Eat This-Not That!

When was the last time you went through a drive- through? When was the last time you ordered fresh fruits and vegetables from a drive- through?

Not many people thinks about ordering fresh fruits and vegetables when they are going through a drive-through.

When you goes through a drive-through, the last things on your mind is eating healthy.

Much like when planning a Super Bowl Party, a person doesn’t think about eating healthy.

Do you know that eating Chili is much healthier for you than Buffalo chicken wings?

At some Super Bowl Party, beers are served as well! It’s all depend who you are watching the Super Bowl with.

Eating healthy takes a lot of practice to do so. We are prone to eat unhealthy most of our lives. Some people will say, “I want to eat what I want.” “You only live once, why not enjoy your life while you can?”

Since I found that cooking with olive oil is so much healthier and just a little is all you need to cook. Olive oil may cost more than vegetables oil but you used less; so it’s last longer.

Since I turned 50 and made the goal to eat healthier, I have so far lost around 50 pounds. I want to get down to 200 and see how much I need or want to lose. I’m not saying this is easy, by no mean. I’m not saying that I don’t cheat either.

The longer a person is at eating healthier, the less they crave the unhealthy food we normally crave. It takes practice to eat healthy.

Oprah Winfrey talks about loving eating bread. Do you know that eating bread isn’t very healthy?

I was never a real big bread eater; but since I started eating healthier, I don’t crave bread as much. I can take it or leave.

Just like eating deep fried food is unhealthy; much like processed food you get in these fast drive-through restaurant. I find I can only eat so much before I’m full.

Speaking of being full, it doesn’t take as long for me to get full. It’s almost like my stomach has been shrinking. Or is it because I’m getting older?

Here’s a list of 20 worst foods in America: Chicken breast strips from McDonald’s, Jamba juice chocolate Moo’d Power smoothie, Pepperidge Farm roasted chicken pot pie, Ruby Tuesday Bella turkey burger, Chipotle Mexican grilled chicken burrito, Macaroni grill double macaroni ‘n’ cheese, Quizno’s chicken Carbonara, On the border grande taco salad with taco beef, Carl’s Jr. double 6 dollar burger, Lonestar 200oz T-bone, Bob Evans caramel banana pecan cream stacked and stuffed hotcakes, Chili’s chocolate chip paradise pie with vanilla ice cream, P.F. Change pork lo mein, Chili’s honey chipotle crisper with chipotle sauce, on the border dos xx fish tacos with rice and beans, Uno Chicago grill Chicago classic deep dish pizza, macaroni grill spaghetti and meatballs with meat sauce, on the border stacked border nachos, Chili’s awesome blossom, and finally Outback Steakhouse Aussie cheese fries with ranch dressing.

I hope that I didn’t make you hungry? All those are just way too unhealthy for us.

Drinking diet pop is way worse than drinking regular soda because of the artificial saccharine is poison for our body. Yet some thinks because it’s diet pop, it must be good for you.

If you are going to drink juice, it’s better to drink the organic natural kind. Make sure there is no GMO in the product as well.

I find that eating at Smiling Moose Deli is much better and maybe even healthier than eating at Subway.

It’s slowly coming up with healthier places to eat in Fargo, ND. Places like Natural Grocer. They sell organic food. There is also Tochi as well. You must make sure that the food is non-GMO as well. That the vegetables aren’t sprayed with chemicals such as Round Up.

There is even a new health food restaurant called Crisp and Clean that recently opened up.

So you see the health-food industry is catching on but still a long way away. The supply and demand is rather low.

So if you are planning on a Super Bowl party and want to eat healthy, think about the menu. I know that a person doesn’t want to think about eating healthy while watching the Super Bowl. They want the unhealthiest snack they can eat. Even the commercial for the Super Bowl advertise the unhealthiest food and drinks.

Like I said, chili is alright to eat but not Buffalo wings. Pizza isn’t really as healthy as you think because of the dough. You can eat raw vegetables but stay away from the ranch dressing. (You probably calling me a party pooper for saying that) Believe me, who doesn’t love ranch dressing with their vegetables? People gorge themselves on chips at these Super Bowl party; but they are a no-no, unless you find the kinds that are healthier to eat. People even have to have nacho cheese sauce with their Doritos. A big no-no! Then of course there are desserts such as cookies and bars. Anything with sugar or artificial sweetener is extremely bad for you. Look for recipes for desserts without using sugar. Honey is better to use.

I’m sorry that I’m making you hungry with this blog.