One Crisis after another

The year 2021 was a year full of crisis, one after the other by President Joe Biden. This blog will be my year in review of these crisis that Biden had created himself. Thus quickly making him the worst President since Jimmy Carter. Joe Biden took that title very easily in just one year. And he still have 3 more years to go before hopefully he’ll be voted it out of office. How much more damage can Biden do to America?

Let’s start with the crisis at the Border. Once Biden became President he immediately stopped the building of the wall and creating an open-door policy for immigrants to come illegally into this country. Under Trump, he had created the stay-in-Mexico policy until the paper works can be process. The wall was about half finished as well. Biden overturned the stay-in-Mexico policy and now to date the Supreme Court been issuing that he has to reinstate that policy; which Biden is constantly fighting and refusing to do so.

During this Pandemic, having an open-door policy at our Southern Border is a horrible idea. He’s not having them tested for the virus or even get the vaccine. Yet, he wants everyone else to get the vaccine and to be tested for the virus. Is that fair?

When Sen. Ted Cruz went down to the Southern Border to see the overcrowding of the detainment camp, they wouldn’t allow him to take pictures of the inhumane things going on there.

It had gotten to the point that the Governor of Texas is going behind Biden’s back to continue building the wall. He’s not alone either, other governors from other Red States are joining forces as well.

Not only that, the Biden’s administration is secretly hauling these illegal immigrants across the country during the night to drop them off and run. The Governor of Florida stated that he should transport them to Biden’s door at the White House to see how he likes it.

The next crisis Biden created was when he stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline. When he did that, the price of fuel started going up and up.

Not only did that happened, there was not 1 but 2 cyber attack; maybe even 3. These cyber attack was done by the Russians to crippled the United States powerplants.

What did Biden do about it, he bought in to the blackmail? That’s one thing a leader must never do, cave-in to blackmail. He proved that he was weak like Jimmy Carter. They are laughing at him and his poor leadership skills and demented mind.

Inflation is at it’s highest since Jimmy Carter was President. And Biden just wants to raise it even more with this huge spending bill he called, “Build back better.” Luckily, it was shot down so far. Yet Biden and those on the Progressive Left isn’t giving up too easily. They want Biden to use his executive order to get it pass. That’s not the way the Constitution is set up for. It’s up to the House and the Senate to do what’s right for the American people.

There are a lot of jobs out there with help wanted signs but no one wants to go back to work. Biden is partly responsible for this too by giving everyone free money, raising the inflation.

Inflation could get so high that our kids and grandkids will be paying for it.

I won’t go into full details about employers can’t seem to hire help because that’s a whole different blog.

With Biden and these Democratic leaders from the blue states, they are issuing vaccine mandate to force people to get the vaccine. They want to be able to control the American people. They think that we are too stupid to think for ourselves.

With labor shortage the way it is, the vaccine mandate made it even worst. Because if you don’t get the poison, you’re fired!

They think by doing that they can control us and defeat the virus. They probably even created the virus to control us. And it will be over when they win! Something to think about here!

Yet, those coming into this country illegally isn’t being made to get the shot.

The war in Afghanistan was abruptly ended in August. Even though it may had been a good thing, the way Biden handled it wasn’t though. The way he pulled out, it made the United States looked like they were running in defeat with their head behind their legs. It made us look weak. We lost more lives because of it. Also, there are people still stuck in Afghanistan unprotected from the Taliban.

Then with the open-border policy at our Southern Borders, terrorist can come into this country to attack us and get away with it.

Parents who had grown children who was killed because of Biden’s stupidity, were very upset with him. They didn’t want him to come to their child’s funeral. They blamed him for their child’s death.

Not only are they coming into this country illegally at the Southern Border; so is the drug cartel using them to smuggle illegal drugs into this country.

Crimes rate is at it’s highest and their is nothing the police can do about it. The reason because Biden and his fellow Democrats were pushing to defund the police. They are not letting the polices do their job. The polices are even quitting the force early because they are not getting the proper respect from Biden and the Progressive Left. Our major cities are being destroyed.

Not only is a labor shortage of people getting back to work to fill the shelves; there is also a supply shortage. They cannot get the supplies they need to fill the shelves in the stores, because they are stuck out in the ocean on ships or these loading docks at the major ports are full of ships trying to get in to unload.

If people would buy American made product, we wouldn’t have the problems of getting products in from overseas.

Seth Green said about the crime rate, “we should expect that from living in the cities.”

A news correspondent on MSNBC said, “we should be grateful for this inflation and not getting our supplies in.” They think this is so good for America.

Biden is not taking responsibility for all these crisis. Instead, he is blaming Trump for the mess he created.

The fake mainstream news media is going too easy on Biden by not telling the American people the whole truth.

A President must be at the White House and available to faced the crisis. But since Biden had created these crisis, he’s doing nothing about it. He’s taking every weekend off and going back home to Delaware or Camp David. He had been spending most of the day sleeping. A normal person starts right away in the morning; not Biden. He doesn’t start his day until around 1pm, and work only about 4 hours.

Both Biden and Harris hadn’t been to the Southern Border to see the crisis he created at the border. And that’s their job!

Everything Biden and Harris are doing is grounds for impeachment. They have committed treason of the American People. They have not held up their bargain to uphold the Constitution. This is just the first year. What could the next 3 years be like if they continue doing what they are doing to America? Some say they are just puppets. Who is pulling the strings then?

Say what you want about Trump, at least he did his job as President. The economy was way better than what it is right now. Trump wasn’t a puppet like Biden is.

This is the midterm election of 2022. It’s time that the American people stand up to stop Biden and the Progressive Left from destroying America. If 2021 was bad; what will the next 3 years be if we don’t stop them?

There are people who are accident prone and can’t help it. Some people create their own mess but won’t admit it. Biden had created all the crisis of this past year.

All across America the people are chanting Fuck U, Biden! or even Here we go, Brandon! It’s all because of the horrible job Biden had done in his first year.