Robin Hood

You all knows the story of Robin Hood.  Robin Hood was an English folklore story.  He would steals from the rich to give to the poor.  The king that he would steals from was very evil.

The big question here is: was Robin Hood a hero or a villain?  It all depends on how you look at it.

Moving forward, the Democrats are becoming like Robin Hood in a way.  They want to raise taxes on the rich.  They claimed that they wants to help the poor.  In reality, they only want to keep people poor; that way they control them better.  They were only bettering themselves instead. That’s Socialism!!

They think by raising taxes on the rich will better their cause.  Don’t they realize, by raising taxes, they are not hurting the rich; they are hurting everyone else.  The rich has loopholes when they file their taxes to avoid paying higher taxes.  Plus, by raising taxes on them, they are more likely put their money into Swiss Account.  Also by taxing them, they will do less hiring to work with limited workers and work them like slaves.  They also would raise prices on products that everyday people would need to make a profit; just to pay their higher taxes.

In the long run, the working class suffer because of higher taxes.  Yet, the Democrats got their supporters fooled in thinking that only the rich is paying higher taxes.  That’s not true!  You and I, the working class are really paying for it with our blood and sweat.  And they are profiting over it and laughing all the way to the bank, to cash in their millions.

On January 30, Robinhood had their role in GameStop saga.  Now Robinhood was a gateway into the stock market for millions of traders. It was at the center of  the GameStop stock trading frenzy, Robinhood , a trading app. for regular investors that says it’s our to democratized finance.

They were hoping to hurt the stock market and cash in for themselves with some of the wealth.

I remembered back in high school economic class doing a mock stock market investment to see how the stock market really works.  In that class, we were taught to buy low and sell high.  We also were taught which stocks were good buys and which weren’t.

It wasn’t until I met with a financial advisor about making investments for my retirement.  What I was taught in high school was total opposite to what my financial advisor told me.  He told me not to get scared when stocks drop; because there will be up and down in the market.  What goes up must comes down.  Just let your investments work for you.

What was going down with Robinhood was they were manipulating the stock market for their own benefits.  And that’s illegal!  Some people, like Martha Stewart, for example went to prison for it.

This all happened on Joe Biden’s watch and the watchful eyes of Big Tech.  Now Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats just sat back and laughed about it.  They were too busy going after Trump during this whole incident.

It goes to show that Biden and the Democrats brought this all about; and not Trump.  If was Trump, why didn’t they do it while he was President?

As bad as some of the people hated Trump, he had done some good things for America and poor working class people.  He cut taxes.  He created jobs.  He cut regulations that was put on businesses by the Government.  Yet, the mainstream news media didn’t want to see it that way.

Alexandria Cortez saw it as being very bad and chose to work with the Republicans to fix the dilemma involving Robinhood; which was very surprising coming from her.

So back to the story of Robin Hood.  If he was a villain, why do some people wants to capitalize on his popularity?

Once again, was Robin Hood a hero or a villain?  Can you understand why this Robinhood back on January 30 happened?

The American people were upset with corporations and big government  getting rich off the backs of the little man.  They just wants the piece of the pie.  They just want their shares.