Burning Down the City!

This past summer major cities have been on fire set by terrorist.

The year 2019 in the United States has seen a rise of mass shootings. They come at the rate of about every two weeks. The FBI identifies a mass shooting as any shooting that involves 4 or more victims. Even more shocking, if that is possible, is that mass shootings represent less than 1% of all gun murder victims.

A side issue has developed around the role of hate groups inspiring such shootings. Several high-profile shooters have been involved in internet chat rooms providing a platform for murderous ideologies.

Now ever since May of this year, major cites are being set on fire in the form of riots; instead of peaceful protest. Such hate groups as ANTIFA has been involved ever since 2017 after Pres. Trump was elected President. They have been funding the organization Black Lives Matter, turning their cause into hatred and violence; making their cause in vain.

I’m not saying that there wasn’t major cities that burned in the past.

In the year, 1967 there was a riot in Detroit. By the time the bloodshed, burning and looting ended after 5 days, 43 people were dead, 342 injured, nearly 1,400 buildings had been burned and some 7000 National Guard and U.S. Army troops had been called into service.

This was also due to race issues. It just didn’t last as long as these riots this year.

In the year, 1992, there was a riot in Los Angeles that also cause the city to burn. The reason for that fire and riot was similar to riots today. The police was acquitted for excessive force of Rodney King.

One difference: Rodney King spoke, “Can’t we all get along?”

This year ANTIFA was more involved though; along with Black Lives Matter. Their goals was to defund the police.

Not only were they involved, so was the Leftist mainstream news media behind pushing it all. And also so was the Leftist Democrats been pushing to defund the police. Ilhan Omar even said, “Dismantle the police!”

The cities that had the most trouble happened to be Democratic runs cities and states. When Pres. Trump offer to send the National Guard for law and order, they refused his help.

They burned businesses and police department and took over the cities with their ranted behavior. The polices were powerless because the Democratic leaders tied their hands. In those cities, they set in motion to defund the police. Even the Democratic governor back them up.

Minneapolis, MN was the first city to burn this summer. The mayor of the city and Governor Tim Walz did nothing to stop it. They wouldn’t even accept Pres. Trump’s help.

Gov. Tim Walz later asked for the Federal Government for help to rebuild Minneapolis. If they didn’t want Pres. Trump help to prevent the city burning, they can ask the groups ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter to help them rebuild their city, instead of the Federal Government.

Soon other cities follow suits. Cities like Seattle, Washington. the mayor of Seattle called what they were doing the summer of love. Washington State Governor did nothing about it.

The same with Portland, Oregon. In that city they were destroying federal buildings as well.

Crimes was at it’s highest in Chicago and the mayor refused President Trump’s help. Eventually they came along to accept the help; but it was a little too late.

When Rudy Giullani was the mayor of New York City prior to 9/11, the New York City police was the best in the nation. Now under de Blasio and Cuomo, law and order is at there lowest and crimes is back up.

The reason for the police costume at the top of this blog is to honor the police.

The Democrats made a statement that if Trump gets reelected, those who are doing the riots and burning these cities down to keep it up even more. Even the Leftist media is pushing it. Is that childish? If they don’t get their way, they cry, pout and threaten more terrorist attack across the United States. Do they really hate America?

If you want to defund the police then vote democrats. But if you are for law and order and for the police, vote Republicans. The Police is endorsing Trump for reelection.

If those who lives in these democratic runs cities and state and is fed up with these terrorist that democratic leaders are doing nothing about; then it’s time to vote them out of office once and for all.

In 2 years, people in Minnesota can vote Governor Tim Walz out of office. May they not forget how bad a governor he had been this year. He’s as bad as Tim Pawlenty.

It’s time we take back our cities and states run by these Democrats and these hate groups who are burning down our cities once and for all. In these cities, it’s turning into the Wild West of the 1800’s. We need law and order back in our cities once again.