Not My Job!!

How many have heard someone say this either at work or wherever?

How many pastors have heard this in their churches from their members?

It’s almost winter times! Yet so far in North Dakota there isn’t any snow yet. Yet, you know that it will eventually come.

How many of you hated when the dreaded snow plow comes whirling by right after you just shovel or blown the snow from your driveway and sidewalks? I wouldn’t doubt as they are driving by plowing the streets, they are laughing at you as they blow the snow back into your driveway and blocking your sidewalk. Just so you have to do it again. Doesn’t that just pissed you off?

Think about it as you are walking and comes to a snowbanks before crossing the road. Some of those snowbanks are steep and can be slippery. You don’t know where the ice will be as you are climbing up and then down the other side. You could actually slip on ice going down into the road; where you may get hurt or even possibly get hit by an oncoming vehicle, that may have a hard time stopping in time because of the ice.

The snowplow drivers should be ashamed of themselves for blocking off those sidewalks near intersection. As a person gets older, it’s harder on our body when we fall on ice.

I think the snowplow drivers should be dock $50 from their paychecks for every sidewalks and driveways they block off while plowing the streets. Especially, after all the hard work you have done to clear your driveway and sidewalks.

There’s sidewalks in the median between the frontage road and the University Drive in Fargo, ND, that is never cleared off. You actually have to walk on the road before you crossing. Now that is very dangerous, with cars driving by not wanting to share the road or can’t share the road. It’s almost like the city of Fargo is saying, that’s not part of my job to clear that sidewalks; it’s the businesses in front. Who’s job is it to clear that sidewalk anyway? Shouldn’t someone takes responsibility for it?

The last 2 years, no one plowed out the bus shelter in front of the Fargo Dome across from McDonalds on North University. There was a huge snowbanks right there. You either stand on the road to wait for the bus and hope you don’t get hit or stand on top of the snowbank and be careful when stepping down to step into the bus. The city of Fargo and Mat bus services didn’t want to plow that out because they felt that the Fargo Dome should do it being it’s in front. Somebody should had done it. If there was an accident and someone was either injured or killed because of that, who would be liable?

Have you ever went walking in the wintertime while the weather was nice to be out to enjoy? As you are walking, have you ever noticed how some neighbors sidewalks wasn’t plowed off? So you either are walking through deep snow or on the streets; where once again isn’t safe because of icy roads and oncoming vehicles.

It seems that people just take care of their own sidewalks and forget about their neighbors. Or they will only plow so far and leave the rest thinking that’s not my property.

You all heard the jingle for All-State insurance that said, “Like a good neighbor, we’re there for you!” Are we being a good neighbor?

In the Bible, the teacher of the law questioned Jesus with, “Who’s my neighbor?”

Jesus answered with the parable of the Good Samaritan story. It was the good Samaritan who helped the injured stranger on the side of the road and no one else.

Years ago, people were more likely to help their neighbors than they are today. People knew their neighbors and look out for them. If they were elderly, they would take it upon themselves to plow off their sidewalks for them.

Does people really do that anymore for their neighbors; especially in bigger cities? Maybe in smaller town or farm communities.

When I hear stories on the news about a neighbor farmers who is sick and either can’t bring in the harvest or plant the harvest; and the neighbors in the farming community banned together to help that farmer, it touched my heart.

Toward the end of my folks life, it was hard for my step-dad to plow out his driveways; so there was a neighbor who plowed them out. That way they can get their mail or go to town if need to. No questions ask or saying that’s not my job!

Instead of complaining about it’s not your job, shouldn’t you do it anyway? Shouldn’t you be a good neighbor?

Those were the days when neighbors done things for each other with no questions and complaining that’s not my job.

The world will be a better place if more people would do that once again like they did years ago. There would be less hate. If people had more compassion for their neighbors.

I just noticed that it’s snowing now. To you snowplow drivers when you block off people’s driveway and sidewalks, have the decency to unplowed them. This year, someone take responsibility to clear the median between the frontage road and University Drive. Also this year, someone take responsibility in clearing the bus shelter in front of the Fargo Dome; before a big snowbank is form.