Merry Christmas from the Family

The author of this book says that the world is destroying families; but you be the judge. The author even said that success of such TV shows as Married with Children, Roseanne, and The Simpsons satirized the American family life, by ridiculing and mocking them for the sake of a few laughs.

If you asked me, they are just depicting true family life as being dysfunctional. There is no normal family. All family have their share of problems.

Shows like the Brady Bunch depicts fantasy of what people would like their family to be like. I have to admit, growing up I would fantasied that my family was like the Brady Bunch. As I gotten older, I realized that was the farthest from being the real thing.

If you’re family anything like mine, you probably know what I’m talking about. This title comes from a Montgomery Gentry’s Christmas song; and it depicts the true American family, whether the author like it or not.

Sometime parents don’t want to admit that their family is dysfunctional. They are in denial; much like the author of this book.

For those who are in recovery needs to let go; otherwise they can never get past the hurt. Letting go can be hard; especially if you got someone in your family who doesn’t seems to get it or living in denial.

I mean, it ain’t Christmas unless someone is crying. That’s the way a dysfunctional family is operated.

To even cope being with your family, a person needs a little liquid encouragement to get them through the holidays; not just food either. Sometimes, you just need a drink.

Sometimes, a person will used the excused of going outside for a smoke; when really they are getting a drink of alcohol also, just to cope with all the family’s drama.

It used to be that parents could turn on the television with confidence, knowing their kids would see only harmless programs promoting positive family values.

Family values is taught by the parents; but if the family is dysfunctional, sometimes the bad will outweigh the good.

It used to be that parents could let their children play all day in the neighborhood, knowing the neighbors were good, church-going people who would look out for the kids and reinforce family rules.

Now days, we don’t really know our neighbors or even sometime even want to.

Yet, at the same time child abuse isn’t always the creepy neighbors. It can be a member of your own family or someone you may trust. Once again, parents seems to have their blinders on to what is actually going on under their nose.

It used to be that public schools were safe sanctuaries of learning that fostered a love for God and country.

I won’t go into too much detailed on this because that’s whole different blog. I will say this though, parents do have the rights to know what our education system is teaching our kids.

When you think back on some of your fondest memories, what pictures come to mind?

I have some good memories of my family; but I also have memories that I wish I didn’t had. I’m sure that I’m not alone with this!

Home is suppose to be a refuge, a safe place for a child. In a dysfunctional family where there is all kinds of abuse; it doesn’t feel safe for a child. Sometimes, they don’t know who they can go to for help. Or even, they are afraid of being hurt anymore or breaking up the family. So they continue taking the pain and carrying it with them unto the adulthood; and the cycle continue.

I have been told that daughters would marry someone like their father and sons will marry someone like their mother. All because that is all they know. If you are from an abusive family, the abuse is what you know. If you are lucky enough not to be raised in an abusive family, good for you. I doubt there is a perfect family out there though. Even family that looks perfect on the outside has their share of problems. They just know how to hide it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family; even though there are members I would prefer not to see too much. I mean, during this Pandemic, I worried about certain member of my family. I’m not that cold and heartless. There is some members of my family, I prefer not to see too often for my own sanity and safety. Not that I don’t love them!

So if this blog is speaking to you and you have a family that drives you crazy, stress you out, or if you have painful memories that needs to be dealt with to stop the cycle. Then it’s time to seek help immediately.

Maybe there is a reason why grandma left to go back home to get her medication; which led to her being run over by a reindeer. She was just trying to get away from her crazy dysfunctional family.