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Who doesn’t like shopping at Walmart?

It’s a store where you can buy things at a reasonable price; especially with today’s high inflation. Yet at the same time, the 1% wouldn’t be caught dead shopping in Walmart. It’s beneath them! They would rather shop at Target. Anyone who shops at Walmart is called a redneck, or trailer trash.

The first Walmart opened July 2, 1962 in Rogers, AR. At that time the Walton family owns 24 stores, ringing up $12.7 million in sales.

Sam Walton had early retail business training by working at J.C. Penny, eventually owning his own variety store. He started Walmart to compete with Kmart; which at that time was the most popular retail stores with low prices.

When Sam Walton was young and Walmart was starting out, he took cared of his employees and showed appreciation for them. When visiting his stores, he would stayed with his managers; and never look down on the employees. Not like his kids, who are running Walmart now.

Sam Walton said when valuing each team member, “Asking and hearing people’s opinions has a greater effect on them than telling them good job.”

Too bad his kids didn’t learned that themselves. Maybe they should had started at the bottom and work their way up in the business; then maybe they would treat their employees with respect like their father did.

Sam Walton really didn’t expect Walmart to be as big as it is today. The Walton’s kids turned Walmart into a corporation. Then greed sets in and caring less for the employees. Now Walmart is the top retail stores all over the world. There’s only one who can possibly give them a run for their money and that is Amazon.

There is at least 3 Walmart stores in Fargo-Moorhead area. The original one is on 13th Ave, South Fargo. A good move for them at that time because of convenience. When that store first opened, Kmart that was near Target on 13th closed their doors because they feared that they couldn’t compete.

I will talk about the other 2 Walmart along with the original now.

There’s a big difference between the 3 Walmart in the area of Fargo-Moorhead.

The Walmart on 13th is the most popular because of their convenience. That is a very busy area for all kinds of businesses such as restaurants as well. At the same time, people who shop there are like people who would travel by greyhounds. You’ll never know what you may find. When you shop at that Walmart, it’s like getting a free show. Just brings your popcorns! It’s cheaper than going to the movies and you can get your shopping done at the same time. I mean, traveling by Greyhounds, people who does that cannot afford to travel any other ways. I’ve traveled by Greyhounds and some of the people can be kind of shady, the ride isn’t very comfortable for long distance.

The Walmart near Dilworth is kind of like riding a train. People who shop there is kind of normal. Just like riding a train, you find normal common folks. It’s not as convenient as the one on 13th Ave in Fargo.

Shopping the Walmart on 13th, you can risk your life if your not careful. Compare to the other 2 Walmart.

The newest Walmart is the one on 52nd. Even though, I said, some of the rich wouldn’t be caught dead shopping at Walmart; they would rather shop at Target. I would say that Walmart has more uppity people that shop there. Shopping there, reminds me of flying by airplanes. It cost more to fly than to take the Greyhounds or train. People who fly can usually afford to do so and travel a lot more. They don’t have the time, because their life is too busy to smell the roses along the way.

When you shop at these Walmart, they don’t always carry the same products as would think. So if you are searching for certain product, make sure you go to the Walmart that will carry it.

You can call me a redneck. You can call me trailer trash if you want. I do have to admit that I prefer shopping at Walmart rather than at Target. Even though, I do miss Kmart as well.

Walmart is similar to taking the Greyhound, when Kmart was open, they were like traveling by train, and Target is like traveling by airplane.

So if you are a redneck and like shopping at Walmart, there is nothing wrong with that. Just know the difference between the 3 Walmart in Fargo-Moorhead. What Walmart do you prefer? Do you enjoy getting a free show and entering at your own risk? Do you like being around normal people? Or do you like being around those who are haughty?