Minnesota: the Welfare State

As you already know, Minnesota was known as the land of 10,000 lakes. But do you know that Minnesota is also known as the Welfare State?

I mean, it’s very easy to get welfare assistance in Minnesota. Of course, the taxpayers are paying for it with their high taxes. They have one the highest taxes in the country.

It’s also a blue state, with Democratic governor. It’s a hard state for any Republicans to win in the Presidential election.

Welfare was meant to be a good things when President Kennedy created it. But like anything, when the government got a hold of it, it became corrupt. It’s good to help those in need! Some people can take advantage of a good thing as well.

The government, especially the Democrats is using welfare to control those in needs. Welfare is like a form of slavery. Anyone on welfare is a slave to the government; and the Democrats like it that way. That way, they can control the people better. Now that’s Socialism!

If you want help those in needs, like the saying goes, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; but teach him to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.”

Like I said earlier, Minnesota got the highest taxes in the country. They don’t have to have that high taxes though. As I said how beautiful Wisconsin is in a previous blog, Minnesota also is very beautiful.

There’s a lot of beauty in the state with all the lakes and trees. No wonder, those in who lives in North Dakota have a lake cabin in Minnesota. It’s a chance for them to get away from all the bustle and boring landscapes that is in North Dakota.

I mean, whenever I get the opportunity to go to such beautiful places in Minnesota; such as Park Rapids and Alexandria, especially Lake Geneva. I’m happy to do that!

So instead of raising taxes, why not focus on their natural resources, their beautiful nature?

Taking the backroads, the scenic route is so beautiful and relaxing.

Since the Pandemic, Governor Tim Walz had hurt that industry because he chose to shut everything down.

When I see on Facebook from people in Washington State, how they hated their Governor, Jay Inslee, a Democrat just like Tim Walz. I can truly relate because of Minnesota; even though I may live in boring North Dakota.

Jay Inslee and Tim Walz are both cut from the same cloth. They take their order from Governor Newsom of California. They are all bad for the state and for the country.

The only reason Tim Walz was elected in the first place was because Tim Pawlenty wouldn’t give up and go away. He’s as bad as the Clintons; because he won’t just go away and realize the people doesn’t want him, like they don’t want Tim Walz either.

Governor Mark Dayton was able to fixed the mess created by Pawlenty with the state’s economy; and he was a businessman first, even though he was a Democrat. Then Tim Walz got in and destroyed everything Dayton ever did.

They talked about Minnesota getting money from the Federal government because of Covid and wondering what to do with it. Those in government thinks that they should give it to the schools. They have better education system than North Dakota but I wouldn’t give them the money. Especially, if they want to teach Critical Race Theory. Teach the basic instead!

I graduated from Hawley, MN, and I have to admit that I got a better education there than from West Fargo’s schools.

That money should go to small businesses who lost so much incomes because of being lockdown because of the Pandemic. It should goes to the lake resorts; because they lost so much income because of the Pandemic.

It seems like people in the rural areas of Minnesota are more against Walz than in Minneapolis area; especially downtown. I don’t understand why! Then again, I do!

The way Governor Walz handled the riots in Minneapolis after George Floyd was murdered; and believe me, he was no saint, like they made him out to be.

The crimes in Minneapolis is as bad as in Seattle because of both Walz and Inslee. They are both up there with Chicago and New York City. I have family in Washington State; but I don’t want to go to Seattle right now because of what is going on. Just like I care not go to Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York City.

Both Walz and Inslee need to clean up their cities instead defunding the police.

Keep Minnesota beautiful!! This midterm election vote Tim Walz out of office. Send him and the other Democrats a message that they need to go. Turn the blue states red!!

Those in the rural areas of Minnesota needs to stand up and get out and vote Tim Walz out of office. Otherwise, those who live in downtown Minneapolis will win in reelecting Walz for a second term.

There are more Democrats in Minneapolis than in the rural areas. I have seen on my Facebook page, how those have requested me to write this blog to get the people to vote out Tim Walz. My classmates, for examples.

This midterm election, don’t be stupid like the people of Fargo, North Dakota. They voted to reelected Tim Mahoney as mayor. He didn’t deserve to be mayor of Fargo; anymore than Tim Walz deserve a second term as governor of Minnesota.

Do the right thing because you can’t go wrong by doing what’s right. Vote Tim Walz out of office!