Who can we Trust?

Now this could be broad subject; especially for those who have trust issues. I will try narrow it down to what happened this past week involving the election. But first let get this over with!

Those who have trust issues will find it very hard to trust their mate.

Ever since Jesus walked the earth, tax collectors were the least trusted and the most hated. Jesus was criticized for going to the tax collector house.

We definitely cannot trust our government. We can’t trust these career politicians. They makes promises and talked from both side of their mouth. They are only in office for themselves. They like the power that comes from being in office and the payout from Lobbyist.

As Dr. Ben Carson said, “According the Constitution, they are not to make a career out of being in Washington.” They are to serve their terms and go back home to live with what they did.

When we finally get a non-career politician as President, like Trump, the Democrats and fake news media made his life a living hell. They attacked him every chance they got.

We cannot even trust the voting process anymore. We have people who cheated in this election. I’m talking about Joe Biden. He didn’t get elected fairly. There was voters fraud that helped him to get elected.

The mainstream news media doesn’t even talk about it. They just denied it and poke fun of Pres. Trump like they have done during his presidency. Only Fox news tells you the truth.

The mainstream news media is run by Corporate Media Mafia; which also runs the Democratic party as well. They are responsible in cheating this year election and voters fraud. Big money and big tech are behind Corporate Media Mafia.

People behind Facebook and Twitter are also behind them as well. Both Twitter and Facebook would goes after Trump and his supporters by trying shut them down and up. If they knew about this blog, they try to shut me down as well.

The weirdest thing is: Corporate Media Mafia reminds me of Big Brother in the book, “1984”, by George Orwell. It’s so similar and that’s very scary.

This is also what Hitler tried to do when he was in power in Germany during World War 2. He was big on Socialism. Today’s Democrats wants Socialism for this country as well.

We cannot trust the mainstream news media anymore. They don’t have the integrity they once had under Walter Cronkite. They are not true journalist. Believe me, I know true journalism; because I have took college classes in journalism, in possibility of becoming a journalist.

During this whole election, the Corporate Media never investigated the allegation into Biden.

First, they never questioned Biden about his and Hunter involvement in Ukraine. When women came forward accusing Biden of sexual harassment, they made it sound like they were lying about being sexually harass. Then how about Hunter and Joe corrupt business deals in China? Only Fox news talked about it. They just covered it up like everything else involving Biden and even Hillary Clinton.

They never even questioned Biden about his mental health. I wouldn’t doubt that he has dementia.

When the people in Nevada admitted that there was possibly voters fraud, the mainstream media denied it. They even poked fun of Pres. Trump when he said that he possibly lost because of voter fraud, and will take it to the Supreme Court to prove it.

When Al Gore lost the election in 2000, he demanded a recount in only certain area of Florida.

When Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, the Democrats hollered Russian collusion.

Now when Trump is claiming voters fraud, they ridicule him. They are just not being fair.

I could go on, but I think you can figure out where I’m coming from.

We cannot trust the Corporate Media, our government; especially the Democrats. They will cheat if they have to just to win. We cannot trust Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden isn’t my president. He will sell this country to China. He will raise our taxes. We will be back where we were before Trump was president. If you have any investments, Biden will hurt that also.

He had been in Washington for 47 years and done nothing the whole time. I cannot trust Joe Biden anymore than Bill Clinton and even Hillary.

I think that all of Trump’s supporters should make Biden’s life a living hell like the Democrats and the Corporate Media made Trump’s life hell. Believe me, whenever the opportunity comes up for my blogs, that is what I will do.