What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander

Not too long ago the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, looking for anything to stop him. They even said that Trump had classified documents and was afraid that he would sell it to the Russians.

Now any former Presidents has the rights to take anything as long as it’s declassified for the use in their own library for the viewing public to study for history purposes.

Now the FBI is known as bumbling idiots ever since J. Edgar Hoover, who would wear women’s clothing. Not one person can trust the FBI. This latest stunt they pulled on Trump take the cake.

It goes to show that the FBI is in cahoots with the Democrats party. They are not suppose to be either. They are not to be political bias toward one party over the other.

They think along with Liz Cheney that they can stop the Trump’s train. All this is doing is making him into a martyr. They are treating Trump much like the Pharisees treated Jesus back when Jesus walked the earth. They looked for ways to get rid of Jesus as well, because he stood up against the religious leaders and called them hypocrites. That is what Trump did in Washington as well; when he stood up against the Establishment there. They didn’t much like him either for doing that.

The reason for this title and for being in this series on the justice system is to show how unfair our justice system really is. It all depends on who the person is and how rich they are what kind of justice they will get.

For example: let’s say a poor and a rich person is being charge for a similar crime: If you are rich, you can afford a good lawyer; but if you are poor, forget it, you are cooked.

Let us take a look at Martha Stewart, who was convicted of one count of conspiracy, 2 counts of making false statements, and one count of obstruction of agency. She spent 5 months in a minimum security prison before 5 months of home confinement. They were making an example of her. Yet at the same time that prison was more a country club type prison. It wasn’t as hard core; since she was rich. If she was poor, the prison would had been more hard core.

Another example was Jim Baker, who also went to a country club prison as well. For their crimes, the everyday normal people would serve in a real hard core prison. Now is that fair and justice?

Like I said the FBI went after Trump because they are on the Democrats payroll. They are not going after Joe and Hunter Biden for their illegal business dealings with Russia, China, and Ukraine old leader before Zelenskyy. Trump found out about it when he was President through his talk with Zelenskyy and the FBI wouldn’t investigate into it. The mainstream news media and Facebook would shut it down and used factcheckers to also shut it down as well. Why is that? Hunter as a drug and sex problems; and Joe Biden covered it up for him when he was Vice-President under Obama, of course Obama help. The Bidens are as crooked as the Clintons.

I’m not saying that Trump is a saint by no mean. It’s just that justice is one-sided there. That’s not fair either.

Let’s take a look at the Clintons. We’ll go back to when Bill Clinton was President and the Whitewater scandal that nearly rock his presidency. It was almost as bad as Watergate that rock President Nixon’s political career. That lawyer involved with Whitewater committed suicide; in which the Clintons want the public to believe actually happened. It was made to look like a suicide. The only thing they got Bill Clinton for was lying about having an affair in the White House; and he was impeach and lost his law license for that?

Look at Hillary, she’s no better than her slimy husband. She is known as crooked Hillary. Trump threatened to make her pay for all her illegal crimes she committed. The FBI was doing all they can to protect the Clintons like they were protecting the Bidens.

Not only did Hillary had the Whitewater scandal, she also had Benghazi’s scandal when she was Secretary of State under Obama. She lied and said, “What difference does it makes?” She also had her own e-mails scandals as well. She had deleted many important emails to cover up her illegal crimes. Did the FBI go after her? Hell, no, they did not!

Let’s take a look at Jeffery Epstein. He was sent to prison and soon was found murdered in his prison cells. It was made to look like suicide; but he was murdered to protect the people he was involved with in a child sex crimes, from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Prince Edward. Even Trump was somewhat involved too. They would rather go after Trump than go after the Clintons. Why is that?

Hillary Clinton was just as sick as her husband in the Jeffery Epstein’s child sex case. She too was having sex with minors. The mainstream news media won’t tell you that though. The FBI won’t have her investigated for it either.

Most recently, a pro-life couple had their house raided by the FBI as well. Can you tell me why? They won’t!

Even Mike Lindell was raided by the FBI, all because he claimed that there was fraud in the 2020 election and that Biden didn’t actually win; but rather Trump was reelected. Anyone who supported Trump was or put the screws on by the FBI with the help of the Democrats; especially Joe Biden.

They tried to prove Kyle Rittenhouse guilty of murder; but failed, because justice was actually served there. Mike Lindell helped financed Kyle’s defense; otherwise Kyle wouldn’t had a fair trial.

If my blog was bigger and I was a bigger threat to Biden, those in Washington, and the FBI, they would probably have me investigated and my home raided as well. They would see me as a threat. Since I’m not rich, I wouldn’t get the proper defense either; unless someone like Trump or Lindell fund my defense.

So I guess what I’m getting at is this: If you are rich you will get away with things no matter what the crime may be; whereas if you are poor you will face hard time in prison. From this series on the justice system, you tell me, where is justice for everyone? Like the title suggests: what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime; unless you can afford a good defense. Money talks to those who are rich, so they can get away with the crime; whereas those who are poor suffer. Do you see the injustice? What can be done to improve our justice system; so that all get a fair trial?