What goes up-must come down

All kingdoms had their moment in the sun. They were great at one time; but soon eventually had fallen. From the Romans empire to Greek they were once powerful kingdom. Greece was very powerful under Alexander the Great.

Before the Revolution War and the Tea Party, the King of England at that time was afraid of losing his people to the new land they discovered. His pride had gotten in the way! So he came up with a plan to tax the export of tea and such from England to the New World at that time. Thus, the Colonists were extremely upset about it and stormed the British boats and threw overboard all the tea into the Boston Harbor. It was the start of the Revolution War. The King of England still wanted control of the people, and they wanted to be freed from the tyrant power of the King of England. We all know what happened, bringing about the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776.

Pride is a natural result of power and left unchecked, pride will cause you to do regretful things.

With pride, leaders will do all they can to remain in power or in control. They want to be able to keep what they have; and will stop at nothing to do just that.

If anyone tries to interfere, they will fight tooth and nails to remain in power.

Putin wanted the Ukraine back under Russia control. Before Putin was the President of Russia, Ukraine was able to become their own nation governing themselves. And Putin wanted Ukraine back!

Putin doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO. He even threatened Sweden and Finland, “You’re next if you join NATO!”

Now Sweden is neutral country. Throughout history, they would remain neutral to stay out of any possible wars.

Now Putin is a power-hungry dictator. He is consumed by pride. He controlled the news media in Russia. The people in Russia doesn’t want this war with Ukraine. Only Putin does; because he wants Ukraine to be back under the control of Russia.

Putin is very much like Xi Jinping, who is the leader of China. They are both powerful dictator; who must be destroyed. Xi Jinping is in cahoots with Putin. He is watching very carefully the invasion of Ukraine; because he very much want to do the same with Taiwan. He wants Taiwan back as bad as Putin wants Ukraine back. Xi Jinping is very much watching very carefully before he makes his move on Taiwan.

They both are guilty of genocide in their own country. They needs to be taken out much like Saddam Hussein was.

If you look back to World War 2, Adolf Hitler was a horrible dictator; much like Putin and Jinping. He also committed genocide. Hitler was after total control over in Europe. He hated the Jews and went out to exterminated them from the face of the earth. Yet, at the same time, he was so afraid for his life that he hid to prevent being found and killed. Hitler even ended up killing himself just before he would had been caught.

You can say that Putin is a lot like Hitler in that department. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, he went into hiding for fear of his life.

Putin saw the opportunity to attack Ukraine because he was watching United States under the leadership of Biden. He saw how weak Biden is. He saw how Biden was handling in the United States and of course was laughing at him.

Putin would had never invaded Ukraine if Trump was President out of fear and respect. Whereas, there was definitely no respect or fear of Biden.

If you noticed, Putin waited until after the winter Olympics in Beijing, China. The reason for it was because Xi Jinping asked Putin to hold off until the Olympics were over. This goes to show that both China and Russia are in cahoots with each other.

Putin isn’t too happy that he’s not able to take over Ukraine as easily as he was hoping for. Which is a good thing for Ukraine.

Since Putin isn’t too happy, he is becoming very crazy and unstable. There is nothing worse than seeing someone unstable still in power. You never know what they could do next to get what they want. They are very desperate; and Putin is now very desperate. He needs to be taken out once and for all.

Pride can be a person or country downfall. They will eventually lose. Back with Alexander the Great, his pride was his downfall for the Greek empire. Pride was the downfall for the King of England during the Revolution War. Pride was the downfall of Hitler in his conquering Europe. So Pride will eventually be the downfall of Putin as well.

Even Saul’s pride was his downfall and he was eventually killed by David in the Bible.

So the point, I’m getting at, don’t let pride get the best of you! Don’t be overtaken by pride; it will just be your own downfall in the end. If you have to, eat a little humble pie.

Believe me, I know what pride can do. When I was working at Concordia College, I became very prideful. I believe that cost me the job there.

No matter how big you may be, you can still be cut down a little! Just like a parent may say to their teenage children, “No matter how big you may be, you are not too big to be bend over my knees and spank!”

This is bad news for Putin but good news for Ukraine and the rest of the world against him. So as long as Ukraine is holding their own, Taiwan is safe from being invaded by China.