Michael Jackson: was he Misunderstood?

How many out there enjoyed listening to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5?

I enjoyed listening to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. I even remembered their Saturday morning cartoon they had in the early ’70’s.

You probably didn’t know about their Saturday morning cartoon they had. Just like, do you know the similarity they have with the Osmonds. There was even a similarity between Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond. Just like there was similarity between Janet Jackson and Marie Osmonds.

The Osmonds were Mormons; whereas Michael Jackson was a Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Osmonds were discovered by Andy Williams and performed on his variety show; when Donny Osmond was 5 years old. Whereas Michael Jackson was 4 years old.

Donny Osmonds was more of a teen idols; while Michael Jackson became the King of Pop. Since the Osmonds was discovered first, Joe Jackson really pushed hard for his kids to be just as famous as the Osmonds.

The Osmonds singing started as part of their ministry; whereas the Jacksons was more of a competition with the Osmonds. You can say that the Osmonds were a wholesome musical family; whereas, Joe Jackson was very abusive to his kids. He pushed them very hard. That may had cause Michael and Janet Jackson some psychological problems dealing with the abuse at the hands of their father, Joe Jackson. Even Latoya Jackson admitted their was abuse.

As I said earlier, the Jackson 5 had a Saturday morning cartoon in the early ’70’s. Well, Donny and Marie Osmonds had a variety show also. There brothers also joined them on the show. Even little Jimmy Osmond.

Donny Osmonds struggled with quick rise to fame as being a teen idol and chased by young teenage girls where ever they went. There was teenage girls that would sneak into Donny’s hotel room.

Marie Osmonds struggled with her weight pretty much all her life because of the bias in Hollywood.

This isn’t about the Osmonds though. This is about Michael Jackson.

In the ’80’s, Michael Jackson went solo and quickly became the King of Pop. He was famous for the Moon dance. At the same times he too struggled with fame at an early age and the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, Joe Jackson. He struggled with the color of his skin and pigments with it. He struggled with his sexuality. I’m not saying that he was gay.

He dated Brooke Shields, was friends with Liz Taylor, and even married Lisa Marie Presley.

The reason he married Lisa Marie Presley was to prove that he was straight. It wasn’t to get his hands on Elvis’s estate, as one would think.

He even fathered 3 kids through surrogate, because he wanted kids of his own. The problem was, he shouldn’t really had kids because of his emotional problems. His home was known as Never-never land; because of his fascination with Peter Pan. You could say, he was like a lost boy.

Even though, I enjoyed listening to Michael Jackson, I actually felt that was guilty of molesting young boys that he befriended and had over at his home. It’s not normal for a grown man to be sleeping with young boys. Just like it’s not normal for Joe Biden to be sniffing women and young girls hair. It’s just downright creepy.

Even Corey Feldman had to admit that Michael Jackson had molested him when he was a young boy. Look at Macaulay Culkin and Emmanual Lewis, who knows they may had been molested by Michael Jackson.

Even before child molestation charges were brought up on Michael Jackson, I came out and said that I felt that he was guilty of molesting those boys. I mean, kids wouldn’t lie about stuff like that; especially boys. It’s just too shameful to talk about. Yet at the same time, the parents of those young boys were just as guilty. I mean, what were they thinking leaving their sons alone with Michael? Also, the lawsuits they had against Michael was more of exploiting their sons to cash in on some of Michael’s money. That is abuse too!

Even though, Michael Jackson was found not guilty of those charges brought against him; the big thing was because it was in California he got away with it. If it was in North Dakota, he would had been found guilty. Or if he didn’t have money and fame on his side.

He never really recovered from those charges; as hard as he tried, he wasn’t able to make a comeback. He died young, like in his early 50’s; much like Elvis died of a heart attack at the age of 42. Michael Jackson also had a heart attack. He had been dead for almost 13 years. He died the same day as Farrah Faucet.

Another similarity between his death and Elvis was that prescribe drugs were found in their system. The doctor who prescribe heart medications to Elvis and other drugs as well was found guilty of malpractice. Just like Michael Jackson’s doctor was just as guilty in Killing him.

Even though I felt that Michael Jackson was guilty of molesting those boys, I did weep when I heard he had passed away. It was a day when music died, much the same way when Elvis died. I felt bad for Michael Jackson’s kids, losing their father at their young age. I just hope they weren’t molested by him; especially the boys.

What do you think? Was Michael Jackson misunderstood? Was he a victim who became a perpetrator? Did he struggle with fame at an early age much like Donny Osmond?

His music will live on! Maybe now he can rest in peace!