There are some good people

If you listen to those on the left from our Leftist mainstream news media to Biden and his fellow Leftist Democrats; they will tell you that America is a racist country. They will call anyone who voted and supported Trump are white supremacy.

Some even call the unvaccinated terrorist because they refuse to get the poisons.

This past week, Biden made a speech that called anyone who disagree with him as being terrorist. Biden wanted to unified this country; but instead he had created even more of a division than Trump ever did. According to Biden, if you are a Conservative and an American Patriot, we are considered to be terrorist against the government. We are on the most wanted list because of our Conservativism views.

This blog isn’t really about this though. It’s about the fact there are some good people in the world. We’re not all racist and evil as Biden and those on the Left will have you to believe.

There is a song out by Country singer, Luke Bryan called, “People are good.” I don’t really care for that song. Maybe because of seeing more and more crazy people, it makes it hard to imagine there are good people.

Anyway, that song is perfect not only for this blog; but also for Luke Bryan. He is one of the nicest country singer out there. When he became the judge for the new American Idol on ABC, he was just a bad fit because he is just way too nice; not like Simon Cowell. When Luke Bryan came to performed at the Fargo Dome, and as he was getting off the stage as we were getting on to tear it down, he gave everyone a high five. I will never forget that amazing moment. I have seen an YouTube video of Luke Bryan’s concert; in which the fans there were chanting, “Fuck U, Biden!” Since Luke Bryan is one of the nicest country singer, it was weird to see and hear people chanting that. As they were chanting, Luke Bryan just smiled and even commented, “Now, that’s not nice.” He said it in a non scolding manner though; a typical Luke Bryan.

There are some good people in the world out there. It just seems to be harder to be found today than in the past. Back when people actually knew their neighbors. I mean in the past, people would stop more for people to pick them up or lend a helping hand.

When I was a young child walking with my grandmother in North Fargo, before she passed away. We were either walking to Northport or home at the time, when she grew tired. Someone noticed us and pulled up to where we were to help us.

You probably don’t see that much now days though.

Yet, I have had 2 incidents happened to me as I was waiting for the bus by Hornbacher’s. For some reasons, they must had thought I was in need of help; because they called me over and gave me money. The second time, I was given $20. I wasn’t carrying a sign. I’m thankful for that. It showed me that there are good peoples in the world today.

I know that you are not supposed to pick up strangers because you never know what they may do. There was time when the weather was real cold and I was walking home from my bank, someone pulled over and gave me a ride home. Another time, when it was pouring rain and after I got off my bus, someone I didn’t know saw me and gave me a ride home in the rain.

So that does happened; but not as much as years ago.

Tomorrow we remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To be honest from his, “I had a Dream!” speech, he wouldn’t approve of the Black Lives Matter Movement or those on the Left way of thinking. He believed all was created equal and preached that while he was alive in his famous marches in the South.

There are some good Democrats out there who doesn’t agree with the Progressive Left. I had talked to a Democrat where I work and he wasn’t in favor of Joe Biden and those on the Left. Senator Joe Manchin, I would say is one of the few good Democrats. He voted against Biden’s big spending bill. Because he voted against it, he was verbally attacked for it by his fellow Democrats on the Left. It goes to show, if you don’t agree with them, they will attack you. They will eat their own and spit them out.

Think about it: if President Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy was alive today, they would not be accepted by today’s Democrats. They were considered to be too Conservative for their beliefs. They were Patriots and Nationalist.

Just like there are some good Democrats out there, there are bad Republicans out there also. They are the Rino’s Republicans. Here are just a few: Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney. They need to go. And of course, there is North Dakota Senator John Hoeven. I’m not a big fan of him. He did nothing when he was Governor and still do nothing as Senator. When he voted, he voted right along with his buddy, Mitch McConnell. He’s only in it for the power. Much like his wife, Mikey; who seems to not remembered her own name. I mean, she asked the staff at Apple Creek Country Club in Bismark, ND, if they knew who she was, by saying, “You know who I am?”

So you see, we’re not all racist, Biden! We are not terrorist because we don’t agree with you. We are proud American Patriot who will stand up for America against anyone, including you, who are out to destroy America. We’re not all bad people like you think we are. There are some good people out there. When everything was lock down, the good people would go to people’s houses see what they can do to help. There is no I in beer, we are a team, we are American Patriots.