We’re so divided!

When Biden took office he promised to unite this country; but all he did was divided it even more. More and more of the American people are pissed off at how he running this country into the ground. They’re fed up with the high inflation, high gas prices, high cost of the food we eat, high crime rates, and the open border allowing illegal immigrants to come in and for the cartels to not only smuggle them in; but al drugs and guns.

We have our own resources such as oil, and Biden shut down the keystone pipeline and other pipelines as well. He’d rather deal with terrorist, China, and Russia for oil and other resources. All in the name of the green deal. What a joke? He’s a laughing stock to other world leaders.

How can he unite the country when all he does and says only bashed anyone who doesn’t agree with him. I mean, in his own words: “Come on, man!” When it came to forcing people to get the vaccine, he declared, “You’re all gonna pay!” He called Trump the king of Maga country; and it only blew up in his face. He called anyone who still support Trump as being White Supremacy and terrorist. So according to Biden, I’m a domestic terrorist! Yet he’s dealing with the real terrorist? Who’s the real terrorist here?

He even called parents who stood up against the school board over critical race theory as being terrorist. He even had the galled to say that parents don’t have the rights on what being taught to their kids.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs, Wade by putting it back into the state, Biden said they were being out of control. He even said that this was all Trump fault.

The last time this country was this divided was back in 1860, prior to the Civil War. Under President Lincoln and the newly formed Republicans party, and the North were in favor of freeing the slaves in the South. Those in the South and the Democrats weren’t about to give up their livelihood, by allowing the blacks go free. They were property to them and that was all that matter.

Now the Democrats would rather we forget that part of history. They are even out to rewrite that part of history. They want to tear down any statues of Abraham Lincoln and cut down his legacy; to save their own neck.

They called Trump and his supporters White Supremacy. Don’t they realize from our history that it was because of the Democrats, the KKK was founded.

To be brutally honest, it was the Republicans who fought for Civil Rights not the Democrats. The Democrats want us to be slaves to the Government under the guise of Socialism. Which is another term for Communism.

They slammed Trump for being so hateful; but in reality it’s them who is so full of hatred for anyone who voted Republicans or even Supported Trump. If you speak out against them, they call us terrorist and try to have us cancel. You are even put in Facebook jail.

If they hate the Republicans so bad, why are so many leaving their blue states for the red states. They don’t like our Conservative value but yet they want what we have.

The Republicans stands for freedom; whereas the Democrats stands for total government control. Everyone who disagree with them are terrorist.

I’m all for people wanting to move to another state for a better opportunity. This is a land of opportunity, by all means.

Just leave your Leftist Liberal way behind when you come. Learn to accept the fact that your Liberal ways are only hurtful to America. Accept the things you cannot change!

This midterm election, let us turn those blue states to red. Let us vote them out of office from the governor to the senator to congress. Let us throw those bums out! Let us take back the House and the Senate; and send Nancy Pelosi packing and heading to jail where she belongs. Let us stop Biden from destroying America like he’s doing right now. He’s unfit to be President mentally and physically.

As in 2 Chronicle 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Let us pray for this country now more than ever. Those on the Left only want to destroy America and allow China to take over. They want to take away our freedom that our forefather fought for.

By doing that, then and only then can we be united. United we stand-united we fall!! It’s time we the American people wake up and take back America from those who want to destroy it. Let us send those in Washington a message. The message, “We the people are pissed! We’re not gonna take it anymore!”