War on Drugs

Do you know that we are in the middle of the war on drugs?

We are in the midst of a drug crisis, opioid crisis in America.

Not only because of the open Southern border because of Biden allowing illegal immigrants into this country, terrorist coming into our country as well, and guns being smuggled in by the cartels as well. The cartels is also smuggling drugs in as well. The sad thing is: the cartel is using the immigrants to do just that; especially children. Some are even dying due to drug overdose.

One of the drugs being smuggled in is Fentanyl. The Fentanyl crisis is in our country, and most parents are unaware of the dangers to their kids. They are killing our kids through Fentanyl poisoning. Only 2 salt-size grains of fentanyl can kill someone-it’s 50 times stronger than heroin. The DEA has reported that more than 1 in 4 pills are laced with poison. According to CDC data, the synthetic opioids contributed to 62% of the 2020 overdose deaths.

The DEA says they identified new marketing scheme by Mexican cartels and street dealers who want the pills to look like candy to attract children and young people. In fact, the drug traffickers have nicknamed it Sweet Tarts and Skittles. It’s also known as “Rainbow” fentanyl.

This is especially dangerous this time of year, as Halloween is approaching. This is a scary time for our kids as they are planning on going trick or treating. They may think that they are getting candies; but in realities are getting this “rainbow” fentanyl, which will kill them if parents aren’t paying close attention to what their children brings home after a night of trick or treating.

How many parents have the time or even bother to check their children bags of Halloween treats?

I’m grateful that my mother took the time to go through my Halloween candies to keep me safe from drugs being smuggled into my bags of treats. Even though, she may also was looking for candies that she could take for herself also.

Parents either are too busy or don’t take the time to make sure their kids are safe. Some doesn’t realize the danger lurking around to kill our children. I’m hoping this blog will help shine the light on this crisis in time for Halloween. Just like Fox News is also talking about this crisis to warn parents. You don’t hear much talk about it on the other mainstream news media, for some reason.

This is just one part of the drug crisis we’re in right now no thanks to Biden’s open door policy at our Southern border.

This opioids crisis not only affect our children and young people. It’s also affect our elderly as well.

Medications that they get to help them with whatever illness they have can be just as deadly. When my folks were alive, they had almost a medicine cabinet full of medications between the 2 of them. The concern was what if they got their medications mixed up and took the wrong medication. It could easily happens when you have 2 elderly couple together.

Another thing that could easily happen is: if the medication isn’t properly disposed of, it could get into the wrong hands. It could get in the hands of some young people. They could take it for themselves and possibility overdose on them; or they could take it and distribute it to some other unlikely victims. That goes for any kind of medications.

I’m very thankful that my parents took the time to make sure that us kids didn’t get into drugs. They were strict but caring in their own way. I’m grateful because when I was a child and pre-teen, I had suffered with minor depression; in which I have gotten hooked on aspirins. The excuse I used was that I had a headache. In reality, I was dealing with depression among other things involving my childhood. (I’m not going into the whole detail right now.) Even though my parents were kind of naive about me suffering with depression and getting hooked on aspirins; as most parents are.

Growing up in Hawley, I knew where the drugs were if I ever needed it and how to get some. Since we lived on the farm south of Hawley and my parents were strict, I have to say, it saved my life.

Drugs were being distributed across the street from the high school during lunch hour, right under the Principle and teachers noses. It was even being distributed at the Hawley Youth Center; which was eventually closed down because of it. I even had a so-called cousin distributing drugs under his mother and step-dad’s noses.

Drugs can also be injected into someone’s drink or food as well; without them knowing about it. When that happened, that person can overdose easily and possibility die from it or get hooked on it.

The war on drugs started due to Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush fight against drug abuse when their husbands were Presidents and Vice-Presidents. They both wouldn’t be too happy to know that we are losing the war on drugs in this country all because of Joe Biden chose not to close the Southern borders. He’s in cahoots with the drug cartels from Mexico. Not just him though; but the Democratic party as well. They both will roll over in their graves if they knew exactly how we are losing the war on drugs.

The big slogan back then and still is: Just say NO! Say no to drugs! If someone offer you drugs, just say NO.

If you find yourself addicted to drugs, get help immediately. Otherwise, you could overdose and possibly die from it.

Depression is one of the sign for drug abuse. The other signs for drugs addiction are: making excuses, surrounding themselves with friends who actively use, losing interest in hobbies, being overly hygienic, constantly complaining about pain, isolation from friends and family, items go missing, sudden mood changes, and experiencing panic attacks and high anxiety.

If you see your child suffering with all or any of the 9 symptoms seek help immediately.

We need to win this war on drugs. We need to nip it in the butt. We need to shut down the border and the drug cartels once and for all. As Reagan would say, “Do it for the Gipper!” Our kids and young people are counting on us stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into our country at our Southern border by the drug cartels. Do it for Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush! Do it for our children and young people! They’re counting on us to do the right thing.