What’s Old is New Again

Those who say they discovered new healing remedies seems to forget these remedies have been around a long time; so they are not new. People are slowly discovering better healthier way of healing. They have been around since the beginning of time. They even been around back when Jesus walked the earth.

Jesus Christ was accused by the Pharisees for these miraculous healing. They said that it must be of the devil.

Even back in the 1600’s, when this country was discovered by our forefathers, they accused anyone of using herbs and others natural healing remedies of being witches. The Puritans back in those days, such as Cotton Mathers tried and sentenced them to be burned at the stake. They were burning them because they believed them to be witches.

It wasn’t taught much in our history book of the history of the United States; but it was taught in literature because there were some good literatures that came out then.

Just like raising organics food, they thinks that it’s all new. In realities, before all these chemicals were discovered and put in the fertilizers, people used all-natural to grow the food we eat. Then the government got involved and allowed these fertilizers such as Round Up to be used. They didn’t care that it was poisoning the food we eat and grow. It was even poisoning the water as it was eroded on down to the slew, lakes, and rivers. Sometimes you don’t even dare eat the fish in some of those lakes because of the poisons.

The fish smells and are very slimy more than should be. They are even deformed.

When the Pilgrims came to this country from England, it was the American Indians who taught them the healthy way of growing the crops. They put a dead fish in the ground as fertilizer to help grow a healthy crop.

How did they pay them back? They gave them small pox; which killed many of them off. Some thank you, ha!

This book talks about such healing remedies as Homeopathy, essential oil, and crystals.

Homeopathy is used to dilute poisonous substance from our body and to stimulate healing power. Flowers, herbs, and roots are some of the substances used.

Chamomilla is used because of its soothing and healing abilities. Much like mint, ginger roots, and garlic. So garlics keeps more away than just vampires.

Essential oils is also used. The fragrance is enough to stop us in our tracks, making us forget our train of thought and help us to relax so that the healing can begin.

Essential oil are obtained from small varieties of aromatic plants.

Like I said earlier, ginger roots is excellent for our digestive and our immune system. I have been taking them during this pandemic to keep my immune system healthy to battle the virus.

Even turmeric is suggested for healing of any aches and pains a person may have.

When the 3 wise men came to visit baby Jesus, they gave Myrrh. Now myrrh is also used for healing.

Peppermint is good for stomach cramps, indigestion, constipation and nausea. It’s even good for migraine.

Essential oils are a wonderful and natural way to keep your environment fresh and raise your energy level.

Even Crystals are good for healing purpose.

These are just some of natural healing.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to a chiropractor. I was working at Concordia College and they paid for anyone who would like to go to get work on. All they did was crack your back or anyplace that needs cracking; and made it worse. I never went back. Some people say that it’s good to get your back or any part of your body crack for adjustment purpose.

I say there is much better way to adjust your body than cracking it. Once I found a chiropractor who doesn’t do that, I prefer that. I can’t really explain what is done; but it helps my body so much better. My chiropractor doesn’t just go to the source but goes all over. He can just sense what is wrong with our body and get to the source of the problems.

Not is only is he working on my back and knees; he is also working on my eyes; once I discovered that I was starting to get macular degeneration. He is also was working to keep my immune system healthy during this pandemic; so that I would not get the virus.

It’s a lot healthier than the vaccine that they forced people to get . That vaccine is poison. Just like all these chemical they want to put into our bodies. No wonder we are becoming very sick. Our immune system is filled with crap; which is being weaken. The chemicals in our foods we eat and grow.

They say to trust science? Science is screwing up our immune system. We have to find healthy organic ways to boost our immune systems.

There are people who are into these healthy organic lifestyles; but yet they trust science just enough to get the vaccine(poisons). They are not being genuine in believing in natural healing remedies. If they truly trust these natural remedies they wouldn’t even considered getting the vaccines. They would see it for it is, poisons! You almost lose respect for people like that.

You can’t trust science when science is responsible for the virus in the first place.

Instead trust God for giving us natural healing remedies to strengthen our immune systems.