Playing god!

The first commandment is There shall be no other gods before me. I, the Lord, God is a jealous God.

We are not to make idols into our gods. Yet, after Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt, that was what they did.

In the Catholic Church, the Catholic Priest are called, Fathers. I don’t know about you; but I cannot call them, father; even though it’s suppose to be out of respect. They are not fathers. They don’t deserve that title. God is the Father. That is blasphemy! They are making the priests into an idol.

Let’s get to the real reason for this blog. Those are 2 examples of certain groups of people playing god; but this blog isn’t about them.

Way back in 1996, scientist successfully cloned a sheep by using the nucleus from a mammary gland. The sheep was called Dolly. I don’t know about you; but that’s playing god.

I’m all for science research to a point but not when it comes to the point of them playing god.

Just last year, Covid`19 came about from China. There was this theory that the Coronavirus started in the lab involving bats that had gotten away. They were messing with the balance of nature; much to the same way as the scientist who cloned a sheep.

My question is: why doesn’t the news questioned this? Why don’t they and government finds out what really happened by investigating. This is terrorist and whoever is responsible for this should be held accountable for it. They should be brought to trial and sentenced to die as terrorist.

Yet, nothing may not even happen to them because those in the government have business dealing with the Chinese government. They don’t see them as a threat; like they saw Russia as a threat. Russia isn’t a threat anymore like they used to be; because of President Reagan.

With Russia, they wanted to destroy the world; but with China, they want to take over the United States. Some of our government officials are allowing that to happen. Chuck Schumer even said, “we will sell United States to China if the Democrats have total control.”

Those in China behind this Coronavirus are terrorist and what they did was downright meant for a war. They must be prosecuted for it and brought in for justice to be serve.

In these Liberal states, those on the Left shut everything down including churches. It’s bad for the economy and it’s playing god by telling us we can’t go to church.

Then they mandate the wearing of masks, as though we aren’t capable of protecting ourselves. They thinks that we are a bunch of rednecks that needs to be told what to do by them. The government is to overlook the country not control the people; that’s Socialism!

During the Spanish Flu, I highly doubt that the government shut everything down like this pandemic. Back then, people had more common sense than they do now. People were healthier because there wasn’t the poisons that we have today. They ate healthier. There wasn’t poisons in our food, water, air, and ground as there is today.

The mainstream news media, under the disguise of Corporate Media Mafia refused to do their job when it came to investigating reporting involving Joe and Hunter Biden and their illegal business dealings.

Will you parse for truth or just assume facts are friendly?

The Corporate Media Mafia was hiding the truth from the American people about Joe Biden. Whenever someone would post any truths about them on Facebook and Twitter, they would delete it. The reason, they give was: they were fact checkers and it didn’t adds up to what they want or believed. They were playing god by withholding information from the American people. They didn’t care. All they cared was to defeat Pres. Trump. Even if they had to cheat to do so!

Now that the vaccines is discovered, the government wants everyone to be vaccinated. There are people who will do it to. I, myself, will not take the vaccine unless forced to by my job. If I have to, I know what I need to take to dilute the poisons from my system. There are people who won’t take the vaccines because of the uncertainty of it. Biden wondered why Trump hasn’t mandated that everyone take the vaccines. Mr. Joe Biden, that is playing god with our lives. This country was founded on freedom and we have the freedom not to take the vaccines and the freedom of religion.

I’ve heard that the government might let big businesses make people take the vaccines if they wants a job, fly to other countries or states, or go to any kinds of events. This way their hands will be kept clean. Deep down, they know that the American people has a mistrust of the government.

Are you allowing certain people to play god in your life? Is there any idols in your life? Ask God to help to remove them.

You know by allowing the government to force you to take the vaccine is similar to getting the mark of the beast; which is 666. Anyone without the mark of the beast will not be able to purchase or sell.

I could go on with the mark of the beast but that’s a whole different blog.

In the end, when Jesus does return, they will get theirs just dessert. God will cut them down for making idols above God. God will cut them down for playing god with people’s lives.

That was Johnny Cash last song, and one of my favorite on u tube and otherwise.