You know who I am?

Have you ever run into someone who thinks they are better than you, someone who is snobbish to you when you meet?

You can expect a celebrity to act so haughty but don’t have to accept it.

Years ago, when Mel Gibson and Reese Witherspoon was pulled over for drunk driving, they both said to the police, “You know who I am?” Like they were expecting special treatment because they were big stars!

There is a local celebrity that also made that same comment. The person, I am talking about is Mikey Hoeven. I heard from a reliable source that when Mikey was at Apple Creek Country Club in Bismarck, ND; she commented to the staff, “You know who I am?” It was like she was expecting special treatment because her husband was either the governor or the Senator at the time. She thinks that she deserve it; much like Reese Witherspoon and Mel Gibson.

I’m here to tell her, John Hoeven isn’t anything special. As governor and even as Senator, he hadn’t done anything worthwhile.

As my mother would say about people like that, “They thinks their shit doesn’t stink but their farts give them away.” Believe me, my mother knew few people like that, even in Rollag, MN.

They put their pants on like anybody else, one leg at a time.

Yet it seems, some people with power will act snooty and better than you just because they in the authority and have the rights to do so. I mean, some managers can be that way to the help. When confronted, they get angry and defensive with you. They demands respect for who they are.

When you run into people like that, do you ever feel like Octavia Spencer’s character in the greatest movie recently, “The Help; when she baked a pie for her snobbish employer and later, told her to “Eat my shit!” I have to admit I loved that line along with that movie; because it spoke to us today as well as back in the 60’s.

Then there’s some self-righteous preachers who are quick to condemned you; instead preaching God’s love and forgiveness. They are like the Pharisees back in Jesus’ days, hypocrites! To them, I say, “All have sinned and fall short of the grace of God.” They are no better than anyone of us just because they are preachers. They should pick the thorn out of their own eyes before judging us.

Back to Mikey Hoeven, she is in her Ivory tower looking down at us, much like Nancy Pelosi who lives in a gated mansion in California while the people she represented are struggling financially. She doesn’t seem to care though. She is on a power trip, much like Mikey, Reese and Mel. Even some managers and self-righteous preachers are also on this power trip. Because they are on this power trip, they come across as high and mighty and treat us as low life.

Yet at the same time, it’s not always people of high position that’s on their high horse. Some people just have that kind of personality too.

I don’t know about you, I’m uncomfortable around people like that.

To Mikey Hoeven, we know who you are that doesn’t impress me at all. Matter of fact, after I heard that from her, I lost respect for her husband, John. I’m a Republican and I still have a hard time in voting for him. There were times that I wrote my own name on the ballot instead voting for him or his opponent. At times, when a person vote for him, you just feel dirty afterwards and needs a shower.

So first of all to Reese Witherspoon and Mel Gibson, we know who you are; and we just don’t don’t care. When you drive drunk, you deserve to be pulled over.

To these self-righteous preachers, we all have sinned and fall short of the grace of God.

Believe me, someday I wish I had the courage that Octavia Spencer’s character had and tell them to eat my shit or take this job and shove it! Yet sometimes you just need to hold your tongue to keep your job.

Do you know who I am, Mikey Hoeven? I know who you are and you are nobody special and either is your husband. I’m the blogger that will write about people like you. I’m a voter, who may or may not vote for your husband.

To anyone who thinks that they are better, you put your pants on just like anybody else, one leg at a time. Your shit stinks as well as your farts. So get off your damn high horse! No one deserve special treatment because who they are or think they are. You will get no respect from me when you are acting so high and mighty. I don’t care who you are, if your rich or poor, educated or not, a blue-collared or white-collared workers.