I was a little surprised to hear that Bobby Kennedy Jr. was blacklisted by his own Democratic party. He makes his father, Robert Kennedy Sr. and his Uncle, President John F. Kennedy proud of him if they were alive. He’s proving to be a chip off the old block, just like his father and Uncle.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has a book out exposing the truth about Dr. (Nazi) Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The Democrats boycotted him because of that book. Even the mainstream news media wouldn’t interviewed him; so he could promote the book. It was Tucker Carlson who actually had him on his show to talk about the book, exposing Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates.

It goes to show that those on the Left will eat their own if they don’t agree with them.

As I said in a blog on President Kennedy, he and Robert Kennedy Sr. wouldn’t be accepted by today’s Democrats. They would be too Conservative for them.

The book is called, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” It’s also about Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the global war on Democracy and public health. In this book, Robert Kennedy Jr. chronicled Fauci’s secretive experiments on hundreds of HIV-positive foster children at Incarnation Children’s center in New York City. He describes how Fauci and Big Pharma partners turned those foster kids into lab rats, subjecting them to torture and abuse in a grim parade of unsupervised drug and vaccine studies. Fauci is a greedy egomaniac hell bent on creating an image for himself as the savior of the world during the AIDS crisis while making a profit as well.

This is just a taste of that book. Dr. Fauci is sick. He should be lock up for that. He’s just as bad as Hitler, when Hitler was exterminating the Jews in the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

One thing that even surprised me even more was what Senator Ted Kennedy did involving Dr. Fauci. Since he’s more Liberals than his brothers. Sen. Ted Kennedy had business dealing with Fauci because he was looking for drugs to cure AIDS. Unknown to him of the unethical lab experiments on orphan HIV infected children.

This doesn’t surprise me as much after all. What surprised me was that Bobby Kennedy Jr. went after his Uncle Ted Kennedy as well. It goes to show that blood isn’t as thick as water after all.

In previous blogs I commented that the COVID virus was a terrorist act done by the Chinese Government; since it was created in the Wuhan Lab. Now because of Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s exposing Fauci, I believe that Fauci and Bill Gates knows more than what they are actually saying about the virus. They’re not talking as long as the Democrats are in control and Big Pharma is funneling money into Fauci’s bank account.

How is Bill Gates involved you asked, besides having big pockets financially?

Bill Gates and Fauci are in favor of Genocide.

Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with aim of destroying that nation or group.

Now Bill Gates was very much in destroying the poor people, who cannot afford proper healthcare. It doesn’t matter what country they’re from either. Bill Gates is one of the riches man in the world. He’s the founder of Microsoft.

This virus was created by Fauci to do just that or get people vaccinated and have the vaccination card as a way to control them. If you don’t have the vaccination card, that’s just too bad.

After Bill and Melinda Gates divorced, she went and donated her half to help the people that Bill was setting out to destroy. Now this just pissed him off.

Even CDC is very much involved with this virus, Dr. Nazi Fauci and Bill Gates. This past week, they came out and admitted that they were wrong about mask wearing to prevent getting Covid. They were wrong about forcing people to get the vaccine as well. They say getting the vaccine will keeps you from getting the virus. It’s a little too late. They need to be investigated as well as Fauci and Gates.

This is why we need a red wave in November. That way they can be investigated; otherwise nothing will be done to them. CDC needs a severe house cleaning; as long as the Democrats are in control that’s not going to happen. Both Fauci and Gates needs to be lock up for their crimes against humanity and for their part in creating the virus. They needs to be investigated.

You may wonder why I don’t trust science. It’s because of this whole sick thing that Fauci been doing at Wuhan Lab and even before. Because of my lack of trust for science, I don’t trust the vaccine. I wish I wasn’t forced to get the poison. This is suppose to be a free country and yet the government, Big Pharma, and medical profession forced people to get the vaccine or lose their job. Believe me, if it wasn’t for the benefits I wouldn’t had gotten the poisons.

It’s hard to get all the facts on this because they do not want us to know the whole truth. The less we know, the more they can control us. So don’t just take my words for it in this this blog, check it out yourself.

Someone told me, be grateful you got the vaccine after getting COVID. To anyone who said that, I say, “COVID will attack your weak area immune system. Vaccine or no vaccine!”

Because of Dr. Nazi Fauci sick experiments and Bill Gates wanting to genocide the poor, I cannot and will not trust science.

I may be a small right now; but they are not going to like this blog. They are going to want to blacklist me as well as Bobby Kennedy Jr. Responsible people speak up when necessary. I cannot and will not remain silent over this and any other injustice. This is my duty to inform people. I’m given the tools to do so; and believe me, I’m not going to shuck my responsibility. Are you with me? If you are go ahead and like this blog. Let us stand together against them. There’s power in numbers!