Everybody wants Peace

Do you want peace like everyone else? How can we have peace, true peace?

Putin would want a peace resolution over in Ukraine to have this war he started over. The reason: so he can overthrow President Zelenskyy. Putin would have Zelenskyy and his family tortured and possibly killed. He would send them to Siberia; where all enemies of the Russians government goes.

President Zelenskyy is not only fighting for his freedom but freedom for his country as well. He’s also standing up for our freedom as well.

No one likes war! War is hell!! There’s a price to pay for not only freedom but also peace as well.

There are people in this country would love to see peace over in Ukraine. They seems to forget why they are fighting in the first place. They just don’t care either. All they want is to have peace no matter what. These are some of the people who were involved in the peace rally during the Vietnam War.

I could go in how the war in Afghanistan was ended but I won’t because it wasn’t done right and there’s no peace for the people there because of how Biden handled it.

I know that Biden and those on the Left would like peace in this country; even the Leftist mainstream news media would love seeing peace. The peace they want is for everyone to comply to what Biden want. If you don’t agree with him, you are a MAGA Republican; even if you didn’t vote for Trump. We’re all racist and supremacy.

Go ahead and call me a MAGA Republican because I will not comply to what Biden wants; but I’m not racist either.

Enough of this: let us go into what finding real peace is.

First I will say that these so-called religious fanatic leaders may not like what I’m about to say. They think that being a Christian holds the cards for finding real peace. Well it doesn’t! Anybody can find peace within themselves. True peace comes from inside of our souls.

I had a chance to see my real father the summer before he died, the year I was a Senior in high school; but I was angry at him. He may had been my real father by blood; but he was not my dad, who I have more respect for.

Anyway, years later as part of my counseling, I went to his grave to make peace with him. I couldn’t say anything the first time I was there, but I felt at peace. I felt like he knew why I was there. That was the first sign of peace in my life. I’m not saying that I have peace market cornered either.

There was a book I read by a German author, Herman Hesse called, “Siddartha.” Now first of all, Herman Hesse, I would say is similar to the American great author, John Steinbeck. There style were similar.

In Siddartha, the lead character was searching for peace. He was a Buddhist. Siddartha found peace by sitting at the place now known as Bodh Gaya to meditate. It was after defeating the forces of the demon Mara did Siddartha actually found peace and enlightenment. It was by a river.

So you can say one way to find true peace is through meditation. You have to meditate or pray for the peace that is within you. You don’t have to go far either. You can do it in your own home, on the job, in your car or bus. I usually get to work a little earlier so I can relax and meditate.

You don’t have to go to church to find peace and a sanctuary; as some so-called religious leaders would think. I find working at the Fargo Dome to be my sanctuary, less stress.

While you are at home, meditating and relaxing, a good cup of herbal tea will help you relax and be at peace. I got a cup of hot tea right now as I write this blog.

Some people like to go the beach. I myself prefer the countryside or the mountains. I knew a pastor, Pastor Lyle Bozarth who would go to the mountains in Washington just to relax and to be alone. He found peace.

As crazy as it’s getting in Fargo, ND, I just love to get out in the country whenever I can. I love going to Park Rapids, Minnesota. It’s relaxing and peaceful. The people are normal there compare to in Fargo and bigger city. During the height of the Pandemic, I had a chance to go to Park Rapids where life is normal. I may have gotten chewed out for it but it was peaceful. I was at peace there.

I love going to Lake Geneva near Alexandria, Minnesota during the summer, because it’s very peaceful and relaxing. It’s not because it’s a church retreat either.

No wonder even Jesus had to get alone at times. He either went up the mountain or by a lake just to be alone to find true peace.

So whenever I get the chance to go to Park Rapids or Lake Geneva for a vacation, I would say, “if I don’t come back, don’t come a looking.” I would choose that for a vacation over going to Disney Land, the beach in either California or Florida. I would even choose going to Glacier National Park. I would rather be away from people because of all the craziness in our world today. Normally, I’m a people person.

Do you want peace like a river? Do you want a peace of mind? Go somewhere secluded just to be alone to meditate. Do what Siddartha did to find his inner peace.

That’s where peace comes from, not from complying with other people to get along. We will always have wars until we learn to find true peace.

This is my peace I give you. Peace be with you!!