Fox News-and there’s Fake News

Before there was a Fox network, there was only 4 TV stations on the air: ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. It was mainly black and white TV unless you were one of the lucky ones to be able to afford a color TV.

When it came to the remote, you were the remote. You have to get up and off your lazy ass if you want to change the channel or sit there and watch what was on that channel. Sometimes, you even have to use a tweezer to change the channel because the channel knob was broken.

If you were lucky, you had an outside antenna on the roof of your house. Otherwise, you had rabbit ears on the top of your TV. Sometimes you had to stand and hold the rabbit ears to adjust the TV. Some rabbit ears even had tin foils on them to help with the picture.

Like I mentioned earlier, it was 12 inches black and white TV. You really didn’t get a clear picture, because it came in fuzzy.

Those who lived in the country didn’t have cable when they came out in the 80’s. Cable TV, when they first came out was a luxury compare to now, it’s a necessity for your TV.

Fox network came out Oct. 9,1986.

When Fox first started, there wasn’t many shows on their network. One of the first show on Fox was Marriage with Children; which aired on Sunday night. It starred Ed O’Neil, Katy Sagal and Christina Applegate. It depicted family life as being true family life before Roseanne ever did.

Before Marriage with Children, family life was practically fake or what people wish their family was more like. For example: the Brady Bunch.

They even had 2 reality show on and they were Cops and America’s Most Wanted. They were shown on Saturday Night.

Not only did Marriage with Children appeared so did the Simpsons, the longest running animation.

This is just a little background as Fox News recently celebrated 25 years being on the air.

Before Fox news, the only news a person got was pretty much on your local station. Back then those who brought you the news had integrity. It was real news. They did their job in reporting the news and kept their opinion to themselves, like they are supposed to. When you watch the CBS news with Walter Cronkite, you could respect him because he had integrity; something they lack now days.

When Walter Cronkite retired, Dan Rather took over, and CBS news went down the toilet because Dan Rather had no integrity like Walter Cronkite had.

In the late 1800’s there was “Yellow Journalism”, and that was nothing to what we got not with the mainstream news media; or as they are known as “Fake News.”

They don’t fully report the news, they make the news. When I studied journalism, I was taught there are 5 w’s and how a good reporter must ask when they investigate into a news story. They are to remain bias when reporting the news, but they don’t do that. If they don’t agree or like part of the story, they will leave it out just to suit their needs.

As Paul Harvey would say, “and now the rest of the story.” What you don’t get from the fake mainstream news, you’ll get from Fox News. I find that you get the whole story from Fox. I’ll watch ABC news but to get the rest of the story, when I will turn to Fox to get the rest of the story.

I’m not saying Fox news is perfect. There are some at Fox news that should go. I’m glad that Megan Kelley is gone, because she was only out to make a name for herself at the expense of others. Chris Wallace is just like his father, Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes. They both are very bias; even though Mike had more integrity than Chris.

At the same time, if you watch too much news, it can be very depressing. It can make you do what Elvis did and shoot at the TV.

There are those who seems to watch news 24/7. Even worse, they are watching the fake mainstream news. They are not getting the whole story, the whole truth. They are only being fed what those news reporters want to feed you.

I can only watch so much news before I have to turn it off. Otherwise, I will go crazy. When I watch the news I want the whole story, the whole truth.

To those who watch the news or even get the news from Facebook 24/7, you need to get a life. Don’t spend your days and night watching the news or getting it on Facebook. If you are about ready to lose your mind because of the news, turn it off and turn off Facebook as well; and find something else to do with your life.

Happy Anniversary to Fox network and Fox news!! Thank you Fox news for bringing us more of the truth we need to hear. Don’t just get part of the story, get the rest of the story.