Not too long ago the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, looking for anything to stop him. They even said that Trump had classified documents and was afraid that he would sell it to the Russians.

Now any former Presidents has the rights to take anything as long as it’s declassified for the use in their own library for the viewing public to study for history purposes.

Now the FBI is known as bumbling idiots ever since J. Edgar Hoover, who would wear women’s clothing. Not one person can trust the FBI. This latest stunt they pulled on Trump take the cake.

It goes to show that the FBI is in cahoots with the Democrats party. They are not suppose to be either. They are not to be political bias toward one party over the other.

They think along with Liz Cheney that they can stop the Trump’s train. All this is doing is making him into a martyr. They are treating Trump much like the Pharisees treated Jesus back when Jesus walked the earth. They looked for ways to get rid of Jesus as well, because he stood up against the religious leaders and called them hypocrites. That is what Trump did in Washington as well; when he stood up against the Establishment there. They didn’t much like him either for doing that.

The reason for this title and for being in this series on the justice system is to show how unfair our justice system really is. It all depends on who the person is and how rich they are what kind of justice they will get.

For example: let’s say a poor and a rich person is being charge for a similar crime: If you are rich, you can afford a good lawyer; but if you are poor, forget it, you are cooked.

Let us take a look at Martha Stewart, who was convicted of one count of conspiracy, 2 counts of making false statements, and one count of obstruction of agency. She spent 5 months in a minimum security prison before 5 months of home confinement. They were making an example of her. Yet at the same time that prison was more a country club type prison. It wasn’t as hard core; since she was rich. If she was poor, the prison would had been more hard core.

Another example was Jim Baker, who also went to a country club prison as well. For their crimes, the everyday normal people would serve in a real hard core prison. Now is that fair and justice?

Like I said the FBI went after Trump because they are on the Democrats payroll. They are not going after Joe and Hunter Biden for their illegal business dealings with Russia, China, and Ukraine old leader before Zelenskyy. Trump found out about it when he was President through his talk with Zelenskyy and the FBI wouldn’t investigate into it. The mainstream news media and Facebook would shut it down and used factcheckers to also shut it down as well. Why is that? Hunter as a drug and sex problems; and Joe Biden covered it up for him when he was Vice-President under Obama, of course Obama help. The Bidens are as crooked as the Clintons.

I’m not saying that Trump is a saint by no mean. It’s just that justice is one-sided there. That’s not fair either.

Let’s take a look at the Clintons. We’ll go back to when Bill Clinton was President and the Whitewater scandal that nearly rock his presidency. It was almost as bad as Watergate that rock President Nixon’s political career. That lawyer involved with Whitewater committed suicide; in which the Clintons want the public to believe actually happened. It was made to look like a suicide. The only thing they got Bill Clinton for was lying about having an affair in the White House; and he was impeach and lost his law license for that?

Look at Hillary, she’s no better than her slimy husband. She is known as crooked Hillary. Trump threatened to make her pay for all her illegal crimes she committed. The FBI was doing all they can to protect the Clintons like they were protecting the Bidens.

Not only did Hillary had the Whitewater scandal, she also had Benghazi’s scandal when she was Secretary of State under Obama. She lied and said, “What difference does it makes?” She also had her own e-mails scandals as well. She had deleted many important emails to cover up her illegal crimes. Did the FBI go after her? Hell, no, they did not!

Let’s take a look at Jeffery Epstein. He was sent to prison and soon was found murdered in his prison cells. It was made to look like suicide; but he was murdered to protect the people he was involved with in a child sex crimes, from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Prince Edward. Even Trump was somewhat involved too. They would rather go after Trump than go after the Clintons. Why is that?

Hillary Clinton was just as sick as her husband in the Jeffery Epstein’s child sex case. She too was having sex with minors. The mainstream news media won’t tell you that though. The FBI won’t have her investigated for it either.

Most recently, a pro-life couple had their house raided by the FBI as well. Can you tell me why? They won’t!

Even Mike Lindell was raided by the FBI, all because he claimed that there was fraud in the 2020 election and that Biden didn’t actually win; but rather Trump was reelected. Anyone who supported Trump was or put the screws on by the FBI with the help of the Democrats; especially Joe Biden.

They tried to prove Kyle Rittenhouse guilty of murder; but failed, because justice was actually served there. Mike Lindell helped financed Kyle’s defense; otherwise Kyle wouldn’t had a fair trial.

If my blog was bigger and I was a bigger threat to Biden, those in Washington, and the FBI, they would probably have me investigated and my home raided as well. They would see me as a threat. Since I’m not rich, I wouldn’t get the proper defense either; unless someone like Trump or Lindell fund my defense.

So I guess what I’m getting at is this: If you are rich you will get away with things no matter what the crime may be; whereas if you are poor you will face hard time in prison. From this series on the justice system, you tell me, where is justice for everyone? Like the title suggests: what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime; unless you can afford a good defense. Money talks to those who are rich, so they can get away with the crime; whereas those who are poor suffer. Do you see the injustice? What can be done to improve our justice system; so that all get a fair trial?

You may wonder why someone who is pro-life like me also at one time was in favor of the death penalty? It’s like an oxymoron!

As you can see in this series on the justice system, my view on the death penalty had changed.

Many in prison believed that they were innocent; but how many was actually innocent?

I’m not saying everyone in prison was innocent or guilty. There are some who may not had gotten a fair trial. Some had court-appointed Attorney; and they get paid whether they defend you or not. So they don’t do a proper job in defending you.

The 6th Amendment guarantees the right of criminal defendants, including the right to a public trial without unnecessary delay, the right to a lawyer, the right to an impartial jury, and the right to know who your accusers are and the nature of the charges and evidence against you.

In other words, lawyers must truly represent you in your criminal case for a proper trial. If you can afford a good attorney, you will get a better defense; whereas if you cannot afford an attorney, one is appointed to represent you. They are court-appointed attorney; and they truly doesn’t represent you like they should.

There are some who are actually guilty and they even write a book profiting off of their case. They have no conscience to what they have done. Now they shouldn’t be allowed to do that; but in our Capitalist society, everyone has the right to do what they can to get rich.

Here are 2 examples that I mentioned before in previous blogs: The most obvious is when O.J. Simpson was on trial for murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. I believed that since he was a famous quarterback and had money, he was able to afford a good attorney. If he was poor and had a court-appointed attorney, race wouldn’t been made an issue in the case. He would had been found guilty.

Another example is Michael Jackson, when he was on trial for child molestation. Since he had money and fame, he was able to prove that the parents of the victims were just cashing in on his wealth. The moment he was found not-guilty, their was an article in which stated, “If he was on trial in North Dakota, he would had been found guilty and sent to prison.”

There have been cases where a person who was wrongfully convicted for a crime; only to have new evidence or DNA come forward proving that they were actually innocent. It was a little too late! There life was ruined because of the prison record on them. Some of them already were executed for a crime that they later were found not guilty.

There was a rape case in which the woman accuser later recant her story and said that she wasn’t rape or she named the wrong person. Or the DNA had proven that it wasn’t his DNA. That person life was ruined anyway. That is one of the reason abortion shouldn’t be allowed in case of rape because it could be used as an excuse to have an abortion. They may had consensual sex but unprotected, so rape comes in as an option.

Many Liberals in these Liberals cities and states are passing bail reforms act, releasing many violent criminals back into the streets in which they continue their crime sprees. Even Liberal District Attorney and judges are not properly prosecuting these violent criminals who are actually guilty. It’s like they have their own political agenda. Then they wonder why violent crimes are up in our major cities.

Stay tune for part 3, the final installment of this compelling series on our failed justice system. As Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.” Hopefully, you will see how our justice system has failed; and that something does needs to be done about it. Something needs to be done for everyone can get a fair trial; whether they are rich or poor, black or white, or even their political party of choice.

This is going to be part 1 of a 3-part series taking a look at our justice system. When you read this I may come across as a weeping whiny Leftist Liberal; but believe me I’m not. You will have to read these blogs as they come out get the full message.

Do you know that there is a high count of recidivism of those constantly returning to prison? There are around 68% of 405,000 released prisoners who were arrested for a new crime within 3 years, and 77% were arrested within 5 years.

The factors contributing to recidivism include a person’s social environment and community, their circumstances before incarceration, events during their incarceration, and one of the main reasons, difficultly adjusting back into normal life. Many of these individuals have trouble reconnecting with family and finding a job to support themselves. Some of them don’t have the proper support system to help them to get back on their feet.

Some of these people lives in a poor community, the inner city, so-to-speak; and breaking away from that is very difficult without the proper help. I’m not saying that it cannot be done though.

Those on the Left would like to keep you dependent on the government; so they can control you.

With a little hard work and being persistent , anyone can move beyond their past incarceration. Some can even avoid going to prison with the right support.

Dr. Ben Carson was self-taught. His mother was a single working mother raising 2 boys in the inner city. She didn’t have much of an education, and her reading level was very low. She made her sons read and do book reports on what they read to show it to her; even though she couldn’t read them, herself.

Another example is part of our history: President Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President was a self-taught man of the 1800’s. He grew up in a poor family, raise in a log cabin.

Some of these young boys grows up in a single family unit; where the father is in prison and the mother is working hard to make a living for her and the children. Some of them will end up in prison themselves because of that lifestyles. They need the support of someone who will come from behind to lend a hand to help them make a better life for themselves; to keep them from going to prison in the first place.

There are people in prison who suffer from mental illness; ever since the government closed down the mental institutions. Thus making prisons the new mental institution.

Instead of throwing money at the problem, they need to actually look for solution to help those in prison to keep them from returning once they are release. Some may need counseling. Prisons can offer an education program; so that they can get the proper education to better themselves. Those in prisons got to want to better themselves though.

There are 2 country singers who had made a name for themselves once leaving prison. First there was Johnny Cash. Then there was Merle Haggard, who after seeing Johnny Cash perform while he was prison, Merle chose to follow that dream as well. So you see, it can be done; if there is the right support system out there.

Like I said earlier, getting a good job after being in prison isn’t very easy for them. There are employers who are not willing to give them a second chance to better themselves. There is a strict background check before they can even be hire. I can understand the reason for the background check for some jobs. If there crimes had anything to do with drugs and alcohol; there are some jobs they may need to reconsider if they are to remain clean and sober.

How far back should the background check go? When will they ever be able to live down their past?

It’s no wonder a person may lie on the job application or even interview when asked if they were ever convicted of a crime and in prison. It goes to show that honesty isn’t always the best policy. Honesty can keep those who been in prison from ever getting past it and succeeding.

I’m not saying that this is true for everyone. There are people who should be still in prison, the career criminals. There are people who made a bad judgement; which led them to being in prison in the first place. They paid their dues and hopefully learned their lessons, and got the help they needed. Shouldn’t they get a second a chance?

I do believe that if they are saved while in prison and once they are released, they find themselves a good church to use as a support systems. At the same time though, there are those who would used a Christian faith as a crutch. They’ll pretend that they a change person, a better person; who found Jesus. They may not be very genuine in their faith though; but who am I to judge. Only God knows!

Some of those in prisons weren’t able to afford proper defense attorney. They couldn’t afford a good lawyer and so they had a court appointed attorney. They get paid whether they win or lose a case. I will discuss more of this in part 2 next week.

There are some good people who deserve a second chance. They have worked hard to become a better person.

After reading all three blogs, hopefully you will see that something needs to be done to help those who truly want and need the help to become a better person.

The definition of revolving doors are: a set of doors that you go through by pushing them around in a circle.

If you say that a situation is a revolving door, you mean that people or other things are continuously coming and going, rather than staying somewhere.

A situation in which a lot of different people do a particular job or work for a particular company for a short time and then leave.

The one I’m going to discuss here involves employers who has a huge revolving door of employees constantly leaving and the reason behind that major problem. Hopefully, those in management will learn from this and works to plug up the hole. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Anymore than you lead a horse to water and make them drink it. They are going to want to see their errors and be willing to make some changes starting with themselves. Anymore, than you can get people to seek counseling. They got to want to get help and do better to change. All I’m going to do is show them; the rest is up to them.

Right now since the Pandemic, there is a huge revolving door problems; and that’s a whole different situation. It’s an employees market right now, and employers know that. It’s up to them if they are going to do anything about it to seal up the problem.

Money is the big solution to the problem; but it’s not the only solution. You can’t keep throwing money at the problems like the Democrats want to do. Anymore than a mother can bribe her child or grandchild with food or whatever they may want. It’s just a pacifier, a temporary fix to the problem.

Some employers actually think that they can bribe the employees to get them to do what they want or to keep the help they have.

There are jobs that is pretty good at keeping their help well satisfied. They don’t have the revolving door problems. They are hard to come by. You don’t really see very much help wanted signs from them. The only time that may happen, if someone either retire or die or some other situations.

Now jobs that is constantly looking for help, a person must be leery about. They must look into why they have such a revolving door of employees, such a high turnover. What’s the reason behind it?

The number 1 reason is the pay of course. The next big reason is: what kinds of benefits do they have? There’s one thing people doesn’t really think about to being a reason for the high turnover of employees, and that is how is the management. How does the manager treat the workers? Do they respect them? Are they very authoritative and demanding; while sitting in their office on their fat ass expecting the workers to tow the mark, much like a slave. Are you treated like a slave or like a human being?

One time for Halloween while working at Kmart, I dressed up as a slave. I used my clock number instead for a name tag. The manager just didn’t get it. They didn’t get the message I was sending. Believe me, I’m thinking about doing it again for Halloween.

I said before, my favorite movie out there is “The Help.” Even though it was based in the ’60’s and was about race. It’s coincide with this blog. I believe that managers and managers-in-training should watch this movie before becoming a manager. That should be a part of any manager’s course along with the Dale Carnegie manager training course. It’s free and there are even books out there to study.

Once again, there may be some who are not qualified to be a manager though. They don’t have the personality for it. Or they may have been pushed into a job they really do not want to do. They were even push into that position by the company or by their parents; especially their mother.

If they’re not happy doing their job; how do you expect them to treat employees decently?

Cash Wise and when Kmart was open, had a huge high turnover of employees. We all knew Kmart reason but that’s a whole different situation. There was a manager who just wasn’t happy being a manager, and he treated the workers badly, and didn’t understand why he got such a low approval rating. Once he retired, he was a whole different person. He was happier. I noticed it when he came into the store to shop and told him that he seems to be a lot happier. He was doing what he loved; instead doing what he may had been pushed into doing.

There may be other managers like that either where you work or places that have a high turnover of employees.

Some jobs will have a high turnover because of the type of work it is. There are some jobs people don’t like doing but they have to, to make a living. Not everybody can have a perfect white collar job. There have to be someone to do the dirty work. Someone to take fly shit out of the flour so to speak.

Years ago, people would stick with a job like that , no matter how bad it may be. Now days people doesn’t have to do that. I mean, there is many opportunities out there, compared to when my parents were young. Maybe, that’s why employers feels they can bribe employees with good pay and benefits; but that’s only a band-aid to the problem.

I think this is one of the reason labor union was formed, as a band-aid.

Doesn’t employers realize it cost more to constantly train new employees every so often? Wouldn’t it be better for managers to learn to treat employees betters than to be constantly training new employees? It would be cost efficient.

Restaurants and retailers have a very high turnover and that’s expected. Even being a custodian and dishwasher will have a high turnover as well.

There is one of the biggest employers out there that I cannot mention by name; but I’m sure a person will know who I’m talking about; that have a high turnover of employees. You wouldn’t think they would. You would think that they would me way smarter. It goes to show that is not always the case.

So instead of throwing money at the problem, to pacifier it; why not really truly do something about it. Why not put managers through a strict training process to properly train them to be a better manager. If they can’t cut it for some reason such as their personality or whatever the reason get rid of them, by suggesting to them to find a job more suitable for them.

Like I said earlier, it’s an employees market out there right now. Employees have the upper hand; not the employers. The employers needs to learn that starting with the managers.

This Labor Day weekend is the annual Steam Thrasher Reunion in Rollag, Minnesota. It’s time to take it on back to the good old days, the simple days.

It was simple because there wasn’t all this technology we have today. At the same time, there was a lot more of hard work from making a living to everyday life.

Years ago, tractors and trains ran on coal. Coal is known as black gold. Coal was also used to heat people homes. A lot of people made a living working the coal mines. Country Queen, Lorretta Lynn is known as the Coal Miner’s daughter; because her father was a coal miner. A person didn’t get as rich working the coal mine like those who works the oil fields. It wasn’t the healthiest either. Those who works the coal mines would contract black lung disease. Coal wasn’t really the cleanest for heating your home and to used. It would turned the walls black in the house.

Some would even burn woods that they chopped themselves. Not just in a fireplace, like the rich; but rather woodstoves.

They also used kerosene for their lantern. Not many people had electricity; especially out in the country. People didn’t stayed up as late as they do today. The kerosene lantern only lasted so long. Plus, after a hard day of work, a person was too tired anyway to be able to stay up real late. People did their reading by kerosene. Students would do their studies by kerosene after their chores were done. There was no doing your reports on the computers back then. People actually had to read a book for research purposes.

Even the clothes they wore were more modest. A lot of wool long underwear and clothes. Guys would even wear bib overalls throughout the day. When it came to swimming, young people would either swim in their underwear or go skinny dipping. It was usually in a slough, lakes, streams, or the river; whatever they were near.

In Rollag, Minnesota, where I grew up, they would honored and remembered those days at the Steam Thrasher Reunion every year around Labor Day weekend. We would hear the steam engines blowing 2 weeks prior to the event and 2 weeks after the event.

Many people didn’t have indoor plumbing. They would go outside to the old outhouse to go to the bathroom. Even when they got up in the night; they could see wildlife near the outhouse. They would even bring the old Sears catalog with them; not just to read but to wipe when they’re done. These outhouses were nothing like these portable potties you would see at outside events.

For fun, on Halloween for example, teenagers would tip the outhouse over even if someone was inside.

Even before there were automobiles, people would walked or rode horses. Some had horse and buggies or wagons that people rode in to get to town, church or visiting the neighbors; who happened to not lived as close as they do now.

Moving forward to when I was young, it was still a simpler time. A person would be outside playing until dark without worrying if you’re going to make it back home alive. Mothers would either call their children in supper or bed depending on the situation.

Before my time, when people took a bath, it was either in the slough or a wash basin that was usually outside. The water was heated inside and poured in the basin. You didn’t take a bath as often as we do now. Taking a shower was unheard of back then.

We rode our bikes without wearing a helmet, and still alive to talk about it. There wasn’t seat belt in the car either. You could fit a family of 6 in a car back then. It wasn’t comfortable. It will be 3 up front and 3 in the back. As the rule, the youngest would sit in the middle up front; and even in the back. Sometimes the 2 youngest would rotate when on a long trip. Sometimes, they would sit on the mothers lap; since the fathers did the driving.

Back in my days, people knew their neighbors and usually trusted them to help watched over their children as they play outside. Parents would carpool their kids with the neighbors to school; those who lived in town.

When we misbehave, the either got the belt or the hand for a whipping. If we cried, the parents would say, “I’ll give you something to cry about.” Some parents may go too far to the point of beating a child.

We didn’t have color TV to watch; but rather the old black and white. The kind of TV without a remote. You were the remote. Once again, usually it was the youngest who would have to turned the channels. You only had 3-4 stations to choose from. If you didn’t have the antennas on the roof, you had rabbit ears on top of the TV; which you would had to adjust to get a picture in. It wasn’t the best pictures either. Sometimes, it was very fuzzies. Sometimes, when you would change the channels, you would have to used a tweezer to do so. You only watch TV after your chores and school works were done. That was your family time. Much like when you would eat supper, also family time. That way you couldn’t get away from the lectures you would get from your parents, especially your father. You had to just sit there and listen.

How many remembered the old drive-in theaters? I remembered as a family going to Starlight Drive-in as a treat. That was our treat, not like today.

When we went on vacation, we didn’t have I-Pads or video games to play for the long trip; but rather we had books to read instead.

There was no such things as cell phones. We had the old landline phones. Some had the party line. When telemarketer would make their annoying call, it would be while sitting down eating supper. When you had to make a call, you made from home, work, or a payphone.

Life was simpler but yet a lot of hard work was accomplished. People were healthier back then because their was less poisons fed to us. The food we ate, especially those who lived on the farm were natural grown without any pesticide to poison us. Before all these vaccines were discovered, people weren’t injected with the poisons we are today.

Kids were outside playing; rather than inside playing on the computers today. I have to say that there is more childhood obesity today than it was back then. Even though, mothers would fixed a big meal and you would have to sit there and eat everything on your plate before you can leave. They would even put the guilt trip on you by saying, “Think about all those starving in the world.”

Do you miss the good old days? Believe me, I do! It was a different world back then. A much simpler life. The world had gotten too crazy. As the song goes, “Stop the world, I want to get off!”

Have you noticed lately that there seems to be a lack of respect these days? Young people doesn’t seems to respect the elderly. People doesn’t seem to respect the police anymore. There’s even less respect for people’s property as well. There’s no respect for authority even.

Have you ever sat in the employees lounge at work watching TV and have to turned up the volume because someone is talking way too loud; and they are right next to each other? Believe me, I have to, and I’m not really hard of hearing. I would have the TV on at a normal volume and there would be someone talking very loud and they are right next to each other. It’s annoying and disrespectful, I don’t mean to come across as racist; but some of them are foreigner. They seems to have a very loud voice. Is that there culture?

How about those living in an apartment? Have you ever noticed how some people would leave the outside security door ajar for no real reason at all? I can understand if someone is moving in or out, or if they have lots of heavy items to carry. It’s a security building for a reason. If you don’t need the door left open for a good reason don’t do it. It’s disrespectful! Just bring out your keys with you when you go outside, very simple. Apartments are secured building now days because you have to. It keeps the residents safe and also keeps other pest out of the building as well. Whenever I see the door ajar and no one is around, I remove whatever blocking it open, and I don’t care if they are lock out because of it. It will serve them right for not bringing out their keys with them. That’s respecting people’s property; and I was taught to do that.

How about when you call for a taxi or have someone coming to pick you up? Sometimes, the taxi driver or the person have to wait for you or even call to see if you are still coming or not. When I call for a taxi, I make sure that I’m out there waiting; instead of having them wait for me. It also goes for anyone who may come to pick me up. I had taxi drivers say to me that they like picking me up because I’m ready and waiting for them. I mean, they are busy, and if they have to wait, it takes time away that they cannot afford; so then they leave. Then those who make them wait out of disrespect gets upset and wondered why they left or can’t seems to get a cab as fast. The reason, you are being disrespectful of their times.

I have seen bus drivers get yelled at because some of the passenger expect certain things and doesn’t get what they expect. They are just following the route they have; and those doing that is just being disrespectful.

There are people who would have their music on their I-phone up real loud, and the bus driver would have to tell them to turn it down. Some don’t do that though. I have to admit, I may think that my volume on my phone is down when listening to music; and I find out that somehow the volume was accidentally turned up. So I do turn it down and is upset with my phone for turning up the volume when I swear I turned it down.

Even our politicians are disrespectful of each other and of others. Biden was very disrespectful of Trump. Biden is also very disrespectful of the American people as well, when he said, “You’re all going to pay!”

This past summer, I saw on Fox news because the mainstream news wouldn’t cover it. There was a toddler boy in his diapers that was slapping at a cop who was just doing his job. That boy was also cussing the cop out as well. Where was the mother or parents in that situation? That boy was being disrespectful and needed to be discipline for his action.

Don’t get me wrong, he was 2 years old and didn’t know better; but the parents should have done something about it. I’m sure all little kids had done something on the line of being disrespectful. I was told that I was being disrespectful when I would hit my grandmother. I loved and missed my grandmother. She helped raised me for the first 5 years of my life. I didn’t realize I was doing anything wrong at the time. I’m glad that it was found out and I was discipline for it. It taught me to respect my elders. Young people today doesn’t have that respect as much.

Discipline invites respect, whether it’s your children or your coworkers. Discipline is an application of accountability and the consequence for unwise actions. Delayed discipline dilutes the dangers of bad decisions. If someone thinks they are getting away with something, they will drift further toward destructive habits. That is why it is wise to discipline our children sooner rather than later.

Yet, there are parents who would say, wait until your father gets home. The child will forget what they did wrong and possibly do it again.

I believe for the reason for the lack of respect is because of the lack of discipline. I’m not saying that you have to beat a child; that’s child abuse. Children needs to be discipline to learn respect. We’ve gone too far the other way. We went from abusing our children when disciplining them to not discipling them at all.

It seems that the children are in control with their action that says, “If you discipline me, I will get you for child abuse.” They’re not taught respect because of it.

There are parents who does discipline their children to teach them respect, and not just Christian parents either.

Respect is not a race issue. It’s just the generation we are living in. The world is becoming more and more disrespectful of others. Maybe some people are afraid that they might go too far in disciplining their children that they choose not to. I don’t know, what do you think?

Be respectful of others, time, and property. Don’t make your ride wait, be ready and waiting for them. Don’t leave the outside security door open for no reason. Turned down your volume on your phone or radio while on the bus or in church. If someone has the TV on in the breakroom, be respectful with your volume. You don’t have to talk very loud when you’re right next to a person. Respect the police, because they have a job to do. You may not like it sometimes. Respect our elders; because they got wisdom from living. Respect starts in our homes! Some may say, it starts with our government leaders.

I was a little surprised to hear that Bobby Kennedy Jr. was blacklisted by his own Democratic party. He makes his father, Robert Kennedy Sr. and his Uncle, President John F. Kennedy proud of him if they were alive. He’s proving to be a chip off the old block, just like his father and Uncle.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has a book out exposing the truth about Dr. (Nazi) Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The Democrats boycotted him because of that book. Even the mainstream news media wouldn’t interviewed him; so he could promote the book. It was Tucker Carlson who actually had him on his show to talk about the book, exposing Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates.

It goes to show that those on the Left will eat their own if they don’t agree with them.

As I said in a blog on President Kennedy, he and Robert Kennedy Sr. wouldn’t be accepted by today’s Democrats. They would be too Conservative for them.

The book is called, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” It’s also about Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the global war on Democracy and public health. In this book, Robert Kennedy Jr. chronicled Fauci’s secretive experiments on hundreds of HIV-positive foster children at Incarnation Children’s center in New York City. He describes how Fauci and Big Pharma partners turned those foster kids into lab rats, subjecting them to torture and abuse in a grim parade of unsupervised drug and vaccine studies. Fauci is a greedy egomaniac hell bent on creating an image for himself as the savior of the world during the AIDS crisis while making a profit as well.

This is just a taste of that book. Dr. Fauci is sick. He should be lock up for that. He’s just as bad as Hitler, when Hitler was exterminating the Jews in the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

One thing that even surprised me even more was what Senator Ted Kennedy did involving Dr. Fauci. Since he’s more Liberals than his brothers. Sen. Ted Kennedy had business dealing with Fauci because he was looking for drugs to cure AIDS. Unknown to him of the unethical lab experiments on orphan HIV infected children.

This doesn’t surprise me as much after all. What surprised me was that Bobby Kennedy Jr. went after his Uncle Ted Kennedy as well. It goes to show that blood isn’t as thick as water after all.

In previous blogs I commented that the COVID virus was a terrorist act done by the Chinese Government; since it was created in the Wuhan Lab. Now because of Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s exposing Fauci, I believe that Fauci and Bill Gates knows more than what they are actually saying about the virus. They’re not talking as long as the Democrats are in control and Big Pharma is funneling money into Fauci’s bank account.

How is Bill Gates involved you asked, besides having big pockets financially?

Bill Gates and Fauci are in favor of Genocide.

Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with aim of destroying that nation or group.

Now Bill Gates was very much in destroying the poor people, who cannot afford proper healthcare. It doesn’t matter what country they’re from either. Bill Gates is one of the riches man in the world. He’s the founder of Microsoft.

This virus was created by Fauci to do just that or get people vaccinated and have the vaccination card as a way to control them. If you don’t have the vaccination card, that’s just too bad.

After Bill and Melinda Gates divorced, she went and donated her half to help the people that Bill was setting out to destroy. Now this just pissed him off.

Even CDC is very much involved with this virus, Dr. Nazi Fauci and Bill Gates. This past week, they came out and admitted that they were wrong about mask wearing to prevent getting Covid. They were wrong about forcing people to get the vaccine as well. They say getting the vaccine will keeps you from getting the virus. It’s a little too late. They need to be investigated as well as Fauci and Gates.

This is why we need a red wave in November. That way they can be investigated; otherwise nothing will be done to them. CDC needs a severe house cleaning; as long as the Democrats are in control that’s not going to happen. Both Fauci and Gates needs to be lock up for their crimes against humanity and for their part in creating the virus. They needs to be investigated.

You may wonder why I don’t trust science. It’s because of this whole sick thing that Fauci been doing at Wuhan Lab and even before. Because of my lack of trust for science, I don’t trust the vaccine. I wish I wasn’t forced to get the poison. This is suppose to be a free country and yet the government, Big Pharma, and medical profession forced people to get the vaccine or lose their job. Believe me, if it wasn’t for the benefits I wouldn’t had gotten the poisons.

It’s hard to get all the facts on this because they do not want us to know the whole truth. The less we know, the more they can control us. So don’t just take my words for it in this this blog, check it out yourself.

Someone told me, be grateful you got the vaccine after getting COVID. To anyone who said that, I say, “COVID will attack your weak area immune system. Vaccine or no vaccine!”

Because of Dr. Nazi Fauci sick experiments and Bill Gates wanting to genocide the poor, I cannot and will not trust science.

I may be a small right now; but they are not going to like this blog. They are going to want to blacklist me as well as Bobby Kennedy Jr. Responsible people speak up when necessary. I cannot and will not remain silent over this and any other injustice. This is my duty to inform people. I’m given the tools to do so; and believe me, I’m not going to shuck my responsibility. Are you with me? If you are go ahead and like this blog. Let us stand together against them. There’s power in numbers!

This past June Queen Elizabeth recently celebrated a platinum jubilee, 70 years on the throne. It was a 4 days celebration and she couldn’t make it to all of them due to her age of 96 and her failing health.

Earlier this year, she lost her husband, Prince Phillip. They were married 73 years.

You may wondered why it was Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip? It was Queen Elizabeth who inherited the throne from her father, Prince Albert and her mother was Lady Elizabeth Bowels-Lyon.

The history of the Royal family goes like this. Years ago, the King of England had political clout and governing power. They ruled England for many years. They even ruled the 13th colonies up until the Revolution War, starting with the Boston Tea Party. It wasn’t until Queen Elizabeth took the throne that the royal family slipped from governing control of England to just being a figurehead.

You could say that once England noticed the popularity of Capitalism in the United States, they wanted the same thing; rather than a Monarchy.

I’m not saying that Queen Elizabeth didn’t held a lot of influence over her country and especially her own family. She ruled her family with an iron fist. Her kids and grandkids had to do what she said or else. She was very authoritative, making them very dysfunctional.

The closest thing United States has to Queen Elizabeth was Rose Kennedy, the Matriarch of the Kennedy’s clan. Rose Kennedy had more pull than Joseph Kennedy. She was the one with the backbone and controlling aspect of the family; much like Queen Elizabeth.

Let us start with Prince Charles, he was forced to married Lady Diana because she was a young virgin and could provide heirs to the throne. Second, Camille Parker, who was actually the love of Prince Charles life, was already married to someone else. That was a no-no for the Royal family and the Catholic Church.

Even though, Lady Diana and Queen Elizabeth didn’t really get along because of Diana’s personality of being a rebel.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t really get along with Fergie; who was married to Prince Andrew either. They had 2 daughters. That married also ended up in divorce as well. Soon Prince Andrew met his own scandal that rocks the Royal family. He was involved with the child sex scandal involving Jeffery Epstein. It goes to show having a mother like Queen Elizabeth wasn’t easy for any of her kids. She made it impossible to live up to.

She had 4 kids. They are Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Prince Edward.

After Princess Diana was killed in Paris, France by being chased by Paparazzi on Labor Day weekend, Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t really had a chance to grieved for the lost of their mother. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles wouldn’t allow it. They were being groomed. Princess Diana knew that her boys were meant for big things in the Royal family standing and while she was alive, she started the grooming process of being a good humanitarian.

Much like Rose Kennedy grooming her kids and grandkids to be some kind of greatness. A lot of them struggled also, some with drugs, alcohol, and sex. John F. Kennedy Jr. was being groomed to be President much like his father. Even Jacqueline Kennedy was somewhat responsible in that grooming process.

Prince William became very straight lace like his father, hiding his emotions because it wasn’t the thing to do.

It’s no wonder, that Prince Harry rebelled like he did and left the Royal family. Losing their mother at a young age was very difficult for any kids. If they don’t have anyway to release the grieving process; they will have a nervous breakdown. They will just fall to pieces.

I’m not sugarcoating the fact of Prince Andrew’s child sex scandal and making light of it here. He had a lot to live up to himself. He’s still a pervert and should be lock up. I don’t care who he is. He’s sick and comes from a sick family.

Now getting help was a sin according to the bylaws of the royal family. It showed weakness, and they didn’t want that. Much like Rose Kennedy didn’t want it shown in her own family. That’s why they go all out to cover up the secrets and scandals.

This is what being raised in an authoritative family does. Much like authoritative churches and the government. It’s like Socialism! It’s not Democracy!

I won’t go into authoritative churches here because that’s a whole different blog.

I will say this though, in a way I was raised in an authoritative family. There was no Democracy. We either did what our dad says or else. We didn’t have much of choice. My mother tried to raise us in a Democracy family but it was an uphill battle for her. No wonder some of us kids rebelled.

Sometimes, you just need an out to keep yourself sane; otherwise the unthinkable may happen.

Even though Queen Elizabeth didn’t have governing power, she still had power to knight people if she finds fit. She even had the power to hurt her kids and grandkids emotionally and psychologically.

Out of respect, we say, “God saves the Queen!”, but deep down I feel sorry for Prince William and Harry. They weren’t able to be a child. They weren’t able to grieve properly.

If you have democracy in your family’s decision, more power to you. If there was authoritative in your family, my heart goes out to you.

Welcome to WallyWorld, may I take your order?

Who doesn’t like shopping at Walmart?

It’s a store where you can buy things at a reasonable price; especially with today’s high inflation. Yet at the same time, the 1% wouldn’t be caught dead shopping in Walmart. It’s beneath them! They would rather shop at Target. Anyone who shops at Walmart is called a redneck, or trailer trash.

The first Walmart opened July 2, 1962 in Rogers, AR. At that time the Walton family owns 24 stores, ringing up $12.7 million in sales.

Sam Walton had early retail business training by working at J.C. Penny, eventually owning his own variety store. He started Walmart to compete with Kmart; which at that time was the most popular retail stores with low prices.

When Sam Walton was young and Walmart was starting out, he took cared of his employees and showed appreciation for them. When visiting his stores, he would stayed with his managers; and never look down on the employees. Not like his kids, who are running Walmart now.

Sam Walton said when valuing each team member, “Asking and hearing people’s opinions has a greater effect on them than telling them good job.”

Too bad his kids didn’t learned that themselves. Maybe they should had started at the bottom and work their way up in the business; then maybe they would treat their employees with respect like their father did.

Sam Walton really didn’t expect Walmart to be as big as it is today. The Walton’s kids turned Walmart into a corporation. Then greed sets in and caring less for the employees. Now Walmart is the top retail stores all over the world. There’s only one who can possibly give them a run for their money and that is Amazon.

There is at least 3 Walmart stores in Fargo-Moorhead area. The original one is on 13th Ave, South Fargo. A good move for them at that time because of convenience. When that store first opened, Kmart that was near Target on 13th closed their doors because they feared that they couldn’t compete.

I will talk about the other 2 Walmart along with the original now.

There’s a big difference between the 3 Walmart in the area of Fargo-Moorhead.

The Walmart on 13th is the most popular because of their convenience. That is a very busy area for all kinds of businesses such as restaurants as well. At the same time, people who shop there are like people who would travel by greyhounds. You’ll never know what you may find. When you shop at that Walmart, it’s like getting a free show. Just brings your popcorns! It’s cheaper than going to the movies and you can get your shopping done at the same time. I mean, traveling by Greyhounds, people who does that cannot afford to travel any other ways. I’ve traveled by Greyhounds and some of the people can be kind of shady, the ride isn’t very comfortable for long distance.

The Walmart near Dilworth is kind of like riding a train. People who shop there is kind of normal. Just like riding a train, you find normal common folks. It’s not as convenient as the one on 13th Ave in Fargo.

Shopping the Walmart on 13th, you can risk your life if your not careful. Compare to the other 2 Walmart.

The newest Walmart is the one on 52nd. Even though, I said, some of the rich wouldn’t be caught dead shopping at Walmart; they would rather shop at Target. I would say that Walmart has more uppity people that shop there. Shopping there, reminds me of flying by airplanes. It cost more to fly than to take the Greyhounds or train. People who fly can usually afford to do so and travel a lot more. They don’t have the time, because their life is too busy to smell the roses along the way.

When you shop at these Walmart, they don’t always carry the same products as would think. So if you are searching for certain product, make sure you go to the Walmart that will carry it.

You can call me a redneck. You can call me trailer trash if you want. I do have to admit that I prefer shopping at Walmart rather than at Target. Even though, I do miss Kmart as well.

Walmart is similar to taking the Greyhound, when Kmart was open, they were like traveling by train, and Target is like traveling by airplane.

So if you are a redneck and like shopping at Walmart, there is nothing wrong with that. Just know the difference between the 3 Walmart in Fargo-Moorhead. What Walmart do you prefer? Do you enjoy getting a free show and entering at your own risk? Do you like being around normal people? Or do you like being around those who are haughty?

There are some people that must think that there is an I in team; otherwise why wouldn’t they do better at teamwork, in helping their co-workers as a team?

Maybe they are dyslexia. As being dyslexia, they get words turned around or even letters. For example: when they look at the team, the word gets turned around; so they see “me” instead.

TEAM : coming together to achieve a common goal.

TEAMWORK: The combine action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

I recently heard that there are less work ethic on the job now days.

It seems like more and more people are selfish when it comes to their job. They are less likely to help their fellow co-worker now days. They seems to have self on the throne. All they seems to care about is me, me, me. I don’t mean the name Mimi either.

In the past, it was keeping up with the Jones; but now it’s more like what’s in it for “me” only.

Years ago, people would worked together to get the task done at work and make a good impression while they are at it. Now, they seem to care less of their fellow co-worker; as long as they are getting what they want, it’s all that’s matter. They want the money but they doesn’t really want to work to lend a helping hand as part of a team. They don’t really want to work; they just want the money instead.

I was taught, when a person start a new job, they go out to make a good impression, almost to the point of “sucking up.” When you do that, you are appreciated for it. Now days, when they see you doing more for your co-workers, they take advantage of you. They comes to expect that from you all the time. They become “spoiled.”

As a rule, I’m a pretty easy-going guy. When I get upset or is feeling taking advantage of, there is a reason for it.

I was taught about working as part of team ever since I was a child. I mean, growing up in a family of 7, we all had our chores to do everyday. We are to do it or get a spanking if we don’t. I was a to pick up my toys and make my own bed. I was taught this even before my folks were married and the older kids came to live with me. I was taught this because most of my older cousins looking in on grandmother, my mother, and I.

Yet there are kids out there who doesn’t seems to pick up after themselves or make their own bed. They think that either mommy or the housekeeper will do it for them, so why bother.

Growing up, we had to take care of our pets, from birds, to fishes, to a dog or a cat.

There are some family member who felt entitled because they were older; and they didn’t had to do as much. I don’t know if you noticed it in your family; but I noticed it in my own.

Back to the workplace now. Some people, once they either become supervisor or manager, they feel that they can sit on their ass and do nothing to lend a helping hand. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen it first hands.

Now days, so many can’t put the cell phone down long enough to do any real work. If they are not talking to someone, they are texting someone. Sometimes, they are not even doing that. They just want to hold onto that phone because they are so damn afraid they might lose it or not be able to communicate without it. If you asked me, I think that when a person get to work, they should put their phone in their locker and take it out for lunch or when they go home at the end of the day. That way, they are force to actually do some real work for a change, and even help their co-workers for a change. My phone stays right in my pocket while I’m at work. The only time I take it out is when I’m on break or going home. Maybe I’m old school!

I have seen some good team players; and I have seen selfish team players. I’ve seen a co-worker that seems to stand holding up the wall. Then I’d seen manager actually gets their hands dirty and help out. If you asked me, manager that actually worked alongside their workers are better manager; than those who choose to sit on their ass in their office barking orders.

I remembered, while working at the Fargo Country Club, when it was very busy, as soon as the other team members were done, they would go over to help others out instead of leaving.

I’ve also seen at the Fargo Dome, the General Manager get right in, lending a helping hand to the other team from getting ready for a concert, a play, or even a sporting events. One time, at a recent concert, we were setting up curtains to make sure it’s dark enough, the general manager was actually there with his height to hang drapes on poles. This same manager even helped in other areas as well.

I don’t know about you; but that’s true teamwork. There’s no need to beg and plead for help.

Those who only thinks about themselves, you have to beg. If you get mad, they don’t understand why. They think that we have no reason to get mad. You just need to calm down!

What kinds of co-workers and managers do you have? Are they team players? Or do they think of themselves only? Do they have self on the throne? Are they sitting on their fat ass barking order or are they actually helping out? Do they take advantage of you, because you chose to? Are you frustrated at them because of their lack of teamwork? Then go ahead and like this blog or even make a comment. Maybe, you can show this to your co-workers. It may not do any good but who knows you can give it a try.