It’s all a Game!!

It’s all a political game played by those on the Left to try to influence the average Joe.

Let us take a look at the pro-sport teams in all sports. During the basketball, football, baseball, and hockey games, the players refused to stand during the National Anthem. Some even comes up with new anthem.

I can understand in taking a stand for what you believe; but they should do it on their own time. They are getting paid rather hefty to play ball. It’s the least they can do is stand during the National Anthem. It’s shows respect to those who fought and died for our freedom; so that they can play ball or protest if they want.

Our singers are even involved with this political game. Most of them are protesting even at the awards show. Singers, such as Taylor Swift should focus on making music and leave their politics out of it.

Even Hollywood stars wants to influence you to vote their way or else. In the past, they kept their political views separate.

I’m not saying Roseanne was right when she was critical of someone from Obama’s cabinet. But, why did she gets fired but not Whoopi Goldberg? Whoopi had said many racist comments about Trump and his supporters. Yet, she was never reprimanded for it. She was just rewarded for her bad behavior. If Roseanne was fired, so should Whoopi be fired. That’s only fair. Where’s the justice in all that?

How come the mainstream news media doesn’t report the truth about Biden and the rest of the Democratic party? They only attack Pres. Trump.

It’s because they are on the Democrats payroll. You don’t bite the hands that feeds you!

Since the Democrats had controlled the House for 2 years, they did nothing but try undermine Pres. Trump. They tried to impeach him on a trump-up charges.

When Reagan was President and Tip O’Neil was the Speaker of the House, they were from separate party but yet they were willing to work together to balance the budget. They were the best of friends and had respect for each other.

It’s hard to respect Nancy Pelosi when she refused to work with Trump and have nothing but hatred for him. She said that she’s a strong Catholic and doesn’t hate anyone; then why doesn’t she works with Trump?

Most recently, Nancy Pelosi was called out by CNN for a change because she refused to work with Trump on the stimulus plan to help with this pandemic. She got angry and scolded them for siding with the Conservatives.

Those who been to her district or seen pictures of it, have noticed what a shamble it is since she’s been in office.

Kamala Harris had said that she will not take the cure for the Coronavirus, if a cure is discovered while Trump is President. Isn’t she being a little childish and hateful? Do we really wants her as vice-president and possible president? Hell no!!

Those 2 Democrats are prime examples of those playing politics with our lives. They don’t care about the American people like they claim they do. If they really care for the people, they will quit being so childish and playing games with the American people.

I’m sure that Pres. Trump would very much wants to work with Nancy Pelosi. He may comes across as a bully; but he’s willing to works with the Democrats if only they would works with him.

I have a question to all those Trump’s haters out there. Is it Trump you hate or the fact that he’s not a career politicians and doesn’t play by the rule? First of all, he wasn’t a Republican, he was a Democrat.

I like the fact that he’s not a career politicians and doesn’t play by the rules. Some rules are meant to be broken! See what happened when these career politicians play by the rules, they are bought off by these Lobbyist and worked for them and not the American people.

Think about it: when Jesus Christ walked the earth, the Pharisees in the Jewish church hated Jesus and even had him crucified because he wouldn’t play by their rules. He even called them out on it and they didn’t very much like it.

Much to the same way when Trump calls out these career politicians. They don’t like it and they calls him out on it. They have nothing but hatred for him.

These singers should focus on promoting their music and not force their political views on us all.

These Hollywood stars should focus on making good movies rather than forcing their political views down our throat. The movies right now have been terrible as of lately.

Nancy Pelosi should be fired as Speaker of the House. There’s something definitely wrong with her. Just listen to how she talks and look at her. Did she have a stroke or something?

I swear, Joe Biden isn’t fit to runs this country as President. I wouldn’t doubt that he has dementia.

We truly cannot trust Kamala Harris to run this country if she is just playing games with the American people.

Even though my political views may be slanted more toward Trump, I’m not telling you who to vote for like those on the Left. I’m not playing games here like they are. I’m just giving you the facts to look at and make your own decisions. We all have our own minds and a free will.

If these Hollywood stars would rather force you to vote their ways, we then have the rights not to go see their movies or watch them on TV. It’s the same with these singers. We should have the rights not to buy their records or go to their concerts.

I know that the American people are glad to have some sort of normalcy with their favorite sports team; but if they refused to stand during the National Anthem, then we have the rights not to watch their games. It’s us who pay their big salary. So if you are like me and most of the American people don’t watch these sports team, don’t buy their records or concert tickets, don’t even go to their movies. It’s time that we send them all a message. The message: they don’t speak for us!