God’s Chosen People

In the book of Genesis, God told Abram that he will be the father of many nations. He even changed his name to Abraham. Now Abraham was up in age and so was his wife, Sarah. Sarah laughed when she heard this.

Since both Sarah and Abraham was up in age, Sarah had her maidservant, Hagar sleep with Abraham as the first surrogate. Thus, Ishmael was conceived and born.

Now Ishmael was the father of the Muslims religion. Thus the reason for the feud between the Muslims and the Jews over Israel and Palestine. They both are claiming rights for the promise land in the Middle East.

It was after Sarah gave birth to Isaac that she ordered Abraham to get Hagar and Ishmael away from her son. Like any husband, he knew to obey and honor his wife; but at the same time he had an obligation to his other son as well, like a good father should. He did what he could to make sure that Ishmael was well taken care of.

Fast forward to the beginning of America, America was founded under the Christian values. Our Founding Fathers even put it into our Constitution.

So the Jews, Muslims and Christians share Abraham; who became the father of many nations. Even though the Jews and Muslims are at odds with each others; the Jews and Christians are allies. They weren’t always though. It was the Jews who crucified Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

You may wondered why the Jews were known as God’s chosen people when they were the ones who crucified Jesus Christ. It was because of Abraham and the promise that God made to him.

The Jews had messed up throughout their histories, were put into exile and the Lord brought them back time and time again. That’s the nature of God!

I mean, we all are God’s chosen people when it comes right down to it.

Anyone who would dare attack Israel and the Jews were punished by God. Just like anyone who stand and defend them are bless. It says so in the book of Revelation.

Let’s look at World War 2, Hitler was set on destroying the Jewish community. He eventually committed suicide when he noticed he was losing the takeover of the world.

It was Golda Meir who brought the Jews back to Israel right after World War 2, with the help of America. America made it their obligation to defend Israel from then on. They prosper because of it too.

Things start changing though when oil was discovered in the Middle East. America became dependent on the Middle East for that oil. They became torn between their obligation to Israel and wanting and needing the oil in the Middle East. Some of the Middle Eastern countries were controlled by the Muslims. Thus we get the Muslim terrorist who hate America.

They hate America not only for our Christian views but also for us defending Israel.

Any country who would dare defend Israel and the Jews would be bless by God but become the enemies of those who hated the Jews.

Pres. Jimmy Carter was responsible for the Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt.

It is the President of the United States job to protect Israel against the Muslims. Yet, under Pres. Obama, he neglected to do that when he sided with the Muslims instead.

Pres. Trump was up for a Nobel Peace Prize because of his peace treaty with Israel. The Jews and the Christians both supported Trump because of it.

Both Rashida Tiab and Ihan Omar were upset of being banned from going to Israel to see family because of their Muslim’s faith. Pres. Trump and the Prime Minister of Israel were concerned about them going because of what damage they could do. They had every rights to be concerned too.

Any good Conservative Republicans know that it’s America’s obligation to protect Israel; whereas, the Progressive Left on the Democrats side are more in protecting the Muslims instead.

Whose sides are you on?

I hope this does this justice for the Jewish people as well as Christians.