High Costs of Healthcare

We all know that healthcare is very expensive. Most of us cannot afford to get sick and go to see a doctor; even spend times in a hospital. It cost us an arm and a leg; even with health insurance. Health insurance isn’t cheap either.

At the same time, it’s even cost more to eat healthier; to avoid ending up in the hospital. Maybe this is one of the reason we choose to eat unhealthy, because it’s cheaper. Yet in the long run, it’s must cheaper to eat healthier. We just can’t break the habit of eating unhealthy.

There are around 28 millions or 8.6% people who do not have health insurance in this country. The percentage of people with health insurance coverage is around 91.4,, Uninsured rates for children under the age of 19 in poverty rose 1.6% points to 9.3%.

I believe this one of the reason why Obama was elected President; because he had a healthcare plan that many politicians weren’t sure how to deal with. The bad part was, Obamacare was a joke; and a bad one at that. It made this crisis even worse. I mean penalizing people for not having health insurance when they file their taxes was ridiculous. It’s cheaper to pay the penalty than to pay for health insurance; which can be rather spendy.

Not only is health insurance and healthcare expensive; so is the medication needed to help us get healthy. People would go up to Canada to get their medications because it was cheaper. Yet at the same time, people from Canada would come down to the United States for healthcare treatment.

The reason behind that was under Canada’s healthcare system or social medicines; a person have a longer wait to get the proper care they need or any surgery needed. Obamacare is just another name for Social medicines.

We can go into reasons why the high costs of healthcare. One of the reasons to be a doctor, a person goes through many years of college; and that’s not cheap. Another reason is lawyers are getting rich off doctors due to malpractice suits. Doctors have to carry malpractice insurance and so does hospitals as well. Those kinds of lawyers are called ambulance chaser. Those are not the only reasons though.

I heard someone commented that the unvaccinated people should pay more in taxes to offset the high costs of healthcare. They only said that because they believe that they are terrorist for not getting the jab of poisons.

Those on the Left even feels that the unvaccinated shouldn’t get the proper healthcare treatment if they refuse the vaccine. They feel that they should just die instead.

Much like the uninsured are less likely to be admitted into the hospital unless they can show proof that they can afford the healthcare. Another form of Social Medicines.

Even with health insurance, healthcare is still rather spendy. Health insurance only cover so much. Plus, it depends how much you can afford to pay in health insurance.

Not only is health insurance spendy, so is nursing home care as well. We don’t always die right away. Sometimes, we need nursing home care to help us recover. That will eat up a lot of money and/or assets as well. It doesn’t matter who you are either.

The Pop dual Captain and Tennile of the ’70’s faced a major health expense when the Captain became very ill and needed extended care before he passed away. They ended up getting a divorce just to protect their assets from being eaten up to the expenses of his healthcare.

You may think that us kids were selfish when we suggested that our parents divorced when our mother had her stroke and needed extra healthcare; because our dad couldn’t take care of her properly; because of his age and he wasn’t very healthy himself. We only suggested it; to protect the farm. Otherwise, the government could had taken it away.

In some countries, such as Germany, China, and even Japan for examples takes better care of the elderly than we do in this country. We just put them in a home and forget about them.

Years ago, one of the reasons they had big family was in hoping that the grown kids would be able to take up the responsibility to help take care of the elderly parents in their old age and bad health.

Now days a person cannot afford to do that. We all have to make a living ourselves. We are also very busy with our own lives raising our kids and such. Sometimes a person doesn’t want to spend that much time with their elderly parents either. I mean, we love our parents but sometimes they can drive us crazy. We love seeing them; but at the same time we want and needs our space as well. Once we becomes adults, we want less interference with our parents.

What’s a person to do with the high costs of healthcare? Social Medicines is not the answers as those on the Left in our government may think.

I don’t have the answers to this problem. I don’t really think the government does as well; even though they may think they do.

The only answer I have is to try to stay healthy as best as you can. Choose healthier food and lifestyles. If more people eat healthier, it could bring that cost down a little. Do your research on what is good for you and what is not. Try to avoid putting as much poisons into your body such as the vaccine.

This is all I can pretty much say to make sure we try to live a healthier life. Change your diet as well!! Make yourself a goal to change your diet and to eat healthier. Get yourself a good support system as well to help you with your goal of healthier living.

We can’t avoid not seeing the doctor, going to the hospital, or even a nursing home for ever; but we can try to prolong it. Stay healthy!!!