The Older I get

Do you ever feel that your body goes out more than you?

I don’t know about you, I find that I cannot do some of the stuff I did when I was younger. It seems that I have more aches and pains. I even have to go to a chiropractor every once in a while to get my body realign. I even found a good one with Dr. David.

When we were kids we would be told to go take a nap; in which we hated. Now as we are older, a nap feels good.

When you are kids and see your parents or any adults, we saw them as being OLD. We couldn’t even fathomed us ever getting old.

When a person turned 30, some say, “It’s all downhill from there.”

I have to say when I turned 30, I was still in my prime. I started losing my hair though. I even told my mother, if I ever go bald, I’ll get a toupee. I just didn’t want to think of going bald. Now, I just seem to accept it as part of aging. I think it’s just part of midlife crisis for us men.

When we hit a certain age, men have a tendency of going through a midlife crisis because they are afraid of getting older. Sometimes a midlife crisis can hurt a marriage and lead to divorce. Some men will cheat on their wives with a much younger model. Sometimes, men will buy fancy sports car or anything to make an impression; and try to show that they are not getting older.

When you are young, you thinks that you are invincible, that you will live forever. Who would even think about putting money away for retirement? We thinks that our parents were old and out-of-touch with reality. As we get older, we are thankful for their wisdom they taught us.

Believe me, I was a party animal. It was nothing to stay up late partying; and then go to work the next day with not much sleep.

Now that I’m older, I cannot stay up as late as I used to and still get up early the next day for work. I need my beauty sleep now.

Another thing about getting older I discovered is that I prefer my solitude, my peace and quiet. In a way I became an introvert; when normally I’m an extrovert.

I used to think working in retails for 12 years made me hate being around people; especially crazy stupid people.

When I was younger, it was too boring on the farm. All you did was work!

Now I miss the farm and the peace and quiet.

As a Christian witness, a person shouldn’t think like this; but I have to admit, I love to be by myself once in a while. It has nothing to do with depression either.

If I ever win a Powerball or my blog goes viral; I would get the hell of of dodge. I would go to where there isn’t much people. I love Glacier National Park because of the beauty and solitude.

I have to admit, at times, I feel like Bill Engvall, when he would joked and say, “I hate stupid people!” I hate being out after dark in Fargo because of how big Fargo had grown.

I remembered when Fargo was smaller, less crimes, and even safer to be out after dark. When I’m not working, I try to get my personal stuff done like shopping or any other businesses done early; so that I can be home before dark. Then when I’m home, I do the stuff I need to do at home then.

When I lived on the North side of Fargo, I didn’t much think about being out walking after dark. I would cut through alley and such. I wouldn’t do it now as much; unless I have to.

Tomorrow, on Aug. 9 I turn 56 and believe me, I’m looking forward to the time when I can retire. Hopefully, in 9-10 years I can retire if not earlier.

I got 3 of my vacation days off from work for this week; I could work at the Fargo Dome for the Guns & Roses concert to make extra money; but I very much needed to get the hell out of Fargo for at lease those 3 days. So I chose going to Lake Geneva in Alexandria, MN.

You can call me old if you want, I don’t care!!

Even though it’s my birthday, this blog is my birthday gift to my readers. ENJOY!!

As I’m getting older, I missed my parents.

To all those whippersnapper, respect your elders; because you too are gonna get old. You time is coming! Live your life while you’re young! Just remember, we all are getting older! That’s a part of life!

So if I seems to be cynic sometimes, take it as wisdom of what I had learned throughout my life. Wisdom comes with age and living your life to the fullest.