When Lawyers do their job

If I would had just watch the fake mainstream news media of their coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial, I would had thought that he was guilty too. Thank goodness I didn’t I was able to get the whole story by watching Fox news as well. There I saw how his defense attorney actually did their job and defended Kyle Rittenhouse and he was founded innocent on the ground that it was self-defense.

You may be asking why would anyone have to walked downtown carrying weapons like he did? If the Democratic leader of Wisconsin would had accepted President Trump’s help when those terrorist were destroying their city; Kyle wouldn’t probably had a need to carry a weapon for protection. If they would allowed the police to do their job to keep the city safe; instead of wanting to defund them, there wouldn’t had been a need for Kyle to have to defend himself.

Then the fake news media along with Joy Behar had the gall to falsely accused Kyle Rittenhouse of murder. Joy even said on the view about the tears Kyle was crying on the witness stand. She called them fake tears and he was such a good little actor. Well, boohoo to you Joy Behar! Who’s crying now?

Or how about before the election, Joe Biden called Kyle Rittenhouse a White Supremacist. He had no right to do that. He should be a shame of himself. Then again all those on the Left all did that.

The Go-Fund Me stopped anyone from donating to Kyle’s case because they didn’t want him to have a fair trial. There was a cop who was fired because he sent money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense. The guy from “My Pillow,” Michael Lindell, paid Kyle’s bail as well.

There’s one thing I have to agree with those on the Left and that is our justice system is out whack; but not for the reason they say though. They say it’s a race issues. It’s more than that. It all have to do with the “have and have nots.” Those who have money and can afford a good attorney, will possibly get away with murder. Those who can’t afford a good attorney will only get a court-appointed one. They get paid no matter what; so they won’t properly defend you.

Deep down, they know that on the Left; otherwise the Go-Fund me website wouldn’t had stop anyone from funding Kyle Rittenhouse defense case.

Those on the Left in the media, Biden, and the Black Lives Matters may call me a White Supremacist for this but deep down if they think about it will know that it’s true.

Let us look at the O.J. Simpson’s trial when he was on trial for murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The only reason race was made an issue was because once again, O.J. Simpson had money and fame to back him up. He was able to afford a good defense team to defend him. If he was a poor black man, he would had been found guilty and race wouldn’t had been an issue.

They do need to correct our justice system; but nothing to do with race. It all have to do with being able to afford a good attorney. If a person have to use a court-appointed attorney, they should do their job of defending their client or else not get paid.

Back to the Kyle Rittenhouse’s case, his defense attorney did an awesome job proving that it was self-defense. Even the Prosecuting witness worked in favor of Kyle in their testimony.

The Prosecuting Attorney didn’t even do a full investigation into the case. He wanted to make a name for himself, and that’s all he cared about.

The judge in the case even said that it was a poorly run case by the Prosecutor. He even went after the media for trying to influence the case and the jury. When a reporter/photographer from MSNBC news followed Kyle, the judge banned that reporter from the courtroom.

It goes to show that the mainstreams news media are very bias and had their mind made up even before Kyle was founded innocent.

The judge was very close in calling a mistrial because of poor investigation by the Prosecutor and the mainstream news media and those on the Left trying to influence the case and the jury.

The mainstream news media didn’t even covered the defense attorney’s closing statement because they didn’t want to hear the truth and didn’t want the people to know the whole story. Thank God for Fox News for showing the whole story.

When the jury was out, they were very much concerned about a riot breaking out if Kyle was found innocent. Security was built up around the courthouse and the members of the jury.

The jury was out for a long time deliberating. Usually when the longer the jury is out, the better it looks for the defense.

Because I heard the whole story behind Kyle Rittenhouse’s case, I was so glad that justice was served, and he was found not guilty on grounds of self-defense.

According to those on the Left, we are not allowed to defend ourselves. They made it sound like Kyle should had let them kill him instead of defending himself. No what my step-dad would say to that. He would say, “If they were going to come in or on the property to harm him or the family, he will defend himself at all cost. And make sure when you shoot, shoot to kill and not wound. Also make sure they are in the house, so it looks like they were about to rob and possible kill.”

Even Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent, his life won’t be the same. He will have to have security around him for protection at all times. Some colleges and employers may not be too quick to accept him. Even though he could come out smelling like a rose in book and speaking deals.

My advice to Kyle is to sue the hell out of those fake mainstream news media on the Left, and especially Joy Behar. He should also sue Joe Biden for defaming his name before Biden became President. Kyle can do it too; since Biden wasn’t president when he called him a White Supremacist .

I know that Biden has dementia so he can’t remembered what he said from day to day; but he should pay for his comment. He should at least man up and admit he was wrong and that justice was served. When Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent, there was no apologies from Biden, Joy Behar and all those others on the Left. They are all crying and upset instead.

Who’s crying now? Justice had prevailed!