Why Russia but not China?

This past week, Russia invaded Ukraine despite Biden’s so-called threat or warning telling them not to do it.

Putin didn’t take Biden seriously. Putin was just laughing at Biden. He didn’t see him as a threat. Biden’s warning was like a parent telling their children not to do something or else; but don’t follow through. They see Biden as being weak in just his first year in office. I mean, there was no way Russia or China or any other countries would had done that if Trump was President. They feared him; because they knew that Trump wouldn’t take any guff.

Trump didn’t trust Putin or even the dictator leader from China. That was why he wouldn’t agreed to the trade treaty with China.

Throughout Biden’s first year in office, Putin and even China saw what kind of leader Biden was and how incompetent Biden was. Biden had left this country open for attack of any kind. He showed weakness during in his first year.

Look back at 9/11, this country was destine for attack ever since the first George Bush and then Bill Clinton.

When Obama was President, Russia invaded Georgian back in August 2008. They didn’t see Obama as threat much like Biden now but even worse.

I’m not in favor of war by no mean; but a leader has to be strong to prevent other countries from attacking.

If Biden think putting sanction on Russia will hurt them; he got another thing coming. For one, it would hurt the United States more, because he shut down the keystone pipeline and made us depended on Foreign oil and even oil from Russia. He is profiting Russia by doing that. Biden should reopen the pipeline and stop purchasing oil from Russia.

One thing Trump did was made the United States more independent instead of dependent on Russia and China. You are stronger when you are independent; instead of depending on Russia and China.

It’s like a couple who had been married a long time; and when one passed away, the surviving one is completely lost. The reason: they were so co-dependent on each other.

Another thing, Russia will just deal with China; because they both are after the same thing, world domination.

Russia isn’t a big threat as they used to be but with the help of China, together they can be double trouble.

Russia wouldn’t care if they destroyed the world. Whereas China just want to take over and that is exactly what they are doing. They control most of the United States already because of big Tech and the government. Not just the Democrats; but also the Rhino Republican such as Mitch McConnell.

In the beginning of February, the Olympics was held in Beijing, China. The United States should had boycotted the Olympics this year. These are the reasons: China is performing genocide. They plan to take over Taiwan just like Russia want Ukraine. What happened at the Wuhan lab in China is another reason to boycotted the Olympics as well.

Before the United States entered World War 2, they boycotted the Olympics being held in Berlin, Germany because of Hitler.

Those in power today just doesn’t care and they treat China as their friend rather as a chess opponent. Even Pelosi told those participating in the Olympics in China to keep your mouth shut. That is a sign of weakness that they do not want to rock the boat with China and even Russia.

The United States should reopen the Keystones Pipeline so that we can be more independent; that we wouldn’t be funding Russia. We should stop buying from China and buy American made product. Both China and Russia wouldn’t like it.

Biden need to close the Southern borders as well. With the border open, we are vulnerable to being attack.

We are stronger when we are more independent than when we are dependent on others.

You can’t trust Putin anymore than you can trust Xi Jinping. They are both dictators way worse than Hitler ever worse. They are even worse than Saddam Husein. They have more money and power.

I think the reason why Biden shook his finger at Putin saying, “You better not invade Ukraine” is because both him and his son, Hunter has business dealing with the Ukraine. Just like the reason why they won’t do anything with China because why bite the hands that feed you.

The United States is in debt to China and it goes back to the first George Bush. China practically own this country; just the way they want. That’s why Trump pulled out of the trade deal with China. He saw it for what it was, bad for the United States.

Besides, if we do go to war with Russia and China, it’s over. All because it could end up being a nuclear war, destroying everything in its track.

Because of our dependency with China and Russia, they probably wouldn’t like this blog for what I’m saying. They would probably try to shut me down, if not killed.

I don’t want war anymore than the next person; but it could had been prevented if Biden wasn’t so weak. Putin and Jinping are laughing at him. They cannot take him seriously. They see him as a joke. They never made a move when Trump was President because they feared him. They knew better not to mess with the United States while Trump is President. I’m not saying they respected Trump; I’m just saying they feared him.

My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine in this time. My prayer is with them. I also pray that it will not turn into a nuclear war involving Russia, China and the United States. There will be no winner whatsoever.