The View been going downhill since Barbara Walter retire

What is the flushing sound you hear when The View is on?

It’s The View going down the toilet into the sewer where it belongs.

The View wasn’t always that bad though. It was created by legendary Barbara Walter. She wanted a daytime talk show that catered to women and what concerned them. She wanted all sides to be heard despite of their political view. That was why she had Conservative on the show as well. It wasn’t meant to be political.

Now Barbara Walter was one of the best at interviewing famous people. Even better than Oprah. She never judge or disagree with those she interviewed. She never let her politics get in the way. Now that’s a true journalist! You don’t see too much of that now days. Anyone would be honored to be interviewed by her.

There was 2 others ladies on the View that get some credit in keeping the show grounded. They are: Meredith Vieira and Star Jones. Meredith Vieira left to take care of her ailing husband. Whereas Star Jones was let go because of her battle over her weight. It goes to show that people were quick to judge people who are overweight, especially women.

I give those 2 along with Barbara Walter in keeping The View grounded.

After Meredith Vieira left, Rosie O’Donnell came on to only leave the show later on. When Rosie was on, she tried to take the show the direction they are going now; but Barbara Walter wouldn’t have any part of it. There was backstage squabble between Rosie and Barbara; much worse than a mother/daughter.

When Rosie was on she fought with Elizabeth Hasselbeck because of her Conservative view on the Show. Rosie actually nearly brought Elizabeth to tears because of her verbal attack and insults.

Whoopi Goldberg was next to replace Rosie O’Donnell, who replaced Meredith Vieira.

Joy Behar is one of the original host of the View.

Now when Barbara Walter decided to leave the View and retire, she was tired of being “Superwoman.” Her health became a factor; since she ended up with alzheimer down the road. I can understand her decision in leaving the show and growing tired to dealing with a bunch of whiny babies. You can’t keep pacifying people if they don’t want to see the light. Some people will never change. Some people wants people take them by the hands to take constantly take care of them. They are so co-dependent. They don’t want to help themselves. They don’t see the error of their ways and never will. They are a lost cause. So she did the right thing by washing her hands of the whole mess and got out when she did. It’s called letting go! It’s a lot healthier letting go than it is holding on in hoping they will change.

After Barbara Walter left the View, that was when the show started going down the toilet. Both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar went ballistic and off-the-wall crazy. Whoopi Goldberg had some good movies in her younger days; but because her erratic behavior, I cannot stand to watch her movies anymore. She thinks she speaks to middle America; well I got news for her; No way!

When Roseanne was fired from her own show because of her Conservative view; why wasn’t Whoopi fired for her anti-semitic comments she made. She commented that the Jews never went through slavery; when they did also.

Whoopi even commented that The View doesn’t need and Conservative views; because she didn’t want to hear them. When Judge Jeanine Pirro was a guest on the View, Whoopi got so upset that she stormed off the set and declared, “She will not return to the set as long as Judge Pirro was still on.” It goes to show that she was just a big baby. If she didn’t get her way she would just cry and pout until she did. She was acting like a spoiled brat. I have no respect for her or anybody who does that.

Now Joy Behar is no better. She made threats against the Supreme Court Conservative Judges. She threatened their lives numbers of times.

When CBS came up with their competition show of the same version, “The Talk,” that show just clobbered The View in the ratings and at the daytime Emmys. There is something they failed to do and that was: “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” They ended up following into the same trap as the View down the road.

The original cast of The Talk was: Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, and Sharon Osbourne. Even though Sara Gilbert was partly responsible for firing Roseanne from her own. I mean she should had stood up for her TV mother.

Julie Chen left the show because of her marriage scandal, and the show started going downhill shortly after.

I’m not a big fan of Sharon Osbourne because I felt she’s a strange. Then again, to be married to Ozzy Osbourne, you have to be a little strange. She didn’t deserve to be attacked right on air because she chose to defend her friend Pierce Morgan. Pierce Morgan criticize Megan Markel after her interview by Oprah. Sharon was doing what she felt was right, standing by her friend. What’s wrong with that? That’s what friends are suppose to do!

Believe me, I can understand in standing up for what you believe in. You also must be willing to accept other people’s opinions, even if they agree with you. That’s the problems with anyone on the Left. They get all mad if you don’t agree with them and call us names. They spread the hatred around!

So maybe it’s time that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar is fired from the View. If you agree, protest against the View until they are gone or the show is cancelled.