Country Folks will Survive!

For those of us whose parents grew up during the time of the Great Depression, we were taught how to survive a long hard cold winter. Being raised on a farm, growing your own food and raising your own chickens and cattle, has an advantage over others. They are taught how to canned and freeze in the Fall to stock up for the winter to be prepared for it.

With the high inflation and high cost of food because of the inflation, it’s good to know that a little common sense can help a person make it through the hard long cold winter.

When you hear stories of your parents talking about those days, we just shrugged it off. For example: my step-dad would say, “I walked 5 miles through the deep snow to school and back, while the cold hard wind blew through me.”

We knew that he was exaggerating just a little because his old school wasn’t that far from the farm. You just didn’t dare to say anything or get hit by the back of his hand.

We were taught how to canned fruits and vegetables we grew in our garden; and even froze for the winter. We even had a woodstove. My step-dad would chopped plenty of woods and brought it up close to the house stack in a woodpile. That way, all we had to do was go out to the woodpile and bring some woods in and down the basement. We even brought woods to the basement window as dad would stack a pile inside the basement of the house.

He always said that we must be prepared for the winter. If you are prepared, you won’t starve or freeze.

It seems that those who grew up during the Great Depression knew how to prepare for a crisis. Some may thinks, they are hoarders. They may be to a point on some thing. I mean, my mother would buy something on sale and forget about it, and then buy it again.

I’m glad that I was taught how to canned and freeze our food for the winter; because it came in handy a few years ago when I made homemade bread and butter pickles. It turned out good and I was complimented on it.

When we were taught all this by our parents growing up, we think, “are we really going to need to know all this?”

They may had went through hard times; but we have had it so easy. Everything is so convenience for us now days. We have never had it as bad as they did. We have it easy compared to them.

It’s not about being a Conservative or a Liberal. It’s all about having a little common sense on how to be prepared. You never know what may be thrown at us. We may laugh or shrugged it off what our parents was teaching us in being prepared.

Everything is going up because of the high inflation created by Biden and those in Washington and their wasteful spending. So stock up; even when some may call you a hoarder.

When I die, I want to come back as a country boy because they know how to survive when those are struggling to keep warm and well fed. They know how to hunt, fish, grow a garden, and raised their own food. We know how to work hard and have callous on our hands for what we have. If we have to, we cannot buy things we don’t really need; which is very tempting to do.

My step-dad may had been cheap but he was wise because he grew up during the Great Depression.

We may had laughed at our parents back then but we are grateful for their advice now.

From this Rednecker, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m just a bigger rednecker than you. I don’t care if you call me a redneck. I’m Proud to be one.