Prosperity vs. the Government

If you think that you can prosper under Socialism, you got another thing coming.

The only one that will prosper is the government.  The government wants to keeps us poor and under their control.  They figured when we are  under the thumbs of the government, we can be easily controlled by them.

Under Socialism, we are not allowed to owned properties or have freedom that we love about being an American.  It’s very much similar to Communism.

In Russia, the Russian government owned the property and the citizens worked the land, very much like slaves.  If you rebelled against the Russians government, you are sent to Siberia for life as your punishment.

Now Siberia is in the northern part of Russia and very freezing up there.  You’re lifespan is shorten up there.  It’s way colder than North Dakota.

This isn’t about Siberia though.  It’s about who prosper under Socialism.  You or the Government?

With Capitalism, we do have a better chance of prospering than we do under Socialism.  Some people may not think so.  The reason for that thinking is because of people jealousy of the rich.

Under Socialism, only the Government prosper.  They think that they are helping the people but in reality they are only helping themselves to more money and power.

They raised our taxes, thinking they are raising taxes on the rich.  By providing government assistant to the people; they are actually using that to control the people.  By keeping the American people poor and on assistance, they can easily control us.

In countries where they have Socialism, eventually the people becomes upset with the government and stormed the capital of their country; much as the same way as to what happened on January 6,2021.

If they think that Universal Healthcare is so good, why do people from Canada comes down to the United States for medical treatment?

The answer is the waiting time in Canada is much longer for treatment than it’s in the United States.  We have better doctors and healthcare.

Let us take a look at Obamacare.  For one thing, Obamacare was a bad joke on the American people.  Then there was a penalty if you didn’t have health insurance;  you will pay a penalty  when you file your taxes.  If you happened to get a job that provides health insurance, and still have the Obamacare, you get penalize for having too much insurance.

When a person gets older, they just don’t die.  They may have long hospital or nursing home care.  Now that can eats up your money or assets that a person may have.  A person may not be rich financially; but they are rich in assets.  Now because of those assets, that will keeps them from getting help.  The government will expect you to sell your assets, before they can even offer you assistant.  That is there way of controlling us and gaining more power for them.

You might be surprised to know: the popular pop duals of the 70’s, Captain and Tennille ended up getting a divorce to save their assets when the Captain Darrel Dragon were hospitalized with a terminal illness before he died.  They did that to save their assets that they accrued throughout their career.

Another example is more personal.  When my mother had her stroke and was put in a nursing home before she passed away; it was suggested that my folks get a divorce to keep the government from taking the farm.  Now they never did; because their love was stronger than any bankbook and expenses that long-term nursing home care would accrued.

So you see, you cannot really prosper under Socialism.  Only the government becomes bigger, richer, and more powerful.

You just have to know what you can do to protect yourselves from our corrupt government control.  There is a legal way and illegal way to do just that.

The 2 examples up are legal ways somewhat.  There are also illegal ways.

You can be like Gordon Kahl, and become a tax invader.  You all know what happened to him.  He was eventually caught and killed.

Another example, I will discuss in part 2., next week blog.  It will be about Robin Hood and what happened after Joe Biden took office involving robin hood and the stock market.  That’s the only clue I’m going to give you.