Lack of Respect

Have you noticed lately that there seems to be a lack of respect these days? Young people doesn’t seems to respect the elderly. People doesn’t seem to respect the police anymore. There’s even less respect for people’s property as well. There’s no respect for authority even.

Have you ever sat in the employees lounge at work watching TV and have to turned up the volume because someone is talking way too loud; and they are right next to each other? Believe me, I have to, and I’m not really hard of hearing. I would have the TV on at a normal volume and there would be someone talking very loud and they are right next to each other. It’s annoying and disrespectful, I don’t mean to come across as racist; but some of them are foreigner. They seems to have a very loud voice. Is that there culture?

How about those living in an apartment? Have you ever noticed how some people would leave the outside security door ajar for no real reason at all? I can understand if someone is moving in or out, or if they have lots of heavy items to carry. It’s a security building for a reason. If you don’t need the door left open for a good reason don’t do it. It’s disrespectful! Just bring out your keys with you when you go outside, very simple. Apartments are secured building now days because you have to. It keeps the residents safe and also keeps other pest out of the building as well. Whenever I see the door ajar and no one is around, I remove whatever blocking it open, and I don’t care if they are lock out because of it. It will serve them right for not bringing out their keys with them. That’s respecting people’s property; and I was taught to do that.

How about when you call for a taxi or have someone coming to pick you up? Sometimes, the taxi driver or the person have to wait for you or even call to see if you are still coming or not. When I call for a taxi, I make sure that I’m out there waiting; instead of having them wait for me. It also goes for anyone who may come to pick me up. I had taxi drivers say to me that they like picking me up because I’m ready and waiting for them. I mean, they are busy, and if they have to wait, it takes time away that they cannot afford; so then they leave. Then those who make them wait out of disrespect gets upset and wondered why they left or can’t seems to get a cab as fast. The reason, you are being disrespectful of their times.

I have seen bus drivers get yelled at because some of the passenger expect certain things and doesn’t get what they expect. They are just following the route they have; and those doing that is just being disrespectful.

There are people who would have their music on their I-phone up real loud, and the bus driver would have to tell them to turn it down. Some don’t do that though. I have to admit, I may think that my volume on my phone is down when listening to music; and I find out that somehow the volume was accidentally turned up. So I do turn it down and is upset with my phone for turning up the volume when I swear I turned it down.

Even our politicians are disrespectful of each other and of others. Biden was very disrespectful of Trump. Biden is also very disrespectful of the American people as well, when he said, “You’re all going to pay!”

This past summer, I saw on Fox news because the mainstream news wouldn’t cover it. There was a toddler boy in his diapers that was slapping at a cop who was just doing his job. That boy was also cussing the cop out as well. Where was the mother or parents in that situation? That boy was being disrespectful and needed to be discipline for his action.

Don’t get me wrong, he was 2 years old and didn’t know better; but the parents should have done something about it. I’m sure all little kids had done something on the line of being disrespectful. I was told that I was being disrespectful when I would hit my grandmother. I loved and missed my grandmother. She helped raised me for the first 5 years of my life. I didn’t realize I was doing anything wrong at the time. I’m glad that it was found out and I was discipline for it. It taught me to respect my elders. Young people today doesn’t have that respect as much.

Discipline invites respect, whether it’s your children or your coworkers. Discipline is an application of accountability and the consequence for unwise actions. Delayed discipline dilutes the dangers of bad decisions. If someone thinks they are getting away with something, they will drift further toward destructive habits. That is why it is wise to discipline our children sooner rather than later.

Yet, there are parents who would say, wait until your father gets home. The child will forget what they did wrong and possibly do it again.

I believe for the reason for the lack of respect is because of the lack of discipline. I’m not saying that you have to beat a child; that’s child abuse. Children needs to be discipline to learn respect. We’ve gone too far the other way. We went from abusing our children when disciplining them to not discipling them at all.

It seems that the children are in control with their action that says, “If you discipline me, I will get you for child abuse.” They’re not taught respect because of it.

There are parents who does discipline their children to teach them respect, and not just Christian parents either.

Respect is not a race issue. It’s just the generation we are living in. The world is becoming more and more disrespectful of others. Maybe some people are afraid that they might go too far in disciplining their children that they choose not to. I don’t know, what do you think?

Be respectful of others, time, and property. Don’t make your ride wait, be ready and waiting for them. Don’t leave the outside security door open for no reason. Turned down your volume on your phone or radio while on the bus or in church. If someone has the TV on in the breakroom, be respectful with your volume. You don’t have to talk very loud when you’re right next to a person. Respect the police, because they have a job to do. You may not like it sometimes. Respect our elders; because they got wisdom from living. Respect starts in our homes! Some may say, it starts with our government leaders.