It always seems impossible until it’s done.

You’ll never know what you can do unless you just do it.

In Philippians 4:13, “I can everything through him who gives me strength.”

One of the kids stories is about the little engine that could. As you were trying to do something when you were a child, you were told that story to encourage you to never give up and keep on trying. You were told to keep saying, “I think I can, I think I can;” until the task was done.

Hopefully you had parents who encourage you to never give up. Keep on trying! Hopefully, you have people out there in your corner to support you and your dreams. Without their support, it’s easy to just give up the fight.

If you have people who always criticized you and doubt that you can even do it. You need to get them out of your life once and for all. If they are not willing to be in your corner, then they are not worth having around you. They will only hurt you and keep you from achieving the task at hand.

Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger. Just tell yourself you can do it. Ignore those who dare to criticize you. They are just jealous. They want to see you fail. When you fail, they win. Whatever you do, don’t let them win!

Just say to yourself, “Honey, I am the chief of my train. If critics want to hop on board, fantastic. There’s plenty of room.”

You just got to go, go, go!! It makes no difference where just so you go, go, go! Remember at the first opportunity go! You’ve got to learn your instrument. Then you practice. And when you finally get up there, forget all that and just wail.

I may not be expert or a genius but that’s not going to stop me from doing things. I will not let people tell that I cannot do it. I have opinions and I will express them. If they don’t like it or they want to criticize me; that’s their problems.

There are people out there who encouraged me to create a blog because I have sent letters to the editors and had few published.

Do you know anyone who is so critical of you and everything you do? They just wants to cut you down.

Believe me, I know people like that. I even work with people like that. They are nice to your face; but once you are not around, they are quick to criticize you and say, “I had to redo it all!” They’ll even post it on Facebook. They think they are so much better than you. In reality, they are a bully. They want to see you fail. They’ll go out of your way to hurt you.

There’s a song by Mark Wills called, “Don’t Laugh at Me,” that says it best. That song was my mother’s favorite song.

They think that they are so much better than you. As my mother would say about them, “They think their shit doesn’t stink, but their farts give them away!”

Who needs them? They do not need to be a part your of life. You do not need to have them around if they are going to constantly criticize you either verbally or go behind your back and redo things and then rub their nose just to make fun of you.

I’m not going to saying this person name; but I know you may know someone like that. You may even know that particular person.

Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, do it anyway. Prove your critics wrong!

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” In other words, if you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t really trying.

You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge.

To dare is to lose one’s footing. Not to dare is to lose oneself. The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Take risks. Ask the dumb questions. Fail if you have to, and then get up and do it again. As teachers would say, “There is no stupid questions.”

Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody may thinks. Do what you have to do, for you. Don’t let your critics cut you down because of their jealousy. Don’t let them bully you with their words and/or action.

As the ads for Nike shoes, “Just Do It!” Just tell yourself you can do it. I am somebody that my critics are jealous of. They just want to hurt you to make themselves better. Remember, you do can all things despite what some people may say or do to offend you.

I hope those who are reading this blog will be encourage to just do it. Ignore your critics!


Ronald Reagan became President after the 1980 election after he defeated Jimmy Carter. He was the first President to have been married twice and divorce. He was an actor from Hollywood back when good things came out of Hollywood. He was the oldest President elected; who was older than William McKinley when he was elected. Now Biden is older than what Reagan was.

Reagan didn’t comes from money as so many politicians had. One of his first job was as a lifeguard. He first married actress Jane Wyman and they had 2 kids: Maureen and Michael Reagan. Actually Michael was adopted by Ronald and Jane. Their kids were probably more Conservative much like them.

Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before becoming a Republican. He voted for FDR for President. What he said to why he switched to being a Republican was the fact that he didn’t leave the Democratic party, they left him. In other words their values didn’t match up.

I believe that both John F. and Robert Kennedy wouldn’t be accepted by today’s Democrats much to the same way. They both were too Conservative for today’s Democrats.

Since Ronald Reagan had political dreams, his wife, Jane Wyman didn’t had the same dream as he did; so they soon divorce. Then Ronald met his second wife, Nancy Davis while on a movie set. She became the love of his life, and they were married up to his death. They had 2 kids as well. There names were Ronny Jr. and Patty Davis. They were more Liberal than Maureen and Michael. I would say that they were kind of wild; much like George W. and Laura Bush daughters, Jenna and Barbara. Patty was a thorn in Nancy’s side so-to-speak, with her wild living. Whereas Ron Jr. appeared on Saturday Night Live dancing in his briefs playing a broom like a rock ‘n’ roll guitar in a takeoff from the movie “Risky Business.” So you could they were an embarrassment.

When Reagan was elected President inflation was at an all-time high because of Jimmy Carter. It never had been that high until now under Biden; which inflation is even a little higher. Plus gas prices were also high and there was long line at the gas pumps as well. Another thing that hurt Carter and helped Reagan was the fact of the Iranian hostages that was taken during Carter’s Presidency. Carter didn’t or couldn’t do anything about it when he was in office; making him weak and the worse President up until now as Biden had taken the title away from him in a short time.

Now Ronald Reagan wasn’t part of the Established Republicans, so he had difficulties within his own party; much like Donald Trump did. Reagan also had the same problems with the Democrats and the news media. They hated Reagan like they hated Trump today. The only difference, Reagan had more tact than Trump. He was able to used his sense of humor in his favor. I don’t think he would be able to do that today though.

Reagan made quite a few movies, was President of the Screen Actors Guild, and the Governor of California all before becoming President. His 2 most famous movies were “Bedtime for Bonzo” and “Knute Rockne.” Bedtime for Bonzo, the media made that one famous to ridicule him when he was President. Whereas a line from Knute Rockne was, “Win one for the Gipper!” He used that line himself whenever he wanted to get something passed Congress and the Senate.

Even though George Bush was Vice-President under Reagan, they really didn’t get along. Reagan didn’t fully trust Bush, their policies were different. Much like John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. The only reason Reagan had Bush as his running mate was because he wanted to show unity within the Republican party.

When Reagan was President, Tip O’Neill was the Speaker of the House. Now O’Neill was a Democrat; yet they had the utmost respect for each other despite being from 2 different political party. They were friends as well. It’s unheard of today!

I remembered the day when Reagan was shot. I was in my 5th hour class when the Principle, Mr. Pederson came over the intercom to say, “Pres. Reagan was shot and school was dismissed.” When I got home, my mother was watching the news on TV and I could swear there was a tear in her eyes when she saw the news. I think it reminded her of when Kennedy was killed.

Thank goodness, Reagan survived the assassination attempt! He joking said to Nancy, “I forgot to duck!”

In 1984, the year I was able to vote for the first time, was the year I became a Republican; all because of Reagan. Reagan had the charisma to attract the young people as well. Not only was he Conservative; he was anti-government. He even said, “The Government isn’t the solution, they are the problems.”

Even though I was a young college Republican, I had a professor who was a Democrat and a state Senator. His name was Dr. Thomas Matchie. Back then we had respect for each other and he even became my advisor. Because of Dr. Matchie, I do more reading today; so that I can come up with ideas for my blog and able to give readers the facts, the whole facts.

There isn’t that kind of respect on college campuses today for anyone who happens to be a Republican. Most of the college professors are Liberals. There is a lot of hatred for anyone who is a Conservative Republican on college campuses and abroad. Look at ANTIFA for example. Yet the Leftist news media blamed Trump for the hatred. It’s not Trump fault, believe me! He just stood up to them; much like Reagan did in his days; except Reagan did it with a sense of humor.

I had a chance to see Reagan in person back in 1986 when he came to Grand Forks on the UND college campus. I’m so glad I did too.

Other world leaders respected Reagan as well. Margarette Thatcher had the utmost respect for him as a leader. He was able to keep United States out of war while building up our defense. He told Gorbachev, “Tear down that wall!”, in reference to the Berlin Wall.

His policies was known as Reaganomics; which stood for the trickle down affect. All the good policies he did came through in the ’90’s when Bill Clinton was President. Clinton tried to lay claim to the good economy; but Reagan was the one who deserved the credit for it.

In 1984, Reagan ran for reelection against Walter Mondale, who was the Vice-President under Carter. So he had 2 strikes against him. #1 was Reagan’s popularity and #2 was Carter’s unpopularity. They even tried to used Reagan’s age against him; but it only backfire when he said, “I will not use age to exploit my opponent youth and inexperienced.”

Even though Reagan started showing signs of having alzheimer, he was still more cognitive than Joe Biden; who may have dementia. You can’t tell me that Biden doesn’t have dementia; because I will not buy it. I will put Reagan’s state of mind up against Biden’s state of mind any day, and Reagan still was more stable than Biden.

Reagan was the best President we had in my lifetime up until Trump. I have to admit, even though I like Trump for what he did for America when he was President, Reagan still got him beat. I’m a Republican today because of Reagan. Yet, there are some Republicans I definitely doesn’t approve of. They are the Rhino’s Republicans. Trump brought me back to the Republican party. I wasn’t happy with George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney; that’s why I couldn’t vote for them. I think that Reagan would agree with me. He would approve of Trump but at the same time he would laugh at his mean tweet. He would totally disapproved of all those on the Left who are pushing Socialism. He saw Socialism as Communism.

Just like John F. Kennedy was the last great Democrat President. There was never one that could light a fire to him. He wouldn’t be accepted by today’s Democrats. He would say that the Democrat party had left him as well.

What did your mother wanted you to become when you grew up?

All mothers want the best for their children. They want their children to have a better life than they had. Mothers would want their daughters to marry a rich man. They would even say not to marry someone like their father; if their father was abusive or cheated on their marriage.

They just don’t realize that daughters would marry someone like their father anyway. While sons would marry someone like their mother. It’s because the way they had grown up. They grew accustom to that type.

Daughters may go to college and return home with a guy, their mother didn’t expect. It breaks a mother’s heart when that happen.

Sometimes, a mother would give up their child; so the child can have a better life, one they cannot give them.

Now that’s better than not having the baby at all. Yet at the same time, they could end up even having a worse childhood than thought possible.

My mother always wanted to be a nurse; but she had to dropped out of school after her father was killed by a train, to help take care of her baby sister, Jo-Anne. She even had a chance to go to Germany with a guy who was in the military; but her mother wouldn’t sign, since she was not quite 18.

My mother’s dream for me was to become a lawyer for some reason. Now can you imagine me as a lawyer?

Even though mothers have big dreams for their children; why is it so hard for them to let them go when that time comes? They do all they can to hold onto their child and the memories of their childhood. They would save whatever they can that hold special memories of their child, just to hold onto them for as long as they can.

My mother kept my old cub scout shirt, high school graduation gown and even my baby blanket.

I love my mother very much. I miss her; but she was a pack rat.

Deep down she didn’t want to let us kids go because she was afraid.

My mother may wanted the best for me. She wanted me to have a life she never had; yet at the same time it was hard in letting go. She wasn’t able to become a nurse like she wanted. She wasn’t much in really dressing up; because she felt she had no real reason to get all dolled up.

Today was Mother’s Day. A day to honor your mother and her crazy dreams she have for you. It’s pipe dreams. My mother is gone now and so is her dreams not only for herself but also for me. I will treasure the memories I have of my mother. She may not had been a nurse and I’m definitely not a lawyer.

My mother did worked part time in nursing home as a cook; so that’s the closest she came in living her dream of being a nurse. I worked in a hospital myself; so I believe that my mother would be happy for me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!! Don’t never give up on your dreams for yourself and for your children. It may not comes true as dreamt but you never know what could happen. Keep dreaming and praying!

Don’t get me wrong, we all need money to survive. There are those who make money their gods. I mean the small letter god not the capital letter God.

One of the 10 commandments is “You shall have no other gods before me. I, the Lord is a jealous God.”

Here’s a verse that is happening today more and more lately. The verse is 2 Timothy 3:2, “People will be lovers of themselves and lovers of money.”

In Matthew 6:24, “No one can serve 2 masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

Yet those in power and have lots of money are doing just that. They have become lovers of money and of themselves. They don’t care about the people they serve in Washington or anywhere.

Some say the root of all evil is money. It’s not money but the power that comes with it. Those who are rich also have the power of money that goes with it. They used that power to flaunt it over those who are not rich.

Those who are rich can get away with anything illegal. They can afford a good attorney to get them off with just a slap on the wrist.

They thumb their noses at anyone who doesn’t have what they have. To them, we are beneath them. We are not welcome in their circle.

Then again, who would want to be a part of their circle? With their snobbish attitude, who would want to be a part of it?

I mean, I would rather have friends in low places than someone who thinks they are so much better because they have so much money and power.

If anyone tries to interfere with their power they have over others; they fight back. They do not like anyone to take away their power.

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi lived in a gated house in California; while her contingent are the poor working class people. She doesn’t much care what her people thinks of her.

She is not alone in that way of thinking either. She got the money and power so why worried what others think about her. A lot of them thinks that way too.

It’s like the rich man who had died and sees that he went to hell while the people under him went to heaven. He beg for them to have mercy. The Lord told him that he got what’s coming to him. This isn’t completely accurate but I think you get the message.

The Established Republicans hated the Tea Party because they were shaking things up in Washington D.C. The career politicians hated Trump because he was draining the swamp.

Before Trump even ran for President, he was their best friend. He was part of their circle. Once he ran for President and became President, they feared him. They feared that he would interfere with their power that they have over the American people. They didn’t want to lose all that power that money can buy. They had gotten used to all the perks that comes with being in government. Trump was doing things they could never do or even thought of doing.

This make me think of the best movie I have seen, “The Help.” One of my favorite scene was where someone baked a pie and offered it to her rich boss who treated her like a slave. The pie turned out to be made with her shit. She even said, “Eat my shit!”

I’m sure a lot of people felt that way toward their rich employer.

Even though, that movie was based in the ’60’s and dealt with racism; it is more than racism. It was about the rich flaunting their wealth and power over anyone beneath them.

Another person who was a part of the rich and powerful in-crowd is/was Elon Musk. Since Elon Musk had used his money and power to buy Twitter to fight for our freedom of Speech and Expression; They are pissed at him. They hate him as much as they hate Trump. Because both of them are going against everything they believed and stand for.

It good to see Elon Musk fighting for our freedom and buying Twitter. The big question is: what’s in it for him? No one does something like that without a motive. They want something in return. They are flaunting their money and power, making themselves so much better than the rest of us. They are not lover of people but rather lover of money.

The more they have, the more they want! My step-dad hated people who brag about what they have and rub our noses in it.

The point I’m getting at is: don’t let money be your god! Don’t let money and the power that goes with it consume you to the point that you becomes lover of money rather than of people.

If you do that, God will take it away and give it to someone else. That’s why those in power were/are afraid of Trump and Elon Musk. Those who are rich are constantly living in fear because they are afraid of losing it all. They will fight tooth and nail to hold onto what they have including the power that goes with it. They have more fear than the poor working class; because they brought it all on themselves.

I mean do you want that kinds of life, living in constant fear all the time? I don’t!

What healing remedy did your mother used on you when you were sick growing up?

We all know that hot bowl of chicken soup is good for a cold and so is orange juice.

Do you know that you have natural herbal remedies in your kitchen for whatever may ails you? I will share some from the book, “The Green Pharmacy”, by James A. Duke, Ph.D.

First though, when I was sick with a sore throat as a child, my mother would rub Vicks vapor rub on my neck and chest; and then wrapped my dad’s sock around my neck. I went to bed like that.

Do you know that mint is good for an upset stomach?

During the 1800’s, people would drink whiskey to help soothes toothache. Whiskey was used for practically everything back then much like duct tape today.

Let’s look at what also can help a toothache: Clove is a safe and effective for a throbbing toothache pain. You just put the fresh cloves next to the tooth that is throbbing. You can also used ginger, red pepper, and rhubarb.

If you are suffering with a cold or a flu you can use: garlic, ginger, black cherry, citrus fruit containing vitamin C, Elderberry, and onion. During this pandemic to keep my immune system healthy, I have been taking elderberry syrup and ginger roots daily. I would even used garlic once in awhile.

To help prevent kidney stones, I have been taking a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water.

That is also helpful in diluting the poison from the vaccine that I was forced to get. You can also use fresh squeeze lemon in a glass of water and no sugar.

I remembered when I was young and was having earaches, my mother would blow smoke into my ears.

These are just some of natural herbal remedies for healing purpose. I could go on with more but there’s much more to talk about.

With all these natural herbal remedies out there, the pharmaceutical and medical profession would want to shut it down because they are afraid that it would affect their lively hood. Much like the religious leaders in this country during the 1600’s accusing people of practicing witchcraft; when all they were doing was using herbal remedies for healing purposes.

This past week I heard on the news that there is a high mistrust of the medical field because of this virus. There are people who won’t get the vaccine because of this mistrust.

If you ask me, this mistrust goes further than that. When I wrote my blog on a healthy diet, there was someone who had worked for the state health department who commented on that blog. He didn’t much care for it and even threatened by saying, “You better be a doctor!” Anyway that guy was soon fired by Governor Burgum.

Some say that since I worked in the hospital, I should trust science. Well, there are doctors and nurses who don’t trust science because of this virus. Science got us into this mess; so how can we trust science?

If you asked me, who knows this virus was created to eliminate Dr. Mom and natural healing remedies. It was a way for the medical profession to make more money by having people second guess themselves, and rush in to get tested for the virus just for precaution. I mean, about a month ago, I was battling a sinus. Normally, I wouldn’t think nothing of it. I would just get what I need to deal with my sinus infection; but because of this virus, I was second-guessing myself. Because of the fear that they put into this virus to scare us to seek medical help.

This virus is all about control. The medical profession, the government, and mainstream news media wants to control us anyway possible. They wants us to spend money on doctors instead of relying on natural healing remedies and herbs. They wants to feed us full of poisons. No wonder healthcare is expensive!

If you are very much interested in reading up on more natural healing remedies and what you may have in your kitchen that can be use for healing purposes; check out the book, “The Green Pharmacy.”

Instead of pumping yourself full of poisons, why don’t you look for natural healing remedies.

All kingdoms had their moment in the sun. They were great at one time; but soon eventually had fallen. From the Romans empire to Greek they were once powerful kingdom. Greece was very powerful under Alexander the Great.

Before the Revolution War and the Tea Party, the King of England at that time was afraid of losing his people to the new land they discovered. His pride had gotten in the way! So he came up with a plan to tax the export of tea and such from England to the New World at that time. Thus, the Colonists were extremely upset about it and stormed the British boats and threw overboard all the tea into the Boston Harbor. It was the start of the Revolution War. The King of England still wanted control of the people, and they wanted to be freed from the tyrant power of the King of England. We all know what happened, bringing about the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776.

Pride is a natural result of power and left unchecked, pride will cause you to do regretful things.

With pride, leaders will do all they can to remain in power or in control. They want to be able to keep what they have; and will stop at nothing to do just that.

If anyone tries to interfere, they will fight tooth and nails to remain in power.

Putin wanted the Ukraine back under Russia control. Before Putin was the President of Russia, Ukraine was able to become their own nation governing themselves. And Putin wanted Ukraine back!

Putin doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO. He even threatened Sweden and Finland, “You’re next if you join NATO!”

Now Sweden is neutral country. Throughout history, they would remain neutral to stay out of any possible wars.

Now Putin is a power-hungry dictator. He is consumed by pride. He controlled the news media in Russia. The people in Russia doesn’t want this war with Ukraine. Only Putin does; because he wants Ukraine to be back under the control of Russia.

Putin is very much like Xi Jinping, who is the leader of China. They are both powerful dictator; who must be destroyed. Xi Jinping is in cahoots with Putin. He is watching very carefully the invasion of Ukraine; because he very much want to do the same with Taiwan. He wants Taiwan back as bad as Putin wants Ukraine back. Xi Jinping is very much watching very carefully before he makes his move on Taiwan.

They both are guilty of genocide in their own country. They needs to be taken out much like Saddam Hussein was.

If you look back to World War 2, Adolf Hitler was a horrible dictator; much like Putin and Jinping. He also committed genocide. Hitler was after total control over in Europe. He hated the Jews and went out to exterminated them from the face of the earth. Yet, at the same time, he was so afraid for his life that he hid to prevent being found and killed. Hitler even ended up killing himself just before he would had been caught.

You can say that Putin is a lot like Hitler in that department. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, he went into hiding for fear of his life.

Putin saw the opportunity to attack Ukraine because he was watching United States under the leadership of Biden. He saw how weak Biden is. He saw how Biden was handling in the United States and of course was laughing at him.

Putin would had never invaded Ukraine if Trump was President out of fear and respect. Whereas, there was definitely no respect or fear of Biden.

If you noticed, Putin waited until after the winter Olympics in Beijing, China. The reason for it was because Xi Jinping asked Putin to hold off until the Olympics were over. This goes to show that both China and Russia are in cahoots with each other.

Putin isn’t too happy that he’s not able to take over Ukraine as easily as he was hoping for. Which is a good thing for Ukraine.

Since Putin isn’t too happy, he is becoming very crazy and unstable. There is nothing worse than seeing someone unstable still in power. You never know what they could do next to get what they want. They are very desperate; and Putin is now very desperate. He needs to be taken out once and for all.

Pride can be a person or country downfall. They will eventually lose. Back with Alexander the Great, his pride was his downfall for the Greek empire. Pride was the downfall for the King of England during the Revolution War. Pride was the downfall of Hitler in his conquering Europe. So Pride will eventually be the downfall of Putin as well.

Even Saul’s pride was his downfall and he was eventually killed by David in the Bible.

So the point, I’m getting at, don’t let pride get the best of you! Don’t be overtaken by pride; it will just be your own downfall in the end. If you have to, eat a little humble pie.

Believe me, I know what pride can do. When I was working at Concordia College, I became very prideful. I believe that cost me the job there.

No matter how big you may be, you can still be cut down a little! Just like a parent may say to their teenage children, “No matter how big you may be, you are not too big to be bend over my knees and spank!”

This is bad news for Putin but good news for Ukraine and the rest of the world against him. So as long as Ukraine is holding their own, Taiwan is safe from being invaded by China.

CNN was the first 24 hours cable news program on the air. Ted Turner is the original founder of CNN. It started in 1980 by Ted Turner with only 300 original employees; who invested $20 million into the network. It was the first 24 hour news shows.

You may wonder why anyone would watch news 24/7? Think about it, news can be very depressing; and too much of it can leads to depression.

When CNN was first aired, it was a good things to those who like news 24 hours; but they have become very Liberal and bias against anyone who is Conservative. They have lost a lot of respect from viewers who wants all the facts; not just what they choose to report. They have become a glorified tabloid news entertainment industry.

Ted Turner is one of the riches American entrepreneur , television producer. He was married to Jane Fonda from 1991-2001. He was an owner of the Atlanta Braves.

Some say that the reason for the divorce between Ted Turner and Jane Fonda was the fact that she became a Christian.

This isn’t much about Ted Turner; but rather CNN.

First of all anyone who watch news 24/7 need to get a life. I can understand being depress because of losing a love ones such as a child, a spouse, or even a parent; but you cannot dwell on that or even sit in front of the television and watch all that news. It will just depress you even more.

After 9/11 of 2001, CNN was one of the major news network that covered the attack on the World Trade Center. It got to the point that people just grew depress and tired of seeing the horror over and over again.

Scandal-ridden CNN sees rating dive 90% after 2021 coverage. At that time Jeff Zucker was the CEO of CNN and they had major drop from nearly 2.7 million viewers. They have been plagued by cascade of high profile scandals and most notably the firing of Chris Cuomo; for secretly aiding the defense of his embattle older brother, former New York Gov. Cuomo over sexual harassment and the handling of the Covid in the nursing homes.

I don’t mean to defend Chris Cuomo for his Liberal part; but it was hard for him to be bias when it came to reporting the news on his brother. A reporter must be neutral when reporting the news; and he couldn’t do it involving his brother’s scandal. I blame CNN more than I do Chris Cuomo. They didn’t truly report the news like they should had done.

Jeff Zucker was soon forced to step down as CEO of CNN because of his own sex scandal.

CNN, along with the other mainstream news media was bias toward Trump when he was President. They did all they could to bring him down.

At the same time, they refused to covered anything on Hunter and Joe Biden; and their illegal business dealing with Russia and China. They were doing all they can to help Biden get elected President just so they can defeat Trump.

They wouldn’t even covered the scandals involving Hillary Clinton.

A news reporter job is to report the news and keep their bias out of the coverage. There job is to give the American people the facts to make their own decision. Instead, they withheld information from the viewing public; just so Trump will lose the reelection and Biden is elected.

I have studied journalism and so I know what CNN had done was unethical. They had no integrity, what-so-ever. I’m not journalist, I’m just a blogger giving you the facts along with my opinion. If I was a just a journalist, I couldn’t give you my opinion. Journalist is suppose to keep their opinions to themselves.

If the reporters at CNN and the other fake mainstream news media had done their job and gave the actual reporting on Joe and Hunter Biden as well, the election in 2020 would had been much different results. It probably would had been a low turnout because the country was so divided between Biden and Trump. A lot of people didn’t much care for Biden anymore than they cared for Trump.

Now Chris Wallace is regretting leaving Fox news for CNN. Too bad Chris, you made your bed and now you must lay in it. I don’t feel sorry for Chris Wallace anymore than I do for CNN.

Jeff Zucker was the downfall of CNN and their low ratings. If they would had done their job like they did when they first aired; they wouldn’t lost their believability. If they would gave the American people the facts and kept their opinions out of it; maybe they wouldn’t had such a huge drop in viewers.

To all those who are still loyal to CNN, they are offering you money for sticking with them despite of their scandal that is rocking their network. They want to thank you for sticking with them for being a news tabloid network; much like the National Enquire.

Believe me, if I could, I would take over CNN and fire anyone who is bias and doesn’t truly report the whole news story; not just what they want to report on. Like Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.” Reporters job is to give the people the facts and just the facts. That way they can make their own decision. CNN had failed to do that with every news story they had reported. They are not very credible!

Do you hate turning your clock either back in the Fall or forward in the Spring? Do you ever wonder what is the purpose for it?

Daylight saving time was first adopted in Germany on May 1, 1916 during World War 1 as a way to conserve fuel. The rest of Europe followed soon after. The United States didn’t adopt daylight saving time until March 19, 1918.

It was credited to Benjamen Franklin back in 1784.

For ten months in the mid-1970’s America’s clocks sprang forward and never fell back. Year-round daylight saving time was signed into law by President Richard Nixon in January 1974, sought to maximize evening sunlight and in doing so, help mitigate an ongoing national gas crisis.

The idea of aligning waking hours to conserve candles was first proposed in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin. It was suggested that waking up earlier in the summer would economize candle usage and calculated considerable savings. Much of the same way it is used up to today to conserve energy.

As the story goes, farmers and agriculture groups lobbied for DST in order to have more light at the end of their day to complete their work.

The purpose of Daylight saving time is to help gain an hour of sleep. The idea behind the clock shift is to maximize the sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere as days start to lengthen in the spring and then wane in the fall.

Another reason some say for DST is because of children coming home from school in the afternoon and going to school in the morning; it was for their safety.

Some even call it banker’s hours.

So you see no one is taking responsibility for creating DST in the first place.

What do you really gain by it? Is it as vitally important today? Is this now the time to eliminate DST once and for all? Should we do it now as we are in standard time or wait until Fall when we are in daylight saving time?

Senator Marco Rubio is one of the sponsor of the bill to eliminate DST.

This change will help enable children to play outdoors later and reduce seasonal depression. The U.S. Senate approved the bill to make DST permanent. We don’t know if Biden is for it or not.

This bill won’t go into affect until 2023. When this happens, it will end the twice annual changing of the clocks.

There are states that don’t deal with changing of the clocks. Arizona is one of them, and so doesn’t Hawaii. Even some part of Indiana doesn’t bother with DST.

Much like when you travel across the United States, you have time zones that affects your time change as well. When you get passed these, you have to adjust your clock or watches. It even cause sleeper lag. In other words, it makes a person more tired. Much like DST and standard time does when you are changing your clocks.

Did you know that they had to move the time line border out of Mandan, North Dakota?

The reason for it was because either people were living in Mandan and working in Bismarck or vice a versus. Either they were late or early for work because of it. So they moved it outside of Mandan, just West.

So you see there is no real logical reason for DST or changing your clock at all. It’s time we eliminate that bill once and for all. You don’t gain or lose anything but maybe sleep. It’s just a major headache; that’s all it is.

During the winter, I was going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. It will always be like that because that’s nature of the season. I mean, days are shorter in the winter and longer in the summer. We don’t need to adjust our clocks because it does no good at all.

We’re done with changing our clocks back in the Fall and forward in the Spring!

Just short of Betty White’s 100th birthday, she passed away of an apparent heart attack due to a stroke she had earlier. She had such a zest for life. She was the kind of person, you want to see make it to 100.

She had a long career in Hollywood. Everybody loved her because of her zest. She worked on the Mary Tyler Moore show in the early ’70’s. She worked on the Carol Burnette Show. She even worked on Mama’s Family with Vickie Lawrence. She worked with Rue McClanahan on Mama’s family and once again on the Golden Girls.

Even though Betty White played Rose, she originally tried out for the roll of Blanche. Can you imagine Betty as Blanche instead of Rose? Believe me, I couldn’t because the character of Rose suited her and her bubbly character.

How can anyone not get along with Betty White? Well, Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy didn’t have a good relationship with Betty off-screen.

Betty White was 63 when she did the Golden Girls; but she pulled off very well playing the youngest character.

She outlived her Golden Girls co-stars. Later on in life she went and starred in Hot In Cleveland. She was also the oldest ever to host Saturday Night Live. She was 88 years old. She even worked with Ryan Reynalds and Sandra Bullock in the movie, “The Proposal.” She also did a Snicker’s ads.

Betty White was married 3 times; and her last husband was Allen Ludden, a game show host, she met. He was the love of her life. Third time was a charm for her. After he passed away, she never remarried. Even though, she had a crush on Robert Redford.

She had no kids of her own. She was a step-mother to Allen Ludden’s kids.

The reason she didn’t had any kids was because she felt that she couldn’t manage her career and raise her own kids. That’s take guts in Hollywood to admit that!

Her kids were her animals. She loved animals of all kinds. She had plenty of dogs. Believe me, I can understand that because pets are like kids; they are a part of the family. To be honest, I rather deal with animals than some people.

As I mentioned earlier, since Betty White had such a zest for life, a person would want to see her make it to a 100. Much the same way when George Burns made it to a 100 and died shortly. He made a goal to continue performing up to then. He even planned on performing once he turned 100 in Las Vegas. He wasn’t the only one who made it to 100; so did Bob Hope. Kirk Douglas made it to 103; even after having a stroke at 80.

It goes to show, if a person has a goal and zest for life, they can achieve almost anything. I made a goal when I turned 50 that I was going to change my diet and start eating healthier and lose weight. Knowing that I had an Uncle who lived to be 82 and an Aunt lived to be in her 90’s. So I was rooting for Betty White to make it to 100. She came very close too; just few days short of her birthday.

I believed she could had made it if it wasn’t for the poison, the vaccine she had gotten because of the Virus. I also believed that Bob Saget also died because of the vaccine as well. You can’t tell me their death wasn’t because of the vaccine. When they found Bob Saget dead in his hotel room of an apparent heart attack, he had hit his head before he died of a heart attack.

After I was forced to get the vaccine and just before my second dose, I had a health scare myself. I was at work when I was feeling dizzy, nausea, and overheated. When I went in for a follow-up, the doctor couldn’t find any reason for that. They did an EKG on my heart and found it to be normal. Since I was healthy because of changing my diet.

A similar thing happened to me as what happened to Bob Saget, I got up from my chair at home and fell over backward for no apparent reason.

So you see the vaccine is poison. It may had killed Betty White and Bob Saget. I’m living proof.

If you are reading this blog and you are a big fan of Betty White and loves animals. I recommend you adopt a pet; either a dog or a cat to save them from being killed in these animal shelters. Do it for the memory of Betty White. Do it if you can; otherwise give to these animal shelters to save a dog or cat. Betty White would be happy if you did. That is one thing you can do for Betty White; since she was killed by Dr. Fauci and those pushing the vaccine(poison) on her.

We love and miss you Betty!! Too bad you couldn’t make it to 100!

When you hear the Nazarene, what comes to mind? What do you know about the Nazarene denomination?

When I first started going to a Nazarene church in Fargo, ND, some people thought it was a cult. They didn’t understand or really knew much about the Nazarene. Think about it: in North Dakota and Minnesota, more people belongs to the either the Catholic or Lutheran churches. In some area, the Nazarene denomination is small and people doesn’t know much about them.

Hopefully, this blog will give you enough information on the Nazarenes to show that they are not a cult.

Let’s go back to the time of Jesus and even before. Back then there was the Jews and the Gentiles. The Jews weren’t suppose to mingle with the Gentiles for any reasons. The Gentiles were considered to be uncleaned. They weren’t suppose to married outside their Jewish faith.

During Jesus time on earth, He was accused by the Pharisees of associating with the uncleaned. You have to remember, Jesus came down to earth for all not just the Jews.

Even after Jesus’s death on the cross, the Apostles; such Peter and Paul not only ministered to the Jewish community, they ministered to the Gentiles as well.

Eventually, the Roman Catholic Church was founded. In the way, the Catholic had the same belief as the Jews. The Catholic wasn’t suppose to marry someone who wasn’t Catholic. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church expelled Martin Luther; thus he created the Lutheran Church because of it.

Mother Theresa was famous for ministering to the Leper colony in Calcutta, India; like Jesus have associated with when He was on the earth.

Now there are many different denomination out there. Yet we are all a member of the family of God. It doesn’t matter what church you may belong to.

The Nazarene, as in the New Testament applied to Jesus and later to those who followed his teachings. A Nazarene is a Protestant denomination deriving from the merging of 3 holiness groups, stressing sanctification, and following Methodist polity.

The Nazarene denomination was founded in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s by an evangelist by the name of Phineas Bresee. He was a Methodist before forming the Nazarenes.

The Nazarenes came about because of a revival that led to the break of from the Methodist church. The Methodist was founded by John Wesley.

When it comes to baptism, they usually wait until someone comes to accept the Lord and choose to be baptized on their own. They believe that when a person is baptized, they are submerge in water; and not sprinkled like the Catholic and Lutheran.

The Nazarene doesn’t practice speaking in tongues but do not deny that gift that some may have. They are a Holiness church that believed in sanctification.

In some part of the country, the Nazarene Churches are more prominent and known. For example, if you go to Indianapolis, you will find more Nazarene churches; since that was where they first started.

I was first baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church. Later on, when I became a teenager, I was confirmed Lutheran. So I was raised with the old time religion. In a way, you say the Nazarene was in my blood; because my grandmother was a Methodist before marrying my grandfather, who was a Catholic.

Today there are many Nazarenes churches around the world; not just the United States. They preached the Bible and teach it’s values.

I remembered years ago after going to revival service in the Nazarene church and went home to visit the Rollag Lutheran church the weekend afterward. It was like being high on the mountain because of the revival and being thrown off the mountain after being in the Lutheran church. The church felt spiritually dead to me. I don’t know if anyone else experience anything like that.

Now days churches are dropping their denomination name from their names to attract more people. So a person may wonder what they believe or practice. They may wonder if they are a cult or what.

The Nazarene is not a cult as some may think. They are a Protestant church, a Holiness church. They are a Bible preaching/teaching church.

It doesn’t matter what church you belong to. All that matter is that they preached the Bible and follow it teachings. We all are God’s children. There is no Jews or Gentiles. There is no Catholic or Protestant. We are all one body, the body of Christ. We are all brothers and sisters in the Lord; no matter what church or denomination you may belong to.

My mother thinks that denomination and churches are the same thing. They’re different!

If we’re Christians, we would love as Jesus Christ first loved us. Let us not be like the Jews in the Old Testament and when Jesus was on this earth. Let us not be like the Catholic Church as well. Let us love one another despite of our religious belief.

That is what the Nazarenes believes and practiced. Sure there are people who may comes across as self-righteous hypocrite. Not everybody is like that though.