This past June Queen Elizabeth recently celebrated a platinum jubilee, 70 years on the throne. It was a 4 days celebration and she couldn’t make it to all of them due to her age of 96 and her failing health.

Earlier this year, she lost her husband, Prince Phillip. They were married 73 years.

You may wondered why it was Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip? It was Queen Elizabeth who inherited the throne from her father, Prince Albert and her mother was Lady Elizabeth Bowels-Lyon.

The history of the Royal family goes like this. Years ago, the King of England had political clout and governing power. They ruled England for many years. They even ruled the 13th colonies up until the Revolution War, starting with the Boston Tea Party. It wasn’t until Queen Elizabeth took the throne that the royal family slipped from governing control of England to just being a figurehead.

You could say that once England noticed the popularity of Capitalism in the United States, they wanted the same thing; rather than a Monarchy.

I’m not saying that Queen Elizabeth didn’t held a lot of influence over her country and especially her own family. She ruled her family with an iron fist. Her kids and grandkids had to do what she said or else. She was very authoritative, making them very dysfunctional.

The closest thing United States has to Queen Elizabeth was Rose Kennedy, the Matriarch of the Kennedy’s clan. Rose Kennedy had more pull than Joseph Kennedy. She was the one with the backbone and controlling aspect of the family; much like Queen Elizabeth.

Let us start with Prince Charles, he was forced to married Lady Diana because she was a young virgin and could provide heirs to the throne. Second, Camille Parker, who was actually the love of Prince Charles life, was already married to someone else. That was a no-no for the Royal family and the Catholic Church.

Even though, Lady Diana and Queen Elizabeth didn’t really get along because of Diana’s personality of being a rebel.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t really get along with Fergie; who was married to Prince Andrew either. They had 2 daughters. That married also ended up in divorce as well. Soon Prince Andrew met his own scandal that rocks the Royal family. He was involved with the child sex scandal involving Jeffery Epstein. It goes to show having a mother like Queen Elizabeth wasn’t easy for any of her kids. She made it impossible to live up to.

She had 4 kids. They are Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Prince Edward.

After Princess Diana was killed in Paris, France by being chased by Paparazzi on Labor Day weekend, Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t really had a chance to grieved for the lost of their mother. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles wouldn’t allow it. They were being groomed. Princess Diana knew that her boys were meant for big things in the Royal family standing and while she was alive, she started the grooming process of being a good humanitarian.

Much like Rose Kennedy grooming her kids and grandkids to be some kind of greatness. A lot of them struggled also, some with drugs, alcohol, and sex. John F. Kennedy Jr. was being groomed to be President much like his father. Even Jacqueline Kennedy was somewhat responsible in that grooming process.

Prince William became very straight lace like his father, hiding his emotions because it wasn’t the thing to do.

It’s no wonder, that Prince Harry rebelled like he did and left the Royal family. Losing their mother at a young age was very difficult for any kids. If they don’t have anyway to release the grieving process; they will have a nervous breakdown. They will just fall to pieces.

I’m not sugarcoating the fact of Prince Andrew’s child sex scandal and making light of it here. He had a lot to live up to himself. He’s still a pervert and should be lock up. I don’t care who he is. He’s sick and comes from a sick family.

Now getting help was a sin according to the bylaws of the royal family. It showed weakness, and they didn’t want that. Much like Rose Kennedy didn’t want it shown in her own family. That’s why they go all out to cover up the secrets and scandals.

This is what being raised in an authoritative family does. Much like authoritative churches and the government. It’s like Socialism! It’s not Democracy!

I won’t go into authoritative churches here because that’s a whole different blog.

I will say this though, in a way I was raised in an authoritative family. There was no Democracy. We either did what our dad says or else. We didn’t have much of choice. My mother tried to raise us in a Democracy family but it was an uphill battle for her. No wonder some of us kids rebelled.

Sometimes, you just need an out to keep yourself sane; otherwise the unthinkable may happen.

Even though Queen Elizabeth didn’t have governing power, she still had power to knight people if she finds fit. She even had the power to hurt her kids and grandkids emotionally and psychologically.

Out of respect, we say, “God saves the Queen!”, but deep down I feel sorry for Prince William and Harry. They weren’t able to be a child. They weren’t able to grieve properly.

If you have democracy in your family’s decision, more power to you. If there was authoritative in your family, my heart goes out to you.