Good Tidings

Are you like me and is tired of all the bad news when you watch the news? I don’t care if it’s Fox or the Leftist News mainstream media.

This time of year we need a little good news, now more than ever. This is the time of year we send good tidings to people we know. This is the time of year, we wish people a Merry Christmas.

Those on the Left may be offended by wishing people Merry Christmas. As those are out to cancel culture wants to cancel out Christ in the word Christmas. They want to take Christ out of Christmas because they see it as offensive. Just like they want to take Christ out of our schools and take the Bible out of our schools.

Books that had been cancelled in our libraries, the Bible is one of them. To those on the Left, it’s offensive.

They don’t want you to say Merry Christmas because it’s offensive. They want you to say Happy Holiday instead.

Christmas is celebrated all over in every country around the world. It had been like that since the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Jews may had persecuted Jesus and even tried to kill baby Jesus; but they too celebrate Christmas in the form of Hanukkah this time of year.

Jesus been around longer than Santa Clause and is still around. He’s the reason we celebrate Christmas every year. Those on the Left may keep trying to cancel Christmas and Christ; but He will outlast them all. Much like when the Nazi went and burned the Bibles during World War 2. The Bible still survived and is still on the best seller list despite those on the Left wanting to cancel it.

We all need a little good news now more than ever in this crazy mix-up world we lived in.

I don’t know about you but when I do hear some good news on the local news, it tug at my heart to hear it for a change. It’s good to hear those kinds of news stories every now and then.

We can make a difference if we just go tell it on the mountain the reason we celebrate Christmas. It’s up to us. Are we going to continue spreading bad news on social media or are we going to send a little cheer to others?

I’m not saying that we should go out preach the Gospel. People doesn’t want to hear that. Some people gets turned off by that.

You can spread a little good news just by simply wishing them a Merry Christmas or have a good day.

If you are tired of all the bad news you get on television and social media, just turned it off. I’m not telling you to pick up the Bible and read it. That’s up to you! You will get good news from reading the Bible. It’s your choice to read the Bible or not. All that matters, instead watching all the bad news on television or social media, turn it off and find something else to do with your time. Your time is important to you.

Your sanity is important to you. So why get so depress when watching the news? It will only depress you. You have a choice to either be depress by watching the news 24/7 or shut it off and find something else to do with your time; for your own sanity.

You can make a difference this Christmas. It’s all up to you!

Those on the Left will not want me to wish people a Merry Christmas; but it’s alright to say Happy Holiday instead. I don’t care though! I still will wish everyone a Merry Christmas. If they are offended, that’s their problems.

Christmas is only 5 days away. I wish everyone who reads this a Merry Christmas. This is my good tidings to you. Go ahead and spread a little cheer, a little good news this Christmas! The world sure needs it now more than ever.

Merry Christmas to everyone of you! Now go and spread that good news!