Detroit Lions: worse than the Minnesota Vikings

As you know the biggest night of television, the Super Bowl is fast approaching. It is the final football game of the season to see who is the greatest that year. A chance that all the NFL football teams work for all year long. The Super Bowl also draws the biggest viewing audience ever; even more than the Oscars. Even those who is not a sport’s fanatic watch the Super Bowl. It’s much watch TV. They don’t just watch it for the game but also the commercials and halftime show as well. All networks fight to air the Super Bowl as well for the ratings.

The last time the Detroit Lions had won the Super Bowl was in 1957. They also had won 3 other Super Bowl, 1935, 1952, and 1953. Then they haven’t won anymore Super Bowl or even made it to the playoffs and championship ever since. Actually, it wasn’t really considered the Super Bowl.

The first Super Bowl was January 15, 1967. The Green Bay Packers had won the very first Super Bowl.

I may be hard on the Minnesota Vikings by saying they always choke in the playoffs. They even choke 4 times that they had been to the Super Bowl. I also know, being from North Dakota and Minnesota, I should route for the Vikings; but how can a person keep cheering them on, when they keep choking. It’s very frustrating! So I choose the Green Bay Packers instead.

There is one team that is even worse than the Vikings and they are, the Detroit Lions.

If you know anything about lions, they are known as the king of the jungle. They are courageous and brave. So it doesn’t fit the Detroit Lions; anymore than the Vikings fit the Minnesota Vikings. I mean, Vikings are fierce warriors from Norway who came to America before the Pilgrims and the Spanish. Such Vikings is Leif Erikson for one.

One of the big game the Detroit Lions play is on Thanksgiving Day. It’s popular game; but not because of the Lions. People come to expect the Lions to lose; much like the Vikings is expected to choke. It’s just that the Vikings have more fans than the Lions.

Whoever plays against the Lions on that game and lose; it seems not to really count against them.

What gets me so frustrated is how can the Vikings lose to the Lions? It doesn’t make any sense! As Spock would say, “It’s illogical!”

In my division for the NFL, the Lions is not much of a rival for the other 3 teams. There is a big rivalries between Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. As well as a rivalry between the Vikings and Packers as well. If you are Packers fan up here in North Dakota and Minnesota, you better watch your back around the Vikings fans. They don’t want to hear about it. It’s even worst down in the Twin Cities.

I did a big no-no when I was with some people from Minneapolis going through Wisconsin. I said how beautiful Wisconsin was. You see they were loyal Vikings fans; and how dare I even think how beautiful Wisconsin is.

The rivalry is as bad as the rivalry between NDSU Bison and UND Hawks; formerly known as the Sioux. Whenever they played each other, it gets very offensive. There is name calling and such. Bison fans will shout out, “Sioux sucks!!”

I’m sure it get that nasty between the Vikings and the Packers as well.

The Lions come to accept the fact that they aren’t the best team right now. But the Vikings fans are still very loyal to their team no matter if they keeps choking. When the Vikings do choke and lose yet another playoff, they don’t take responsibility for it. Instead, they blame whoever for their loss. They blame the referee for their bad calls. They blame the coach; and if they lose too many times, they fire the coach.

The year the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl that was held at the Vikings stadium; the Vikings could had home field advantage and made history as well during the Super Bowl. Part of me would had loved to see that happened. But they choke and instead of taking responsibility for it, they blamed the Eagles for their bad sportsmanship. If anything, the Vikings were just as guilty. They were bunch of sore losers and wouldn’t admit their it was their fault.

Maybe when the Vikings actually do win a Super Bowl, I will eat my words. I will do a blog on that. You know when that happen, hell will freeze over. Or a President will become President and does what he says he will do. We’re all be eating that rainbow stew and drinking that free bubble up.

It will probably the same with the Detroit Lions as well. I have more confident with the Vikings making it and possibly win a Super Bowl before the Lions though. So Vikings are you going to keep letting down your fans and let the Lions beat you to possibly win a Super Bowl?