How many of you like going through haunted houses around Halloween or even at the fair?

I love going through haunted houses ride at the fair and around Halloween. I’m not afraid of ghost!

Are you?

The State Hospital(mental institution) in Fergus Falls, I don’t know if it’s haunted but it could very well be.

I remembered as a teenager, when we would go to Fergus Falls we would take the backroads instead of the interstate because it was faster from the farm. As we entered Fergus Falls, we would drive by the State Hospital; from the road, it looks creepy. It reminds me of the hotel used in the movie, “The Shining,” starring Jack Nicholson.

Did you know that Stephen King didn’t like that version?

I don’t know about you, but you can’t go wrong with Jack Nicholson. He was amazing in that movie. He had that pizazz that could bring any characters he portray to life and make them believable. Enough about that though!

Some say that there are few places in town that is haunted as well. There are 2 ghosts at the old Kmart’s building in South Fargo. There is even a ghost in one of the building on Concordia campus and NDSU campus.

It’s a good possibility that the state hospital in Fergus Falls being haunted. The stuff that went on in these mental institutions is enough to gives a person the willy’s. (I won’t go into all that because it’s a different blog and I had probably mentioned it already.)

I remembered hearing story of another mental hospital near the lake near Minneapolis. The story I heard that place was very much haunted. The ghost even haunted the lake nearby. The ghost was a patient of that place.

Fort Lincoln in Mandan, North Dakota is said to be haunted by the ghost of General Custer. I have been there before I even knew about it.

Some of you may have heard or known already, the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California is possibly haunted by old Hollywood stars that stayed there.

There’s a place I stayed at in Indianapolis, that I don’t know if it was haunted or not. It was an old historical building that was fixed up very nice. From the outside, it looks kind of creepy. It had that feelings that it could very well be haunted, but who knows?

Anyway, back to the state hospital in Fergus Falls. It’s a historical building with a lot of history for Minnesota and Fergus Falls. There was a show done on it to marks it’s history. It’s a historical landmark as well that was used as a museum to mark it’s history in Fergus Falls and in Minnesota.

Yet most recently the place had been in the local news. They raised a question what to do with the building? If Fergus Falls was a bigger major city there wouldn’t be much of a problem. Since Fergus Falls is just an average size town off the interstate and Minnesota isn’t the riches state, the question was raised.

I don’t know about you, I wouldn’t want to see it being torn down because of it’s being rich in history. I’m not in favor what it was used for. It’s just the fact that it rich in history and it may be haunted.

If I could afford it, I would restore it and turns it into a historical/hotel to attract tourist to Fergus Falls and Minnesota. I would even make reference to the fact that the place may or may not be haunted. It will help Fergus Falls and Minnesota tourist industry.

Who doesn’t love haunted houses?