You can’t Force Someone to love

You cannot stop the hatred. Hatred has been around since the beginning of time. Hatred has been around since Cain and Abel back in Genesis.

Now Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve. Cain was a farmer; while Abel was a shepherd. Cain hated Abel because of jealousy. He was jealous that Abel was favored over him because of an offering. Because of that jealousy and hatred, Cain committed the first murder. If you know your Bible, you know what happened next.

There are other examples of hatred in the Bible as well. King Saul ended up hating David because he too was jealous and was afraid of losing being king to David. He was all set to hunt and kill David. In the end, King Saul ended up committing suicide.

So you see what hate and jealousy can do to a person. It could make them want to commit the horrible crime of murder.

Even the Jewish leaders back in Jesus days hated Jesus because He wasn’t what they expected and that he made them take a good hard look at themselves.

They hated Jesus much the same way as the Democrats, some Republicans, and the mainstream news media hated Trump. They hated Trump because he didn’t played by the rules of Washington. They hated Trump because he stood up to them.

The last 4 years has been nothing but hate basting of President Trump by all those Trump’s hater out there. The biggest group of hate is ANTIFA.

When Obama was President, he passed a hate bill in hope of putting a stop to all the hatred in America.

I’m here to tell you that you cannot regulate hate and love. You can’t make a person love anymore than you can make a person stop hating others for whatever reasons.

Love comes from the heart.

When we man up and deal with what’s lodged in our hearts, we’ll be healthier, lighter, and lovable.

You can teach our kids to love like you can teach them to hate.

If you have Christ in your heart, you are more apt to love others unconditionally. You may hate what someone may do, their lifestyles, or if their beliefs is different than yours.

Before Donald Trump ran for President, he was liked by the media, Hollywood, and Democrats; but once he ran for President and won, they hated him for no real reasons.

You probably heard a mother saying to her kids, “I will always love you. If things change, I will let you know.”

I was surprised when I heard that my step-dad voted for Obama in 2008. Growing up, my step-dad came across as being racist through his comments. Now that hatred didn’t rub off on me.

I think, he lived a sheltered life so he didn’t had much encounter with other race and colors. Whereas, I had a different encounter than he had.

I remembered a horrible nightmare I had in which I was walking in Detroit Lakes and saw the KKK harassing a black guy. I told them to leave him alone and they started chasing me. I woke up scared and was afraid to get back to sleep.

I learned the real reason my step-dad voted for Obama was he didn’t wanted Hillary Clinton. He also didn’t want John McCain and his running mate, Sara Palin. He was more of a sexist than a racist. He couldn’t handle a woman being in control.

When Joe Biden talked about unity, I have to laugh. I mean, where was that unity 4 years ago. They couldn’t unite with Trump for the good of America and the American people. They try and try to make Trump’s life a living hell. They made it their life’s obligation to hate Trump for no real reasons. They were jealous of him and what he was able to accomplished. He didn’t play by their rules much like Jesus didn’t played by the religious leaders in His days.

A message to Joe Biden: if he wants unity in the United States, he should stand up to his fellow Democrats and tell them to stop with the impeachment of Pres. Trump. If he doesn’t man up, there will never be unity in this country. He will see Hatred as bad as Trump did.

This Trump’s supporter will hate Biden; and I know it’s not the Christian things to do. I believe that I won’t be alone. Millions of Trump’s supporters will stand together to take down Biden, the Democrats, big Tech, Corporate Media Mafia, and the weak Republicans who dare not stand with and for Pres. Trump.

So you see you cannot make someone love anymore than you can stop the hate. Love comes from the heart. Those who are Christians are more likely to love with Agape love. It doesn’t mean that we can’t hate though.

Love comes from God; while hate comes from the devil. It says in Revelation, there will be more hatred in the last days because the devil knows his time is coming to an end. So he will do all he can win over as many people as he can before the last days.

If you wants to end hatred, learn to love others and be a like to someone instead. Let the love of Jesus flows from your heart.

Stay tune for next week blog in part 3 of this theme.