Dr. Mom

What healing remedy did your mother used on you when you were sick growing up?

We all know that hot bowl of chicken soup is good for a cold and so is orange juice.

Do you know that you have natural herbal remedies in your kitchen for whatever may ails you? I will share some from the book, “The Green Pharmacy”, by James A. Duke, Ph.D.

First though, when I was sick with a sore throat as a child, my mother would rub Vicks vapor rub on my neck and chest; and then wrapped my dad’s sock around my neck. I went to bed like that.

Do you know that mint is good for an upset stomach?

During the 1800’s, people would drink whiskey to help soothes toothache. Whiskey was used for practically everything back then much like duct tape today.

Let’s look at what also can help a toothache: Clove is a safe and effective for a throbbing toothache pain. You just put the fresh cloves next to the tooth that is throbbing. You can also used ginger, red pepper, and rhubarb.

If you are suffering with a cold or a flu you can use: garlic, ginger, black cherry, citrus fruit containing vitamin C, Elderberry, and onion. During this pandemic to keep my immune system healthy, I have been taking elderberry syrup and ginger roots daily. I would even used garlic once in awhile.

To help prevent kidney stones, I have been taking a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water.

That is also helpful in diluting the poison from the vaccine that I was forced to get. You can also use fresh squeeze lemon in a glass of water and no sugar.

I remembered when I was young and was having earaches, my mother would blow smoke into my ears.

These are just some of natural herbal remedies for healing purpose. I could go on with more but there’s much more to talk about.

With all these natural herbal remedies out there, the pharmaceutical and medical profession would want to shut it down because they are afraid that it would affect their lively hood. Much like the religious leaders in this country during the 1600’s accusing people of practicing witchcraft; when all they were doing was using herbal remedies for healing purposes.

This past week I heard on the news that there is a high mistrust of the medical field because of this virus. There are people who won’t get the vaccine because of this mistrust.

If you ask me, this mistrust goes further than that. When I wrote my blog on a healthy diet, there was someone who had worked for the state health department who commented on that blog. He didn’t much care for it and even threatened by saying, “You better be a doctor!” Anyway that guy was soon fired by Governor Burgum.

Some say that since I worked in the hospital, I should trust science. Well, there are doctors and nurses who don’t trust science because of this virus. Science got us into this mess; so how can we trust science?

If you asked me, who knows this virus was created to eliminate Dr. Mom and natural healing remedies. It was a way for the medical profession to make more money by having people second guess themselves, and rush in to get tested for the virus just for precaution. I mean, about a month ago, I was battling a sinus. Normally, I wouldn’t think nothing of it. I would just get what I need to deal with my sinus infection; but because of this virus, I was second-guessing myself. Because of the fear that they put into this virus to scare us to seek medical help.

This virus is all about control. The medical profession, the government, and mainstream news media wants to control us anyway possible. They wants us to spend money on doctors instead of relying on natural healing remedies and herbs. They wants to feed us full of poisons. No wonder healthcare is expensive!

If you are very much interested in reading up on more natural healing remedies and what you may have in your kitchen that can be use for healing purposes; check out the book, “The Green Pharmacy.”

Instead of pumping yourself full of poisons, why don’t you look for natural healing remedies.