Done With It!!

Are you as done with this pandemic, the government trying to control us with these mandates; such as vaccine mandate, the Leftist news media and Dr. Nazi Fauci using fear to control us?

This pandemic has been going on long enough. It’s time we get back to our normal life once again. It’s time people get back to work and on with their life.

The Spanish flu only lasted between 1 and 2 years; and it was natural compared to the Coronavirus; which was man-made.

The Spanish Flu, like any pandemic went through naturally on it own. This Coronavirus can do the same if only the power-to-be just let it flow on it own. They don’t want it to end. It won’t end until they win.

Dr. Nazi Fauci and Bill Gates know more about this virus than what they are saying. They need to be investigated and lock up in prison for the murders they had committed because of this virus.

The Leftist news media is playing on our fear; so that the government can control us. They even said that this is the “new normal.” Well this new normal they speak of doesn’t sound fun at all.

There are people who are so afraid that they are projecting their fear on everyone else. An example; almost 2 years ago, while out of town and in Park Rapids; where life seems to be a more normal. I made a comment to my one cousin, and he scolded me. He scolded me because he was so afraid of this virus. Just because he has major health concern; it doesn’t give him the right to project his fear.

This virus will play itself out on its own. Yet according to Dr. Fauci, we will have to get a booster every 6 months for the rest of our lives. A version of this virus will comes back every winter also, like a common cold.

If there was a cure for the common cold, the government would probably mandate the people to get a vaccine for that also. Especially those on the Left who is pushing control over vaccine mandate.

Those in our Leftist media even called the unvaccinated terrorist.

About a month ago, there was a convoy of truckers and there supporters up in Canada protesting the vaccine mandates of all such things. They were fighting for not just their freedom but freedom for us all. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was being a dictator trying to stop them from protesting; all while in hiding.

A sidebar here: I have more respect for the President of Ukraine than I do Justin Trudeau. The President of Ukraine is not backing down from a fight as Russia invade Ukraine. He’s encouraging his people to continue fighting for their freedom from Russia if they can. Whereas Trudeau is just a whiny baby dictator who needs to be taken out of office.

I have backed up those truckers in Canada and I also think that the United States truckers should start a convoy heading toward Washington D.C. to block the Capital as well in protest of our freedom as well. I bet Biden will be just like Trudeau and hide in his basement as well; like he did all through 2020.

Some people are so afraid to even get back to work. So those who are still working are being overworked. The Leftist government like it that way too; so they can control us better.

Those on the Left are even resorting to bullying to get people to get vaccinated. I mean, My last Aunt had been bullied to get the vaccine. How dare they bullied a sweet elderly lady. She wouldn’t hurt anyone. How can they sleep at night knowing what they did or are doing?

This vaccine is poison! It’s not very reliable. I mean, Whoopie Goldberg got 3 vaccines and still got the virus more than once. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. It’s karma! It couldn’t happen to worse person.

Believe me, if it wasn’t for my job, I wouldn’t inject myself with that poison.

There are probably people out there who would fact check me on that. All around, you sees advertisement telling everyone to vax up. There is nothing wrong with the vaccine. It wouldn’t change your DNA. It’s not responsible for any health crisis you may have because of it.

If that’s the case, how come there are doctors and nurses who lost their job because they refused the vaccine? They must know something that the Government doesn’t want the public to know.

Hospitals were short help because of the Pandemic; but they became even shorter help because of forcing people to get the vaccine. Not just hospitals but other jobs who force people to get the vaccine before even going to work for that business.

So when they tell you to vax up, I say why vax up with the poison if you don’t have too? If I didn’t had to, I wouldn’t get the vaccine. Biden and all those in favor of the vaccine who are bullying people to get it can stick that needle and shove it!

If you are so afraid, don’t project your fear on the rest of us. I choose to live by faith not by fear.

Don’t tell that I’m wrong about the vaccine because you can kiss my ass!

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