Jimmy Carter: A Weak President

In my lifetime there had been 3 worst Presidents, and I will be talking about them in this blog. Even though, there have been other Presidents throughout our history.

I’m first going to begin with Jimmy Carter. Not only was he a weak President, he was also the worst President in my lifetime and even top the list as the worst President in history.

After the death of the first George Bush, Jimmy Carter became the oldest living former Presidents at the age of 96. He was a peanut farmer from Georgia and their former Governor as well before becoming President of the United States in 1976. He was a relative unknown at the time.

He was elected President because Ford never stood a chance. The American people were upset with the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal involving former President Richard Nixon. 2 things that hurt Ford; he should had never pardoned Nixon, then maybe he would had a chance. I’m not saying that Ford would had been good though.

Carter may had done some good things but he was one of the worse President in history. The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel may had been a good thing under his watch. You decide though! The things that I’m talking mainly about was Habitat for Humanity. It’s a work project to build houses for low-income peoples.

That is one main good things Carter had done for the American people. It help to get some of the homeless off the street by building a house for them with the help of volunteers. It just didn’t give the homeless a handout; it help them to get back on their feet, so they can get back to work and become a prominent part of society.

That’s all the homeless want, a chance to make it. They don’t want to constantly be getting handouts from the government. Even though those on the Left thinks they do. Carter knew that despite being a Democrat.

Let us go into the part of him being one of the worst President in history. First of all, he had a brother named Billy Carter; also famous known as Billy Beer. I’m not going after his brother, I’m just getting this out in the open.

When Carter was President, Inflation was at an all-time high. There was long lines at the gas pumps due the oil crisis under his watch. There was also high unemployment. He gave back the Panama Canal to it’s original owner, another big mistake.

Before I get the big things that hurt Carter, he was known as the “smiling” President. Every time you would see him was always smiling even when he shouldn’t had been. You probably didn’t know this about me, I could easily imitate Carter.

Carter was a born again Christian and a Baptist. Him and his wife, Rosalynn had 4 kids. We all know about their daughter, Amy; who grew up in the White House so to speak. He had 3 others kids as well. The only other ones known was their son, Jack Carter.

Another horrible crisis that happened during Carter’s Presidency that showed him as being a weak President was the Iranian took our Americans hostages. He had done nothing to negotiated or to get them back home where they belong. They were held in Iran for over a year until Reagan became President. Then they released the hostages because they feared Reagan and what he would do if they didn’t.

The next worst President in my lifetime goes to George W. Bush. As I had told you in a previous blog, I never wanted him in the first place; even though the Established Republicans did. There was only one good things he did even though it wasn’t handled very well came after 9/11. If Al Gore was President, he probably had done nothing, like Carter.

During George W. Bush’s terms, when I prayed, I prayed that he would be impeach. He was just a puppet for the Rhino’s Republicans. Matter of fact, in 2004, I almost didn’t vote at all because I didn’t want Bush or Kerry. So I understood when there were people last election who didn’t want Trump or Biden.

Once again in 2016, the Rhinos Republicans wanted Jeb Bush but the American people had enough with the Bushes at that time. George W. Bush was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Now, can I get a drumroll please? The President who fast taking the title of the worst President of the United States goes to Joe Biden. Otherwise known as Dementia Dog and his Bitch.

Right away when Biden took office he not only stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline, he also stopped the building of the Wall. He created an open-door policy, allowing illegal immigrants to come into this country even during this Pandemic. Once again, inflation is at an all-time high like it was when Carter was President. We have an energy crisis and unemployment crisis as well under Biden as well.

The other countries are laughing at America right now because of Biden. They see Biden as being weak and he’s losing his mind. Just like George W. Bush, he is also a puppet; but this time to the Progressive Left. The other countries are testing him to see how weak he really is. He’s weak on crime and weak on terrorist.

Since he had taken office, there had been 3 cyber attack that hit our country to hurt us financially and thus. He’s giving in to blackmail. One thing you never do as President. He’s not even acknowledging the crisis at the Southern Border or the crisis in Cuba and Haiti. He’s too busy allowing Socialism into our country instead.

To those who hated Trump and said that he sent too many mean tweet, Biden is more of bully and a racist than Trump ever was. Let us take a look at some of his comments. Biden had threatened to take a reporter out back to whip his ass. He made threats against those who refused to get the vaccine by telling them, “You’re all gonna pay!” That’s no way to encourage people.

I do want to say this though, there was a former manager from Kmart who reminds me of Joe Biden in looks and attitude. I won’t say his name though. I just feel sorry for him that he have to resemble Biden, that’s all!

I could go on going after Biden, but I have to leave some during his 4 years in office; and I hope and pray that it only be 4 years. Otherwise, America is screwed! We need Biden out before he destroy America.

My message to Jimmy Carter is this, “If you are waiting to die until someone take the title as worst President from you. You can do so now; because Biden is fast taking that title away from you.” I don’t mean any ill will to come on Jimmy Carter when I say this either.

There you have it folks, my pick for the 3 worst Presidents in my lifetime. There have been others throughout this country history. Some of them I will probably talk about later more. Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, Nixon, Hoover, to just name just a few.