Nancy Pelosi: the House Drunk

Nancy Pelosi was the first woman Speaker of the House, not once but twice. She was the 52nd Speaker of the House from 2007-2011 and again 2019-2023. She’s represented the 11th District of California. She represented San Francisco in Congress for more than 35 years. Her father was also a politician as well; so she never held a real 9-5 job in her life. She doesn’t understand the poor working class that she represented in her home district of California.

Before I go on the attack, I have to admit one thing about Pelosi; and that is she knew how to unite her party and get the votes needed in the House. She knew exactly what needed to be done; thus how she regain her post as Speaker of the House in 2019, which she almost didn’t get. She didn’t have the trouble getting the votes needed like Kevin McCarthy did this year.

It took a few tries before he could actually become Speaker of the House. People was very much concerned about him and saw him as a Rhino Republican, much like Paul Ryan. They didn’t trust him; because they were concerned what kind of job he would do. This isn’t about him though.

She was the major force behind the Obamacare being passed under President Obama. Now Obamacare was a joke, a bad one at that. That bill was so long that it took too long to actually read it through completely. A lot of things were promised just to get it passed. It goes to show that those in Congress doesn’t fully read the bill before passing it. They only read what they needed to read.

If you ever listen to her talk, it sounds like she’s drunk. She slurred her words and mumbled. Sounds like she got something in her mouth.

She is 83 years old, much too old. It goes to show how she was addicted to the power in being in Washington and all the perks that comes with it. She’s one of the reason we need term limits for the House and the Senate. They need to take away the perks as well; that way they will serve their terms and go back home to deal with the mess they created. They should have the same treatment as the people who they represent. NO PREFERENCE TREATMENT!!

Since she represents San Francisco, maybe that explains the way she talks. Back in the ’60’s and early ’70’s the hippy generation swarm to California, especially San Francisco. They commune there and smoke a lot of pots, which fried their brains out.

She hated President Trump so bad that she stopped at nothing to get him impeach twice but failed both time. She hated the fact that Trump was draining the swamp in Washington that she was a part of. She wasn’t even able to try to work with Trump because of her pure hatred for him.

As Speaker of the House, they are to at least try to get along to work together despite of the political party.

There was an incident in which she tore up the speech that President Trump gave at his State of the Union message. He was getting cheers and applause; and she was very much upset about it. That is unconstitutional!! She should had been disbarred for that and sent home immediately, losing her pension and perks. She should even went to prison for it. It was very disrespectful.

During the Pandemic, when everything was shut down, she had the galls to go to the beauty parlor to get her hair fixed. She felt that she had priority because of who she was. Like Mikey Hoeven, when she said, “you know who I am?” Nancy Pelosi is no better than Mikey Hoeven. Everything was shut down, she had to respect that as well. She created that mess.

Nancy Pelosi even called the people she represents, “peasants.” She even went as far as to say that they work for her; not she worked for them. Like in the movie, “The Help,” the rich treated their poor housekeepers as slave. She thumbed her nose down on the people she represented; much like anyone who hired cleaning ladies to clean their house.

What if they start a revolution and fought back?

Like I said earlier, she never held a real job. She’s a rich old bag that thumb her nose down at anyone who is beneath her. Then she has the galls to say that she was for the working class. She got these perks like inside stock tips for investments purposes not only for being in Congress; but also because of her husband, Paul Pelosi, who worked for the stock exchange. That’s pretty much how they got their money.

When I said that she’s a drunk, I meant it literally. She’s an alcoholic just like her husband. Few months ago, he was arrested for drunk driving, causing an accident.

After that happened, he was soon attacked in their own gated community home. Nancy wasn’t home at the time. How convenient? Where was the security? She tried to blame it on the MAGA Republicans but it just never added up. So we never heard anymore about that incident. It’s almost like a cover-up by Nancy Pelosi among many of her cover-ups.