fairs or Rib Fest are better than you get at Culver’s.

Not only for the last weekend of summer, they cancelled Steam Thrasher Reunion in Rollag, MN.

They even cancelled any 4th of July events.

For all these events, you are outside enjoying the nice summer weather. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

If that’s the case, they should cancelled road construction as well; if you catch my sarcasm.

People can’t really goes far on vacation because travel by airplanes, trains, and busses are limited as well. Besides, some of these bigger cities you may not want to go to because of the riots going on.

Few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to get out of town and go to Barnesville, MN. It was very nice to get the hell of dodge even for just 1 day. It was normal. People weren’t wearing their masks and they were actually enjoying what they can of summer.

I now heard that the camp I go to in August is also cancelled.

What is a person to do in the summer now? No concerts! No fairs! No camping! No traveling! No outdoors activities!

Then Alexander Cortez and Nancy Pelosi just sit in their Ivory tower and laugh about it. Even Miss little Cortez had the galls to say with smirk that I like to wipe off her damn ugly face, “See, we have the power to shut everything down.” Then she just laugh about it. She should be taken out back whipped hard.

Even the mainstream fake news media gives us nothing but doom and gloom over this pandemic.

It’s not good for the economy to shut everything down. I highly doubt that they shut everything down during the Spanish Flu. They didn’t have the media back then scaring the people that they got now. This country got through that because people back then had common sense and their immune system were healthier. There wasn’t poisons being put into their bodies as there is now.

No wonder we have riots right now! People have so much energy from being coop up for so long. You can only be coop up for so long before something break. It’s not good for relationship either.

The Democrats and the fake news media complained that Pres. Trump is out doing his rally for his reelection bid. Yet they don’t say much about those out rioting. Why is that? I’ll tell you, why!

They both knows that Trump has a huge supporters out there who will vote and support him as President. He knows how to revved up the crowd.

Whereas, Biden’s mouth gets him into trouble every time. He did terrible at the Democratic debate. Whenever he was confronted on any issues, he just stuttered. So the Democrats feels that it’s for the best that they keep Biden in his basement hidden and quiet.

Those rioting does more damage than Pres. Trump out doing his campaign rally.

Whoever is responsible in bringing this Coronavirus about, better hope that no one finds out. If it’s found out who was responsible, there will be a lynch mob out to get them. I don’t care if they are Chinese, Russian, black, white, Democrats, Republicans, or whoever. They will be lynch by an angry mob and hung on a tree. We better not hear from “Black Lives matter either.

When you mess with our economy, lifestyles, and summer, you ‘re begging for trouble.

When this pandemic is all said and done, there should be the biggest party ever. The fake news media and the Democrats should pay for it all, out of their own pockets; instead of taxing the American people. They should furnish the entertainment, food, and alcohol or non-alcohol for those who don’t drink. They owe it to the American people for laughing as everything is shut down.

First, let me say, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and dads out there, both singles and married, biological and step.

A person DNA isn’t the only things that makes a person the way they are or the way they will become. The culture a person is raised in. Their upbringing and teaching. Their environment!

My mother would say, “anyone can father a child; but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

I have been told that I look like one of my uncle. Some even say that I got my mother’s eyes. My mother told me that I got my real father’s nose. Yet, I find myself as I get older thinking like my step-dad, who raised me from the time I was 6 years old.

I would say that I’m more like my step-dad than my real father. You can’t tell from the picture though.

I remembered growing up, my step-dad would say, “Do you need all the lights on in the house?”

To this day, when I watched TV, I have the lights shut off to watch it in the dark. Even when I’m at church, I find myself shutting lights off that isn’t being used, to conserved energy.

My step-dad had only an 8th education; while my real father had a 3rd grade education. Yet, my step-dad was jack-of-all-trade and a master of none. He was self-taught.

He built the house we lived in on the farm himself with his own sawmill. The house is still standing, and my folks aren’t alive anymore. He believed in using the good stuff in building things; and not the cheap products. If you want something to last, you have to be willing to spend a little. Yet, at the same time, you have to save up for it if you want something good to last. He always said, “If you are going to do a job, do it the right the first time; and you wouldn’t have to redo it.”

With the stuff he made, if he patented it, we could had been better off financially than what we were. But he was a simple man who likes things simple. He wasn’t flashy!

He was tough and stern. He was a conservative, yet he didn’t voted Republicans. He voted for the person not the party.

My real father, on the other hand, was just plain cheap. My mother told me that when someone dropped a quarter, he asked her to bend down to pick it up. When she didn’t do it, he put his foot on the quarter until the person left and then pick it up himself.

He was easily taken advantage of by his brothers; whereas my step-dad would not let people walk all over him.

When he lost his job because of his age, luckily we had the farm and he was able to go self-employed by being the community mechanic. He built his own shop truck to go around the neighborhood to fix other neighbors equipment. He didn’t let being let go because of his age stop him.

So I think he would be proud of me when I saw the opportunity to jump a sinking ship when the time came before it was too late. He may even have been proud of me for creating my blog. Of all of us kids, I had the get-up and go to make something of myself. He never sat around feeling sorry for himself and he didn’t expect that from us kids either. Yet, some just doesn’t have the ump to make something of themselves. They may have the talents; but that’s about it. It’s almost like the oldest miss the mark; while the youngest hit it.

There’s one thing that surprised me though. In 2008, he voted for Obama for President. I grew up in a racist home; but yet I’m not racist. If you would listen to him talk, he wasn’t so politically correct. He told it like it was, no hold barge.

As you can tell, I’m not politically correct either.

I believe the reason he voted for Obama was: he would never vote for a woman president. I don’t think he thought so highly of John McCain either. I believed that he was upset with the way the country was going and Obama represented change.

I mean, both him and mom voted for Jimmy Carter back in 1976. The reason, he wasn’t very happy with Nixon, and Ford never stood the chance.

I would remembered him saying, “This country is destine for another Civil War.” He felt that the people will eventually get so upset with the government that they will start an uprising and overturn them.

He never lived to see Trump get elected President; but I feels that he would had voted for Trump and even say, “I told you so!!”

Like I said, he would never had voted for Hillary. He would say that Trump was saying what he was saying all along. He would laughed at those on the Left and their stupidity.

He also said, “A person may be book smart but they are not street smart.”

So you see, I see myself becoming more like dad than my real father. It was the environment I lived in. It was the teaching I got growing up from my old man. It was the culture as well. Some lessons were good and I will cherish them. Some lessons, I like to forget though. I hope that I’m not too much like my old man; at least the bad part. I hope that I carried the good and leave the bad behind. That way I can be a better man.

If I had to choose who to be more alike; I would still choose my step-dad over my real father. He was more of a dad than my real father ever was.

He was hard on all of us kids; but in his own ways he loved each and everyone of us. He even loved his grandkids as well. He just couldn’t expressed it. In a way, I too have a hard time in expressing love and appreciations to others.

Both of them are gone now; but I will cherished what I learned growing up. I hope that I can say that I can be a better man because of my old man.

This Father’s Day, cherish what I have with your fathers or step-dad. Remember, you won’t have them forever.

I love my dad but hated some of the lessons he taught us. I will forever cherish the memories of what I have.

I can understand wanting to stand up for you believe in. That’s what America is all about. Taking a stand for what you believe in.

When you step out of line and take it too far that’s where I draw the line. When you go from protesting to rioting, looting, and destroying property; it’s no longer a protest. It becomes a riot.

Protest: to express an objection to what someone has said or done.

Riot: is a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd. Also taking part in a violent public disturbance.

Now that we got the definition out, hopefully people will see the difference between protest and riot.

They had good intention in protesting but when certain groups got involved; it became a riot.

No one has the rights to destroy people’s property or looting it. That’s breaking the law.

People worked damn hard to get their business off the ground. I don’t care who it is. They were hit very hard because they were force to shut down due to the Coronavirus.

I understand wanting justice; but it doesn’t give you the right to destroy people’s property. The police officer was in the wrong but so are the rioters.

After that incident, there was a protest in Fargo that turned into a riot. So when they decided to try again, it cause a little concern. The National Guard was brought in for security reason. The second time it remains peaceful like a protest should.

When certain terrorist groups comes in they can destroy a good cause. The group I’m talking about is ANTIFA and Black Lives matter.

Now ANTIFA is a terrorist groups that goes around to colleges to recruit college students for whatever cause of their choosing. They offer them payment and will even pay their bails if they are caught. That way, they don’t get their hands dirty.

Let us look throughout history at other protest turned into riots.

We all know about the Vietnam protest on college campuses that turned into riots. I agree that we shouldn’t been in Vietnam. But that protest gotten out of hand.

If you ever noticed, throughout histories of the Democratic convention, there were more riot at their conventions than at the Republicans conventions. It goes to show that the Republicans knows the proper way to protest; compare to the Democrats.

An example was the 2016 Republican convention. When some of the Established Republicans weren’t too happy about Trump getting the nomination, they protested by not showing up. Thus no riots occurred!

During the LA riots on April 29, 1992, it disrupted in anger because of the lack of justice that Rodney King had gotten. There’s one thing that Rodney King had said, “Can’t we all get along?” That rang loud and clear; and it should had sunk in for this time around; but it didn’t.

Just a few years ago, there was protest over the pipeline being built over the Native Americans burial plots. It was a good cause when it began. There’s burial ground is sacred to them; and the oil company had no business building a pipeline there. I was against building the pipeline.

When the protest turned nasty and became a riot, was when Hollywood gotten involved. They actually did more damage to the burial ground than the oil company.

In a protest, it’s peaceful, doesn’t destroy properties, doesn’t block traffic, etc. Like when they protest the abortion clinic in Fargo or wherever.

Like I said about ANTIFA, they would travels around college campuses to recruits. They been known to get very violent. For example: if someone was wearing a MAGA hat on campus, this group would literally hurt that person who wore that hat. They would spit on them and such.

That’s not a protest, that’s a riot!

Some states and cities are happy to have the National Guards to come in to help restore them; while some refuse. New York City wants nothing to do with the National Guards; even the Governor of New York, who is also a Democrat wants them though.

Now in Seattle and Washington State, both the mayor and governor says that they have every rights to do what they are doing, and will not stop them. This incident I’m talking about is the blotter.

The mayor of Seattle called it the “Summer of Love.” That ‘s not love, that’s hate. She should be a shame of herself.

To the Black Lives matter people, how about not just black lives matter, but all lives matter.

The Democrats should think about this when they don’t want to stand and support the Jews in Israel but rather support the Muslims terrorists who wants to destroy their country.

Also, for those who are contemplating having an abortion. That baby inside of the woman’s womb is a precious life.

So don’t just say, “black lives matter.” Rather, all lives matter! Even the unborn babies being aborted daily.

I hope that you understands the difference between a protest and a riot. Some of you may hate me and want to shut me down. We need to learn to get along and love one another. Love comes from the heart. If you don’t have love, you have hate. If you have hate, you are children of Satan!

Remember love wins in the end!!!

It would had been 10 years since Elton John performed at the Fargo Dome. He was scheduled to return next weekend for his farewell tour; but this Pandemic put a stop to it.

Now Elton John has been performing since 1967. He’s from England and was knighted; thus he’s now known as Sir Elton John.

In the ’70’s he worn big glasses and flashy clothes. He’s a great piano player, singer, and songwriter. I would say that he’s an all around great guy.

As an entertainer, he had style. There’s one musician from Las Vegas who can be linked to Elton John; and that is Liberace. Liberace wasn’t a good singer as Elton; but he knew how to entertain the audience with the piano and his outrageous costumes.

When performer performs they have to be able to hook the audience to get them to continue watching them perform. Liberace didn’t have the records that Elton John has. Elton John was a talented songwriter and singer. I very much enjoyed his music.

There was teacher from Hawley School by the name of Mr. Elton. His first name was John. He taught music and 8th grade math. The reason for mentioning him was because the inside joke back in school was, he was our Elton John. It was just a play on his name.

Some so-called religious people would say, “You shouldn’t listen to Elton John, he’s gay, a homo.”

To them, I say, “Who are to judge? Are you a Christian or are you religious?” As Christians we are not to judge and be prejudice; despite of their lifestyle choice.

People who are religious are like the Pharisees back in Jesus’ days. They are hypocrites.

I don’t care about his lifestyle choice. Since he’s a good entertainer, singer, songwriter, why does anything else matters?

I knew someone who wouldn’t go to a Carrie Underwood’s concert because she supports gays. So what?

There was another American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert. He was runner-up. In that season, he was my favorite, because he was a good singer and entertainer. Even Simon Cowell liked him.

So a person lifestyle shouldn’t matter. As long as they can sing and entertain; that is all that counts.

Elton John was friends with the late Princess Diana. He sang at her funeral. He’s even friends with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

He also got causes that he stands for. The main one: cure for AIDS.

It’s not because of his lifestyles either that he stands for that cause either. We should find a cure for AIDS, like any other diseases.

How he got involved with that cause was because he friended a young boy by the name of Ryan White. Now, Ryan attracted AIDS through blood transfusion and eventually died. There was no reason for him to get AIDS and died.

Yet, these so-called religious people will tell you that God was punishing anyone who is a homosexual.

God doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t punish anyone. He loves each and everyone of us, no matter what.

As Christians, we are to do the same and love one another. We are not to be like the Pharisees or so-called religious people.

If you are being religious, then why bother going to church. If you are a Christian, you will love as Jesus would.

There’s a song that I really like called, “Take Me to Church.” The video is dark. These so-called religious people would condemn me for listening to that song and watching the video to it.

They would probably condemn me for listening to Elton John as well. But I know whom I believe and that’s all that matters.

You may wonder about this blog and why I’m writing it this way. I think it’s appropriate with what’s going on in the world right now.

It’s too bad that Elton John had to cancelled his upcoming show at the Fargo Dome. I was looking forward in seeing him perform again.

It’s full circle for Elton John and the Fargo Dome. The last time he was there was with Billy Joel, another great piano player, singer, songwriter, and entertainer.

When they were there 10 years ago, I applied for a job at the Fargo Dome. It was part time but a fun place to work. My sanctuary!

We probably won’t get another chance to see Elton John again. It was his farewell tour. He was going to retire; since he’s in his 70’s

Elton John is a SUPERSTAR!! He will never be forgotten. He’s a legend in the music industry. There’s no one like him.

By the way, Elton John isn’t related to Olivia Newton John.

Two weeks ago, I paid tribute to those who worked on the front line during this pandemic; now I will give honor to those who had been hit the hardest. I’m talking about the blue collar workers; and especially those who worked in the restaurants and retails.

It’s a crying shame that it took an epidemic to wake us up. I mean, so many people takes for granted those who works in the restaurants and retails. We become dependent on them . They are the hardest workers, the most stressed out and paid the worst.

Many have either lost their jobs permanently or temporary. Either way, they have it more tough than those who sits behind a desk, pushing pencils.

They are the backbone to this country and they get little respect. They are taken advantage of so easy by either their employers or the customers.

I have worked retails and I worked in restaurants. I don’t know which job is more stressful.

No wonder people who works these jobs have to worked 2-3 jobs just to get ahead. That is no way to treat people! That is no way to treat the backbone of this country; the hard working man.

Sure, there are others who had their jobs affected beside them; but the hardest hit is the blue collar workers. Even people who works behind the scene at the arenas and venues. Those who set up for concerts or whatever entertainment in the cities was also hit. Yes, I’m talking about those who works for such places as the Fargo Dome.

Now back to those who works in restaurants and retails. Our wait staff gets paid below minimum wage. The reason the employers give is because they gets tips. Tips don’t add to much. Some people don’t even leave tips. If they did, it’s only a few pennies. Those who does that are the one who makes them one around and are very demanding.

I had an Aunt who was that way. It was embarrassing to go out and eat with her.

Some say that some so-called Christians are real bad at leaving tips and taking advantage of the wait staff.

Just like working in retails, the pay is the lowest of all jobs out there; and the benefits are no better. Not only is the customers demanding; but so is the managers.

When you help with carry-out, you are not allowed to accept tips. If a customer gives you a tip, you have to report it to the manager and they pocket the money themselves. I can say this now; but I couldn’t when I worked at Kmart. When a customer gave me a tip for helping with the carry-out, I took it and told no one at work. What the manager don’t know won’t hurt them or you. Like the old saying, “When the cats away, the mice will play.”

There are people who didn’t lose their jobs, they were able to work from home. I’m sorry to say, I don’t feel sorry for them. They never lost their jobs, their jobs were never affected. They didn’t had the added stress put on them like those who works on the front line and the hard working men/women.

Not everyone is cut out for college or can afford to go to college. Those who does goes to college, doesn’t always get the jobs that they went to school for.

Years ago, employers took care of their employees. Now days between greed and government regulation; that doesn’t happen anymore. Years ago, people could just work one job and still get by. Now days, people got to work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. No wonder we got people on welfare! Employers would rather hire part time, that way they don’t have to pay out benefits.

When Sam Walton was alive and ran Walmart, he took cared of his employees. His kids on the other hands couldn’t care less. All they wants to do is pocket the money themselves, and forget about the employees; who are the backbone of the company. They will work them like a dog every chance they get.

What Sam Walton should had done was made his kids work at the bottom in the company; that way they could see what real work was like.

Few years ago, the best movie out that should had one an Oscar was “The Help.” It was based in the ’60’s and it shown the mistreatment of blacks in low-income jobs. That movie is still true today; not just blacks though. It include all those who works hard in these low paying, under appreciate jobs.

Not everyone can be a pencil pusher or sit at a desk behind a computer all day. Without our blue collar workers doing the manual jobs out there; who else would do it. Who will clean your toilets? Who will cook your food and serve you? Who will wash your dishes? Who will stock your shelves and help with carry out? Who will set up for concerts?

If they want to get people off welfare; they have to pay the true hard workers more money and give them decent benefits. They need to take better care of their employees. If you appreciate them more, you can get more out of them. Don’t just give them a piece of paper and say, “We appreciate you for your service. That is what Kmart did, and we all look at the manager and laughed.

Certain times a year is busier in restaurants and retails than others. During the slow time, you have to come up with ways to keep yourself busy to work your full shift; otherwise your hours are cut.

Like the shirt I’m wearing at the top of this blog, they are overworked/Underpaid. They are under appreciated as well. I got the shirt while working at Kmart and I wear it proud.

Like Johnny Cash and the reason for him wearing black. He wears black for the poor and under appreciated; and he worn it proud.

I will wear that shirt proudly until there’s equal pay for all. I will wear that shirt even if it gets worn out until our lowest pay workers get a decent living wage for the jobs they do. I will wear that shirt proudly until they get the benefits also.

Not everyone can get a decent paying job. Not everyone is qualified to work these white-collar jobs. I’m glad that I got a better paying job with benefits. But I still consider myself a blue collar worker, the backbone of this country.

Those in Washington should think about the hard working people out there instead of themselves. They don’t deserve the money they are getting.

This Memorial Day we remembered our fallen soldiers. We remembered those who didn’t make it home.

I have to admit war is hell! This isn’t about war being hell but saluting our fallen soldiers. They made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom we have today.

This is a picture of my cousin, Joey, who lost his life in the Vietnam War. I was only a year old when he was killed; so I never knew him. I’m not going to dwell on him or how bad the Vietnam War was. I will save the Vietnam War for another blog.

I want to remembered those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I want to honored our fallen soldiers. This is what Memorial Day is all about honoring our veterans and the sacrifices they made. It’s a chance for us to honor those who didn’t make it back home to their family and loved ones.

There’s a Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. to honor them. There’s many unknown soldiers buried in Washington D.C. and other cities as well.

Many of these soldiers were young like my cousin, Joey. They never had a chance to live a full life, get married, and have kids themselves.

I have heard though that the school that Joey went to had his graduation picture up on the wall before they torn that school down to build a new one. Luckily, a family member was able to get his picture for remembrance. Just like, I’m glad that I have pictures like this of him to remembered him; even though I never knew him.

There’s even a Memorial tribute in Hawaii, where Pearl Harbor was attack in 1941 by the Japanese. That was a sneak attack, like the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11.

The navy was dock there on shore leave when this happened. Luckily, my Uncle John wasn’t on board the ship that was bombed. He did lose some friends though.

It’s hard on loved ones when they received devastating news such as hearing that their loved ones isn’t coming home. Parents are not to buried their children and grandparents aren’t to buried their grandkids. That’s does happened in wars.

I remembered hearing stories from a friend of my family. She told me that she first received bad news about her husband being possibly dead. They had a young daughter at the time. It was during World War 2. Luckily, the news turned into good news, when he was found and brought back home. He was given a purple heart from President Truman.

Not all have this good news though. Many received devastating news that their loved ones are not coming home.

I’m sorry that this blog is a little personal. But when you have loved ones who was killed during a war; it’s hard not to keep it from being personal.

Let us honor our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day. Let us remember them and the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

If it wasn’t for their sacrifices, we wouldn’t have a long weekend to start summer, by going to the lakes and getting out of town.

When a veteran dies, there’s a 21 gun salute to honor them. I have seen and heard my shares of those 21 gun salutes in my lifetime.

Usually, on Memorial day, they will have a memorial roll call of our fallen soldiers and even veterans who died later on in life. They even honored the unknown soldiers as well.

The unknown soldiers are soldiers who wasn’t able to tell who they were to give their loved ones the news.

Last week, I honored those on the front line of this battle we’re facing with the Coronavirus. Now on this Memorial Day weekend, I honored those who didn’t make it back home.

I miss not knowing my cousin, Joey; but I love, respect, and honor him for his service to this country.

I salute our veterans. Thank you for your service to this country. Some gave all so we can be free. Let us not take our freedom for granted. May their death not be in vain. May their service to this country always be remembered.

I’m proud to be an American!!

You probably heard Pres. Trump and others saying that we are at war. The enemy isn’t flesh and blood. We’re not fighting terrorist; at least we think we aren’t. The enemy is this Coronavirus.

Since we are at war, we seems to be united with one another. You don’t hear much about these Trump’s hater out there. We are in this together and we will come out on top once again.

The last time this country was together was after 9/11 attack. \

It goes to show in times of war, we come together. United we stand, united we fall.

As in wars, there will always be people in the front line. They put their lives on the line. For example: the TV show MASH was based on medical unit on the front line during the Korean War.

Anyway, I want to give a shout out to those on front line in this battle we’re facing with the Coronavirus. They are risking a lot for us all. They give it all so that we can be safe at home.

I know that I may sound bias, since I worked at a hospital now, and is a part of the front line to a point. I may had criticized doctors before in previous blogs; but this blog my heart goes out to them. Those who works in the medical professions and hospital put it all on the line. I want to say, I’m glad to be doing my duty for this country in this war that we are in. I can now say that I’m a veteran without being in a real war with guns.

Even though Fargo isn’t the “Hot Spot”, like New York for example; the bright side in this, we are not at a higher risk either.

They’re not the only one on the front line either. People who drives the city bus and taxi services are also on the front line. People working in convenience stores and grocery stores also are on front line. They are there to stock the shelves with groceries so that we can still eat during this Pandemic. They put their lives at risk as well. Even people who works in a bank puts their lives at risk on the front line as well.

If it weren’t for those who works in the banks, this country finances will be up a creek. They handled the money that we spend so we can buy food and supplies for our needs while we are forced to stay home.

In a major war, people who served on the front line sometimes get killed. King David was accused of sending Bathsheba’s husband into the front line to cover up his own adultery with Bathsheba.

My point to this is we need to honor and appreciate those who are on the front line. They are vital to our safety and well being.

I think the government should create something special for all who served on the front line in one capacity or another. They deserves bonuses for seeing this country through this pandemic.

There’s Memorial walls in Washington D.C. to honor those who served and were killed during actual war such the Vietnam and World War 2. There’s even Memorial wall to honor our fallen police officers killed in the line of duty.

I think something like that to honor those on the front line in this battle that we are in is very much needed.

I also thinks that better pay is very much needed as well. Because we on the front line risk it all so the rest of the country can be safe, healthy, and stock up at home.

Let us give a shout out to all those on the front line! Let us remembered their sacrifices! If you happens to see someone working on the front line or knows someone who works the front line, thank them for their services. Give them a call or text messages thanking them for being willing to risk their lives on the front line.

You can’t really give them a hug right now; but you can still recognize them for their service.

The Blue Angels have been doing something wonderful for those on the front line. They have been flying around the country and creating thank you messages in the sky.

I even heard people who are staying home are giving a shout out to those in the front line by opening their windows and shouting.

We need more hope story like this.

Thanks to all those on the front line. Thanks for your sacrifices. Just thanks them and remember we will get through this together.

War may be hell but we will get through this!