Long Time Coming

On January 6 of this there was riot at the Capital in Washington D.C  It was after President Trump spoke to his supporters at a rally.  He was upset and also so was his supporters and the true Conservative Republicans.   They were on their way marching to the Capital to show their support to President Trump; who had the election stolen from him because of voters fraud by Big Tech, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media.

Now I don’t approve in the use of violence to get your point across.  Sometime  you have to take a stand for what you believe in.

When I heard what happened on the news, I remembered what my step-dad drilled in our heads growing up.  Practically everyday around supper time, he would literally complained about the government controlling our lives.  He was so against the government becoming too big like they are today.

This is what he said, “One of these days, the American people will get so upset with the government, that another Civil War will break out against the government.  It will be another Revolution War like when the first Revolution War occurred.”

If you remembered your history at all, the start of Revolution War was when the people from the 13 colonies became fed up with the King of England high taxation on exports from England to the colonies at the time.  So when the ship from England were docked in the Boston Harbor; they boarded the ship and threw the teas overboard into the harbor.  It was called the Boston Tea Party.  That was the start of the Revolutionary War.

After the war and about the time the Declaration of Independence was sign.  George Washington, who became the first President of the United States made a statement sharing his concerned.  He was very much concerned the government would get too big and too powerful; much like the King of England did prior to the war.

Even Thomas Jefferson, the Father of the Constitution and the 3rd President of the United States, put it in the Constitution that those in Washington will serve their terms and go back home to deal with the laws they made.  They were not to make a career out of being in Washington.

Many of our politicians have done just that though.  Thus our government had gotten way too big and powerful.  They have forgotten about the people they were governing and was only concerned about themselves.

When someone like Donald Trump came along to drain the swamp, they were afraid of losing their power and control over the people.  They did all they can to stop Trump ever since he first ran for President in 2016 and throughout his Presidency.

If you look at these countries where Socialism runs rampant, you can see the similarity with what happened on January 6 of this year.  In some of those countries, the people stormed their Capital to overthrow their corrupt government.  Some had succeeded too.  That is also why some of them are coming to America to get away from their corrupt and Socialist government.

Much the same way our forefathers did during the Revolutionary War.

The Democrats tried to impeach Trump a second time.  Even though, he wasn’t President at the time.  it was proven unconstitutional and was acquitted a second time in the Senate.

Senator McConnell said after Trump was acquitted, “Trump was practically and morally responsible for the riot after voting not guilty.”

He had no backbone to stand up against the Democrats because people like him enjoyed the power they have in Washington.  Even Lindsay Graham was against McConnell, when he sided with Trump.

People like McConnell needs to go.  Because of what he said, McConnell pissed me off.  If he feels that way he should leave the Republican part and becomes like those Liberals Democrats.

The person in charge of the Republican party even suggest that all those who supported Trump should leave the party and form their own party.  Does he wants the nation to be divided?  I mean Biden talks about unity; but failed to stop the unconstitutional impeachment of Trump.

To the leader of the Republican party, if you are not careful, the Republicans can also be as divided as the Democrats are.  There will no longer be a 2-party system.  It could become 3 or 4.  It depends on what the Democrats could do in the future as well.  That was how the Republicans and Democrats were formed.  The old parties were soon destroyed because of their beliefs.

Even Cortes said that the old guard in Washington needs to go.  That is the only thing we have in common.

When Trump was at CPAC this past weekend, he still had a huge crowd.

We have 4 years to build ourselves up an army to vote Biden and those Socialist out of office.  We even have 2 years to get rid those Liberals and career politicians out of office either from the state to the national.  These next 2 to 4 years, I will do what I can to fire up the American people who like me and Trump is fed up with the corruption of our career politicians in Washington.  May we use this time in a productive way to create a strong leader like Trump to take on Biden, the Socialist Democrats, and big tech.  Let us use this time in a productive peaceful way to take back America from our corrupt career politicians in Washington.  This way we can make America great again.  It may be time for another Revolution War if need be to take back America.