What if Jesus came back?

2020 hasn’t been a good year! It’s a year that we would all love to forget about. I don’t know about you, I wasn’t even in the mood for Christmas this year because of how horrible this year had been; and I’m not talking politically.

This book that I’m holding up asked the question, Where would Jesus worship? The vital question is: What if Jesus came back today? What would He thinks about all that went down this year?

You think that He was angry at those who used His temple as a market; and He threw over tables and yelled, “You have turned my temple into a den of thieves?”

Would He be as forgiving as He was on the cross when He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing?”

This Pandemic was a warning from God to the world and the church. Have you heed the warning or are you choosing to ignore it?

It’s a long time coming, this warning for United States and the world to shape up. We are becoming like Sodom and Gomorra. Even the church hasn’t done enough to save God’s people from destruction.

They have taken God and the Bible out of our schools. They even have taken prayers out of our schools and other activities, such as graduation.

When they took the Bible and prayers out of our schools, violence became rampant.

They have taken the 10 Commandments out our courts and even the monuments in front of the old City Hall in Fargo, ND and other cities as well.

They want to take out “In God We Trust” off our money. They want to destroy every existence of God and Jesus, His Son.

Our Founding Father would roll over in their grave if they knew how those on the Left wants to take away our religious liberties. This country was founded on religious principles and freedom. Even though religion and politics are supposed to separated. For it said, “Religion and State are to be kept separate.

Jesus wouldn’t be too happy of all hatred in this world right now. He commanded us to love one another; but this past 4 years there has been nothing but hatred at anyone who disagree with those doing the hating on the Left.

There have been more killings lately because of the hatred. I’m not just talking about the innocent unborn babies.

This past year there was riots in many major cities across this country. There was even the group Black Lives Matters were formed to banned against the polices in hoping to defund them. To them, I say, “Not just black lives matter, all lives matter!”

Few weeks ago, I heard a sermon about Jesus being missing and His parents went back to Jerusalem looking for Him. They found Him at the temple sitting at the Priest’s feet listening, learning, and worshipping. Is Jesus missing today?

With the way things are looking in the world and in the church, I would have to say, “Hell Yea!!”

Where would Jesus worship? Is there any churches out there who is standing up for Jesus? Is there any churches out there doing their job at witnessing and leading others to Christ and save the lost souls?

What is so sad is that lost souls around the world are hungering for and running to the true power of the gospel that saves, delivers and heals; and the church in America is running from it.

The world and its way are passing! We see the bondage that people are in, the destruction of the family.

Our Christian values are being slowly destroyed more and more. If we’re not careful, we will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorra.

Souls must be at the forefront of every church’s values. Especially now more than ever before it’s too late!

Would Jesus worship in a church which struggles with believing the full gospel and makes excuses for not receiving all He has for them?

Let’s face it; the church in America is in trouble!

Would Jesus worship at your church if, in fact, your church is primarily concerned about meeting the carnal needs of it’s members more than their spiritual needs?

Would Jesus worship at a church which believe the end justifies the means?

Would Jesus attend a church which has good worship, good preaching, and even good fellowship; but lack the presence of the Holy Spirit to help them grow spiritually?

Would Jesus worship in a church that has no strong convictions and fell for every new fads that came along?

Would Jesus feel comfortable worshipping in a church where the pastor’s ego is bigger than his love for the Lord? In other words someone who comes across as being self-righteous.

Would Jesus worship in a church that has no fire or spiritual desires? Would He worship in a church that is complacent about the lost?

I remembered years ago, after going to a revival service in one church and then the following weekend going to whole different church and I swear, I didn’t feel the fire and felt the Holy Spirit in that church. It was like coming down hard off the mountain.

Believe me, after this year, America is in desperate need to get back to God. It’s time the church step up to the plate to help America come back to God. It’s time the church works to wins souls for Christ before it’s too late for America and the world.

This year was a warning to America, the world and even the churches. Are we going to heed the warning or ignore it?

I know that we don’t know the exact day and time that Jesus Christ will return. Don’t you think that America should come back to God before Jesus does return though.

This is my prayer for America and for the churches!