Karma for CNN

CNN was the first 24 hours cable news program on the air. Ted Turner is the original founder of CNN. It started in 1980 by Ted Turner with only 300 original employees; who invested $20 million into the network. It was the first 24 hour news shows.

You may wonder why anyone would watch news 24/7? Think about it, news can be very depressing; and too much of it can leads to depression.

When CNN was first aired, it was a good things to those who like news 24 hours; but they have become very Liberal and bias against anyone who is Conservative. They have lost a lot of respect from viewers who wants all the facts; not just what they choose to report. They have become a glorified tabloid news entertainment industry.

Ted Turner is one of the riches American entrepreneur , television producer. He was married to Jane Fonda from 1991-2001. He was an owner of the Atlanta Braves.

Some say that the reason for the divorce between Ted Turner and Jane Fonda was the fact that she became a Christian.

This isn’t much about Ted Turner; but rather CNN.

First of all anyone who watch news 24/7 need to get a life. I can understand being depress because of losing a love ones such as a child, a spouse, or even a parent; but you cannot dwell on that or even sit in front of the television and watch all that news. It will just depress you even more.

After 9/11 of 2001, CNN was one of the major news network that covered the attack on the World Trade Center. It got to the point that people just grew depress and tired of seeing the horror over and over again.

Scandal-ridden CNN sees rating dive 90% after 2021 coverage. At that time Jeff Zucker was the CEO of CNN and they had major drop from nearly 2.7 million viewers. They have been plagued by cascade of high profile scandals and most notably the firing of Chris Cuomo; for secretly aiding the defense of his embattle older brother, former New York Gov. Cuomo over sexual harassment and the handling of the Covid in the nursing homes.

I don’t mean to defend Chris Cuomo for his Liberal part; but it was hard for him to be bias when it came to reporting the news on his brother. A reporter must be neutral when reporting the news; and he couldn’t do it involving his brother’s scandal. I blame CNN more than I do Chris Cuomo. They didn’t truly report the news like they should had done.

Jeff Zucker was soon forced to step down as CEO of CNN because of his own sex scandal.

CNN, along with the other mainstream news media was bias toward Trump when he was President. They did all they could to bring him down.

At the same time, they refused to covered anything on Hunter and Joe Biden; and their illegal business dealing with Russia and China. They were doing all they can to help Biden get elected President just so they can defeat Trump.

They wouldn’t even covered the scandals involving Hillary Clinton.

A news reporter job is to report the news and keep their bias out of the coverage. There job is to give the American people the facts to make their own decision. Instead, they withheld information from the viewing public; just so Trump will lose the reelection and Biden is elected.

I have studied journalism and so I know what CNN had done was unethical. They had no integrity, what-so-ever. I’m not journalist, I’m just a blogger giving you the facts along with my opinion. If I was a just a journalist, I couldn’t give you my opinion. Journalist is suppose to keep their opinions to themselves.

If the reporters at CNN and the other fake mainstream news media had done their job and gave the actual reporting on Joe and Hunter Biden as well, the election in 2020 would had been much different results. It probably would had been a low turnout because the country was so divided between Biden and Trump. A lot of people didn’t much care for Biden anymore than they cared for Trump.

Now Chris Wallace is regretting leaving Fox news for CNN. Too bad Chris, you made your bed and now you must lay in it. I don’t feel sorry for Chris Wallace anymore than I do for CNN.

Jeff Zucker was the downfall of CNN and their low ratings. If they would had done their job like they did when they first aired; they wouldn’t lost their believability. If they would gave the American people the facts and kept their opinions out of it; maybe they wouldn’t had such a huge drop in viewers.

To all those who are still loyal to CNN, they are offering you money for sticking with them despite of their scandal that is rocking their network. They want to thank you for sticking with them for being a news tabloid network; much like the National Enquire.

Believe me, if I could, I would take over CNN and fire anyone who is bias and doesn’t truly report the whole news story; not just what they want to report on. Like Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.” Reporters job is to give the people the facts and just the facts. That way they can make their own decision. CNN had failed to do that with every news story they had reported. They are not very credible!