Lesser of 2 Evils

Sometimes a person has to choose the lesser of 2 evils in life. It’s a matter of shopping around.

Let us go back to the election of 1992 between the first George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot. Bill Clinton was the lesser of 3 evils in that election; that is why he was elected President. The American peoples were concerned about George Bush’s age and his Vice-President, Dan Quale.

Dan Quale had a low approval rating too. It didn’t help when he went after single mothers and the likes of Murphey Brown. Also, he was criticized for misspelling potatoes. There was this joke going around back then that states, “The CIA had orders to shoot Quale on the spot if anything happen to George Bush.”

Kamala Harris says that the reason for her low approval ratings has to do with the fact that she was a woman of color. Well, that’s not true, look at Dan Quale.

Also Ross Perot was an independent candidate running for President. He was ahead of his times, and the news media ridiculed him because they had a hard time in believing him.

We all know about Bill Clinton but to the American peoples, he was the lesser of 3 evils; and that is how he was elected President.

Also in the ’90’s, in the Governor’s race in Minnesota when Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of the state. No one expected him to even get elected. He wasn’t taken seriously much like Ross Perot. He was an independent candidate as well. Everyone expected Humphrey to be elected Governor of Minnesota on his name alone. The strangest thing is, he took third place in the Governor’s race. Ventura beat Norm Coleman by 1 vote.

After Dennis Walaker passed away during his term as mayor of Fargo, there was a special election between Tim Mahoney and Brad Wimmer. Both candidates weren’t as good as Walaker. Who would you vote for, the lesser of 2 evils here. I didn’t really care for either candidate but Mahoney had closer ties with Walaker than Wimmer; so I voted for him. I don’t know if I would vote for Mahoney again.

When Rick Berg challenge Heidi Heitkamp for the North Dakota’s Senate race, that was another lesser of 2 evils. I had nothing against Rick Berg personally. I knew him before he made it big. I voted for him for the North Dakota House of Representative; but couldn’t vote for him for Senate. I felt that he should had stayed in the House a little longer, but the power went to his head. I also couldn’t vote for Heitkamp at that time because I wasn’t sure how she would vote. Would she vote straight party line or vote for the people. So in that election, I wrote in my own name instead of voting for either of them.

Sometimes when it comes to voting, you have to wear a nose plug because both candidates stink. After voting, you will need a shower because you feel so dirty.

Sometimes, you don’t feel like voting because you don’t care for either candidates. I felt that way in 2004, I didn’t much care for George W. Bush or John Kerry. If the Established Republicans had their way in 2016, and nominated Jeb Bush instead of Trump, I’m afraid to say that Hillary Clinton would had won for sure. She would had been the lesser of 2 evil in that election. The American peoples had enough of the Bushes. I wouldn’t had voted.

Enough about politics though. Let us get into making life choices now.

I remembered back in the ’80’s, I was hired both at the Vikings Room in the Holiday Mall in Moorhead and Randy’s Diner in Fargo at the same time. Randy’s Diner paid more per hour than Vikings Room. Some people would pick Randy’s Diner because of that. Now just because a job paid more per hour, doesn’t mean that you will get paid more. The Vikings Room guaranteed more hours than Randy’s. So I took the Vikings Room over Randy’s.

A year before Kmart closed, I had the opportunity to jump a sinking ship before they closed. Plus I was paid much more. If I had the time to weigh everything out and was able to count the cost, it might be a different story. I just knew I had to get out of Kmart before the inevitable.

I do know this though. If the opportunity comes up for me to go full time at the Fargo Dome, I would take it in a New York minute. Even though, it would be less money; but the cost will outweigh it. There would be less expenses and less stress.

Some people may thinks I’m nuts though! Much like the situation between the Vikings Rooms and Randy’s Diner. You have to weigh things out and count the cost.

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to shop around. You have to make a quick decision and hope for the best. It’s like taking a leap of faith.

Another example is looking for an apartment in a hurry. I’ve been there too as well. I have to admit, once again I gotten lucky there to when I found a much better apartment.

Sometimes you have to do something that you may not like.

Have you ever bought something, and later that things you had bought went on sale or was found cheaper than what you paid for? How did that make you feel?

You probably felt like kicking yourself over it.

That’s why it’s vital that you shop around before making a final decision. Yet, there’s time that you don’t have the luxury to do so. You have to really hope for the best. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Sometimes, it’s like shooting darts in life and in voting.