No I in Team!!

There are some people that must think that there is an I in team; otherwise why wouldn’t they do better at teamwork, in helping their co-workers as a team?

Maybe they are dyslexia. As being dyslexia, they get words turned around or even letters. For example: when they look at the team, the word gets turned around; so they see “me” instead.

TEAM : coming together to achieve a common goal.

TEAMWORK: The combine action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

I recently heard that there are less work ethic on the job now days.

It seems like more and more people are selfish when it comes to their job. They are less likely to help their fellow co-worker now days. They seems to have self on the throne. All they seems to care about is me, me, me. I don’t mean the name Mimi either.

In the past, it was keeping up with the Jones; but now it’s more like what’s in it for “me” only.

Years ago, people would worked together to get the task done at work and make a good impression while they are at it. Now, they seem to care less of their fellow co-worker; as long as they are getting what they want, it’s all that’s matter. They want the money but they doesn’t really want to work to lend a helping hand as part of a team. They don’t really want to work; they just want the money instead.

I was taught, when a person start a new job, they go out to make a good impression, almost to the point of “sucking up.” When you do that, you are appreciated for it. Now days, when they see you doing more for your co-workers, they take advantage of you. They comes to expect that from you all the time. They become “spoiled.”

As a rule, I’m a pretty easy-going guy. When I get upset or is feeling taking advantage of, there is a reason for it.

I was taught about working as part of team ever since I was a child. I mean, growing up in a family of 7, we all had our chores to do everyday. We are to do it or get a spanking if we don’t. I was a to pick up my toys and make my own bed. I was taught this even before my folks were married and the older kids came to live with me. I was taught this because most of my older cousins looking in on grandmother, my mother, and I.

Yet there are kids out there who doesn’t seems to pick up after themselves or make their own bed. They think that either mommy or the housekeeper will do it for them, so why bother.

Growing up, we had to take care of our pets, from birds, to fishes, to a dog or a cat.

There are some family member who felt entitled because they were older; and they didn’t had to do as much. I don’t know if you noticed it in your family; but I noticed it in my own.

Back to the workplace now. Some people, once they either become supervisor or manager, they feel that they can sit on their ass and do nothing to lend a helping hand. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen it first hands.

Now days, so many can’t put the cell phone down long enough to do any real work. If they are not talking to someone, they are texting someone. Sometimes, they are not even doing that. They just want to hold onto that phone because they are so damn afraid they might lose it or not be able to communicate without it. If you asked me, I think that when a person get to work, they should put their phone in their locker and take it out for lunch or when they go home at the end of the day. That way, they are force to actually do some real work for a change, and even help their co-workers for a change. My phone stays right in my pocket while I’m at work. The only time I take it out is when I’m on break or going home. Maybe I’m old school!

I have seen some good team players; and I have seen selfish team players. I’ve seen a co-worker that seems to stand holding up the wall. Then I’d seen manager actually gets their hands dirty and help out. If you asked me, manager that actually worked alongside their workers are better manager; than those who choose to sit on their ass in their office barking orders.

I remembered, while working at the Fargo Country Club, when it was very busy, as soon as the other team members were done, they would go over to help others out instead of leaving.

I’ve also seen at the Fargo Dome, the General Manager get right in, lending a helping hand to the other team from getting ready for a concert, a play, or even a sporting events. One time, at a recent concert, we were setting up curtains to make sure it’s dark enough, the general manager was actually there with his height to hang drapes on poles. This same manager even helped in other areas as well.

I don’t know about you; but that’s true teamwork. There’s no need to beg and plead for help.

Those who only thinks about themselves, you have to beg. If you get mad, they don’t understand why. They think that we have no reason to get mad. You just need to calm down!

What kinds of co-workers and managers do you have? Are they team players? Or do they think of themselves only? Do they have self on the throne? Are they sitting on their fat ass barking order or are they actually helping out? Do they take advantage of you, because you chose to? Are you frustrated at them because of their lack of teamwork? Then go ahead and like this blog or even make a comment. Maybe, you can show this to your co-workers. It may not do any good but who knows you can give it a try.